Chapter 13 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Chapter 13

"Yan Yan, Yan deputy! Gao Ge, they came to the news..."

The female intern policeman rushed over and the voice stopped shortly, and the mouth was very funny and became an "ah" type. (free full novel

Between the hidden fence between the road guardrail and the body, Yan Yan also kept the posture of stopping the river on the door, and both of them turned their heads at the same time.

Six eyes relative to a few seconds, severely coughed and coughed, and stepped back half a step, and finished the whole coat and asked: "What?"

Jiang stopped quickly and drove into the private car of Yan deputy. He said nothing from beginning to end, as if nothing had happened before. The female intern policeman was stunned, and his brain flashed through countless inexpressible mosaics until he was impatiently “feeding”: “Ask you!”

"Oh, um, ah." The little girl stood up and stood up: "Reporting Yan, the high-ranking team of the field team called and said that he had just discovered important physical evidence in the home of the suspect Hu Weisheng, several journals in experimental chemistry and The textbook, and the latest iphne that has been brushed, is suspected to be the victim's bag."

Yan Yan asked: "Is the mobile phone taken back to the technical investigation?"

"Get it, the director of the technical detective said that iphne is not good. There are several computer data related to drug trafficking cases waiting for recovery. You approved the first thing they made, so Hu Weisheng’s mobile phone at home. You may have to wait until tomorrow or tomorrow to give a message."

"That's all right," Yan looked at the sky with a stern look and turned and asked aloud: "Big dog!"

Philip is far from screaming: "Calling Director -!"

"I am!" Yan Yan asked: "When is your time finished?"

"It’s good to be early, it’s good to be done before dark!”

Yan Yan said: "That's just right. I have been smashed in these days. I don't go home and take a shower and sleep. I will be dying in the position of serving the people."

The voice did not fall, the little policewoman on the side of the heart beat three beats faster, screaming at the round apricot eyes kept rushing into the car, the frequency of eyelid flashing is like two bee wings with motor.

Looking at her, Yan Yan determined that she only heard the two words of bathing and sleeping.

"Thinking at the right point!" Yan Yan whispered a sentence, and grew up in the gaze of the little policewoman.

Yan Yan was once a hot-selling candidate in the public security system – it was once. When he was the most brilliant, all the branches in Jianning City had female colleagues who were fascinated by him. Even the leaders of the provincial offices personally called to talk about the media; however, since Yan Yan ran away several female interns, because The small mistake made the police burst into tears in public, and even let the policewoman go to the scene to move the high-corrosion corpse. He did not feel that he was wrong at all. His glory went to the east and never returned.

Yan Yan, firmly believe that the stars are not full of tolerance, the net red photos are naturally no p; senior thin waist long leg control, a natural straight male cancer.

The other protagonist of the unspeakable picture in the mind of the little policewoman stopped. In fact, the whole body went from head to toe, and only the leg length was consistent with the strict aesthetics.

·At this time, it was already the peak period of work, and the block on the Third Ring Road was completely unblocked. Yan Hao had a good straight-through car. He was forced into a long horn with a long horn and was inserted into it several times. The whole handsome face was black. He slammed the horn and put his head out of the window: "Plug in! Don't let it!"

"If you break the public, you have to do something to squeeze the road and buy a helicopter!"

Yan Yan: "I can't afford to buy it?!"

Opposite the Chery qq car window slammed out a middle finger, and then suddenly accelerated the light, hard into the gap between the Phaeton front and the front of the car less than half a meter.

This wave of lightning operation was a thrilling, almost scared Yan Yan out of cold sweat, and immediately braked to give way, and a horn behind it suddenly became a sea of ​​protest.

"I am jealous of your family!" Severe anger is unstoppable: "I am driving..."

Jiang stopped faintly said: "You shout loudly, saying that you are driving Phaeton, and the whole road will come over your car, because you are more afraid than they are. Don't believe it."

Yan Yan: "..."

Yan Yan soared into the window in the exhaust of Chery's victory.

Jiang stopped sitting elegantly and stretched, his hands folded on his thighs, and he couldn’t see a trace of anxiety. Yan Yan glared at him from the rearview mirror, and the more he looked at his heart, the more he said, "Can't you sit in the front row?"


"After sitting, are you taking me as a driver?"

Jiang stopped saying: "I don't dare to excuse me, so I have to put down the trouble at the front of the road."

"Where are you going? Goong City Public Security Office?"

Jiang stopped his eyes and moved to the window, not talking.

Yan Yan snorted from the nose, just as the vehicle in front moved, and for a moment, the Toyota in the left lane was squeezed in, and then the tail of the green light was missed.

"I am ¥≈......" I am used to the sternness of the police car. I am going to be killed by the life of the rushing road. I simply don’t drive to the city. I have a gap in the ramp at the right turn down the viaduct, and I turn around directly. The road rushed down and scared a BMW almost to whistle.

Three seconds later, Yan Yan squirted the fire and diverted away from the city center.


The Lakeside Community is a high-end residential area newly developed by Jianning in the past two years. The infrastructure and artificial landscape are very perfect. It is conceivable that the house price is also standing out. Yan Yan seems to be unfamiliar with the route, driving around for a long time, finally found an underground parking garage entrance, parked directly after the car from the elevator

In the building, I tried it three times before I tried the correct door opening key.

"What's wrong, come in." Yan Yan inexplicably said, "It's really my house, it won't cure you from illegal entry."


Jiang stopped slowly into the house and severely closed the door behind him.

"Sofa, TV, water in the refrigerator." Yan Yan explained the shirt button and said: "I am going to take a shower for a hair, you can sit here, wait for me to come out and talk. If you yell, I don't pay attention. I ran, and I looked back carefully..."

He stood back and his mouth twitched, revealing an unhappy smile.

Jiang stopped an eyebrow."On the public security intranet, the black box on your name will not be there again."

Yan Yan’s hands rushed to the river to stop, and smiled and turned, and the shirt was thrown into the room, with a strong back muscles and a towel into the bathroom.

For the first time in a few years, Jiang stopped to pay attention to Yan Shan’s gimmick, not because he was the first to tear the drug dealer in action, but because he was not afraid of the series when he was at the end of his actions. The performance, and who dares to take my credit, I will let the grave of the graves splash three feet.

At that time, he vaguely heard that the young criminal policeman with a very sinister name still had some background, but the background was not in the public security system. It should be surprisingly rich in the family.

As for why there is money to not drive a sports car soaking mold, but to run to the police, or a field police officer who is not enough for eighteen lives, this Jiang stop did not ask.

In those years, he had to think and plan too much. He had a variety of procedures in his mind all day, and it was a surprising thing to be able to tell a little bit of vacancy to remember Yan Yan.

Strictly wet and dark, the black hair of the East and the West, is particularly arrogant. He brushed a few knives in front of the mirror. He looked at the length and looked at it. He took a towel and snorted his hair and walked back to the living room. He saw that the river could not stop unexpectedly and sat on the sofa. Looking up at the book where he did not know where to turn it out, a cup of steaming tea in front of him.

"You said this person," Yan Yan said slyly. "How do you turn my study over?"

"Karl Jung, "Red Book."" Jiang stopped the cover and gently put the hardcover book on the coffee table and asked, "Can you understand?"

Strictly covered with the red blood red cover, I really can't remember when I bought it. It was probably used when the Dangdang discount was purchased in batches. After all, the more than 900,000 solid wood bookshelves looked barely. face.

"Of course not..." Yan Yan slammed, and Yu Guang touched Jiang’s eyes, which seemed like a smile, and suddenly turned a voice: "Of course you can understand, look down on people?"

Jiang stopped to smile.

Yan Yan put the towel on the hair on the back of the chair and opened the seat. The Malaysian Golden Knife sat across the river and looked at him with his legs up and down.

The age of the river is slightly larger than that of Yan, but the appearance is completely invisible. He should belong to the kind of person who tries to pay attention to self-discipline and health when he is young. The momentum is also much more subtle than the strictness. There is also a kind of grace and elegance that is rare in the field.

"Why are you a policeman?" Yan Yan suddenly asked.

This question is irrelevant. Jiang stopped without answering directly, but asked: "Why are you a policeman?"

"Low-strong reading does not work hard, the boss police team is a brother." Yan Yan's smile is full of undisguised swearing: "Jiang team, you know."

This is his first time calling the Jiang team.

"I don't understand." Jiang stopped saying, "I just slipped the file to the public."

Yan Yan: "..."

Yan Yan decided not to take his own insults, and later had the opportunity to check the person’s first volunteer report.He took the black tea that stopped the bubble in the river, and did not disappoint it. He took a sip and said, "You have a good eye. I have not remembered the tea. I have to find a piece of Litton. The black tea bag will be ready to drink."

Jiang stopped flatly: "I didn't want to take advantage of your cheapness. This is the cheapest one I have found in your tea box. I didn't dare to touch the old Tongxing tea cake."

Yan Yan said: "Hey, have you drunk, isn't tea just for people to drink? If the house is not a traffic jam today, I will not come for a year and a half, and then I will give it to the consumer after a few years." It’s not the opposite, this community was developed by my family, and the decoration of this house is quite good, so you can laugh."

Jiang Shu seems to be very interesting. He changed his seat in a more comfortable position and smiled. "No, I don't dare to laugh."

"Don't dare? Then I change to laugh more. Do you know why I am a policeman?"

Jiang stopped to talk to him, and Yan Yan did not mind. He said it himself: "I didn't like to study when I was young. I skipped school and went out to mix with people in three days. I didn't know how many police stations I went in." Do a little business in the coal mine, so I have two money. Although I can spend money to get me out of it every time, I can’t stand the age of one year and I’m going to be 18 years old to bear criminal responsibility. The director of the film station found my dad, saying that your family, who often eats and resides in the police station, has only two roads, either by the glorious people’s democratic dictatorship or by the glorious participation in the people’s democratic dictatorship."

Jiang stopped: "Either go to jail or be a policeman."

"Yes." Yan Yan seems to have some pride. He said: "So I took the police school and graduated with a score of 336 in the investigation department. I became a glorious film policeman - by the way. Our survey department has recruited more than 380 students."

Looking at his expression, Jiang stopped knowing that he actually just wanted to clarify that he was not the last.

"I am sending out

Helped to register telecom fraud, catch the perversion of the girl's ass on the bus, mediate the contradictions of the neighboring community fight, help the grandfather and aunt who forgot the key for three days to open the door. The biggest case I have ever done in the past few years was to chase a small rogue that robbed the bag and ran a whole four streets. When he stumbled on him, he found a small bag of white powder. That bag of white | powder let me be the first time in the police for four years, I am all over the sky. Soon after, I applied for a rotation to my superiors and wanted to join the anti-drug brigade in the area to become a vicious police officer. ”

Yan Yan drank his mouthful of tea and said slowly: "But the anti-drug team didn't want me."

The river is not allowed to stop.

The anti-drug mouth is not willing to be strict, is it because his "record" before the age of 18 is too good, or his performance at the police school is too bad, or just because he is such a local super rich second generation, even if it becomes a martyr The family is afraid of going crazy, and now it’s hard to say it again.

"I especially want to go to the anti-drug, but people don't want it. In the past few years, Gongzhou's anti-drug work was particularly good. Every year, the national public security system praised and praised people. It was very hot to see people. I just called the report to apply for transfer. Go to Gongju."Yan Yan stopped and paused, and the tone was a bit of fun:

"And then guess what?"

"You are doing a good criminal investigation than a poisonous person. It is not a mistake." Jiang said quietly.

Yan Yan did not care about him.

"- On the third day of the report, Wei Wei, the deputy director who sank from the city bureau to the grassroots level, was the one who had arrested me for more than ten times and asked my dad to order me to apply for the police station. He asked me to withdraw the transfer application, absolutely not allowed to go to Gongzhou, immediately go to the listing bureau to go to the prison. Do you know what he said?"

Jiang stopped his eyes and squinted.

Yan Yan leaned forward, crossed his fingers, and put his elbows on his thighs. He looked at him with a smile:

"He said that the water in Gongzhou is very deep. It is easy to be drowned when outsiders go in. Especially like me, don't think that if you have money at home, you can harden your neck and go in, even if my family has money to buy the whole Jianning. If you enter Gongzhou, you may not be able to leave a whole person."

"Calculating time, the year he said this, you should be the anti-drug captain, doing a good job in the place where you can't leave the whole person. Now, think back to what you felt, let me interview. What about the Jiang team?"

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