Chapter 14 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Chapter 14

Yan Yan said that the house was renovated, but in fact, if this is the case, the Municipal Public Security Bureau is probably a large-scale grass shed. (Free full novel.

The large living room has two walls, and the floor-to-ceiling glass door connects to the wide garden balcony. The interior is hard-wearing, black and white, three-color modern and simple style, men's design is full of sense, natural marble floor, brand-new luxury brand furniture, at first glance, people think that they have entered the sample of real estate agents, which is expensive and blunt. Nothing is popular.

At the moment, the silent confrontation in the living room, and the last point of the air condensed into a stabbing hail.

"What do you want to hear from the 'Jiang Team'?" Jiang stopped slowly. "You tell me, I will tell you."

Yan Yan laughed and sat back, looking at him unscrupulously: "Don't misunderstand, I didn't have a good time at that point. You are a high captain of the river, and Lu Xingjiang, who is anonymous, for me. It doesn't cause too much stimuli, nor does it have to fall into the grave to meet the abnormal psychology."

"But, you have been lying in the hospital for three years, and you have nothing to do in three years. When you are discharged from the hospital, the new drugs will flow to the market in Jianning. The use of drugs as a smart drug to seduce the money of the children of the rich." I have appeared in Gongzhou for many years, but that time you covered Hu Weisheng, what is the truth?"

Jiang stopped faintly: "He gave me money and bought me. Is that satisfied with you?"

"--Don't yell at me." Yan Yan waved his hand: "Hu Weisheng, the grandson must have money to run to do 'retail'? Can you let the Jiang team sign on the strong and treacherous case file, behind the surname Hu There must be a bigger net of interest!"

Jiang stopped and said: "So, guess the spider of the net, will it be me?"

Yan Yan did not answer the words for a while.

Jiang stopped saying: "Look, I said that you were bribed. You don't believe, saying that I am the master behind the scenes and you don't believe it. In fact, what do you think in your heart, the truth is what is going on, believe in yourself."

Jiang Shu seems to be too lazy to control his facial muscles. In any case, he is completely relaxed and refuses to be thousands of miles away. He will take back all the strict needles.

Yan Yan stared at him and found that the other party was really impeccable. vReconnaissance site, halfway through the river to stop the car accident, staying in the middle of the intersection of the day - now think of it, only at that moment Jiang stop is flawed, it can be sneak into.

"..." Yan Yan's fingers gently licking the edge of the cup, I don't know what is being pondered. I suddenly said: "The Gongzhou anti-drug operation failed. The official said that it was caused by your command mistake. The intranet also confirmed that you have already Dead. Now you are still alive, saying that the ugly point is a fugitive, whether you want to tell you is what I am thinking about. Now you don’t cooperate with me, don’t be afraid of me, just tell Gongzhou to take you Grab it?"

He swayed like a joking joke, listening to the last few words with cold and fierce. However, Jiang stopped as if he didn't hear it. He answered from the Rong Rong: "If I get caught, I will die soon."

"Oh?""If I am dead, the 502 case will soon become like stealing or selling fake drugs, and you will never have the chance to turn over the case, because Hu Weisheng will not sit safely for three years. Good luck, he will die in the detention center before going to court."

Yan Yan asked: "Do you threaten me?"

Jiang stopped but asked: "Are you peeling the onions?"

The two looked at each other for a moment, and they held their arms in their arms and leaned back on the back of the chair. They said arrogantly: "No, I am a man, not in the kitchen."

Jiang stopped: "Onions are sour and tearful, but only one layer can be peeled off to get to the core. Instead of asking me about the truth, it would be better to solve the case at hand."

Yan Yan face sinking, his eyes flashed slightly.

The sky was getting late, the lights were on the first floor, and the balcony on the 18th floor looked down. The long-lighted lights on the viaduct gathered in the distance into a torrent, and flocked to the huge city in all directions.

In the top of the crowd, the neon light in the city's night sky is reflected on the glass of thousands of households, and then through the dimly lit living room, sketching the handsome and hard side face.

In the quiet space, I only heard the ups and downs, and Yan Yan finally said slowly: "Who is killing you today, do you have any in your heart?"

Jiang stopped: "There are a lot of people who want to kill me, but I will send such a non-invasive killer. I can't think of who it is."

"The one who opened the suv halfway to kill the killer?"

Jiang stopped silent for a long time and said: "It is hard to say."

The squeaking of the lamp was slammed, and the warm yellow soft light evenly filled the huge space. Jiang stopped his arms and leaned against the large black leather sofa, which was very slender and thin, and his face, neck and exposed hands were cool and cold.

"As you said, before the case is solved, you will be confessed to the Qujiang team, and you will be accompanied by three expensive workers. The v people are mixed, the environment is not good, and it is not suitable for raising a disease. We may not be able to stay in the middle of the night. If you go to work in the back office, you won’t be tossing it. You will sleep here for me."

Yan Yan's family has a separate bathroom, and the air is filled with a new house that has never lived in the taste of people. Pillows and toiletries are all available. There was also a full-faced TV wall hanging across the bed, but Jiang stopped to watch TV. He went to Yan Yan and ran for a whole day, and he lie down after washing.

Yan Yan sat next to the main bed next door, opened the floor to ceiling window, and ordered a cigarette.

In the words of the river stop, the part that avoids the heavy weight is still revealing a lot of information - at least the interest network behind Hu Weisheng is related to the production of drugs, and he

The extent of his own thrill in this whirlpool should not be lying.

But what are the hints of other words, but how many points are true?

His suspicion of Jiang’s stop was unobtrusive. Jiang’s defense against him was deeper and more concealed. It was like a person who had been trapped in a shackle. Even if he escaped, he was still a soldier.The sound of the running water coming from the next door, followed by a bang, the door of the guest bedroom was opened. Quiet to the extreme night, any movements are exceptionally obvious. Yan Yan can even imagine that Jiang stopped his bare feet on the carpet, turned off the lights, and learned about the picture of Sasso's lying down.

Yan Yan extinguished the cigarette butt, brushed a tooth, and wanted to sleep for a while and couldn’t sleep, and the thoughts of all kinds of miscellaneous in his mind. After turning over a few bodies, he simply got up and went to the living room to take the "Red Book" that was parked on the coffee table by the river. He screwed up the bedside lamp and thought that he would go to the front of the river to stop after reading it. force.

Three minutes later, the book was turned over and buckled on the side of the body. The vice president of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Municipal Bureau had already slept off the personnel.

The ringing of the cell phone rang, as if the high-voltage wire flashing 20,000 volts of white light descended from the sky, and the Yankee whip jumped up, and picked up the phone in a hurry: "Hey, hello, hello?"

"What are you doing?" The voice of Qin Chuan tweeted: "The sun is sun-dried, which beauty bed are you still smashing?"

Yan Yan looked at the alarm clock and looked at the alarm clock. At 5:50 in the morning, he suddenly rushed out with a sigh of relief: "You all know that Ozawa Maria and Hatano wild clothes have just knocked on my door."

"Hey, the two teachers have worked hard to exchange the traditional culture of East Asia. Have you not given a good reception?"

Yan Yan looked down and said, "You don't call this unfortunate phone call, now you have been entertained!"

Qin Chuan laughed and said: "Oh! After the case is closed, the brothers will pay you a living Hatano wild clothes, and you can do it. Now I have to finish the hair and come to the team. Last night, the forensic doctor and the mark test worked overtime overnight and finally found it. Breakthrough clues, Philip is squatting in the conference room."

Yan Yan suspected: "...what clue?"

When a guest door was pushed open, Yan Yan strode into the meteor and opened the light: "Wake up, the city bureau just came to the phone -"

At this moment, the river that was still asleep was suddenly shocked, and Yan Yan, who had entered the door, came to the eye.

"...What's wrong with you?" Yan Yan said slightly, "Is it sick? The face is so ugly?"

Under the light, Jiang stopped the coat wrapped in a blanket, his face was whiter than the pillow, and the black hair burst into cold sweat. The eyes were like the water being soaked in the light, and the lips opened slightly and gasped.


The two men looked at each other and the river stopped snoring and finally relaxed: "... Strict team, you are not afraid of this one, my patient is scared, and the house becomes a haunted house?"

His state is very wrong, just like hiding some kind of nightmare or conditioning. However, Yan Yan did not know this deliberately. I don’t know how the scene in front made him feel a little uncomfortable. He quickly coughed and said: "Don’t talk nonsense, are you a little girl? I still wear clothes at night, afraid that I will break into it. What are you doing when you are indecent?"

Jiang’s gaze slowly moved down from Yan’s face, stopping at a certain part, and cold and cold: “You are almost the same.”

Yan Yan bowed his head and hurriedly screamed: "Where do you say this person, where do you look all day?"

Jiang stopped to ignore him."Come on, don't get rid of it. The city bureau just called. The dna on the highway was confronted with a former squad of Fan Si. It was basically a professional killer who collected money and sold his life. He also found out from him. A major clue."

Jiang stopped the eyelids and did not lift: "Oh?"

"Pills, things, disability, stay." Yan Yan said in a word, "There are half pieces of crushed pills in his trouser pocket. The chemical composition is exactly the same as that of the victim Feng Yuguang. They are all Jianning City. New drugs that have never been seen before."

Half an hour later, the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Bureau, Jiang stopped wearing a flood-proof mask, and followed the Yankee into the empty elevator.

As soon as the elevator door slowly went up, Jiang stopped to look down at the surveillance camera and whispered: "Why do you want me to follow all day?"

Yan Yan turned his head and smiled at him. His eyes were full of tenderness: "Protect you."


From 5:00 to 7:00 in the morning, it may be the time when the entire office building is the least. The colleagues who have been fighting for the night have breakfast. The people who went to work early have not come. From the elevator, I didn’t meet anyone along the way. Yan Yan was going to the conference room to find him. He was prepared for the safety of the river stop – let him wait in the suite in the office of the deputy detachment.

"I brought the door first. You can go out to the toilet. The people outside can't get in. Remember not to run around, I will find you in the latest case."

Jiang stopped leaning on the sofa lazily, lacking in spirit and looking up.

Yan Yan just wanted to close the door and suddenly went into the head: "If you are hit and recognized, you will say that you are the witness who asked me to ask questions, ask them to come to me, understand?"

Jiang stopped raising his hand and waved it. It was a palm inward, with the back of the hand facing outward.

Yan Yan suddenly remembered the celebration feast five years ago, and he was sent by him with the same gesture. However, nowadays it is easy to move, the situation is transferred, and the details are revisited without giving a subtle psychological stimulation, and the corners of the mouth are uncontrollably tilted.

But he said nothing, with this weird smile, he owed a polite and rude, and brought the door.


"Fan Si, formerly known as Fan Zhengyuan, Jianning Nancheng Jianxin Village, once because of extortion

Suddenly imprisoned, unemployed after release, to help people see the underground casino for a living. This person has been to several drug rehabilitation centers. When he was in jail, he probably forced to quit the drug addiction. However, from the blood test, he was relapsed after he was released from prison. ”

Qin Chuan flipped the picture frame by frame on the big screen, and also showed everyone to look at the case material in front of them: "When the forensic doctor conducted an autopsy, he found that the red capsule of the dead trouser pocket was crushed into powder, which can be basically determined. The victim Feng Yuguang swallowed the same drug ingredients."

In the early morning meeting room, the smog began to smog. Deputy Director Wei smashed the old eyes that were red because of lack of sleep. He said: "So what are the inferences now?"

Qin Chuan looked at Yan Yan, Yan Yanzheng was holding the root of the Chinese smoke, and concentrated on seeing the autopsy report, there is no intention to speak."At present, our main inference is," Qin Chuan pushed the Phnom Penh glasses, and slowly said: "Fan IV itself is taking drugs, it is very likely to be sucked up by traffic, and to master some key sources of new drugs. The murderer in the case of 502 After the incident, I knew that this new type of drug had entered the police’s sight, so I used Fan’s trust to kill him in the name of escaping him.”

Qin Chuantonton said: "According to this inference, our current investigation focus should be on the upper and lower lines of Fan Si's purchase of drugs, and deep exploration of the relationship between him and Hu Weisheng."

Wei deputy bureau thought for a long while, did not answer immediately, but the turn of the front:

"Strictly, what do you think?"

Yan Yan pinched his chin in the gaze of everyone, and suddenly said: "... Fan Si is hard, "No. 3" and "No. 4".

Everyone turned their eyes to the corner, and they were awakened by the snoring of the head: "Hey, hey, what? Yes, the drug treatment center records and the autopsy results basically match, diacetylmorphine, nasal absorption plus intravenous injection , properly."

Yan Yan said: "That's not right."

Wei deputy bureau brows, "Where is it wrong?"

Strictly close the autopsy report and sit back on the back of the chair: "An intravenous injection of heroin | due to the serious addicts, it is unlikely to go back to the phenyl propyl | amine complex, just like eating a full feast It won't go back to eating choking, just like people's normal behavior."

His black straight eyebrows lifted up and looked around at the colleagues in the conference room: "The drug residue in the trouser pocket of the deceased, neither packed nor sealed, such a small piece of medicine, is the dead himself put it in?"


In the empty deputy detachment's office, time passed by unconsciously, and the hour hand of the wall clock had turned nearly three laps.

On the sofa, the faint pain from the stomach made the river stop open.

From the looming movement outside the door, the police in the city bureau have come to work one after another, but Yan Yan has not yet showed any signs of returning. I don’t know why a case briefing has been going on for so long - in Jiang’s view, this A simple and clear case is not necessary for a meeting.

Jiang stopped uncomfortably while holding the stomach, while pressing hard to get up, who did not stand up straight, only felt black in front of him, turned around, and then suddenly he was half-squatted by the sudden hypoglycemia. From the vertigo, I barely recovered.

"..." Jiang stopped silently.

He stood up on the sofa and flipped over in the office. It’s a person who doesn’t have the awareness of food. The desktop is inferior except for documents and sundries. The only thing that can be called food is only half a packet of biscuits that don’t know how long it will last.

The river stopped to pinch out a half of the soda cake with clear teeth marks, and the bottom of the eye finally showed a hint of disguise.


"Reporting ... report to the Yan team," a female voice shouted, "The technical team has news, Yan team, strict ... Oh!"

Jiang stopped to hear who this girl is, and opened the door.

"--Alas!"Unsurprisingly, the knockout of the door was yesterday's internship policewoman who was smaller than the rabbit. He saw the strange man open the door, and the condition reflected his mouth and then stopped the river.

"..." The little girl had a bigger eyes, and her eyes were flying out: "You, you, you, strict and strict team..."

In the morning, the empty office, the crumpled overnight clothes did not change.

If the mind can be realized, the unspeakable picture that filled her mind yesterday has now evolved into a whole action movie.

Jiang stopped his eyes and looked at her for a moment and asked, "What is your name?"

"Han Han Han... Han Xiaomei!"

"Han Xiaomei." Jiang stopped taking a piece of fifty from the wallet and put it in her hand. The movement was soft and unquestionable: "Two cups of soy milk, bought and sent."

"..." Han Xiaomei was stupid for a few seconds, and when he saw that Jiang had to close the door, he suddenly reacted: "Hey, wait, the Yan team-"

Jiang stopped talking: "It is the Yan team that you are going to buy."

"...Oh!" Han Xiaomei almost bit his tongue and turned away with the same foot.

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