Chapter 15 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Chapter 15

Huang Xing, the chief of the technical investigation, went to middle age, his head was bright, his pace was hurried, he was half-side, and he talked like a machine gun. "The data was restored to eleven o'clock last night. I came to work at four o'clock this morning. After finishing the evening, I am going to open the parental club of my family... Hey! He told me that I was the grandson of the class teacher again and again. This time, I will not see you again after the countdown, and I will not kill myself. he!"

Yan Yan comforted him: "Nothing, can you still be a policeman in the future?"

Huang Xingyi, his eyes fell on Yan Yan, subconsciously said: "That can't!"

Yan Yan: "..."

"Where did you say that?" Huang Xing coughed innocently: "Oh, yes, restore the data. Free full novel ("

Yan Yan: ".................."

"The victim Feng Yuguang's photo album, address book, recent contacts, including WeChat account data have been restored, only the WeChat chat record can not be found temporarily. Hey, the call record is here, the last call before the victim's life is a non-real name registered mobile phone card, Can't locate the triangle, and can't determine the owner."

Yan Yan pointed to the second line of the list: "What about this?"

This is a call, the time is only three minutes away from the last mysterious access phone, and the call is forty-eight seconds.

Forty-eight seconds, saying that the length is not long, the short is not short; if it is the appointment meeting place, it is too embarrassing, and if you talk about other things, the time is not enough.

"This," said Huang Xing. "The owner is Ding Dang, Feng Yuguang, the daughter of the company with the teacher, the 21-year-old art school student. The victim has been talking to her most frequently in the past month. To be honest, I It is estimated that these two children are near the water and have a month of love."

Yan Yan smiled slightly.

Huang Xing suspected: "Do you smile?"

"I laughed that you guessed wrong. The victim could not be in a relationship with this girl." Yan Yan shook the bag with the mobile phone: "Do you not gamble?"

"..." Huang Xing cautiously said: "I advise you to look at the call record first."

"Don't look, I know."

"What do you know?"

Yan Yan laughed and did not answer: "Bet not bet?"

Huang Xing did not do it, saying: "Are you not lifting the bar?"

"What lifts the bar, I am based on reasonable speculations on the facts. You don't fully understand the case..."

A figure rushed upstairs and almost hit the head of Yan Yan: "--hey!"

Yan Yan’s eyes are fast, and the key moments have escaped the white unidentified liquid from the splashing face. It also saved the black t-shirt of 200 yuan a dozen of Taobao’s last year’s double eleven, and replied: “What are you doing? Zhang!"

Han Xiaomei's first handful of steamed buns, like a frightened deer: "Ah, Yan team! You, you, me, me, me..."

Huang Xing couldn't bear to see his forehead.

"You came to work, or came to the picnic?!" Yan Yan was out of anger. "Old high, Gao Panqing? Let you bring this girl, you let her run to eat buns in the morning? The senior team of the field team gave me a look!""Not Gao Ge, no!" Han Xiaomei hurriedly stopped him: "It’s a friend of the Yan team. I went to your office just now. He said that you let me go and buy some food -"

Yan Yan: "..."

Yan Yan’s face changed, like an active volcano that was about to erupt, and suddenly surrendered to the power of the gods and ghosts named “Jiang Stop”.

"Friends?" Huang Xingqi said.

"...Oh, the witness who came to the scene at the scene, I forgot him when I was busy."

Yan Yan took the steamed buns from the hands of Han Xiaomei, who was bent by the committee. After thinking about it, he gave it back and threw the victim’s mobile phone in the bag to Huang Xing. He said: “Remove the victim to Jianning. After the contact with the most frequent people, including this called Ding Dang, I called to ask questions, and turned back to let Gao Gao organize a transcript for me." Then he once again grabbed the steamed buns, looked up and down Han Xiaomei, angered: "- - How to wear the police uniform? Don't put the shirt in your pants!"

Han Xiaomei: ".................."

Strictly carrying the buns, he went away.

"Don't compare with these two stupid things." Huang Xiao, who screamed and cried, went to the direction of Yan Yan's departure: "------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ""


Yan Yan sat on the edge of the desk and shook the steaming plastic bag to the front of the river. When the other hand raised his hand, he shrank back. "Hey!" He slammed the case analysis report on the table and said: Hey, work first."

Jiang stopped his hand in mid-air, and immediately took it back from his tolerance: "Don't look."

Yan Yan said: "You are now, my life is in my hands, I advise you to be honestly obedient..."

Jiang stopped looking up and his face was white and snowy: "Don't look."

Yan Yan was stunned by his black eyes and his bloodless face. It was enough for a while, and he quickly put the straw into the soy milk cup, tore the paper under the bun, and put his hands in front of him.

Jiang stopped staring at him silently for a few seconds, and finally slowly leaned over, and took his mouth to drink soy milk, forgiveness and picked it up early.

Yan Yan knows his own mistakes: "You said that you have to say this low blood sugar. On the way, you don't ask me to stop and buy some food. Who can blame? Oh, I have half a biscuit here, you see, No one is deliberately hungry, are you..."

"Fan Zhengyuan drug abuse?"

When Jiang stopped biting the buns, he turned over the case analysis and stopped at the pages of the autopsy results.

"Sneezing plus intravenous injection, old fritters. How?"

Jiang stopped pointing to a line on the analysis report: "How do you think that the styrene-acrylic compound in his trouser pocket is for himself?"

His question is exactly the same as that put forward at the brief analysis meeting.

Yan Yan has a good taste: "Why not he eats himself?""Intravenous injections are generally white | powdered diacetyl morphine, the stimulation of dopamine release from nerve-walking cells is very amazing, as long as the injection of a period of time, the number of dopamine receptors in the brain will rapidly decrease; In order to achieve the existing level of stimulation, all heavy addicts will continue to increase the amount of injection. The benzophenone|amine compound in Feng Yuguang is a lightweight level that seduce newcomers. The nerve stimulation of Fan Zhengyuan is minimal. He takes it himself. The possibility is not big."

Yan Yan looked up and down the river, his eyes flashed slightly, and then smiled a little bit strangely: "How do you know, maybe he is looking at the tablets convenient, cheap, when you eat."

“Impossible.” Jiang stopped while reporting the side of the report. “The sale of diacetyl morphine on the 4th is a fool of the layman. The actual market does not know how much glucose and talcum powder is doped. The price is not necessarily better than that of styrene. The amine compound is high. Moreover, the strength of morphine is not over, and mixing with other pumps can be very uncomfortable. Fan Zhengyuan does not have to do it."

In the office, I only heard the movement of the autopsy report, and there was no other sound.

" know a lot about the drug business," after a while, strict and awkward.

This is obviously not right. Jiang stopped feeling finally, and his eyelids were lifted, and he was hit with a sharp and sharp look.

“——What are you looking at?” Jiang asked, “I have been poisoning for more than ten years, why don’t I understand?”

What Yan Yan just wanted to say, suddenly the phone rang.

"Hey, old Qin, um, you said... right, found?"

I don’t know what Qinchuan said at the end of the phone. Yan Yan jumped off the desk, grabbed the car key quickly, and picked up the jacket: "Well, you go to the home of the surname Fan, another address is sent to me, I am Just go in person."

Jiang stopped slowly and ate his buns, and the cold-proof plastic bag was severely smashed: "Oh, eat it, hurry with me, eat while walking on the car."

Jiang stopped frowning: "What are you doing?"

"The anti-drug detachment found out that Fan Zhengyuan had another hiding place besides his home. He was preparing to arrange for the informant to take us over." Yan Yan looked at the buns in the plastic bag and slammed his mouth and said: "Hey, milky." Your appetite is quite picky, can you be more delicate?"

He took the buns and turned away. He suddenly stopped for a while, and his cuffs were stopped by the river: "Wait."


Jiang stopped in the armchair and stood still in the armchair, and Yan Yan stood and saw him shake the situation in his case and said: "Your investigation direction is wrong."

Everything is like a re-enactment of the controversy in the conference room three hours ago, but the role is strictly transferred, and the one who is arguing for the change is replaced by Jiang.

Severely sneer in the heart, but the surface is not obvious, cold and cold: "What is wrong?"

"The criminal investigation team's suspicion of Fan Zhengyuan's involvement in the drug is based on the discovery of drug residues in his body and is suspected of being robbed by guns. But you and I know that Fan Zhengyuan itself has nothing to do with gun robbery. His only purpose is to It’s my life, but it’s just halfway through.”

"So?" Yan Yan deliberately said."What can people who kill Fan Zhengyuan take away from him? What can you leave? How do you know the drug residue in his pocket, not the means by which the murderer induced the police to shift the focus of investigation?"

Yan Yan hugged his arms and seemed to think for a moment, lazy: "No, your speculation has almost no factual basis. Besides, the police ran to investigate Fan Zhengyuan. No, what good is it for the murderer?"

——The question of Deputy Director Wei is the key to Yan’s arguments on the case analysis meeting. He wants to know how Jiang’s meeting will answer.

"Yes," Jiang said, "get time."

Strictly embarrassed.

"I suggest that you send someone to follow Fan Zhengyuan's line, and at the same time increase the intensity, personally review Hu Weisheng, re-examine his residence, bank account, mail exchange." Jiang stopped: "The murderer will not hesitate under the eyes of your vice detachment leader Killing people, it means that for him, the situation that needs to be concealed has reached a very serious degree. If the police is biased by him and the speed of investigation is slowed down, then Feng Yuguang’s death is likely to evolve into the same as the Gongzhou case. ending."

The two looked at each other for a moment and severely opened their eyes: "...when you investigated the case, a similar situation occurred?"

Jiang stopped in his eyes and looked at him. He got up and took the plastic bag with the bun in his hand and threw it into the trash.

"Cool," he said.


The old mechanical machine factory in Jianning City was once the bright pearl of the southwest region. In the 1970s, the eastern suburbs established a huge and busy industrial area, a vigorous production line, independent hospitals, schools, post offices and other infrastructure facilities. Workers retire, their children are in top class, state-owned enterprises manage food tickets for oil tickets, and they also issue bicycle tickets or even refrigerator tickets on holidays. Iron rice bowls are passed down from generation to generation. Most of the girls in Jianning are married to the workers’ families in the eastern suburbs. Rong.

Rongguang did not gradually decline until the end of the 1980s. Until the 1990s, the state-owned factories fell from the water.

The bustling family area in the past is now going to the sky, the ruins of the sunset, and the huge words written everywhere.

. The shed on the plastic shed is adorned with colorful and instant noodle advertisements. Several dirty children are playing in the ditch, and the screams of the dialect accent are heard from time to time.

Even in this kind of place, even if Ferrari was like a brake, Yan Yan finally gave up, and the brakes were extinguished. He said, "No, it’s just a matter of playing acrobatics. If you are in trouble, you will take two steps. ""

The industrial zone dormitory is an old-fashioned bobbin building. Nowadays, there are ten rooms and nine empty spaces. At least there are five or six empty spaces. Although the outside afterglow is still there, the corridor is dark, and I walked a little bit inside. After years of stagnation and mildew, I rushed to the people to drill in the middle of the road. The river stopped cold and shuddered: "Auntie!"

Yan Yan opened the road in front of the light with his mobile phone and said, "You are too delicate?"

The river stopped talking.Yan Yan sideways squeezed through the debris of the mountain at the corner of the corridor, carefully stepping on the difficult steps, and finally climbed to the highest floor - the sixth floor. A quilt was hung outside the aisle facing the patio, and each door on the inside of the aisle was closed tightly, and the fourth was left. The old yellow wooden door was covered with a police seal.

Jiang stopped his arms and hugged his chest, and looked at the environment around him. He suddenly saw Yan Yan handing a military green jacket: "Uh huh."

"No." Jiang stopped to reach out and did not mean: "I can't afford to break it."

Yan Yan only wears a black short-sleeved t-shirt. The solid shoulder muscles are particularly obvious. I can't help but say that the jacket is on his head. "Get it, if you are cold, what is the disease, come back, I am not... ..."

Jiang stopped to tell the truth: "When was the last time you washed clothes?"

Yan Yan: "..."

The two of them had big eyes and small eyes. After a while, Yan Yan opened the lock with a key, cold and ice: "Honestly, don't talk so much nonsense."

The house was damp and dark, and the door opened was an indescribable smell. Strictly licking the nose to turn on the lights, who expected the meter has been smashed, but can only continue to use mobile phone lighting, only to see the ground is debris and garbage, was thoroughly inspected by the investigators twice, the entire residence is called Miserable.

Jiang stopped carefully into the door, standing on the edge of the low wooden bed, frowning and looking around.

"The field team has searched twice. Laogao means that every mouse in this room is named and registered." Yan Yan sneered at him with an elbow: "Why, the Jiang team has not seen it." What is the feeling of living in the low-end population?"

The river stopped the stern mobile phone and squatted on the ground, illuminating the bed under the bed, the ground seam and the wall roots.

Yan Yan said: "Ask you?"

“There is no feeling.” Jiang stopped and said, “My low-end population is also growing up.”

Strictly embarrassed.

Jiang stopped to walk to the table, saw a few warm water bottles and discharged, and the debris piled up on the plastic plate that was worn out to the color that could not be seen. The leftover instant noodles and the pot for "skating" were so licking each other. The soup has been covered with a thick layer of white mold.

Jiang stopped standing there, and seemed to have encountered some difficult problems. The long black hair brows, the curve from the forehead to the bridge of the nose, lips, and even the neck, constitutes an elegant and unique outline in the light and shadow.

He suddenly pulled the chair down and sat down, and he couldn't wait to stop it. He saw him sitting straight in front of the bowl that had been so badly smelly, as if he was reaching for chopsticks.

"Hey you……"

Jiang stopped to raise his hand, and the words of Yan Yan stopped short.

Immediately afterwards, Jiang stopped looking up and looked thoughtfully at the opposite side. The gaze naturally fell on the window at the other end of the room, which was crippled by the newspaper.

Yan Yan didn't know what he was looking at, he could only stare at him with his eyes. I saw the river stopped and walked up to the window. Through the light and carefully searching for the oil-covered window sill and wooden edge, I suddenly reached out and pushed hard to push the deformed wood sash.

Hey!The window was pushed open, and the evening wind rushed in. When it was, it made a lot of disgusting smell in the house.

"-Come on," Jiang stopped pointing to the outer window sill, and the sound was not shocked. He said: "The work of your field team is also rough enough."

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