Chapter 24 Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Chapter 24

Jianning City Chemical Plant Storage Office duty room. (free full novel

Two o'clock at midnight.

The darkness of the window was boundless, and long and short insects came from the grass.

The duty officer sat in front of the monitor and slept a little bit. When you are sleepy, suddenly the top of the bulb emits a current load, blinking a few times, and extinguished.

"Hey?" The watchman woke up and saw the darkness in front of him. The condition reflected and turned back: "What happened?"

At this moment, a white smudged through the light of his eyes, ghostly into the darkness.


The duty officer just graduated from high school. Usually, he is a little boy who is a little bit awkward. He is stunned on the spot, and he still subconsciously thinks about what is here, followed by a scalp "hey!" Cold sweat came out: "Who..."

A cold handkerchief sneaked into his back neck.

"Ah, ah, ghost--"

The hand was clean and neat, and the screams of the duty officer disappeared and fell to the ground.

Chu Ci no expression, rubbing his hands, finishing the white coat, and the duty officer who almost scared the urine to the chair to put a sleeping position, and then found a large number of door cards from his trouser pocket.

The chemical material storage control room, with a click of the door, the glass door slides silently in the dark.

At this time, the night of the patrol is not there. If the change of the post is not coming, it can be said that it is the safest time. The dark and silent warehouse is empty. The Chuci light car passes through a row of chemical reagent raw material storage tanks, and the flashlight is turned on. The labels under each storage tank are carefully searched down one by one.

"...ar6 balanced catalyst, methanol... o-chlorobenzaldehyde."

Chu Ci stopped and stood in front of a large storage tank.

He put his hand in the pocket of the white coat, holding a flashlight in one hand, and the beam shook slightly in the darkness, making the side face dark and unclear. After standing a full smoke, Chu Ci was awakened, and took a deep breath. He stepped forward in the discharge tube, biting the flashlight with his teeth, and took out the test box and other things from his pocket.

However, just as his fingertips touched the discharge tube, suddenly the trousers phone stunned and took a look, and the caller ID made him stunned.


His tutor is a work madman who often spends his night in the lab. It is common to call the data in the middle of the night, but no one has thought that it is so clever, just right at this point in time. When the moment was not talking, Chu Ci just wanted to hang up the call, and suddenly he only heard the sound of the warehouse door without any warning:

"Who's there?!"


When the sound of a few bottles crashed, it was loud and loud in the dark, came? !

Chu Ci slammed the flashlight, and rushed to answer the call, the phone smashed!

The phone is turned on in an instant, the screen lights up, and the call timing starts. Chu Ci's pupils tightened, and he reached out to grab the phone and cut off the call; but all the accidents occurred in this short blink of an eye. The footsteps of the coming people had already come to the fore, and they rushed from behind and grabbed his hand!

"...!"Chu Ci’s breath was hard to get stuck in the chest, and he turned back suddenly. In an instant, he and the man came to the eye.


The traffic lights are constantly flashing, and the noisy, horns, and piercing brakes are coming and going, and pedestrians rush through the streets.

Overcast clouds over Jianning City, the air is heavy and humid, filled with a touch of muddy soil.

The rainy season is coming.

"Hey, are you okay?"

The phone was silent for a while, probably a little unexpected, and then came to the river to stop the cold and steady answer: "Nothing."

Yan Yan stood in front of the office window sill and stared at the distant sky, and the glass reflected his tough and tired face.

"It was said by you," he said. "Hu Weisheng is dead."

Jiang stopped without any surprise, only "hmm".

Yan Yan asked: "You don't ask how to die, who killed?"

"Human life is very fragile. There are countless ways to kill a person. The fact that he has died is unchangeable. The object of Hu Weisheng's life is very clear, and the pursuit of his crime is not the current focus."

Yan Yan said: "Why don't you go to become a Buddha?"

Jiang stopped to make any expressions about this joke without jokes. Even the courtesy of the two did not sound. He asked straight away: "What are you going to do now?"

Yan Yan walked through the office and stood at the door and looked out through the glass. Everyone in the hall was busy in front of the computer. The high-resolution "Sanchunhua" surveillance video of the physical evidence center has been taken back. The city bureau has collected dozens of visual investigators from the jurisdictional bureau and the police station, and is conducting investigations day and night. .

"I thought about it for a long time after you left last night," Yan Yan said suddenly without warning. "I think I should understand your tips."


"The three spring flowers ktv have no target of our 'blue goods', that is to say, the police's actions have deviated from the beginning. The reason for this conclusion is that if Hu Weisheng can get it from home at any time 'Blue goods', he did not need to hide the small bag of things on the roof, and still hide for so long, even to the point where the label on the sealed bag began to fade."

"The bag of drugs was obtained from him elsewhere." Yan Yan continued. "The 'three springs' is not the key to killing him. The bag of drugs is."

Blurred feet across the phone

Steps, Yang Mei's very hoarse and rich-sounding voice was very light, shouting: "Jiang Ge."

Jiang stopped holding the lower end of the phone and returned a sentence. It should be "first put this, wait for it."

"What?" Yan Yan asked sensitively.

Jiang stopped to answer: "Lunch."

Yan Yan: "..."

"The banknotes that were sprinkled in the nightclub last night, totaling 60,000, are Yang Mei’s money, remember to reimburse the money from the case."

Yan Yan is incredible: "The two have just died together with each other. You don't have any emotions to publish, just remember the money?""If it is not for money, Feng Yuguang will not die, Hu Weisheng will not be ruined. There is no drug trafficking in this world. The global crime rate can be reduced by at least 80. So money is very important. By the way," Jiang stopped lazily: "I told you not to die with your life, and to save your life."

Yan Yan’s forehead squats straight.

"Don't forget the reimbursement," Jiang said, and then hang up the phone.

"Yan Ge!" The office door was knocked twice, and the voice of Ma Xiang was heard: "The provincial office experts arrived, and the Lu Bureau urged you to do things quickly!"

Yan Yan returned to God: "Know, wait!"

He thought for a long time, went back to the window and quickly dialed a number. Unexpectedly, it was connected very quickly. Just after the third sound, there was a murderous murder: "Hey!"

"Hey, Dad." Yan Yan grabbed the voice before he started to swear at the opposite side. "Help me a favor."


Jianning City Public Security Bureau, small meeting room.

Yan Yan pushed in and the entire conference room was filled with people. At the forefront of the long table is the head of the public security system of the city. The chubby is like a non-threatening Maitreya Buddha, who is sitting attentively; the right hand side is the two deputy directors, several detachments and technical investigations other than Wei Wei. The forensic director, etc., on the left hand side are three strangers who have never seen each other. They should be experts in the provincial hall.

"At 12:20 last night, the suspect Su Huwei suddenly took the initiative to ask for accountability, and the guardian police responded to the criminal investigation detachment, which caused great concern. At 12:30, Hu Weisheng called the drug addiction attack and demanded the exchange of information with drugs. Through the criminal investigation detachment Gao Panqing and others reflected to the deputy director Wei Wei, the Wei Deputy Bureau approved two medicinal morphine."

Although the eyes of the full conference room were projected, but Yan Hao seemed to have disappeared completely, and did not interrupt the profitable speech. He sat down gently and sat down on the swivel chair, and quickly and quickly looked at the director Lu. .

"The forensic department's regulations are that medicinal morphine must be opened by the chief forensic doctor. The keys and signatures are in the hands of the chief forensic doctor; but last night the city bureau had a temporary emergency operation. I left the forensic office with the team. Philip took a breath and said: "The situation was very tense at the time. Hu Weisheng was an important target for the criminal investigation team to attack for a long time. It has a strong anti-reconnaissance and anti-trial capability. In order to obtain the cooperation and clues of the prisoners, Wei Bureau made a special application. An urgently transferred diacetyl morphine from the recorded psychotropic drugs seized by the anti-drug detachment."

Diacetylmorphine, heroin |

Who can think of a heroin in the district? Because of this, the old poisonous insect Hu Weisheng was sent to the road?

The provincial and provincial experts exchanged their eyes and asked the middle-aged man to ask: "What action did you follow last night?"

With the help of Philip, Qin Chuan coughed and interjected: "Hu Weisheng confessed that the ktv is the upstream channel of drug trafficking, so the bureau temporarily planned an infiltration, Yan deputy detachment leader and director All out of the field."

"Oh," the middle-aged man is not ignorant. "What is the result of the action?"

Qin Chuan said: "Three people suspected of drug trafficking have been arrested..."“How many grams of evidence and all kinds of drugs and illegal drugs are collected?”


"Is there a new type of psychoactive medicine taken by the victims of the 502 case? Can it be determined whether it is related to the case of this case?"

Qin Chuan Wei Wei.

"So," the middle-aged man concluded that "the Jianning City Bureau's criminal investigation deputy branch, anti-drug deputy branch, forensic director and other joint efforts to complete the infiltration search, almost did not achieve any results, but the important suspect Hu Weisheng was killed. ”

This is the case with Hu Weisheng being deliberately killed by the Jianning City Bureau. The conference room immediately sounded awkward comments, and the expression on everyone's face was not very good-looking.

Qin Chuan was unhappy, and when he just wanted to speak, he was suddenly pressed, and he saw Fang Zhenghong.

"Chen Chu said that there is a reason." Fang Zhenghong first affirmed that his face was sallow and sallow, and he was also weak when he spoke: "We must immediately investigate the incidents that occurred last night and isolate all relevant personnel one by one. And proceeding to arrange an autopsy. The current 502 case has made considerable progress, and we will respond to the provincial office as soon as possible."

Fang Zhenghong is not a man of the older generation. His speech is smooth and stepped, but Chen has not followed this step.

"Investigation? No need." Chen Chubangbangbang said: "Strictly speaking, your forensic director can also count one of the responsible persons of Hu Weisheng's death, in order to avoid suspicion, it will be isolated!"

Philip's face changed: "What do you mean by this?"

“The provincial department technicians will be responsible for the autopsy of Hu Weisheng, and the deputy director Wei Wei and others will be inquired by the task force. The case of the provincial government has been concerned for so long, but you have been unable to make progress, even the important suspects now. Still dead, died in the Public Security Bureau! There are misunderstandings or mistakes, we will never allow any secrets that are unspeakable to be hidden in the public security bureau of the city!"

Chen’s words are screaming

The echo is endless, and everyone's face becomes very ugly.

"Wei's deputy bureau's application for emergency call of diacetylmorphine was approved by me," suddenly a slow-sounding voice was uploaded from the first seat.

Everyone looked up and saw that Lu Zhangci had a warm cup in his eyebrows. The posture was like a folded hand, and the leather swivel chair was making a heavy squeak under his big butt.

Yan Yan erected the case file as a occlusion, secretly compared to a k gesture, Lu Lu almost nodded and nodded.

Chen Shiwen: "So?"

He did not notice that the majority of the team leader and the directors showed their salvation eyes.

"So we have this process, the process is no problem. But Hu Weisheng is indeed dead. Since he is dead, then we need to conduct a detailed investigation on the basis of fairness, rigor, objectivity and efficiency, to falsify the truth and seek truth from facts; Strive to restore the truth of his death, and as soon as possible, the work of our detachment, the work of our forensic doctors, the work of our city bureau, to restore to a normal track...."Chen tried to interrupt several times, and was all overwhelmed by Maitreya Buddha. It was as if he was not ashamed of endorsement, and he was blocked as a hard-working narrative.

Maitreya said:

"The focus of our investigation work now is not only the city bureau, but also the provincial government. We are all on the same stand. We know that based on the accumulated experience of long-term anti-drug work, heavy addicts like Hu Weisheng, because of Diacetylmorphine is not likely to be overdose or cause allergies; but in keeping with the spirit of seeking truth from facts, we must admit that even if the possibility is very small, the basis of the facts cannot be said to be completely absent..."

"Wait, wait," Chen said that he couldn't bear it anymore. He forcibly interrupted the Prajna Paramita: "Lv, do you mean that Hu Weisheng is allergic to his own drug abuse?!"

Lu Bureau affirmed: "It is impossible to rule out this speculation."

"Hu..." From the mouth shape, Chen should be a hard-won student and swallowed a nonsense word. He almost didn't breathe: "It's impossible!"

However, Lu is not annoyed at all, and even has no unpleasant expressions. It is still very amiable.

"Young people, this is not true. There are possibilities for anything. For example, it is widely believed that senior drug users are very resistant to drugs, but in fact, among the people who die every year, morphine Addicts are allergic to phenylpropanoids; amine compounds, new psychotropic drug addicts are allergic to morphine drugs, and more serious, drug users are severely allergic to drug-added ingredients such as cryogens, battery acid, etc., causing shock, heart The case of aging and death is increasing gradually every year. Do you know the official statistics of drug allergy deaths in Jianning City last year?"

Chen: "..."

The audience was quiet.

The three provincial government experts never dreamed that Maitreya Buddha could open the long piece without undulating and without panting, and they were already shocked.

"500,000, compared with the same period of the previous year, the growth rate reached 1172." Lu Bureau followed the path.

His voice was whispered, and suddenly he only heard the phone in the conference room jingle.

Everyone turned back and saw Yan Yan glance at the mobile phone text message he had just arrived, and then he looked up to meet the eyes of the Lu Bureau, and briefly made his first speech since he stepped into the conference room today:

"Get it done."

Chen: "???"

The ringtone of the incoming call was blown up, and Chen looked down and found that it turned out to be his own mobile phone. The caller ID was awe--the provincial party committee Liu Hall.

"So, the internal investigation of any delay in the detection of the 502 case should be carried out without prejudice to the work of the municipal bureau, that is, supplemented by the supervision of the municipal bureau, which is supplemented by the supervision of the provincial government. I fully agree with this. Liu Guan’s opinion.” Maitreya quickly said with the four-time acceleration of his normal speech, and smiled slightly: “Take the phone, Chen.”

Chen took the phone inexplicably, and when he got up and walked outside, he connected the call: "Hey Liu Lao, you are... Yes, the Jianning City Public Security Bureau suspect died abnormally..."The sound drifted down the corridor and the meeting room was silent.

Two minutes later, the door opened again, and Chen’s face was stunned by Lu’s face:

"Do you deliberately delay the time?!"

Lu Bureau smiled and was very kind.

An expert from the provincial office whispered: "What is going on, old Chen?"

Chen pointed out that the Lu Bureau could not speak, and there was no temper. After a while, he said: "Liu Jing just called and let the city bureau temporarily interrupt the investigation of the 502 case, Wei Wei and others. The autopsy of Hu Weisheng also allows the city bureau to do it by itself, and we are responsible for supervision!"

"Ah?" Several other people are jealous.

Chen took a turn and stared at the corner of the conference table. The gaze is like the most rigorous director of the school staring at the cheats of cheats, and screaming coldly: "--strict?"


"You are the richest deputy leader of the Jianning coal mine who came to be the criminal policeman?"

Yan Yan still has no buzz.

“Listen well,” Chen said coldly. “I don’t care what your dad’s friendship with Liu Hall, no matter how much tax you have, how many investment projects you support; I’m here to stare at your criminal investigation team, as long as five The second two cases have gone out of any trouble, I promise that you will never be able to mix into the public security team in this life!"

With a loud bang, Chen slammed the door and slammed away.

The conference room is once again in a silent silence, everyone faces

Contrary, breathing one after another.

I don’t know how long it took, I heard a severe cough and slowly said:

"This, I declare. Our family is not the richest man. It was overtaken by Internet finance last year."

Everyone: "..............."

Lu Bureau struggled to get up according to the handrail, and solemnly said: "The meeting."


The former bureau of the Criminal Investigation Building of the Municipal Bureau came and went. The Lu Bureau walked out of the main entrance with a briefcase. The obese body was slightly sideways, and one hand swayed in the air with a small amount of speech, as if the junior high school principal had morning lectures to the students:

"...The person who passed the diacetylmorphine had all talked about it and made a trace test. I still insisted on this point of view. Hu Weisheng is very likely to die from allergies to drug additives; Xiaoyan immediately arranged for an autopsy, Xiao Yan, The time limit for the 72-hour case that Lao Wei gave you is still there. As for the surveillance video returned by the physical evidence center -"

"Understand," Yan Yan said briefly. "It must be seized."

Lu Bureau nodded with satisfaction: "This old Wei thing, thanks to you."

Yan Yan said: "Everyone is trying to get rid of all unnecessary procedures to solve the case as soon as possible. It is our detachment that should thank Lu for your trust."

Lu Bureau laughed happily: "Where, no trust, no trust."

Yan Yan: "..."

Lu Bureau patted Yan's shoulders and said: "If you finally find out that there is a relationship with the old Wei, the prison walls - not in the high walls - the prison walls are your ultimate destination, hahaha - ”

Yan Yan's mouth couldn't stop twitching, only to see the Lu Bureau swinging his hand, calmly walked down the steps, and drilled into the red flag car waiting for a long time, then whizzed away toward the provincial hall.The national flag is the blood of the martyrs, and the iron wall of Jianning City against crime is built by the people's police.

This is true.

Yan Yan’s red flag car disappeared outside the gate of the city bureau, and it was simply dumbfounding.

He stayed for a moment, touched out the cigarette case, wanted to smoke the cigarettes to sort out the ideas, and then went back to the office to find someone to urgently examine the drug dealers who still thought they were "tolerant to sell | 淫" came in; but they were lighting the lighter, suddenly There was a loud car horn from the opposite side of the street.

Who does not recognize the eyes of Ma Wangye, dare to smash in front of the door of Jianning’s first rivers and lakes?

Yan Yan looked up and looked through the iron gate. He saw the familiar silver rushing on the street.

- Yang Mei?

Even with very strict standards, Yang Mei is considered to be an inspirational Bai Fumei.

Although Jianning is no more than the north, it has been a city with extremely superior conditions in the southwest since ancient times. v, under the staff of thirty or forty, bba is a car, nothing to do with a Hermes Chanel; no matter how you look, it is one of the successful people in this city.

But Yan Yan is not afraid.

Although his face of 50,000 listings in the sea has not been washed for a long time, Hu Zai also penetrated the handsome dough little by little, but he did not change his head to the nightclub yesterday, and he was on the limited watch and feet. The pair of customized shoes still gave him the confidence to sway the lives of all people in front of Yang Mei.

- Although he did not clarify why he needed this kind of enthusiasm for a while.

Yan Yan clears the scorpion, the whole cuffs, looks up like a male model, walks the road with a standard step; before coming to the silver rush, first use the index finger joint to smash the window, then open the front door:

"Hey, the city office is not allowed -"

The arrogant voice is abruptly stopped.

"You have no problem," Jiang stopped holding the steering wheel and suspected: "You just came to the peacock to open the screen, almost hit by the police car."

Yan Yan turned back.

A police officer Iveco was in front of the traffic lights in front of the traffic lights. The car window was neatly tidy. For example, a dozen of police officers were found in the leeches, and they watched the dogs look to the deputy detachment.

"..." Yan Yan sat in the big driving co-pilot without a word, and slammed the door, suddenly nothing happened: "How come you?"

The car is attached to the dark film, almost completely isolated from the outside world. In the less spacious compartment, only the two of them are sitting side by side, sitting side by side, and leaning slightly to the body may reach each other's shoulders.

Yan Yan's ears are a little hot, raising his hand and rubbing his earlobe.

Jiang stopped to pull out a transparent sealed bag from the inside of the door and said, "Come to this for you."

That is a tiny Bluetooth headset!

Yan Yan’s expression on the whole face changed from “???” to “!!!”

If his psychological activities are figurative, it must be a thunderous wave of lightning, and a thousand arrows are fired with silver flowers. The whole person is stuck in the co-pilot. A thousand words are stuck in the throat, and there is no word for a long time. Come.There are only two ways to get the headset out. One is to go above: gastric lavage, and the second is to go below: excretion. Of course, no matter which one will cause irreparable damage to the precision electronic equipment such as miniature headsets, and people will not feel very comfortable, more specific and vivid pictures will not have to be imagined.

So now the question is coming: How did Jiang stop get the headset out?

Yan Yan’s eyes were uncontrollable, moving from the red lips on the river to the thighs, then back to the lips, and then to the thighs... After a few rounds, he finally closed his eyes and sucked hard. Tone, forcing all pictures out of their minds.

Then he pointed to the headset in the increasingly suspicious gaze of Jiang, and he took the courage to ask:

"How to get it, from above, or under

surface? ”

"..." Jiang stopped inexplicably: "Looking below, what do you mean?"

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