Chapter 21 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Chapter 21

Everything in the next place was very confusing. The fat man called "Oh my God, what is going on?" It was like a tank crushed and rushed forward, and the sternness was hardened; the red-haired gray and the two mixed up. Exciting, the surrounding lights flashed and screamed, and the faces of countless red men and green women were filled with high-inspired intoxication. Free full novel (

He just kissed me, Yan Yanzhong thought, what should I do next?

Do you want to continue to complete the task, how will you call your teammates to support... I wonder why he wants to kiss me?

Will the swallowing of the headset affect people? Doesn't he feel sick when he kisses me? No, now is not the time to think about this, how should the reaction be dealt with by colleagues outside the office... He just kissed me? I was stopped by the river? !

"My brother, are you okay?" The fat man wants to cry without tears, and he wants to cover the ears with a sigh of relief: "Let's see if you fall, I will say that things should not go out today." Let's go home and burn a scent to take a shower and go to the air..."

Red hair: "What is going on here? See what to see?"

Gray-haired grabs the walkie-talkie: "Security team security team, a guest in the b4 area of ​​the deck is drunk, and people come to take him away!..."

Yan Yanran looked.

Jiang stopped slowly and got up from the deck. He coughed two times with his mouth shut, and looked up at him with a sigh of relief. His eyes were as bright as a blade. In this extremely mixed environment, it was a heart-warming one. cold.

I have to hold him, and this thought flashed through Yan Zhi’s intuition.

In the light stone fire, a plan is rapidly forming in his mind.

"How are you here?!" Yan Yan pushed the fat man, and the momentum turned to Jiang to stop asking.

Fat man: "???"

"Don't you say that you want to break up, how can the woman not want you?"

Jiang stopped: "..."

"It’s cool to spend my money, isn’t it, I told you that the monk is a product that recognizes money and doesn’t recognize people. Is it very happy to be beaten?! I came back to find Laozi, and I broke up in the hospital. Are you not very hard at the time?! Ah?!"

Red hair: "..."

Gray hair: "..."

Eat melons: "..............."

Everyone was shocked by the development of this story, so that there was a moment of silence on the scene.

Gray hair trembled and asked: "Brother, do you know each other?"

From the facial expressions, it can be seen that the river stop is very strange - but his surprise is only a short one.

There are too many bizarre scenes that Jiang has seen in this life. It is not so much shocked by the harsh and tortuous plot. It is better to say that he is more unexpected and strict, so the lines are so smooth, the performance on the spot is so smooth. Three-dimensional, in the dark scene of the nightclub, I can't see the slightest flaw.

If the situation is not so urgent, perhaps he will even give birth to the feeling that "this person does not enter the entertainment circle."

"Don't come back to me!" Severely smothered the cigarette butt and said: "It's useless to find me, the trick has broken up!"

The river stopped for a second, and it seemed that the wine was not so clear in the past, and he stood still."What are you still doing?" Yan Yanchong security guard: "Isn't you taking him away?"

- But this security guard did not dare to start, just standing there and constantly asking for gray hair with eyes.

Jiang stopped holding the strict hand, it seems a bit unconscious, with a pretentious and imaginative mother-in-law: "My dear, I am wrong..."

Strictly stunned, no stunned, standing there sulking.

Jiang stopped not being anxious, holding the strict hand and holding it, the performances of both of them were very realistic and layered, and a pair of postures would be entangled on the spot.

This plot of the three thousand feet of the plot has made the two little horses look a little better. The red-haired scorpion has been stunned for a long time, and it is very responsive to the people: "b, gay this year..."

Still gray-haired is a little more sophisticated, seeing more and more people on the sidelines, and quickly pulling a stern: "The big brothers are not here, first go to the box and sit down, everyone talks slowly." Then he signaled the security to open the way.

This is a relatively old-fashioned approach, which avoids the embarrassment of customers, and avoids the screaming of chaos under the drunkenness of Jiang, and asks Yan Yan to find them to buy "white goods". It’s just hard for a few security guards. It’s so easy to open the road before and after the escort. It’s almost crowded with them, and they stepped on the second floor private room on the dj’s shocking drums.

This group of people is still very cautious in doing things. The gray hair follows them along the way, and even the eyes have not been removed. Yan Yan wants to give a look at the exchange with Jiang and has not found a chance. When I arrived at the VIP area, the gray-haired hand took the card and opened the box, so that the red hair, the fat man, Yan Yan and Jiang stopped several people to enter, and then the soundproof door was closed, and the outside motion suddenly became very distant and blurred.

The gray hair asked them to sit down, and the guests were very gracious: "Since the two have something today, I will see if it is..."

Yan Yan did not say anything, got up and touched the soft China to make a circle, took the initiative to help the gray hair to smoke: "What do brothers call?"

He is like a personal change. The momentum of the arrogant and arrogant hand has disappeared, and it has become very familiar.

The gray hair is obviously a little uncomfortable: "Well to say, the road is called the younger brother, Feilong. I said you two..."


Originally, the chaos was sitting on the sofa and stopped. He suddenly turned his hand to Yan Yan and fell down. His face was red and sluggish, and a pair of wines came up against him, and he squeezed into his arms.

Gray hair: "¥≈......"


Mao’s words suddenly couldn’t be said. From the expression, his heart was estimated to be a painful gay.

Yan Yan stopped Jiang in his arms and looked as usual: "The door is unfortunate, the house is unfortunate, this is really embarrassing, this two cigarettes are held first, let the brothers look at the jokes." Open the coat, take out a thick brick banknote wrapped in kraft paper from the inner pocket, slap it on the coffee table, and then take two stacks and throw them in front of the two horses.

This pretending to be really shiny, the banknotes in the moment released a golden light, flashing all titanium alloy dog ​​eyes including the informant.

When they were on the horse, they were stunned and looked at each other. Yan Yan could almost see through their skulls through their thought activities:Gray hair: Wow, so much money, there are five thousand?

Red hair: I have never seen anything in the world, this stack is 10,000!

"This," the gray hair swallowed, hesitating: "The fat man may not have told you clearly, this time our boss did not come, or you change the day..."

He did not dare to sell, and he thought hard.

This courage called Feilong is also more cautious. The short riots just below have caused him to be vigilant.

"I used to go home, it was unlucky. I walked down the road and went in. The fat boy is my brother, saying that you have fresh goods, as long as you have money, there is nothing you can't buy." Yan Yan Xu Xiaoxiao Next, it seems that there is nothing to say: "It doesn't matter if you can't buy it today. I still have some inventory in my house. It doesn't matter if I support the week. As for the money, you will hold it first. When the boss comes, let the fat boy I can say it."

He said that he was sitting backwards, his legs were comfortably separated, calm and calm.

If Hu Weisheng is here, he should be able to recognize that this is the attitude when the surname is strict.

After a quiet moment in the box, I suddenly stopped listening to the river and then twisted it uncomfortably. I yawned in the gaze of everyone and began to grind my teeth without tears.

Yan Yan: "?"

In addition to him in this box, the other three people all know what it means. The fat man whispered: "Hey, fly|leaves, the addiction is quite big."

Yan Yan: "..."

The red hairs came over and smashed a few words with the gray hair.

"...OK." Gray hair was finally said to be moving: "It’s also a big trip. It’s not easy. I will ask you if the boss is too late tonight."

Yan Yan’s heart is loose.

"However, the process still has to go." Gray hair beckoned to Yan Yan standing in front of him, sincerely said: "I really can't live with the brothers, we are doing the same under the rules, your mobile phone must also give me first. storage."

- He still has to search!

The psychological quality of the fat man on the side is really unscrupulous, and his face has changed: "Hey, I said Dragon Brother, you are -"

But to his surprise, Yan Yan did not temper this time, as if he was very sorry for the riots he had just caused, and he stood up quickly: "Hey! Let me talk about it, come on."

Fat man: "Hey..."

The fat man looked at Yan Yan's open arms and was carefully searched by the gray hair from top to bottom. He even looked at the creases and the shoes. The fat man's heartbeat followed the gray hair movement for a while, slow for a while, several times the heartbeat almost reached the throat, and did not know how long it took, only to see the gray hair slowly swallowed, cautiously rushing red hair:

"no problem."

Red hair to the sofa: "Who, your friend... your boyfriend..."

Yan Yan’s reaction is a bit strong: “It’s my wife, I’m above! I know you above?!”

Red hair: "...your wife also has to...cough."The red tide of the drunkenness on Jiang’s face has completely receded. His face is pale and ignorant, his eyes are sloppy and languid. If Yan Yan still has to rely on the informant to prove his buyer's identity, Jiang stopped this way to go on the street, and the live-off is an addict who has had an episode.

"Clean." Gray hair carefully carefully searched the river to stop, nod to the red hair.

The two horses were relieved, and their faces were laughing. The red hair quickly took the tens of thousands of tips from Yan Yan into his arms. He went to the mini bar and took the beer and stuffed it to Yan Yan. He said with a smile: "Don't mind don't mind, the smashing rush of our errands is what the above people say, we have to do it. You wait a little while, let's call the boss."

When things progressed to this point, Yan Yan knew that it was stable, and he was not entangled. He smiled and waved his hand to let them go.

Originally, according to the rules, there should be someone who is here to guard and another person to call the boss. But the two men just took a big tip, the banknotes were hotly stuck in their arms, and they eagerly urged them to go back and hide them, so the two even ran away in the same place, and they stopped Yan, Jiang and the informant. Separate in the box.

At the end of the door, Yan Yan immediately changed his face: "How are you here?"

The fat man thought it was talking to him: "...ah?"

Jiang stopped slowly and got up, twisting his head and twisting the stiff cervical spine.

His swaying and decadent momentum disappeared, and the shirt led three buckles, from the chin, neck to the collarbone, and every inch of the bone under the transparent skin was clearly visible.

Yan Yan’s throat was slid up and down, and he said harshly: “Hey, ask what you are saying!”

"I thought you would be grateful for my life-saving grace," Jiang said.

"I haven't asked you to swallow..."

River stop

"The deployment of your detachment is very low-level. I am very happy to meet you so much. Thank you." gd1806102

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