Chapter 22 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Chapter 22

Thousands of words in the strict heart of the heart of the three words of true love - dry your mother. (free full novel

However, he was destined to have no chance to say these three words, because at this time, the box door was pushed open again, and the two horses were pleased to invite a lean middle-aged man.

Yan Yan’s eyes lingered, and he saw that the fat man nodded slightly to him.

"This is our boss," Red Mao pointed to: "Complete brother, this is -"

Yan Yan said with a big square: "Without introduction, take the goods and leave. If it is not the surname Hu, I don't need to come here, the North District is here to open trouble."

"Hey, Laohu's friend?" The calm and reserved look of the brother's face suddenly loosened: "Oh, why don't you say it early, it's really slowing down and scorning--you bothering! Offended!" He said that he gave his red hair a mouth when he returned.

This slap is obviously thunder and heavy rain, and the red hair will lose the sound of laughter, and Yan Yan will quickly disguise himself.

"It’s not awkward, Lao Hu has been picking up goods for me for a while now. People are a good person, and luck is backed up." Comprehensive brother sighed and said: "Hey, this year, what business is not good, the sliver is caught. It’s tight, and it’s all day long; if it’s not on the face of the fat brother and the old Hu, I don’t dare to pick up a new FIT like your brother!”

"Oh, that's not it!" Yan Yan waved his hand and shouted: "I don't understand that the police uncle is holding a 10,000-piece block, and it is hard to support his family. He still has to go to work with us all over the world. This is not enough." Is it supported? Laozi’s bottle of wine is enough for them to pay for half a year!”

The comprehensive brother laughed and said that the rich second generation was as lacking as the one he had just seen in the monitoring.

The two men chilled a few words, Yan Yan did not have the opportunity to sell his place, price and quality in Hu Weisheng, and listened to the sound of the full brother, more satisfied with the stupidity of the rich second generation. , the initiative said: "Since you have been very old Hu has done so much business, I will take the initiative to let the point, take a ninety-five percent off. If you are pure, you can rest assured, I am the old Hu's home, the goods must not be better than him. Times."

Jiang stopped just yawning and began to look around impatiently.

Jiang stopped and did not know how many addicts had been examined. The various expressions of the drug addiction were subtly imitation, and even the "inners" could not see the wrong. I still want to say something about the comprehensive brother. I saw a smile, and I said: "When you do, I will give you two people to try the goods first."

Yan Yan’s heart is slightly mentioned.

I saw that the comprehensive brother stretched out his hand, and the red hair was already intent. He felt an opaque waterproof sealed bag from the inner pocket of the jacket. After the disassembly, it was a medicine board.


Hu Weisheng sold the fake smart medicine to the deceased Feng Yuguang?

Yan Yan breathed when he was on the screen, but only saw the red hair open the medicine board, and poured out two white capsules - not the red Adla!The comprehensive brother smiled and took Zhang Xi paper: "I don't boast, I am a business, but it is genuine, not like the 'retailers' outside, nothing to mix with glucose and lime powder, what to do with you. Come, my brother is in me. Try this, keep your convictions orally."

Yan Yan looked at the action of the comprehensive brother to prepare for the drug, the brain was running fast, and suddenly stopped: "Wait!"

The full brother's action is a meal.

The box is very quiet, the walls are isolated from most of the rock and roll, and the strong rhythm floats back and forth in the air. A few gaze at the same time cast to Yan Yan, the anxiety of the fat man, the sorrow of the red hair, the confusion and doubts of the extremely hidden eyes of the comprehensive brother are all in the eye, and suddenly it becomes extraordinarily long in a few seconds.

"..." Yan Yan slowly leaned back in the deck, greeted with a different look, and smiled:

"Complete brother, Long Ge may not have told you clearly. White noodles, there are still many in my family. It doesn't matter if I don't take it today; I came because old nonsense, you have ‘fresh goods.'”

This kind of face-to-face machine front is far more difficult to test the performance than the one just in the downstairs.

Yan Yan can feel it without looking at it. The comprehensive and uncomfortable comprehensive brother on the opposite side projects a sharp gaze from the eyelids of the stack.

The eyes were sceptical and confused, and they cut their own eyes and skins of the second generation. They seem to be trying to reach the brain and extract something from it.

“Fresh goods,” the comprehensive brother repeated thoughtfully, suddenly smiled and asked: “What do you mean by fresh goods?”

Yan Yan only has this idea - blue powder!

The blue powder shining with crystal gleam, like a ghost from the deep sea, sneaked into Jianning silently, and continuously penetrated the shady face of this huge city until it showed the ghost of the ghost on the roof of Hu Weisheng.

No one knows its structure, and no one knows where it comes from. The smuggling police who carry heavy weight at the dark junction have nothing to do.

The only person who might know something about it is sitting in this room at the moment.

Yan Yan's heart fretting, squinting down, and the electro-optic stone slammed into the gaze of the river.

The river stopped very lightly and shook his head.

"..." Yan Yan looked up and smiled and said, "Hey, I can chat with the full-time brother, and it will not cover up."

The drug dealer stared at him.

"That kind of red, saying that I have taken the exam well, Laohu recommended it to me several times." Yan Yan touched his nose and smiled: "Of course, it is not my own food, it is the old nonsense this medicine, so take it." Go to the female student."

The voice just fell, and the whole brother was in the nose.

Then the buzz became

Can't stop laughing.

"I said, this old Hu is really, hahahaha-"

The other two little pony in the room also laughed at the venue, and the fat man with cold sweat was not clear, so he was stiff and silly. At one time, the whole box was full of happy relief. The brothers laughed and said: "Yes, there are, of course, hahahaha - old Hu can be a bit, wonderful!..."

Yan Yan smiled and snorted in the chest.That is the movement of the heart to fall back heavily.

"I didn't expect the big brothers to hold your left and right, this is the parallel of the waterway and the dry road." He is squinting at him, and he is jokingly saying: "Yes, I have aspirations, no wonder Laohu tells you anything." - Hahahahahaha!"

Yan Yan knows that in the eyes of drug dealers, Teddy has been an unscrupulous and unrecognized Teddy. He raised his mouth and smiled dryly: "Let's say that life is alive and you are happy."

The comprehensive brother crossed the coffee table and reached out and poked his shoulders, comparing a thumb.

"The price is not a problem." Yan Yan patted the cash in front of his eyes: "I may not bring it up, but the car will stop downstairs, there is still in the trunk..."

Unexpectedly, the comprehensive brother interrupted him: "No hurry, no hurry, we have not finished this cargo yet."

Strictly strict.

"You said that you bought 'white goods' in Laohu, but the purity of Laohu is far worse than mine. You don't have to worry about fresh goods first, you have to taste my good white face here, we can talk about it. The following business - otherwise the individual is coming to the door, I have channels here, and then there are new goods, it is not enough to sell, you say?"

The full-fledged brother said very harmoniously, but the action did not have any room for arbitrage. He took the capsule directly from the red hair and put it on the tin foil. The smile was handed to Yan Yan.

In addition to the courage, extreme care, and extraordinary caution, the scorpion police face a very special challenge - drug abuse.

Or, pretend to take drugs.

Yan Yan looked at the two capsules lying quietly on the silver tin foil, and the thoughts in the mind flashed a lot of thoughts. Every year, due to drug addiction, the undercover undercovers are destroyed. On the intranet, the cadres who are corrupted by drug dealers are regularly announced. When they are studying, the police school organizes a visit to the strong ring. There is a man with a beard who is not a ghost. The small window in the room, holding his knees tightly, he refused to turn his head. The instructor whispered that he used to be a poison policeman who had received many commendations...

However, in the eyes of outsiders, Yan Yan’s face is as usual, so that even the blink of an eye is not enough.

"Complete goods of the brother, the purity is still used to test?" Yan Yan paused, raised his hand to take the tin foil, smiled: "I will respect it as if I respected."

Then, a cold hand stretched out and held him.

Jiang stopped from the sternness of his arms, and the whole person seemed to be confused and described as tired and wilting.

His line of sight was scattered without focal length, but under the lights of the nightclub box, the water in the bottom of the eye looked forward and the eyebrows hang slightly, giving off an indescribable charm, as if it were a splendid and strange flower. His movements are also very gentle, but they can't refuse. They took the tin foil from the strict hand. The thin and slender fingers unscrewed the capsule and poured out the white powder. They completely ignored the gaze of others around them and folded the tin foil. Put it in front of the nose, use the nail to hold one side of the nose, deeply intoxicated and tired of taking a big mouth.

All of this happened in close proximity, and when the hole was narrow, it was tightened like a needle.


Jiang stopped and threw the empty tin foil to the full-fledged brother. It was soft and boneless, and fell backwards into Yan’s arms.Sucked? !

what happened? !

Now how to do? !

This is the most suspicious ten seconds of Yan Yuping's life. For a moment, he couldn't even control the muscles on his face, revealing a look that could be called a fear.

Yes, frightened.

He has been a policeman for so many years. The more drug dealers he has caught, the deeper his understanding of drugs, the more he can't control the hatred and fear of white powder. It is precisely because he knows his weak side so much that he knows that Jiang Shu is a truly veteran scorpion police officer. His mentality is more than his own, and he will only resist drugs more.

The first-line police who are really fighting against drugs will know that the fear brought by the white demon can't be defeated. The so-called contempt of the enemy from the bottom of the heart does not exist.

However, it is this kind of fear, this kind of fear, can protect them from slipping into the abyss of eternal sorrow when they go black.

"..." Yan Yan's lips moved.

The full-time brother seems to be laughing and saying something, it may be a joke, and he is constantly boasting. The fat man is trying to cooperate with him and tries to divert the attention of the drug dealer.

But these noisy background sounds suddenly became very vague for Yan Yan.

"Hey--" Jiang stopped suddenly pouting, ambiguous: "Hot."

The comprehensive brother laughed and said: "Good goods are like this, not the same as those sold by Lao Hu? You are waiting for this, the medicine is scattered." Come to the big brother, you will come and help him. Divergence and divergence..."

Yan Yan bent over and stopped the river and hugged it. He took the self-rolling cigarette handed by the comprehensive brother and put it on his ear. He smiled and said: "Well, go to the bathroom."

Then he lost his eyes to the fat man, and no matter what the reaction of the drug dealer, in the smirk of the red-haired gray horse, the baby went straight into the bathroom that came with the box, and closed the door with his backhand.


Yan Yan did not even hit a single, first unscrew the faucet, and then press the toilet flush button, the river was parked on the wall under the cover of two kinds of water sounds.

As soon as I arrived, I whispered: "Are you crazy?!"

Jiang stopped but was very calm, and spread his palm and said: "Calm a little."

Yan Yan bowed his head.

—— I saw the end of the left hand holding the nose of the river, the end of the palm of the hand near the tin foil, was covered with white powder, all drugs!

Yan Yan firmly grasped the hand of Jiang’s shoulder and loosened it. Suddenly, he silently went down, and squatted on the floor holding his head.

Jiang stopped: "..."

Jiang stopped taking what he was doing, hesitated for a while, then pushed him down and asked, "Are you okay?"

"...No," Yan Yan looked up, his face was similar to a detached look, and at first glance seemed a bit like a sudden entry into the Sage. He said: "I was almost scared by you."

Jiang stopped frowning: "...sorry?""It's not that soft, it's soft, it's not the kind that can't be hardened anymore... Hey, what the hell is I talking about." Yan Yan forced himself to get rid of the messy state, muttered a swearing mouth, finally calmed down. Down: "There is not much time, you can quickly leave here, go to the nightclub back door Sanchun Lane at the end of a license plate, the number one 3 Grand Cherokee alarm, or directly find a telephone booth to call the police. I will go out for a while, certainly Let them take out the 'blue goods', you inform the peripheral action group to break through immediately after five minutes! Forcibly hit the door! Remember to take good time, fast!"

The bathroom is built on the outer wall of the building, and there is a small ventilation window. The width of the bathroom can be barely passed, and then jump from the second floor to the garbage bin stacked in the back door of the nightclub.

Yan Yan vomited two spits to his palm, and he began to remove the window by hand. He was suddenly stopped by the river.



Jiang stopped seems to be thinking about what, Yan Yan used his eyes to signal him to hurry and say no, nonsense.

"Strict team." Jiang stopped slowly, it seems that every word has been infiltrated by lips and teeth, he said: "I have to tell you something."

Yan Yan: "?"

"About the goal of your action, the kind of new psychotropic substance in light blue crystals, here..."

The sound of the stop of the river did not fall, and was interrupted by a loud noise outside the door.

The door of the box hit the wall heavily, and it bounced back quickly and was kicked open. The countless footsteps poured into the private room. The comprehensive brother had not had time to make a sound, and he was taken over and controlled. The Yan and Jiang stopped in the bathroom and heard a majestic roar from outside. :

"Do not move, police!"

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped to look at each other.

"...Old Qin?" Yan Yufu suspected, "No, not old Qin."

Jiang stopped without saying anything, immediately went forward to remove the ventilation window.

But then, the next sentence from the outside was like a thunder, and it slammed into the top of both of them:

"--Yuhe Road police station, someone reported that you are suspected of homosexuality, tolerance, selling, kinky, all stood up and stood behind your hands! ID card temporary residence card to come out!"

Hey! Hey!

“Is there anyone out there? Get out!” The auxiliary police violently patted the bathroom door and shouted in the face of Yan and Jiang’s stop: “Come on, don’t come out again!”

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