Chapter 19 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Chapter 19

"You use fake Adela to lure students to take drugs. You have extracted a lot of fingerprints on the poisoning equipment found on the roof of your rental house. Everyone has nothing to say. What else to say?!"

"I don't know what police officer you are talking about. Those things are waste products that I have come to. I don't know what kind of poisoning equipment it is. (Free full novel."

"Don't be recalcitrant, honestly can still fight for a leniency, and no one can save you if you have a hard mouth!"

"Haha, police officer, are you going to take me to the end of the season? Drugs and drug trafficking are a crime of death. Are you trying to trick me into confession?"


Outside the single-sided glass in the interrogation room, Yan Yan wears a Bluetooth headset and faces the interrogation scene behind him.

In the creaking water flow, he untied the bandage on his hand and put the fleshy fingers under the faucet. The solidified blood immediately turned into red water and flowed down the fingertips.

The cold tingling is like a tens of thousands of fine needles stuck into the bone marrow, but he feels like no feeling, even the eyebrows are not moving, and concentrate on listening to the dialogue from the headphones:

"If you confess the accomplices in the back seat of the night of the 502 case, and provide important clues to our police handling the case, the court may not be lightly sentenced!"

"What accomplices? It's a ride, I don't know."

"Then tell me now that this ride is for men and women, how old is it, what are the physical characteristics, and in what form?"

"Forgot, I can't think of anything."


"I am embarrassed, this dead duck mouth is really hard." Ma Xiang said: "From last night to the present fatigue trial for more than eight hours, not that I did not know that he forgot, I really want to -"

Yan Yan's eyelids did not lift: "What do you want to do?

Ma Xiang swallowed and looked at the Qinzi an outsider in the small room. He sneaked and smacked his eyes: "I let the interns break the monitoring, Yan Ge, let's take some measures?"

Qin Chuan looked up and smiled in the glass reflection: "Hey, I can't hear anything."

"Means," Yan Yan laughed, taking a white towel and slowly rubbing his hands, asking: "What means?"

"Hey, take a pillow and put on your stomach! The backhand squats on the back of the chair and vacates the night! I heard that a little scar can't be seen, guaranteeing that he will only be one night..."

Yan Yan interrupted him: "Is this a means?"

Ma Xiang screamed at his innocent eyes.

"I tell you what the means is." Yan Yan said, "The hair is shredded and mixed in the milk tea to force him to drink. The high light is shining on the eyes and he is not sleeping for three days. The burnt needle is dedicated to the knee bend. If you are not addicted, take two large wattage bulbs and bake him around the temples, or take out the Americans to deal with the members of the base and drop the suspects directly into the water. Someone has done this before, and later..."

Ma Xiang’s entire facial muscles were already stiff, and he trembled for a long while: “...later...?”

Yan Yan gave him a slap and angered: "Then was the founding of New China in October 1949! Idiot!"

Qinchuan broke out with an unbridled laugh."Nothing to brush those junk public numbers!" Yan Yan shouted at the shivering Ma Xiang: "We are not the horns 旮旯 police station, the sub-provincial city public security bureau, how many eyes stare, you think broken supervised others will not know anything? joke! "

Ma Xiang feel very aggrieved, "That does not explain how he was killed to do ......"

"We do not say on the means to force out confessions can not be admissible, say in the case of one ten-millionth of Hu Weisheng really innocent, drug manufacturing equipment to retrieve him really to sell scrap, kill Ping Yuguang also someone else - How many years later, the case is turned over, do you give him a life or do I give him a life?"

Ma Xiang did not dare talk back, just whispered hum bitterly: "...... within an hour to get confessions, anyway, people under military order to Wei Juli's not me ......"

Xie Yan mouth just to criticize, suddenly the door was pushed open, Gou disproportionate to its tonnage, flexible bolted forward, holding the hands of brown paper bags: "Come come come to you magic ready!!! ”

Yan Yan immediately took over and looked at the paper bag.

Ma Xiang is curious: "The magic weapon?"

Ma Xiang stretched his neck, and even Qin Chuan couldn't help but squat to this side, but he was slammed back with a strict hand. He grabbed the paper bag and rushed to Libya with a thumb: "I am embarrassed, I see no problem with this wave - who will open a door and let me in."

苟利 modestly said: "Good to say Lao Wei."

Yan Yan: "..."

Qin Chuan patted the shoulders of Yan Yan: "Come on, let's go to the old Wei."

Yan Yan: "You guys..."

Ma Xiang: "Look at you Wei Ge."

Yan Yan furious: "You are Viagra!"

With a slamming door, Hu Weisheng looked up and revealed bloodshot eyes.

Interrogated police officers got up and called the strict brother, Yan Yan waved his hand to signal them out, then pulled the folding chair behind the iron table, sat down and lost the cigarette to the table:

"Pull it."

Hu Weisheng moved, but did not pick up, husky smiled: "How is the police officer, sing a white face?"

Hu Weisheng has entered the palace several times, and these skills for interrogation may be more familiar than the general police. Yan Yan knows that he has wasted enough tongues, and he has no longer confessed to the snake. He straightforwardly said: "My surname is strict, the deputy chief of the criminal investigation of the Municipal Bureau, and the detachment work is under my control."

Hu Weisheng narrowed his eyes.

This man was only in his forties, but he had a bunch of wrinkles early, and every pleat was hidden with ignorance and fierceness.

"Draw it, don't be nervous." Yan Yan said that he also took the cigarette, took a deep breath, and spit out a breath: "Not to harm you, such a big city, even if you want to give you medicine." No one dares to do it, rest assured."

Yan Yan's voice is low and strong, with a strong male magnetic, but born with a careless taste, as if not care about anything.

Hu Weisheng’s murky eyes flashed a few times. Although hesitated, he eventually took the cigarette up, trembled and ignited, and immediately took a swig of intoxication.

"Good smoke," he muttered. "Do you smoke such a good cigarette when you eat a public meal?"Severely said: "On the police's salary, I will be starved to death the next day."

——This is really too misunderstood. Hu Weisheng also said that he really hinted at it. I didn’t expect the police to dare to say such things in the interrogation room where there is surveillance and video, and could not help but reveal a trace of accident.

Yan Yan did not explain, Hang Lang Lang smiled.

"You, you know that you can't be acquitted. It's nothing more than a death or a gun. To be honest, Feng Yuguang died after eating the medicine you sold. Now the main responsibility is that you are with you. On the body - as long as I honestly click on the confession I said, I promise that you will be able to smoke such a good cigarette every day in the prison for the rest of your life; but if you continue to cover up your accomplices, I will only be able to send you to the execution ground."

"What accomplices? I said that it is a ride!" Hu Weisheng is hard and authentic.

Yan Yan is holding a cigarette, it doesn't matter: "Don't be hard, we have already caught it."

Hu Weisheng has a glimpse.

"--you definitely want to ask, why did you catch him, but we still have to hold on to you?"


Yan Yan sighed and seemed a little sympathetic: "Because he is useless, he will not speak, let's see."

Yan Yan took a photo from the kraft paper bag and threw it away. Hu Weisheng bowed his head and slammed his eyes and shook his mouth. "How could it be?!"

- That was taken by the forensic doctor at the scene of the highway tossing the body. It was crushed countless times, and the body of the face was completely invisible!

"Hey," Ma Xiang, after the single-sided glass, slaps a slap: "Strict brother is so wonderful!"

"Impossible! This is not... you, you...!"

Handcuffs and chains creaked, Hu Weisheng was full of red faces, struggling to make him almost out of the iron chair, and the criminal police immediately rushed in, but I saw Yan Yan holding the photo with his backhand and using his eyes. The action under your hand.

"Who is this? I don't know!" Hu Weisheng calmly calmed down and said: "I simply... I have never seen this person! You can find the traffic accident map casually to scare the confession. I want to sue you!"

Ma Xiang said: "The grandson of the trough is quite clever. What should I do?"

"Don't panic," Qin Chuan embraced his arms with his hands, and the lens sparkled with strange light: "You have a good post."

"Is it scared? No need." Yan Yan smiled and said: "Guess who was killed by him?"

"..." Hu Weisheng's chest undulating, as if a vigilant to the extreme old fox.

Yan Yan leaned back slightly on the back of the chair, and the lower jaw lifted slightly, and the legs were naturally separated. He knows that this posture makes himself look very comfortable and stretched. This gesture is passed on to the outside world, and it is a kind of invisible momentum, and overwhelming and impeccable self-confidence.

- This is what he learned from Jiang.

The only difference is that Jiang has the confidence to support his casual attitude, which is the psychological advantage of the formation of information asymmetry. Yan Yan knows that he does not, but he must let Hu Weisheng feel that he has.

"Destroy the mouth..." Hu Weisheng subconsciously said."Yes," Yan said. "Although there is no evidence, the police have initially determined that the purpose of the murderer's murder is related to it."

Hu Weisheng's gaze couldn't help but look at the hand that Yan Yan stuck into the brown paper bag. The next second, he saw Yan Yan slowly picking up a pack of evidence bags sealed with light blue powder.

"That is jealousy, drugs?" Ma Xiangqi said: "Isn't the physical evidence been robbed by criminals?"

Philip was standing in the wind and smothered: "Hydrogen Hydroxide."

Ma Xiang: "..."

Qin Chuanfu said: "You are also wicked enough..."

"You carefully hide this bag of drugs on the roof of the building. It should be more than just to beware of the police." Yan Yan lifted the evidence bag in the gaze of Hu Weisheng, swaying, tone and peace: "Old Hu, you thought The police did not catch you a drug trafficking, can you just kill a different crime in Gongzhou like that? If I were you, I would rather let the squad give out the accomplices, and then sentenced to a period of comfort in prison. After serving for twenty years, it is better than just getting out of the gate of the detention center. It was hit by a team of twenty or thirty trucks into a meat sauce. What do you say?"

Hu Weisheng was already stiff at the same time as the bag of key evidence appeared, and his face became very pale.

The cigarette burned quietly, and the burning cigarette butt fell gently on his hand.

If you say that the victory and defeat are still barely calculated as five or five points, this time Yan Yan knows that he has already occupied the absolute upper hand.

But not enough.

To completely destroy a person's psychological defense, the threat is not enough. Law is the last bottom line of morality. People who can commit crimes must first be psychologically different from ordinary people.

It may be effective for a while, but once the other person has returned to the taste, it will become more desperate and more "practical."

Yan Yan slowly leaned forward and looked at Hu Weisheng's pupil.

"Our police handling the case is also very tiring. You have a tight push on this case. Actually, there is no good advantage. It is not reluctant to set up which branch to run." Yan Yan stopped and stared at Hu Weisheng's expression change, whispered "But it's good that your accomplice is dead. It's better to die than the dead. It's easier for you to read the confession. Don't let me teach. How to record it is clear to you."

Qin Chuan knocked on the glass of the interrogation room with the index finger joint and whispered Ma Xiang: "When I go to the monitoring room to tell the technology, it is my words, let them smash this video."

Ma Xiang lowered his voice and asked: "Why? It is everyone who knows that Yan brother just plays psychological tactics with him..."

Qin Chuan interrupted him with a fierce look: "Do as I said!"

Ma Xiang immediately raised his head and said: "Yes!"

Hu Weisheng's eyes violently dodge, and from the sitting position, he can see his psychological struggle from the moment to the extreme. However, Yan Yan did not push again. Instead, he leaned back again and opened a distance, like an experienced and ruthless hunter.

"I don't believe..." Hu Weisheng shivered slightly and said, "You yell at me, the police want to marry me..."

"If you don't want to cooperate, it doesn't matter. Liu Xue, the case still remembers?"Hu Weisheng’s face changed: “Do you think—”

Yan Yan said: "Liu Xue is in my hands."

Yan Yan is like a hand-held hunting | gun close to the veteran of the trap, looking down from the heights where there is nowhere to escape, a little desperate, but still struggling prey.

"What do you want? The case of the little girl has been fixed." Hu Weisheng finally squeezed out the words from the chapped lips. The voice was slightly unstable: "Yes, I am a daring, but I am with the Gongzhou police. The account is clear, and I have already paid the price in jail! What do you want? Ah? Is your public office so arrogant?!"

"--fixed." Yan Yan smiled and said: "If you set a case, you can't turn it over?"

If Yan Yan is not a policeman, with his good face given by his mother, the family will simply invest a capital, and it will be no problem to be a singer or an actor. But he wants to be red, but it’s hard to attack. The main reason is that it’s too aggressive from the appearance to the gas field. Even when it’s laughing, it’s like a male wolf with a bloody, bloody, and sloppy paw. It’s too rigid and sharp. Can't be loved by heart.

Hu Weisheng is no longer smoking, his chest is constantly undulating, the wet frontal angle is violent, and he can even guess his current heartbeat from the breathing frequency with his strict experience in handling cases.

"What crimes I committed, I confessed to the Gongzhou police. You can't stop threatening me. I am innocent. I don't know anything. The host police can prove that I am not really strong. I rape the little girl..."

Yan Yan said: "Hosting the police? Does the river stop?"

Hu Weisheng's expression is like being held by a gun barrel.

"The river stopped dead." Yan Yan seemed to feel very happy, and his mouth was slowly curved. His middle finger knocked on the scene on the table, slamming softly, as if shooting the last deadly bullet on the prey:

"--It’s so dead, on the highway, it’s been burned more than twenty times.”

"Who is Jiang Shu, Yan Ge said that he was killed?" Ma Xiang stared at the interrogation room, a stomach question: "And who is Liu Xue? Yan Ge is uncovering the previous case of this surname Hu. ?"

Qin Chuan's face was a bit strange, but did not answer.

"Pony," Philip patted Ma Xiang's shoulder and said: "If you don't do criminal investigation, come to the forensic department to do it, it's good..."

The temperature in the interrogation room was not high, but Hu Weisheng's sweat did not stop underground, and soon it drenched the back.

Strictly handed over cigarettes and lighters and asked: "Again one?"

Hu Weisheng stared at the cigarette for a long time, like a drifting person staring at the only straw in front of him. I don't know how long it took, he finally moved, as if in a situation of extreme chaos, made some kind of decision, raising his hand and picking up the cigarette.

The fire rose and Hu Weisheng spit out a smog.

"...If the case in Gongzhou is turned over again, I have to be killed in the detention center." Hu Weisheng made a vague laugh in his throat, and could not hear whether it was bitter or ironic.

"I did things, it was really kind. The little girl was like that, I didn't get her, and sent her to the clinic - I want to bury her casually, which Wang Bazi can catch me?"The last few words of this statement reveal a deep stupidity and arrogance, but if you don’t hear it, you even praised it: "This is the truth."

“Hey,” Hu Weisheng laughed again. “Strict police officer, blame your official child is bigger than the surname Jiang. You are really more concerned about him than he is.”

Yan Yan did not tell him that Jiang stopped and finally achieved the leader of the detachment: "Hey, how?"

"The surname Jiang's playing means, then like a woman, haze. He does not hit you, does not marry you, likes to torture people with low temperature - in the winter he broke the air conditioning compressor, refrigerant pumping Go, the exchange tube is icing, the vents cover your face and squirt your ice, and people are unable to breathe in the interrogation chair. Every time I see it, he is judged, and the hard-line prisoners are afraid."

"If you want to say anything, he will feel better. He will lose your roots like a dog. When you are in a bad mood, you can have a pattern. It’s also like a dog. How do you get it? Hu Weisheng looked up and squinted at the air conditioner, rubbed his eyes and suddenly asked: "He died."

What? Have a photo? ”

Yan Yan did not answer this question, but asked: "You can be judged strong. If you want to be raped, Jiang has stopped vigorously. He is helping you. Why are you still tormenting you?"

Hu Weisheng blurted out: "Fart! The person who wants me to take the gun is him! If it is not his brother -"

Immediately after Hu Weisheng suddenly realized what it was like, the sound stopped abruptly.

"His brother?" Yan Yan's eyelids jumped slightly: "Jiang stopped a brother?"

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