Chapter 17 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Chapter 17

"- Do not move. (Free full novel."

Just like the sesame in the story opens, the spell falls to the ground, and all the movements of the river stop.

Even his thoughts were like being frozen, and there was a brief gap in an instant.

- Then, the railings fell over the entire row and fell to the sixth floor!


Everything happened in the same second. When Ajie lost his center of gravity, he grabbed the top of the railing and made a slip, and climbed up. The Yan Yan couldn't see what happened, and the whole person slipped out.

It is said that before the death of the people, the subconscious will repeat all the important scenes of this life, but at that moment, the brain is strictly empty, nothing, and nothing is too late to think.

Instinctively, in the weightlessness, his hands were desperately grabbed, and the right finger tip pressed the edge of the roof concrete floor, but could not hold the weight of the whole body; this catch only slightly let the crash hit a bit, then In the fleeting time, he grabbed the leaning railing with his right hand, hehe!

The rooftop of the sixth floor is nearly 20 meters from the ground.

The hollow iron rod hit the concrete floor and bent into a dangerous arc, hanging the tightness of one-handed suspension in midair.

The harsh voice was stuck in the throat, the whole body's upper and lower pores were all open, and the cold sweat rushed out. At this moment, he finally knew that cold sweat was not just an adjective.

"I am..."

All the feelings of dying and dying have condensed into two short words. Yan Yan’s other hand also fumbled to grasp the irons. He was trying to pull up to the top of the platform. Suddenly, the ten fingers were crushed like pain, almost let He let go of his hand -

Someone is stepping on him in the dead!

That professional killer!

"I haven't seen it for a few years, how are you?"

Jiang stopped standing in the same place, the muzzle gradually moved from his hindbrain to the back of his ear, and he made a semicircle along the auricle, running down the cheek from the cheekbones, like the lover's fingers depicting the skin, topping the temple.

The voice was close, and he whispered in his ear: "I am afraid not to die?"

The river stopped and the hair was soaked, and the sweat spread along the cheek to the chin.

And the demonic temptation continues, asking: "Is not afraid that the policeman will die?"

Not far from the edge of the roof, Ajie soles stepped on the stern fingers, then walked a few steps to find a moment, bent over and picked up a sharp stone.

"He didn't have to die. If it weren't for you, the story would change from a few years ago..."

The river stopped moving forward, but only heard the muzzle slamming and the bullets pushed up!

"I said that I was not allowed to move," the master of the voice snarled.

—— At this time, the night of the night sent a fuzzy siren, gradually clear in the wind, reinforcements!

"...there you shooting," Jiang stopped cold and cold, his chest continued to undulate, exhaling hot and bloody gas. He grabbed his finger and grabbed the muzzle, and said one word: "Just shoot, don't worry."

Then he pushed the muzzle out and rushed out!The gunshots may have rang, maybe not, but no one noticed in the chaos. Ajie lifted the stone and smashed it down to the bloody and fuzzy fingers. The next moment, the wind came behind him, and the whole person was stopped by the river!

In the normal level of a professional killer, he should not be touched by the people behind him. However, Ajie did not expect the Jiang stop to rush over. For a moment, he was caught off guard. The two men tumbling and hitting the door of the corridor outside a few steps. The rusted lock couldn’t stop the big momentum, and the iron gate was bounced off. Then, Jiang stopped to follow the Ajie Trail and rolled straight down the stairs.

Yan Yan climbed back from the suspended sixth floor and climbed back to the rooftop. While frantically blinking, he picked up and chased him. He just took two steps and only listened - hehe!

The bullet splashed a smashing stone and hit the ground close to his feet!

Yan Yan turned back. In the night, a figure stood a few meters away, holding a gun in his hand.

The muzzle was facing him exactly.

"...!" Ajie whispered something in the tumbling gap, but he couldn't quite understand it. He was dragged down the corridor like a sandbag. In the warehouse, he only had time to reach out and hold the back of the river. A loud noise hit the concrete wall at the corner.

The pieces of cement poured down and sprinkled all over the place.

The siren is getting louder and louder, and the human ear is rapidly approaching. However, Jiang stopped listening to anything, his ears seemed to be covered by deep water, his left elbow was tilted at an abnormal angle, and a few mouthfuls of blood were found in his throat.

The ground is shaking, and someone is approaching.

--who is it?

Jiang stopped to see clearly, he tried to open his eyes, but all the scenes in the dimly lit corridor were shaking sharply in the line of sight. He shivered with a big breath, his consciousness became more and more blurred, like an invisible giant hand wrapped in a soul into the abyss.

His hands slowly hang down, and he finally fell into the boundless darkness before seeing the people.


In the midsummer evening, the sky is burning.

The little boy passed through the golden wilderness, and the afterglow was smeared on the tall mahogany door of the theater. The gorgeous chandeliers were dark, the red squats were half draped, and the empty seats were stacked and extended to the end of the line of sight; he carefully wrapped the worn out jacket and squatted on the second floor of the box railing, looking through the gap to the stage.

After the curtain, the straight silhouette of the fiddler is sketched. It is a boy of the same age as the thief.

I’veseentherld, dell






The fiddler's tuxedo and cowhide shoes glowed under the shadow of the light, and he looked up to the second floor, accurately pointing to his thief voyeur, and then showed a smile.

The melody circling over the theater and screaming away from the distant years.

The little boy passed through the golden wilderness, and the wheat, like the sea of ​​Moses's cane, fell to the back. The wind screamed across the ear, and Chang Gengxing flashed a bright glow; his companion of the same age stood at the end of the cliff, and stretched out his right arm in the wind, clinging to his running body and kissing under the black hair.The setting sun casts the glory from the middle of their shadows, melting the layers of mountains into golden water.

Htsuernights, idjuly

Hen wants andierefreverild


Theay desire\&039;dpyithelikeahild


"Say you never betray me, I will take you away."

"I will never betray you!"

The evening wind will take the oath to take away, the twilight envelopes the sky, the clouds are flying fast, the golden red is gradually replaced by azure and blue, and the huge city lights up at the end of the horizon.

Ill want stilllveeheni\&039;nlnr want ngaiful?

In the dream, Zhongjiang stopped to grow taller and grew up. He opened his arms and passed the smoke of the explosion, letting the body fall freely to the earth.

Ill want stilllveehenigtnthgbutyagsul?

The figure on the cliff is getting farther and farther and more and more beautiful. Jiang stopped seeing him sticking his hand in the direction of his fall, but the wind whistling between the heavens and the earth was blown from the fingers, and the background was the vast sky that was illuminated by the fire.

The melody is long and the time is short. Jiang stopped staring at him, raised his muzzle, and pulled the trigger at the top of his head.

"Ikn want ill-" He heard someone singing in the wind.

- want illstilllveeheni\&039;nlnrbeautiful

In the next moment, the bullet passed back through the time and penetrated his own heart in the dripping blood!

"Cough and cough!"

"Wake up!" "Normal blood pressure, normal breathing." "Fast, inform the criminal investigation detachment!"

The river couldn't stop coughing, groggy, and he was caught up in the hands of the people. In the chaos, Yang Mei screamed: "How are you like Jiang Ge?" "Don't move to the people!" The sound of the sound broke through, and the ears were clear, until a pair of powerful hands reached over and stopped the river back to the hospital bed.

"He's fine," Yan Yan said, "a little concussion, don't let him get up."

Jiang Shu’s mind tumbling in dreams and reality, his brain was torn in half, lying on the bed while falling from the sky at the same time, the violent high vertigo made him vomit, and was immediately beaten by the nurse’s eyes. A needle.

This needle was quite effective, and the medicine quickly brought his confused soul back to reality. After a few minutes, as if the soul had finally fallen to the ground, Jiang stopped suddenly spit out this breath from the chest and opened his eyes.

"...not too serious, but the patient's physical condition is too bad, pay attention to lying in bed and keep a few days..."

Jiang stopped his left hand and moved painfully. He was immediately pressed by Yang Mei. He had to use his right hand to force his eyebrows. He squeezed a sentence from his throat: "Strictly?"

Yang Mei did not expect that his first sentence turned out to be this, and immediately stagnation.Yan Yan interrupted the doctor with gestures and signaled that he understood it. Then he immediately came and asked, "How are you?"

The line of sight slowly focused, and Jiang stopped to see that he was lying in the ward. The sky would be dark and dark, and it might be the next day.

Yang Mei must have been notified by the notice in the middle of the night. At this moment, her eyes were slightly red, and she was very worried. Several of her men who helped in her ktv were stopped outside the ward.

Yan Yan’s eyes were cleaned up urgently, and his hands were covered with bandages, and the edges were faintly oozing.

"Nothing." Jiang stopped talking and couldn't help but coughed twice. Yang Mei nodded slightly and hoarsely said: "You should go out first."


Jiang stopped raising her hand to stop her.

Yang Mei was full of abdomen but did not dare to say that he had to wrinkle his eyebrows and squatted and sighed.

The doctor also left with the little nurse on duty, and with the door slamming, only two of them were left in the ward.

The left arm of the river stopped to be lifted and hanged with a triangular bandage. He leaned against the soft white pillow in the bed, and the neck was loose. Because it was too wide, it seemed to be full of spirits and very soft. thin.

Yan Yan asked: "Are you sure you will not sleep for a while?"

Jiang stopped holding his eyes and closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Oh, this time it’s not for you, my eight achievements have to be settled there." Yan Yanshun took a chair and sat on the side of the hospital bed, with a little casual carelessness, said with a smile: "I didn't expect you to be a criminal. The speculations that attempted to interfere with the police investigation focus turned out to be correct. Fortunately, we rushed to re-examine Hu Weisheng’s dens and got a large number of old anti-drug tools. Now the city bureau is working overtime to interrogate the surname Hu. Hey, you said The trick is also a lifetime of death, I did not expect..."

Jiang stopped asking: "He

Ran? ”

Yan Biao jumped and noticed that the personal pronoun of Jiang stopped is - he.

Not them.

"It's not ran." Yan Yan sighed and said: "I am a light enemy, I almost planted the grandson's hand. After you threw him down, I climbed up from the roof, only to find that the suspect had an associate. The man still holds a gun, and a shuttle hits my feet. It’s really dangerous."

Jiang stopped really sick, and the spirit was so bad that he did not hide the subtle changes between the look: "And then?"

"Then it wasn't much. I was probably stunned for half a minute with the accomplices. The reinforcements of the city bureau took the siren and rushed to the scene. The man heard the police car coming over, but he didn't love the war. He took the gun and went into the one you fell. corridor."

There was no change in Yan Yu’s tone, and then he paused and looked straight to the river:

"At that time, you still confronted the killer in the corridor. I am afraid that you have three long and two short, and then rushed in. The stairwell is very dark. I ran down a few steps and saw -"

Yan Yan deliberately described the meal, and it was not a problem. Jiang stopped immediately asking: "You..."

Then Yan Yan unexpectedly discovered that it was not the words that Jiang stopped to ask, and even had no interest in what happened in the corridor at that time.Jiang stopped asking: "Have you seen his face?" gd1806102

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