Chapter 18 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Chapter 18

"Face?" Yan Yan was surprised. (Free full novel.

Jiang stopped staring at him.

"...No, it was too dark at the time, and he had a gun in his hand."

"You didn't see what he looked like at all? Height, size, any appearance?"

Yan Yan said a little, saying: "It's really hard to see, but the height is not low, the size should be medium, and the speed is very fast."

Jiang stopped the dagger without saying a word, and suddenly said: "This case can no longer be investigated."

His voice was very light but very determined. Yan Yan had passed the age of the table, but his face changed: "What are you talking about?"

"Hu Weisheng over there can not find direct evidence of participation in the production of drugs. In the absence of a confession, it is best to temporarily not detain, or to continue investigating in the direction of selling counterfeit drugs. This is a dangerous place. Therefore, Hu Weisheng’s practice not only violates the law, but also angers the drug trafficking group. The truly savage criminals have already participated in it, and the police’s in-depth investigation will be in danger of being unpredictable.”

Yan Yan looked straight at the eyes of Jiang Shu, and it took a long time to open his mouth. The voice was light and dangerous: "Why, because of fear of criminals?"

Jiang stopped without answering this question directly. He said: "They have a very perfect criminal network that is difficult to measure the edge. It is stronger and more meticulous than you think..."

"Because the bag of drugs?" His narrative was severely interrupted.


"The bag of drugs is unusual. You recognize the clues, aren't you?"

Waiting for the river to stop, Yan Yan stood up and almost stuck in front of him: "The kind of drugs are the same thing as the fake Adela sold to Feng Yuguang, so you want to hide it, right?"

Jiang stopped his hands on the blankets of the bed, and there was no reaction to the problem of pressing on the steps. Even the tone did not change. "If you still want to entangle the problem of the bag of drugs, I said, I just want to It is for its own sake."

The incandescent tube in the ward made a slight humming, except that only two people breathed each other on the other's face.

Yan Yan slowly leaned back and stood up straight, as if the aggressive people just did not exist, suddenly said:

"The day before yesterday, the parents of the deceased Feng Yuguang came to Jianning from Beijing and went to the mortuary to claim the body."

Jiang stopped without reaction.

"Feng family only has this one son. His father is doing business. The mother took care of him at home full time. Feng Yuguang is very filial. Although he is sometimes fun, he will not forget to call and send gifts back during the Chinese New Year and parents' birthdays. Home is a famous and promising child among relatives in the neighborhood. It is also the sole sustenance and pride of the parents."

“Every victim has been the sustenance and pride of their parents,” Jiang stopped.

"His mother is sixty years old this year. I can't stand the excitement. I saw the body fainting. My father has been crying in the conference room of the city bureau, holding his head and hitting the table, and several forensic doctors can't hold it. Their age. I can no longer have a second child to talk about the comfort of paleness. The rest of my life will live in the pain and despair of timelessness. Day after day, I will not see the end.""Jiang stopped." Yan Yan called his name and said slowly: "The student who struggled to die in the freezer was a living person. He had parents and relatives, classmates and friends. For you, he was only simple on the file. The neat "victim" word, for more people, he is their whole world. If the perpetrator does not fall into the law, he will be riddled with the rumors of drug addicts, and if the police do not wash for him, Who can still revenge for him?"

"- Why can't you take revenge?" Jiang stopped asking: "The other party used a professional killer to clean up the aftermath. Do you think they would let Hu Weisheng who brought the new drugs to the police?"

"If you are a victim, would you feel comforted because the murderer was black and black?!" Yan Yan sternly said: "We bring criminals to justice, not only to comfort the families of the victims, but more to pre-shock more. More serious crimes! If you say that they have a whole drug trafficking network, how many Feng Yuguang will be killed in the future? How many phoenix parents will our parents receive at the corpse?!"

The stern, low-pitched tail sounds soaring, and it seems that even the gaps in the walls and bricks are stunned by the earthquake.

However, Jiang stopped without even raising his eyebrows. He said: "No need, the police is just a profession. If you die, your parents are equally sad."

Jiang Shu is the kind of person who looks very gentle from the facial features to the temperament. But the silky soft feeling is just the appearance. The toughness and unquestionable inside of him are innate. It seems that the generous and swearing oath and the passionate words can not touch his firm and ardent attitude.

Strictly speaking, the next move, as if to endure something, suddenly said: "You said that you want to take the bag of drugs for yourself."

The river stopped silent.

"But your blood test after the car accident shows that you have not taken poison for at least two years."


"So you want a drug-free person who wants to take drugs back and practice high school chemistry experiments?"

"When I want to sell and sell the money," Jiang stopped to answer the question with kindness. It was not surprising that Yan Zhi checked his medical record: "Is this strange?"

He replied so smoothly and without psychological barriers, and someone else might be caught on the spot. However, Yan Yan was an old criminal policeman who had been a policeman for more than ten years. He stopped laughing when he stopped talking. "It’s not strange. But I am more interested in the fact that when the plastic factory exploded, you were The official confirmed the sacrifice, Yang Mei is from the highway

The scene of the car accident rescued you from Jianning. In the middle of this period of time, I thought that you were hijacked by drug dealers, but you are the captain of the anti-drug team. Why are you not being tortured by drug dealers in such an important position? ”

"..." Jiang stopped his face with some subtle changes.

Then he asked: "How do you know that there is no torture?"

"- No, don't take medical records, don't take off your clothes." Yan Yan stopped the game before he stopped. He said: "In fact, I just want to ask you: Why didn't you play chloramine? Ketone?"

There was a brief solidification in the confrontation."Don't tell me that the information provided by drugs such as chloramines and ketones may be nonsense. We have all conducted interrogation training. Drug dealers know better than us. It is better to talk nonsense than to let you be silent."

Jiang stopped and finally asked: "What do you want to say?"

Yan Yan stood up and put his hands in his trouser pockets, because the backlight was exceptionally high, giving a solid sense of oppression.

"You are not completely innocent in my image, the Jiang team." Yan Yan said calmly, "I hope that you are a fair and rigorous good policeman five years ago, but if you continue to prevent me from investigating further, I have to wonder if there is any unknown relationship between you and the drug dealer."

It’s ridiculous to stop at the river.

"It's not too early, let's do it today." Yan Yan turned and left a sentence: "Good health."

The door of the ward was closed and the river stopped leaning against the head of the bed, holding two fingers close to the eyebrow.

"..." He whispered a long time after he whispered, but did not make a sound.


"Stupid--!" slammed a crack, Wei Bureau fell the file on the table in front of Yan Yan, exhausted all strength and roared.

Everyone in the conference room shrank his neck, and if he was chilling, he only hated himself for being opaque.

Only Yan Yan, who is the party of the party, has a cigarette in his hand, his thighs are two legs, and his face is expressionless to the spit of the Wei Bureau, and he spits a long smoke ring.

"Why do you act alone? Why don't you report? Why don't you apply for a gun?! You are killed by a criminal suspect! Even let the passing people scream on the roof to check the situation, almost being pushed by the suspect from the stairs. Dead, I am still in the hospital! If the family members complain to the higher-level public security department, I will tie you up and send it to the thunder!"

"Nothing old Wei," Yan Yan said leisurely. "I have been to the hospital. The masses were moved by the spirit of our police to take the case and promised not to complain."

"..." Wei Bureau gas Shen Dantian, exhausted the power of the wild, yelled: "Fart!"

Sitting behind Yan Biao, Qin Chuan was hit by the fish of the pool, silently took the golden glasses and took out the handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the spit.

“Small high!” Wei Bureau’s anger has not disappeared: “Reporting!”

Gao Panqing, a team member of the Criminal Police Detachment, was shrinking himself behind Ma Xiang and pretended that he did not exist. He was forced to be named and had to stand up.

"Oh... the brethren of the field and technical investigation re-examined the suspect Hu Weisheng’s family overnight. A large amount of fingerprint evidence was found on the drug-making tools obtained from the Yan team. At present, the trace inspection is still being further investigated... For this reason, we urgently re-examine Hu Weisheng. But the surname Hu’s bite is just a fake drug. He doesn’t know anything about the drug trade. At present, there is no breakthrough in the confession...”

"He learned to be smart in the case of Gongzhou Qiangqiang and the sinister case," Yan Yan frowned. "The drug-making drug trafficking is enough for him to take a gun. The sale of fake drugs is dead for 20 years."

He is also in the iron case that has been sealed in Gongzhou. The Wei Bureau almost has to fry: "You, my mother, shut me up!"

Yan Yan shrugged indifferently.The Wei Bureau turned to technical investigation: "Since there are fingerprints, why are you so anxious to chase?"

Gao Panqing felt that he was really a big rebellion, and he was forced to stand up when his boss was beaten by his top boss. He bludges and said: "Because of the inability to pass through the fingerprints to form a direct and direct evidence of Hu Weisheng's participation in the production of drugs..."

The Wei Bureau took a deep breath and tried to calm down the blood pressure that he had soared to one hundred and eight. He bit his teeth and asked: "Why, why?"

Gao Panqing's face is full of tears and tears.

“——Because Hu Weisheng’s fingerprints only exist in the bottom of the reaction tank, the lower part of the filter, and the portable position on both sides of the top of the dewatering machine, and the key to the manufacturing process of gas venting valves, medicated caps and hose connections at the top of the gas tank At the operating point, his fingerprint was not detected."

Wei Wei’s reputation went, Yan Yan pulled a soft Chinese from the cigarette case, and did not point. While slowly kneading between his fingers, he meditated: “That is, Hu Weisheng did not operate these tools, he was only responsible. Carrying and watching, the real drug maker 'technician' has its own people."

- I don't know why he suddenly appeared in his mind a few hours ago. It was a scene of a scene he saw in the back light after he was alive and kicking on the rooftop.

Then he shook his head and forced himself to put the picture on hold.

"You are this..." The Wei bureau habitually wanted to swear two words, did not find the word, was a bit stunned at the time, and then grabbed the smoke in his hand: "If you don't take it, give it to me, spoil things, waste!"

Yan Yan: "..."

Han Xiaomei grievances and asked Huang Xing: "Director Huang, there is nothing to find and you have to say two words. Is this strict brother learning with Wei?"

Huang Xing whispered: "Hey--they are doing these criminal investigations, and the Wei Bureau is only forty years old to find a wife..."

“The higher authorities attached great importance to the 502 case, and the provincial department has already asked twice.

"Wei Bureau glanced at the entire conference room, majestic said: "Now the case has been wrapped up in drug production, guns and public attacks. We can't wait for the provincial department to force us to make military orders. We must be proactive and set a time limit for ourselves. Grab breakthroughs before criminals clean up other clues! Strictly. ”

Yan Yangang took out the third cigarette and heard the words without hesitation and quickly lit the smoke: "Yes, you said."

When Wei Bureau saw that he was full of bandages and slings, he looked at the table after he was sitting on the conference table. He remembered the past when he turned the rich second-generation punk from the street back to the police station, and then thought of himself for a moment, even let the small The mixed-man model wore a uniform and mixed into the public security team. Now the eyelids are going to be promoted to the detachment leader of the squadron. Immediately, the blood pressure has almost risen to one hundred and eight.

"If you don't solve the case within 72 hours, you don't want to help you in the next half of your life," Wei said with anger and anger: "Take the clothes to go home and inherit the coal mine!"

"..." Yan Yan stared at him with a stunned voice, and then he couldn't help but complain:

"Without you, how can you be so obsessed with the dawn of me today, I am straight..."When the voice did not fall, he was almost knocked out by the ashtray of the Wei Bureau.

"Where," Yan Yan was lifted from under the table with a slap in the face, and he patted his chest a little bit, saying: "Take the case to solve the case, this will solve the case. Lao Gao!"

Gao Panqing looked back at him with the eyes of "I beg you."

Yan Yan asked: "How long have you tried Hu Weisheng?"

"Three classes of people, even the night of the trial, has been more than eight hours now. The surname Hu is not stupid, knowing that the confession is a crime of death, insisting that he just picked up the poisoning tools and prepared to be sold as scrap, the key of the bag. The drug of sexual evidence was taken away again..."

Yan Yan waved his hand and interrupted his hand. He immediately erected an index finger to the Wei Bureau.

"Give me an hour." Yan Yan said, "I can't take the confession of Hu's death in an hour. I am surnamed Wei."

The Wei Bureau stunned.

Yan Yan swayed and went out, Wei Bureau stunned for a while, suddenly reacted, angered: "I old Wei family lacks you such a cheap grandson?!"

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