Chapter 23 Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Chapter 23

Jiang stopped and asked softly: "Your colleague?"

Yan Yan: "No, it is not the voice of people in our team!"


This change was too late to prevent, the door panel was heavily smashed, and the inferior decoration materials shook the floor gray on the spot. (free full novel

"You go first!" Yan Yan took the opportunity to seize the window edge and slammed the force. He removed the entire ventilation window: "Fast, I will go out and delay the time!"

Jiang stopped climbing on the window sill and was taken up by Yan Yan. At this time, he only listened to the back door panel.

Hey! !

Another loud noise, the bathroom door was opened by the police!

"Don't move! Smash the yellow!"

"Put your hands up!"

"What are you doing?" Yan Yan sighed. "Where is the police? Uniform, police, card, you said that you are the police, you are the police, first fight zero..."

The voice did not fall, the auxiliary police strode in, and used the baton to stand against Yan Yan and rushed outside. "The squadron leader came to support, here! There is a personal jump window!"

Yan Yan had no way to go, his heart was horizontal, and he raised his elbow to block the baton and lifted his foot and kicked it. He immediately flew out the little auxiliary policeman!


The auxiliary police fell to the ground and knocked over countless furnishings.

At that moment, countless thoughts flashed from the stern heart, the police discipline, eight glory and eight shame, three major disciplines, eight attentions, Marxism Deng | Xiaoping theory, twenty-four socialist core values... Lin Lin always took the lead, finally Turned into the infinite despair and desolateness in my heart.

I am finished, he thought.

The 80% of the Wei Bureau will kill me with my handcuffs, divide the corpse, and then build it into the concrete wall of the office. It is estimated that many years later, the people in the city hall building can discover the soul of my death.

Yan Yan rushed out of the bathroom, and the two policemen roared and rushed up. However, he was able to be caught by the police station in the police station. He used his hand to protect his head and gave birth to a baton. After turning over and kicking, he swept the older one on the left. He didn’t even breathe, and took the young man on the right. The baton of the small policeman rushed to himself, and hooked his neck at the moment when the other party lost his weight, and slammed down.

The little policeman snorted and slammed into the sofa, almost squirting his stomach out of his throat.

"Mom's stop!"

"Not allowed to move!"

Yan Yan blinked, at least eight people in the room | nine police, the brother and the two horses have been held down. The fat man is being squatted on the ground by an auxiliary policeman. He is scared to the whole body and is like a sifter. He is incoherent: "Troubleshooting mistakes, since you are your own, really yourself!..."

The assistant police is very insulted: "Who is fucking with you is your own person!"

"Command Center Command Center, Qihe Road Police Station requested support!" The squadron leader of the police station held a walkie-talkie in one hand, and pointed a gun at Yan Yan: "Repeat it again, 颐 路 三 kt 遇到 遇到 遇到 遇到 遇到 遇到 遇到 遇到 遇到 遇到 遇到Support quickly!"

Yan Yan stood up and smiled and screamed at the chin. "Hey, you didn't open the safety bolt."

At this time, the sound of footsteps sounded again outside, and the blink of an eye was far and near, and a familiar slap in the air:

"Stop! Do not move your hands!"Yan Yan looked back and saw the colleagues from the Municipal Action Team’s peripheral action group rushing in, followed by the heavily armed Qin Chuan with a gun rushed in: "All sire! Jianning City Public Security Bureau!"

Strictly relieved: "Old Qin, you..."

The pig word has not been exported yet, and Yan Yan has discovered that Qin Chuan’s line of sight has crossed his shoulder, and his expression has turned from being completely relieved to being very frightened.

Qin Chuan: "Living-"

It is too late.

Yan Yan was hit by a baton and hit the back waist. Even the shackles didn't come out. The huge inertia made him fly out and knocked over the deck. In front of all the faces of the city bureau, he rushed to the street with his head. Pingsha fellling geese fell a dog to eat x.

The scene was dead.

The air has condensed.

The squad leader of the police station took the lead and took the police to rush up. He slammed it with a slap in the face. He was slap in the pocket: "The dog is daring for you! Try to stop and try again? Take it with you!"

"... Wait, wait for this colleague!" Qin Chuan finally found his voice, and when he came forward, he found out that the certificate was bright. Although he could not control the trembling in the sound line, he could still hear him try his best. "You guys... this action, who is this action in your office with whom?"

"Report leader!" The captain of the squadron looked at the opposite side as a deputy detachment. He immediately apologized and bowed a courtesy. He said: "We have received the police before, saying that this nightclub is suspected of being allowed to sell and swindling. Today, someone reported that there were evidence of homosexuality and suspected illegal transactions. You see, you have discovered a lot of money and unknown drugs. We are going to report back to the office! The comrades of the city bureau are also the command center. Come here?"

"...why is today..." Qin Chuan really trembled this time: "Ah? Why is it today?!"

The squadron leader was puzzled: "Because the command center received a warning today!"

Qin Chuan can't find a word.

The city bureau criminals did not speak out, and even no one moved. The heavy atmosphere is on the top of everyone's head, so that the box does not look like a nightclub that scans the yellow, but it is a bit like a serial murder scene.

If Yan Qiqi raised his head, no one dared to look at him from the opposite side, shuddering and looking away.

"Look what!" The auxiliary police officer who gave Yan Yan a handcuff is probably

Too nervous, I slammed my feet up: "No tricks!"

"Oh, wait!"

Qin Chuan lived in an instant, and this scorpion was almost called a broken sound. The police officers at the police station all looked at each other.

In the face of several drug dealers, Qin Chuan certainly does not point to Yan Yan, saying that this is the deputy detachment leader of the criminal investigation that we are carrying out the undercover mission. You have to rush to put people down; but Qin Chuan is a flexible person, heart. When he read the electricity, he found a reason, and he did not let the grounder say: "Is the law enforcement video fake? Is the internal rectification done? Don't just swear the suspect! The one who took the stolen goods, the city bureau took over!""Hey!" The squadron leader panicked: "Comrades in the city bureau, we are not just doing it! You see how many of our brothers have been labeled as suspects. Xiao Liu Erwang, you both helped the wounded to give the city bureau brothers Look!"

The auxiliary police also followed the appendix: "Yeah, yeah, this grandson can play very well. Just kicked the man out of the door!"

"I have injured several of us!"

"Getting started, not a thing!..."

The comrades at the grassroots level were passionate and the complaints around them were loud. Qin Chuan’s face is not coming to Taiwan, staring at Yan Yan’s teeth and gnashing his teeth. “What are you doing?”

Yan Yan: "..."

"It is him. Just now the masses reported that they were laughing at the downstairs with a man's pull and touching their faces. In the blink of an eye, they went upstairs with the nightclub Ma Zi, not to sell it. What is kinky?" The squad leader did not notice the wonderful surrounding police officers. The expression pointed to Yan Yan’s anger: "There was also a scene at the arrest, that is, he screened a suspect and ran away. You said that the two sneaked in the toilet and dried up? Tens of thousands of dollars on the table. How to explain cash, isn't it what it is?!"

If it is just a dead silence, the atmosphere in the box should be the vastness and emptiness after the nuclear explosion.

Qin Chuan's face is a piece of green, a piece of red, purple, can be called a big dye shop. After a full silence, he finally pulled out a few words:

"...Yes, absolutely."

The vast and simple grassroots police officers finally breathed a sigh of relief and scorned the stern eyes of the people's democratic dictatorship.

Qin Chuan: "Ma Xiang Lao Gao! Don't lie! Put all the gangs... 嫖 娼 皮 皮 皮 市 市 市 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The crowds have let go of a road, the scene is quiet and silent, only a myriad of profound and complex eyes are intertwined in the void. Yan Yan was surrounded by several city bureau criminals in the focus of the many sights, leaving the grave-like scene.

At this time, the police station thinks about it: It is not the city council. The suspect who was so mad now is afraid to come out, and his grandmother is so cool!

The full-fledged brothers and red-haired people think that this kid is a big man, and he has so many pens on his own. Is this a 20-year sentence?

As for the criminal police of the detachment of the city bureau, there is no idea. I only listened to Ma Xiang and sneaked out everyone’s voice: "I guess that after going back, we will be strangled by Yan Ge’s handcuffs and corpse. Cement wall built into the city office..."


An hour later, at the sidewalk of the nightclub, Qin Chuan opened the door of Iveco and ducked in.

The back seat was leveled out, and Yan Yan face down, barely the upper body. Philip took a bottle of bruises and damaged the cream and gave him a waist. Qin Chuan went to the probe and looked at it. He took a sigh of relief: "Da, the old kidney is not broken?"

Philip said: "Nothing, he is thick and thick, and in theory, people can live on a kidney."

"...Is he still humane in the future?""That's hard to say." Philip said with a smile: "But it is said that our squadrons have revived after a hundred and eight defeats, and adjusted their strategy. After washing the chrysanthemums, they can also open their lives. A new chapter, maybe you can still climb the new peak of your career, is it old?"

"...Take the old man shut up," Yan Yan said with a lack of energy. "That said it was my informant, informant!"

Qin Chuanzhen has a voice in the roots: "You are not kind, old and strict, you are wired, you are still dead and use me - the fat man is not reliable, this waits for the drug dealers to react, I He had to send him a strong ring to avoid the limelight."

Yan Yanqiang waved his hand and motioned him not to talk nonsense: "How is it inside, did you find out the blue goods?"

"There are still blue goods, white goods are not found. Ma Xiang took people to search for 18 times, and also found a few bags of leaves in the corners of the horns, not enough to break the teeth."

Strictly thick brow wrinkles.

Qin Chuan said: "Can this blame me, friend? Who expected that a few stupid scorpions will be out of the yellow, and they will wear a uniform and take a video into the door? Those who smell from outside The smell ran away, and the take away was taken away. The remaining few leaves were purely Ma Xiang. His family had built a bridge to build a great morality. Otherwise, we had to be killed by the Wei Bureau. , split the body, build it..."

"I almost let the one who called the comprehensive brother take out the 'fresh goods'." Yan Yan’s eyes were heavy and whispered: "This is not right, not so smart."

Yan Yan's brow bone is relatively high, and the brow is tightly pressed against the front end of the eyelid. The tail tip is also slanted into the shackle. This is a clear and awkward face. He squinted and narrowed his eyes, and suddenly said: "Go and check the police station records."

Qin Chuan said: "I have checked it early, and still use your instructions?"

"No, not only tonight, but for all the nightclubs suspected to be allowed to sell | 淫 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告 告

If you can't do it, if you can't, it will be tricky. Yan Yan paused, cold and cold: "I don't believe that things in this world can be done like this. The city bureau will act temporarily tonight. When the police station is in good position, it will receive an alarm to sweep the yellow. Is it not bad for five minutes?" Check, give me a thorough investigation! ”

Qin Chuan nodded, opened the window, and extended his head to the outside to tell the criminal police a few words.

"What should I do now, old Yan?"

Strictly sucking the cold air, slowly sitting up from the back seat, biting his teeth and pressing the lower back.

In fact, he is really powerful. In the process of violent refusal, he was so smothered by the really good batons. For the change of physical fitness, it is estimated that he will be sent to the ambulance on the spot.

"There is no way to go back to the trial of A. He and his two horses. The key point is that red hair, see if you can pick up something from his mouth. In addition, all the surveillance videos of this nightclub are copied and sent to the provincial office. The material evidence center will sharpen and immediately arrange for follow-up investigations.Every time he said something, Qin Chuan nodded. At the end of the strict silence for a moment, staring at the dark night outside the window, complex complex dark, do not know what is thinking, and then raised his hand and touched the ear.

"Old Yan?" Qin Chuan whispered.

"...Oh," Yan Yan said, returning to God and saying, "I am thinking, fortunately, we have Hu Weisheng in our hands."

Qin Chuan intuitively said that his soul-like state was not because of this, but he did not ask, only doubt: "Hu Weisheng hates you for hating bleeding, only did not rush to tear you meat, and can also examine things. ?"

Yan Yan cold ice and ice: "As long as it is a criminal, even if the skin is cramped, I can squeeze things out of his bones!"

The car was quiet for a long time, only the slight movement of the medicine cabinet and the treacherous sounds of the criminals in the night outside the window.

"Hey," Yan Yan suddenly remembered something. "Why didn't Wei Bureau contact us now?"

Qin Chuan also glimpsed, and then the phone rang in his pocket.

"Hey, my Qinchuan... party team?"

Qin Chuan and Yan Yan looked at each other.

Fang Zhenghong is the captain of the anti-drug team of Jianning City Bureau and the top boss of Qinchuan. But he is already retiring. He was injured in the operation at the beginning of the year, causing the old disease to almost die. Now he is almost in a semi-retreat state.

It’s almost two o'clock. What made this old man suddenly call from the city office?

"Well, we are still doing follow-up on the spot, and we will be able to collect the team soon... It is not particularly successful, the situation is more complicated, and after the return to the market, what... What do you say?!"

Qin Chuan suddenly slammed his head because of the husky scorpion that stayed up late.

On the other side of the mobile phone, Fang Zhenghong’s voice of aging, exhausted and unsmiling, said: “Hu Weisheng is dead.”

It was like a stuffy thunder, and the three people in the carriage were shocked at the same time.

Yan Hao Huo Ran got up and grabbed the mobile phone, and directly opened the sound: "Hey the team, I am Yan Yan. Hu Weisheng is dead? When, what happened?!"

The current rustled, I don’t know how long it took, I heard that Fang Zhenghong was abnormally dry, and spit out three words:

"--Wei Deputy Bureau."

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