Chapter 12 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Chapter 12

Many people say that idiots only buy Phaeton, but the comfort and protection of luxury cars is really good. (Free full novels. At least this time, the outside group of policemen walking around, shouting the noise is not heard at all, the whole car is like sinking into the dark deep water, even the heartbeat that almost no smell They were all pushed into the solidified air by the water.

" won't find him again," Jiang stopped finally.

Yan Yan made a staged victory and made a gesture of "please advise" with courtesy: "Why?"

Jiang stopped answering and asked: "Why didn't you catch up with him just now?"

"Mom's grandson ran faster than the rabbit. I chased all the way to Sanmao Street and almost got out of the car and flew out..."

"What car?"

Yan Yan sighed, "That didn't look clear, it seems to be a suv, black or dark gray should be."

“How many speeds?”

"...about sixty or seventy kilometers, what?"

"Go and check, the car is an accomplice."

"Do you know that it is an accomplice?!"

Jiang stopped showing impatience in his sceptical eyes, but he still answered: "When I came, I passed through Sanmao Lane, which was a one-way street. Both sides were filled with electric and tricycles. Only those who are familiar with the road conditions will It’s so fast, but people who are familiar with the road will not drive the big car to this crowded alley, let alone block you. Immediately let the traffic management bureau immediately pick up the surveillance video at the time of the incident, if I Nothing wrong, this suv should be a set | brand car."

"..." Yan Yan lowered the window: "Pony!"


"I just told you the car that I ran into when I was suspected of suspicion. I asked for the license plate, speed!"

Ma Xiang two fingers on the temple, a chic: "get it!"

The river stopped in the back seat and shook his head. The movement was very slight.

"What's the matter with you," Yan Yan said with a sensitive touch. "Isn't you enough? Then I will buy you a ham?"

Jiang stopped: "...?"

Yan Yan is a bit sloppy and does not explain to him: "What did you just shake your head?"

Jiang stopped: "I said that you will not find him again."

"...What do you mean?"

The river stopped answering.

"Don't you say that suv is an accomplice?"

Yan Yan's sharp eyebrows were ticked, and they looked up and down each other suspiciously. Jiang stopped in this kind of gaze and did not explain much. From the look of his demeanor, he probably sighed, but very subtle, almost unable to hear the sound.

He said: "Because it is a suv."


An hour later, the provincial highway.

The tarmac section of up to 200 meters was blocked by the warning line, the red and blue police lights flashed, the walkie-talkie was noisy, and the flash of technical detection came one after another.

Yan Yan parked the car in the isolation belt outside the cordon, and turned back seriously: "Who said that we will never find him again? It turns out that you are wrong."

Jiang stopped: "..."

Yan Yan pointed to the front: "The suspect is still in the world, but the form of existence has changed."On the tens of meters of road surface, it is covered with flesh, bones, hair and viscous internal organs. The body that has been crushed by the passing vehicles for more than a hundred times has turned into blood, and the scene is terrible. Except for half of the illegible head, even a long bone can not be found.

Jiang stopped in the stern and stern eyes, and in his character, he probably didn't bother to make such a dialogue, so he opened the door and went on.

"Oh wow - vomit!"

In the stomach of Ma Xiang, he turned to the sea and slammed into a large mouthful of sour water. Yanli stood on the side and patted his back, his eyes full of love.

"I, I only brushed this kind of thing on Weibo. I didn't expect to see it one day... vomit!!"

Philip said: "Oh, I was just like when I was in medical school. You are still too young for the pony. One day you will hold the skull and laugh at the giants. From then on, the ghosts are all clouds, and the mortuary is in the mortuary. Dancing. Does anyone have a dream to be different from salted fish? I believe you."

Ma Xiang cried and said: "Dog brother, I have failed the trust of the organization, let me this salted fish continue to sink in the abyss of losing my dreams..."

The forensic and inspectors went into battle together, each with a long-handed iron pliers and a right-handed evidence bag, licking their feet and licking the meat. The front and back of the road were filled with warning belts, and the police could not stop drinking and blocking, but there were still many people who stopped to probe and took pictures.

“Let's let go!” Yan Yan squeezed from the crowd and grabbed a few young people's mobile phones: “What to shoot, be careful to knock the ghosts at night. And you! Who is the sneak shot? Xiao Zhang came over and took her mobile phone. The album was deleted for me!"

Yan Yan said badly, and stopped the river behind him. On the side of the two girls screaming on the phone, they were quickly stopped by the police, forcibly deleted the photos taken.

"Old Yan!" Philip raised: "This side, come over!"

Between the grass outside the fence, Philip raised his chin: "Is this dead ghost?"

The half of the head in the grass was really damaged, the brain tissue was almost completely lost, the left side was missing, and the left side was full of blood. Yan Yan lifted his trousers and watched the meeting on the side of the road. He said: "How do you get it?"

"What else can you do, hit it. Don't look at the traffic on this road. The traffic is mostly trucks. Just pick up twenty or thirty cars and make sure that you don't even know if your mother is coming."

Yan Yan asked: "What about his gun?"

"Technical investigation is packing up the clothes and belongings of the deceased, and I have not found the gun for the time being. It is not ruled out that it is the possibility that the accomplices will kill him and kill him."

Yan Yan nodded, only listening to profit and swearing: "But I don't understand, just a gun robbery, why do you want to kill people?"

"He was not shot."


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He lowered his eyes and looked at his head, holding sunglasses in one hand and the index finger and middle finger on the other hand gently touching the part under the neck.Philip also didn't know who he was. When he just wanted to stop it, he was severely blocked. After more than half a minute, I heard the young man open his mouth and said: "The hyoid bone and the larynx are broken, and the section is relatively flat, unlike the way the wheel is run over. There are oval subcutaneous hemorrhage on both sides of the neck. On the right side, the left side is the five fingers of the person."

苟 愣 愣 愣 蹲 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 愣 蹲 蹲 蹲 蹲 蹲 蹲 蹲 蹲 蹲 蹲 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细 仔细

The young man grabbed his hand and motioned him to be on the sides of the neck of the body like a murderer.

"The trough," Philip took a sigh of relief and said, "It's really a man."

Jiang stopped to stand up, took off his gloves, and put on sunglasses again.

"According to the position of the finger marks on both sides of the neck of the deceased, the size of the palm can be measured to further speculate on the height, size and even weight of the murderer. One more thing, the person who can twist the throat with one hand is specially trained and should be professional. The killer; the open set | the card suv is convenient to conceal itself and transfer the body, both of which indicate that this person is prepared, killing is not a temporary intention."

苟利蹲 raised his head on the ground: "Brother, you are..."

"Oh," Yan Yan said casually. "A friend, I asked him to see if he could provide some new ideas."

Philip had no doubt about him, and immediately politely reached out to hold it. Unexpectedly, Jiang stopped just turned his head and concentrated on the bloody road not far away, not knowing what to think.

Philip’s hand fell, but he always had a wide body and didn’t take this detail into his heart: “Since the murderer took his gun, would he want to cover up the illegal shooting by killing people? origin of?"

"Hey," Yan said, rubbing his own scum that had not been scraped for a few days. His chin had already fired a star fire at the moment. Seeing that it would start to be awkward: "Logically, it is possible, but I don’t think it is completely such."

Jiang stopped directly saying: "Not like this."

Philip turned back and forth between them, obviously a bit confused: "...What else can it be?"

Jiang stopped turning to the technical investigation, and a mark inspector was picking up the dead from the ground and breaking it into a strip of clothes, carefully loading it into the bag.

He signaled that the technical investigation handed the evidence bag to himself and observed it for a moment. Yan Yan and Philip came forward and saw that he did not return. He suddenly asked: "Hu Weisheng confessed?"

Philip: "Ah? Who?"

Yan Yan said: "Mr. Lu, how do you know that we caught Hu Weisheng?"

Jiang stopped answering and turned to look at him quietly.

"Nothing has been explained." Yan Yan smiled and said: "The grandson insisted that he had picked up the victim's backpack when he drove on the night of May 2, and then he was lucky enough to take the second-hand luxury goods recycling store. Earn two small sums. In addition, the picture detector on the night of the incident on the surveillance video to distinguish the back seat there is another accomplices, but Hu Weisheng does not say that people are taking a ride, they do not know."

Jiang stopped returning the evidence bag to the technical investigation: "Thank you."“The field team applied for a search warrant and was digging the ground for Hu Weisheng’s residence.” Yan Yan asked: “Why, what other clues do you have for his line?”

Jiang stopped holding his arm. It was a vague gesture of rejecting people thousands of miles away: "I know all of them have been sold to you, Yan deputy team."

Yan Yan smiled and said: "Is Mr. Lu, then you are not using the value at all?"

The atmosphere suddenly became dark and surging, as if the invisible soldiers were confronted in the void. Philip was shocked, and looked at them inexplicably, afraid to speak out.

"..." Jiang stopped silent for a long time, Yan Yan even thought that he planned to be so stalemate to the old days, and suddenly he listened to his mouth and said: "A person is caught in a crime, afraid to give up his accomplices, in addition to protection, there are more It may be because of fear of pulling out the radish to bring out the mud, exposing something more serious than the police have already mastered."

"Is there more serious than drug trafficking?" Yan Yan suspected.

"Yes," Jiang said, "to make drugs."

Strictly embarrassed.

At this time, the flashing lights were illuminated in front of the blockade, and the media that were strictly guarded by the police finally came in. They rushed to the police line and took pictures.

Jiang stopped to look at his face in a subtle way, and he no longer took care of it. He pushed the sunglasses up and went to the black Phaeton outside the warning line.

“——哎 and so on!” 苟利 finally reacted, and stopped holding the river: “You two are patronizing the riddle, haven’t told me why the murder was not meant to cover up the source of the guns? The investigation port can’t afford the technical mouth. Ah, are you two?"

Yan Yan is a little helpless: "How do you still remember this trick. This kind of homemade gun has nothing to hide, I can do it for me, and the black market will cost more than 10,000 yuan. You see this murderer Zhou Zhang, with so many surveillance cameras on the highway, it’s a sudden death and a corpse, Fei Na

It’s not just that the gun can’t be used for that gun. ”

"Ah," Philip said, "Is he a picture?"

"Reporter comrades let one let, let one let! The case is still in the investigation stage, please respect the police's confidentiality principle!..." "Is the police comrade how the body was killed?" "Is it crossing the highway?" What is the age of the deceased?" "Let us reveal something! Police comrades come to smoke, smoke!"...

Jiang stopped his face to the direction of the camera and frowned. "You don't have to try to speculate on the idea of ​​a perverted killer. The act of killing the neck by hand is an expression of physical contact, exposure and crushing. It is an excessive killing, with the meaning of conviction, catharsis and disciplinary. This situation indicates that either the killer itself is a cold-blooded and aggressively attacking alpha personality, or the employer that makes him do this is an aggressive alpha personality; In the case, the mode of thinking is very different from ordinary people."

If Philip is aware of it, he will nod when he listens."It's not so much to cover up the source of the gun. It's better to say that the murderer wants us to think that he is trying to cover up the source of the gun. But these details don't help much in investigating the case. The important thing is to overkill. If you ask me, maybe the murderer kills. It’s just a simple punishment.”

Yan Yan’s expression was slightly different, but he said nothing. He saw Jiang’s politely bowing his head and pulled his sleeves out of his hand. The cannon was turned away from the media not far away.

"..." Philip's face seems to open the face of the new world: "Old Yan, you can really tell the mouth, I feel that I was convinced by him..."

Yan Yan dropped a sentence: "I am going to open a car door." Then he followed up.

The Phaeton slammed the lock, and the river stopped to reach out. Suddenly there was a strong force behind him, and then he was firmly grabbed by his arm and slammed into the side of the road guardrail and pressed against the door.

A few meters away, the traffic police are yelling with the Internet reporters and the onlookers, and the order is simply unable to keep up. The police cars are blocked and the sounds of discussion are vying with the smashing photos. It was like a grand ceremony for everyone to enter.

However, in this small space, the two men confronted each other at close range, almost even the nose.

"You have already guessed who is going to kill you," Yan Yan stared at the eyes of Jiang Shu: "Is it right?"

Jiang stopped asking: "Why do you want to blend in?"

The air is almost frozen.

"Because the easy victory that did not require resistance five years ago made you feel uncomfortable against my imaginary enemy, is it because your subconscious mind is also an alpha with a dominant and aggressive desire, like the killer who is crushed?"

Jiang stopped watching sternly, and his eyebrows were slightly picked: "--Han? Yan team?" gd1806102

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