Chapter 20 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Chapter 20

Not only the interrogation room, but even a few people outside the single-sided glass were stunned, and Philip muttered: "Where? What?"

Hu Weisheng is sitting in an electric chair, and the five senses are twitching strangely, making his eyebrows that are not too correct, and the eyes are more oblique, and the hoarse gasps are clearly audible:

"The surname Jiang did not follow the rules. He deserved his death. He had such a day..."

"Who is his brother, the police? The procuratorate is still a court? What do you mean by not following the rules? Who are you who have tried you? Is there any unwritten rule in the Gongzhou system?"

The single-sided glass came from the outside, and Qin Chuan knocked on the window and whispered to the Bluetooth headset: "Old Yan!"

Yan Yan set a rumor, only Hu Weisheng clenched his cigarette butt and repeated his teeth: "I don't want to die, I didn't commit a crime, I was brought to get the goods. Free full novels (they can't cross the river like this, Killing the surname Jiang, and then killing..."

"Who brought you to get the goods? Where did you get it? Who is going to kill the river?" Yan Hao Huo Ran got up and almost approached Hu Weisheng: "Quickly say! Otherwise you will be released and killed on the highway." It’s your ending tomorrow!”

——If Jiang stops here, he may have slammed his words back when he is strict with “putting you out”.

After the rigorous recollection, I regretted that I had to ignore the latter half of the sentence.

He intended to only threaten the suspects in the end, but it turned out that the police school textbooks were summed up by countless experiences in the past. In the criminal trial, any mistakes may result in the end result.

Hu Weisheng subconsciously looked at the bloody scene of the scene in front of Yan Yan: "Yuhe Road ‘Sanchunhuashu’, they said that the new goods are from...”

Suddenly he stopped.

Yan Yan watched the expression on his face change drastically, like a ridiculous pantomime, from green to red, from red to purple, and finally almost become iron blue, squeezed out two words:


Yan Yan’s heart is awkward.

"... lie to me... you lie to me... you fucking dare to lie to Laozi?" Hu Weisheng’s voice grew louder and louder, suddenly turned into a crazy yelling: "You fucking dare to play me! Not at all... I’m killing you! I’m fucking to kill you this dog|Japan’s! You-”

The handcuffs and the iron chair creaked together, the criminal police saw the wrong shape, pushed the door and rushed in. Two or three people forced the blushing neck Hu Weisheng to hold it down, and suddenly the dirty and screaming from his mouth. The chaotic interrogation room was so unbearable.

"The dog x keeps the strip, presses the oil from the bones of Laozi, and must not die..."

“Old Yan?” Qin Chuan rushed in: “Are you okay? How do you do it?”


Yan Yan stared at the photo in front of him, could not say anything, his mind was blank, only the subconscious mind was spinning at a rapid speed.

Wrong, where is it wrong?The person has been crushed with only the meat paste, and the whole picture can hardly see any human tissue that can be distinguished, let alone the physical features; the only remaining half of the head in the corner of the picture is the back of the head of the blood. The lens, Fan Si, his mother will not recognize it.

Hu Weisheng has been stunned. What made him suddenly and clearly distinguish this?

Which detail on the screen makes him decide that the meat sauce is not his own accomplice?

"Old Yan!" Qin Chuan shot on his shoulder: "What are you doing, you are konjac!"


Yan Yan stood up, the folding chair rubbed against the ground and made a harsh sound. He only listened to him and said, "I know."

Qin Chuan frowned: "...what do you know?"

"She is a woman."

The action of Hu Weisheng yelling at Daxie suddenly stopped.

"The only thing that shows the appearance of this picture is the short hair, and your partner is a woman with long hair. So Feng Yuguang can't hold him when she gets out of the drug and gets out of the car, and you cover the partner not only because she is afraid of a woman. I can't live trials, but also because of the emotional connection between you." Yan Yan said one word, "You like her."

Hu Weisheng’s lips trembling, as if he had just changed his anger and jumped his feet.

Yan Yan took the photo to Qinchuan’s arms:

"The focus of investigation immediately shifted to Hu Weisheng's relationship between men and women, including money circulation, tenants' exchanges, and any opposite sex that has appeared in the mobile phone that has appeared around me. From the 60th to the 16th, don't let go, immediately!"


Santerna tree.

From the name, the boss has indeed tried his best, but the nightclub is a nightclub, and there is no such thing as a little more elegant. The flashing lights on the dance floor are radiant, and the bar is swaying in front of the bar. Dj shakes his head on the second floor. The background melody is as strong as the construction pile driver. Don’t talk about hidden communication here, even if it is separated by two steps, it is difficult to hear loudly. It is.

"McCarlan 25 years, drink pure, the process is not, and sent directly." Yan Yan smoothly put a few banknotes into the sexy ditch of the female bartender, "give you."

The female bartender was so charming that she was slick and sophisticated, sweeping away from the watch on the strict watch, and turned away with a smile.

"The executor is in place, the informant is moving towards you." The young men and women burst into laughter in the earphones, and then came to Qinchuan's teasing: "You just smashed your group for the first half of the month." In case of handling the case, the Wei Bureau should go to the hospital to check the high blood pressure."

Yan Yan looked up and looked into the distance, but from him

In this position, you can only see the dance of the whole world.

"Get it, which time is not my own post, it is as if the funds in our bureau are enough. What about the informants?"

Qin Chuan said: "Come here."

"A handsome guy is alone tonight?" The bartender turned back with a thin waist and handed down half a glass of whiskey. The red nails were painted on the back of Yan's hand and squinted and smiled. "You How about a girlfriend, dare to let you out alone?"

Yan Yan mouth corner: "Is this not a girlfriend?"The bright light of the lamp made his facial contours extremely deep, and he was like a sleek and wealthy man, and he showed a strong and masculine masculinity. The bartender smiled even happier, and she sat in his arms, and the white arm with the fake gold screw bracelet caught his shoulder: "Oh, I am alone tonight."

Just as she was sitting down completely, a fat man panted out of the crowd, his eyes swept, and he fell on Yan Yan, and immediately made a gesture of killing the chicken.

"Busy business, baby, come back to find you." Yan Yan took a female bartender's ass, so that she took her from her arms, laughing like a sloppy scorpion, brushing the card smoothly Put McAllen, who is still almost full of bottles, into her choppy arms: "Help me save."

Qin Chuan: "Old Yan, you are a rogue deliberately occupying a cheaper hahaha-"

Yan Yan smiles unchanged, biting his teeth from the corner of his mouth: "You objectively, Laozi's face is listed at least 50,000, and who is cheaper?"

Qin Chuan: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha -"

The fat man is sweating, and he doesn't know whether it is hot or nervous. Stepping on the shocking drums, he screams at the screaming loud voice: "Night club head prince?!"

"..." Yan Yan said: "The old man surnamed Qin must go to death..."

Qin Chuan: "Come and come, who is dying, come here!"

The fat man squats, his eyes are not the nose, not the nose. Yan Yan saw that he was really too nervous, and he raised his chin and motioned him to drink the untouched McAllen. The fat man immediately stood up and drank it. He stretched his tongue and exhaled. He punched him with a thumb: "Good wine! OK, just do it! Come with me!"

Yan Yan stood up, the fat man led him from the white legs of the full dance pool and squeezed between the thighs, and he did not know how much oil was smashed along the way. He only listened to the fat man in his ear and asked: "Qin Ge said that you want white goods? ”

Yan Yan cold and cold: "I want ‘blue goods.’”

The fat man is not clear, so he said in his ear: "I see you understand, but this business is not a layman, he can't understand, if you can't help but you have a bad thing, so I am miserable. So When you meet someone, don't open your mouth. Everything is listening to me. Look at my eyes and do things. If you understand, nod your head. If you can't do it, please withdraw it now."

Yan Yan nodded.

The fat man stopped talking and stopped looking up and down. He finally couldn’t help but ask: "Do you really eat public meals?"

Yan Yan asked: "Look at the documents?"

"You don't have to." The fat man rushed to the table in his hand and said, "Imitate... it’s like real goods."

Strictly embarrassed.

They passed through the beautiful dance floor, bypassing the deck and a huge screen, and the deafening music suddenly became a lot smaller. Mars flashed in the darkness of the front, and suddenly stopped suddenly. Only then did the two of the stairs leading to the second floor stand on the side of the stairs. One was dyed with the popular grandmother ash, and the other was red-haired. Carrying hands.

The fat man whispered: "Stand up, don't move." Then I greeted me and smirked a few words with the red hair.The voice of Qin Chuan came from the earphones: "The gray hair is called the dragon, the red hair is the empty one, and they are all thugs. They will take you to the second floor for trading. Once you see the 'blue goods', you will immediately ring the headphones. Send out the signal three times. Be careful about the transaction payment, but it is your own money. If you are robbed, it will not be reimbursed."

Sighed and said that I knew.

In this few seconds, the communication between the red hair and the fat man has a problem. About a small dispute has been made. The red hair turned and waved again and again: "This person is a raw face, would you dare to bring him to buy goods?"

Fat man: "Empty brother, this is my introduction, it is definitely reliable, especially rich!..."

"Nothing, this kid does have money." Gray hair whispered to the red hair: "I just opened a 20,000-odd wine in front, didn't look for a manager, and the commission was directly counted on the account. I saw that his achievements were for That little girl is coming..."

The red hair was finally moved, and it was a slap in the face.

Yan Yan stood still.

Yan Yan is so blessed in this kind of entertainment place: all the dresses are ready to use and genuine, the consumption generated during the undercover period is not reimbursed and does not go through any signing process. The most important thing is that he has the kind of arrogance that I have only respected. Anyone who sells gold caves is skilled and proficient. The rich second-generation temperament that makes people want to use the soles of the shoes to look at them is that any undercover can not be imitated.

Red hair: "Call you, feed!"

Yan Yan smoked and squinted at him with the gaze of "Which scallions do you want to command the old man". The red-browed brow wrinkled and pulled up and pulled him: "Come here, not to harm you, come over and stand." ”

Yan Yan is a flash: "Dry, how do you move your hands?"

"Search body, search for big brother!" Red hair called bitterness. "You are a newcomer, no one knows, can you put it in? If you finish the search, take you to see the goods, rest assured, it will take two minutes!"

Strictly stunned, squinted at the fat man - the fat man obviously did not think

By the time of the search, the whole face suddenly changed dramatically. Fortunately, the stage lights swept past the side.

Qin Chuan asked in the headset: "What happened?"

Yan Yan subconsciously wants to raise his hand to pick up the ear, but when he just moved, he was controlled by the red hair.

"Brothers, with the point, we are also doing things according to the rules." Gray hair bombed the ash, and said: "This time the wind is tight, the first two days said that there is a stupid high over the street and died in the street - hey, you said this is called What is the matter? The younger brother is also eating a meal, no one is easy..."

Yan Yan took a half step back without notice.

"Don't talk to him so much, what does he know?" The red hair was impatient: "Where to come, the action is quick, there are people waiting for the order. If you buy us, we will leave, and grind. Isn't that something hidden on the body?"

The fat man trembled and screamed: "Empty, empty brother..."

- That sound, the heart will know that it is bad.

Sure enough, the red hair looked at Yan Yan and the fat man, and suddenly he found out from the extra-virtual tone that he was wrong: "What are you afraid of?"

Fat man: "...""Looking in the trough, isn't that really hiding?"

This time, not only the red hair, but also the gray hair stood up from the sofa, exchanged a suspicious look, and then walked forward.

Yan Yan Kong suddenly tightened, and in just three seconds, it suddenly seemed to be long. Invisible strings in the void have become more and more tight, and the more they pull, the tighter they are, and the harsher sounds that approach the critical point are gradually emerging.

What to do, run?

Still playing? !

The red hair went straight to the front: "Hey, you..."


- The string is broken.

All the accidents occurred in the same second, and there was a sudden burst of cheers on the deck not far away. The huge laughter was deafening, and then the screen was knocked open.

Red hair, gray hair and strictness turn back at the same time.

A figure was facing them, and they waved their hands and drunk them. Uncountable pink bills danced in brilliant lights, with dazzling electronic salutes, half of the nightclubs were sensational, dozens of exposed champagne models screamed in the rain of banknotes, indulging in screams.

"Lying..." The red hair whispered: "The trough..."

Everyone was shocked, and I saw that the swaying screamer was laughing, and then slammed back, then suddenly turned around and slammed Yan Yan on the spot, and then both fell into the deck. .

"Where is the handsome guy?" The man slammed on Yan Yan, confusingly laughing: "The handsome guy is coming, don't hide, hahaha-"

"You fucking me..." Yan Guang’s gaze of sight was seen before the two horses chased him, and then the man forced his face.


The soft lips clearly fell on the strict auricles, and then the tip of the tongue cleverly broke into the ear sockets. The soft and hot touch made the body stiffen. He realized what he was listening to!

"..." Yan Yan's gaze turned in one inch and one inch. He saw the cheeks at the end of the river, and there was no drunkenness in the shadows of the lights, even sober and calm to some hard level, followed by a slight movement in the throat.

He swallowed his ear, and thought about it.

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