Chapter 16 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Chapter 16

At the junction of the inner and outer window sills, the wooden frame is full of oil that is not known for many years of smoke, but on the black scale, there are several extremely unclear horizontal edges. (free full novel

- Shoe prints.

Yan Yan sneaked out and observed it for a long time. Finally, the traces of climbing were found on the fire ladder that was close to the wall outside the building.

Yan Yan signaled that Jiang stopped and waited, and immediately called: "Hey old Qin..."

"Where are you?" Qinchuan apparently was driving on the phone. The background was very noisy: "We have already searched from Fan Zhengyuan's home for a round, and then report back to you in detail. The other harbor is in the North District. Yihong big bath, I listened to the informant, why didn't you go?"

"I let Ma Xiang take people, how?"

"Hey," Qin Chuan said with a smile: "The one hundred and eighty Hatano wild clothes, but you don't want to see it yourself, you can't blame the brothers."

"On that kind of place, I can still..." Yan Guang’s eyes met with Jiang’s stop, and suddenly felt the need to maintain his personal image, so the front of the voice suddenly turned: "Who is Hatano wild clothes, your thoughts are so embarrassing." ?"

Qin Chuan: "...???"

"Don't talk nonsense, I have a new clue here in Hu Weisheng's rented house. If you are close, you will come over and take a look." Yan Yan rushed to answer before Qinchuan answered: "Nothing is hanged first." Ha, come on! Bye!"

Jiang stopped to take pictures of the shoes and left it. He held the wall with one hand and wanted to climb the fire ladder outside the window. However, he was not very accustomed to the action and was pulled down by the shoulders. He replied: "What are you doing? Go back and go."

Yan Yan pushed the river to his back, tightened the gloves, grabbed the window frame and slammed it, and cleaned it up. The whole person drilled the window and hung it on the fire ladder without any protection. Look at the top of the building: "The trough!"

"Is there something?"

"This surname Hu is a personal talent," Yan Yan sighed, three down and five divided into the roof top of the building, reaching out to stop the river.

The felt used for insulation on the roof of the top floor has been so bad that garbage, waste building materials and broken pipes have filled this space. The iron gates of the corridors at both ends of the rooftop were rusted and rusted, and they had already been locked up. On the edge, three illegal buildings were built with bricks and iron sheets, and the noise of the generators was heard.

"Self-built small top-level complex, the idea is quite good, Hu Weisheng is not a pity to learn the mud potter." Yan Yan approached the grass shack and looked inside and asked: "How do you think about pushing the window? Don't follow me. Intuition!"

In the evening, the typhoon was big, and Jiang stopped the tight-fitting jacket with one hand and covered his mouth and nose with one hand, and sighed: "The sixth sense."

"..." Yan Yan asked: "Are you a woman?"

Jiang stopped looking back at him. There was no indication that the upper eyelids of the white scorpion were frozen slightly reddish.

He sternly looked at him. "Get a policeman, stand outside, let me go and see."A row of three cabins, Yan Yan entered the leftmost side, the door made by the plywood was stretched out and opened. The dust that was blown out of the house was coughed up a few times, and the dust was almost scattered. He only bent through the mobile phone lighting, and saw that the debris was full of four or five. The square meter space does not even have a place to turn around.

The cabinets covered with spider webs are piled with various plastic products and broken copper and iron. They are some of the most common appliances, some wrapped in plastic sheets and some covered with yellowish white cloth.

Yan Yan looked at the shape of the pile of equipment, and he had a bottom in his heart. He took dozens of photos and then did not get dirty. He took the cloth with dust.

Drip bottles, reaction tanks, heaters, dehydrators...

Yan Yan retired half a step.

——In this forest of spiders, there are a number of drug-making tools hidden!

"...strict team."

The exterior is twilight and the night winds roar. Jiang stopped his sight and patrolled the entire rooftop. He fell on a tin house that was making a generator sound not far away. He hesitated a little and repeated: "Severe team?"

I don’t know what Yan Yan is doing in the house.

Jiang stopped his eyes, thought for a long while, and finally walked over.

The window of the iron house is glued with a plastic cloth, and the iron lock is hung. Just pull the door open and you can go in. This room is different from the other two. The dark and narrow diverticulum is relatively empty. The generator is piled up in the corner. Several different colored wires lead to the felt cloth at the other end of the iron house.

Jiang stopped his hand on the felt and determined that it should be a rectangular parallelepiped electric appliance, and he slammed the heavy felt.

With this movement, a dry mildew emptied, and Jiang stopped to cough a few times before stopping. The felt was not unexpected, it was a small single-door refrigerator.

I don't know why Jiang stopped his fingers a little unstable. He opened the refrigerator door, and there was a pile of bottles and cans in the refrigerator.

The transparent beakers and the opaque brown medicine bottles were mixed together, most of them were empty, and there were traces of different colors on the bottom of the glassware. There are only a few bottles in the solution, because it is not sealed, it emits a pungent smell of chemicals.

In the groove on the inner side of the refrigerator door, a bulging bag is stuffed with a bag of things, and the newspapers stacked in layers are tightly packed.

Jiang stopped the heart and jumped up, his face changed slightly, and gently plucked the newspaper.

Inside is a small bag of light blue powder sealed.

Jiang stopped one knee and half knees on the ground, the pupil rapidly expanded and tightened, and reached out to lift the half-slapped sealed bag, only to see a yellowed label in the lower right corner, with a pen to write a few word--

"Group nine boxes 7704", the ink has begun to fade.

Jiang stopped staring at the label, and the chill of the cold room shrouded the square, and his face was pale in the dark.

The existence of the powder is not unexpected, but why is this line?

How can this line of pens appear here? !A fragment of the electric light stone floats from the depths of memory. It is a more empty, darker factory warehouse. Countless packs of the same powder are piled together, just like the blue spirits wandering in the depths of hell. They were packed and sealed by forklifts, and a box was carried on the truck. In the distance, the rainstorm poured in the night, and the street lights swayed with ghostly green shadows.

"Six billion," someone said with a smile behind him, gentle as a devil's proverb:

"Look, the happiness of the world is so valuable."

In a few seconds, the breath of the river stopped almost stopped, and then he closed his eyes and breathed a deep breath, and then opened again. This action caused him to force all the suspicions into a flat surface and freeze under a thick ice called calm; then he smashed the newspaper into a group and threw it back into the cold room, got up and closed the refrigerator door, and put it back on the felt. Put that small packet of powder into the trouser pocket.

At that moment, his wrist was caught.

Yan Yan’s voice was cold and cold behind him: “Get it out.”

Jiang stopped his body from being stiff and his hands were not relaxed in his trouser pockets. He slowly turned around: "The strict captain..."

"Get it out." Yan Yan's eyes were dark and said: "Don't force me to do it."

In just a few seconds, it was as long as a confrontation. After a few moments, Jiang’s tight arm muscles finally relaxed, and he was severely exported to the bag and took away the bag of drugs in his palm.


The river stopped and lifted slightly, and did not answer.

Yan Hao touched out the phone, pressed the three digits 1, 1, 0 in front of his face, and the thumb moved to the top of the dial-out button. He turned against the last little light outside the door and couldn't see what his face was, but the sound seemed to freeze: "The last time, Jiang stopped. If you still have no answer, I will send you to Gongzhou tonight. ”

"..." After a long silence, Jiang stopped to say: "No reason, maybe because I am taking drugs?"

After the freezing silence, suddenly Jiang stopped the whole person and flew forward. He was forced to live up to the neckline and then forced to go outside.

This kind of chicken-like technique makes people unable to breathe, and even can't make a sound. Struggling with Zhongjiang, they don't know how many things they knocked over, and then they kicked the door frame, and small pieces of cement and sand poured into the brain. He grabbed Yan's hand and tried to open it with force, but he couldn't shake the steel-like clamp until he was out of the door, and he was pushed forward violently, and he stepped down a few steps.


Jiang stopped his throat and almost couldn't breathe. There was a burst of flowers in front of him, and he just got up straight, hoarse and said: "You..."

Yan Yan grabbed him down, handsome face full of anger, just want to say something, suddenly looked up and changed his face: "Be careful!"

When Jiang stopped the reaction, he was pushed back to him. In the chaos, he felt the wind blowing against his ear, and he turned back. He saw that the roof didn’t know when he came up with other people!

The accident came too fast, and the visual conditions at the beginning of the night fell very badly. I couldn’t see what the people looked like, and I saw the bright light of the knife flashing. At this time, the rigorous reaction is called speed, and raising the hand will accurately hold the arm of the person coming, followed by an elbow to the shoulders of the other side!

嘭——The sneak attacker slammed the elbow, and the dagger in his hand fell. Unexpectedly, he didn't even have a shackle. He lifted his foot and kicked the dagger before landing. The backhand grabbed the handle and swayed. When the millennium was in the air, the body leaned back and the blade slid against the bridge of the nose!

At that moment, I was very sternly aware that the other party was extremely professional. I didn’t return to the river and stopped talking: “——Go away!”

Jiang stopped his footsteps.

The other side copied the leg that Yan Feifei had come over, and the knife tip slammed to the knee, and was severely vacated and thumped. However, his physical fitness is very strong, and his body shape is stabilized in just two steps. He jumps over the lightning and avoids the return. The ground grabs the sand and raises his hand.

Strictly conditioned reflexes to block, but the dust fascinated into the eyes, when it was too late.

At the same time as the severe pain came, the thigh was cold and hot, and he knew that he was stabbed by the knife. However, when the spirit is highly nervous, it is not painful. Yan Yan is very embarrassed. He did not think about the danger of blood loss from the aorta. He just lifted his opponent's dagger and jingle!

The dagger slammed into the railing of the roof and fell off the building.

The coming man was snorted because the wrist with the knife was kicked, but the tail sounded cold, but it was not so much because of pain, but rather a mockery.

- Just let the Yan Yan hear the age, it should be a young man.

What is the identity of the other party?

What is the purpose of ambushing the criminal police?

The dust made Yan Yan unable to see anything. In a flash, he was caught by the people, and the twist was a beautiful over-the-shoulder fall. This person is definitely a fighting master. Strictly close to a height of one meter and nine, it is difficult for him to exhale a hollow round. However, in the moment of landing, Yan’s fighting consciousness for many years makes him hook the other’s back neck. ,boom! Two loud noises, the two were knocked down on the ground at the same time!

Almost immediately, the two men wrestled in one place. Yan Yan couldn’t see anything at all. He was forced to punch a few punches, and he felt that the other person searched quickly in his pockets, and then he touched it from the back pocket. What happened.

- That bag of drugs!

The people laughed and laughed.

Picking up his neck with a strict neck, he reached the railing of the roof. More than 80 kilograms of weight plus momentum, suddenly let the railings out of the precarious sound!

The professional killer's grip on the human throat is really not a joke. In exchange for other police officers, they have already been gloriously employed. Yan Yan grabbed the other hand's hand in his throat, and bite his teeth to endure the pain of the eye: "You... is... killing Fan Zhengyuan..."

Ajie didn't even think that he was recognized. "Hey?" he said, "I didn't expect your police to come fast, you didn't have to die."

Yan Yan’s arms are blue and violent: "I see people who are dying... fucking you!"

All the movements took place in the blink of an eye. Severely, the foot suddenly made a force, swept the other's cheekbones, and broke the confrontation of the evenly. Ajie slammed down and almost fell, but he couldn't see it, and he shunned the pursuit. A squid slammed up and grabbed the shoulders.

"..." Ajie whispered a whisper, rubbing his shoulders against Yan Yan, and screaming and throwing his whole person on the railing!Cockroach -

At the moment when the metal deformation occurred, Yan Yan had already twisted the opponent's neck and neck, as long as the force can be a back fall, the professional killer volley fell downstairs. However, in the time when this one-thousandth of a second is not available, the iron railings that have been rusted by the wind and rain for many years are unbearable weight, and the whole row is tilted out of the rooftop!

When it was said that it was too late, Yan Yan and Ajie both slipped at the same time.

Jiang stopped the channel: "strict..."

But he hasn't taken a step yet, and the cold, hard muzzle is silent on his back.

There was a familiar voice with a smile, and whispered in his ear: "Don't move."

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