Chapter 11 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Chapter 11

Jiang stopped his elbow with a backhand and ribbed in the middle. He knocked the man back and took a half step back. (Free full novels, but this person is obviously a veteran of the fight, and Jiang has just turned around. The other side of the electric light stone fires up again and puts him on the edge of the wall. When he is at the nose, the distance between the two is only half an inch.

This repressive posture makes them close to each other, and the heat on the other strong body is baked without any reservation.

Jiang stopped slightly and looked up to avoid his breath, whispered: "... strict police officer."

Yan Yan mouth corner hook, almost stuck in the mouth of the river to stop and ask: "What, who did you sleep, the girl who recruited her husband?"

Jiang stopped: "..............."

At this time, I only listen to the bushes! A movement, the baseball cap jumped over the wall and chased it up.

The river stopped moving and was suppressed by Yan Yan more quickly and more arrogantly. The two men were deadlocked face to face for half a second. Jiang stopped helplessly. He had to raise his chin to the outside of the tree and raise his eyebrows to make a "please" style.

Yan Yan got what he wanted.

"Don't move." Yan Yan patted him on the shoulder, his voice smiling, then turned and got out of the bush.


The bushes swayed with the strict footsteps, the baseball cap snorted back, and the phrase "Who is not yet in the air" was taken up by the chest, and it was smashed! In the loud noise, he knocked down the semi-collapsed flower beds.

The baseball cap was suddenly sneaked, and it was horrified at the time. It was a painful pain to get up: "Which way is the brother, why should I block my way?!"

Yan Yan did not answer, kicked his legs and flew up, only to see each other "grass!" He snorted, slammed the dagger, and snowed the cold light and stabbed it!

This is the real thing, the baseball cap has been clearly practiced, and a few knives have been cut almost with a strict face. Fortunately, Yan Yan flashed fast. From the police for more than a decade, the thief, the robbers, the drug dealers, and even the co-workers practiced their strengths. They did not lose their minds. They took a leg to sweep the baseball cap and smashed the baseball cap. The gap picked up half of the bricks from the collapsed flowerbed, and the calli rushed down.

The baseball cap shook his face, and the bricks smashed his scalp on the floor. As soon as the millennium is in progress, the baseball cap bites its teeth, and the tip of the knife slams up to the throat, oh! A loud sound was severely grasped by the wrist, and the body was screwed off and the dagger was taken. The jingle was thrown a few meters away.

The baseball cap forced a few words from the gap between the teeth: "Which way do you know, who knows who is blocking your business?!"

Yan Yan said with a modest smile, and he laughed and touched his handcuffs: "Well, it is the legendary glorious people's police."

Who knows that the baseball cap is smashed, and there is no sensation, but the face flashes a smudge. Yan Yan’s subconsciousness didn’t feel good, but it was really too fast at the time—only the baseball cap reached into the inner pocket of the jacket, and then the gun was shot!



The gunshots echoed in the alley for a long time.

In a black suv cab in the distance, a young man wearing a leather jacket and full of ankle boots, which was blocked by sunglasses and half of his face, took back the telescope and said softly: "They fight, the target is hidden behind the scenes. Now how do?"In the Bluetooth headset, only the signal rustling flowed, and after a few seconds, a long male voice was heard:

"Do it clean."

The young man said, "I understand, Big Brother." Then he pulled up the handbrake.

Yan Yan rolled up in the first hundred seconds before the gunshot sounded, and quickly got up. The reaction was almost god-level. He just looked up and smoked in front of him. The bullet hit a two-finger wide pit on the land.

The baseball cap is silent and climbs up and runs.

"I am!" Yan Yan chased the gun and chased, "Don't stand still and shoot!"

The baseball cap was ignored and the flight generally rushed out of the alley. Yan Yan followed closely, and the two chased hundreds of meters in tandem. When they saw that they were going out of this winding lane, they suddenly smashed in front of the road - rushing out of a suv, almost sticking With a toad on his toes, he immediately forced him back.

"When you walk, don't look at ¥..." The driver's shouting gradually went away.

With a few seconds of delay, the baseball cap has disappeared in front of him, and I can't see it.

"Fuck!" Yan Yan said aloud, touched the phone and dialed a phone call: "Hey Ma Xiang, Sanmao Street South Lane near Zhongzheng Road No. 52 found suspicious elements armed with police, informed the traffic police to co-ordinate the security team, target height One meter eight five weight 90 kilograms, white sweatshirt, black hat, speed with people blocked area, immediately began to investigate!"

Ma Xiang was shocked: "I have a trough, this is it!"

Yan Yan hung up the phone, put the gun back to the waist holster, and slowly walked back. Jiang stopped standing in the shade of the tree and saw him coming over. He hung up the phone and stood in the same place, slightly lifting his chin and looking at him quietly.

The river is medium in size, but he is used to looking at people from a slightly downward angle – no matter how good the past and words are, the smallest details such as eyes and movements are hard to deceive.

The two men looked at each other for a distance of two or three meters. They didn’t say anything to each other. They asked Yan: "Can you answer me a question?"

Jiang stopped saying: "You ask."

The alleys in the afternoon are very quiet, and the police sirens in the distance are blurred and getting closer.

Yan Yan seriously said: "In fact, you are sleeping with a mother, or will you take the cheap son out of the gun?"

Jiang stopped: "..............."

The police car whistling, and suddenly stopped at the alley, and more than a dozen city bureau criminals rushed to them.

Yan Yanyi said: "What is your expression, I am teasing you."

He said that he took out the sunglasses hanging on the neckline of his shirt and threw it at the river.


The baseball cap rushed out of the corner and almost knocked down two girls with parasols. He didn't even have time to look at it. He ran to the opposite side of the road and left the girl's "neuropathy" far behind.

The siren seems to be like nothing, suddenly and far away, and in all directions, as if no direction is safe. The baseball cap held his knees for a while, and wanted to call the employer. The phone kept saying that the other person had turned off, but he was angry and tempted. When there was no way to do it, suddenly a black suv flew in, and the window lowered a slit, revealing the face of a young man who was covered by sunglasses:

"Fan Si?"The baseball cap is like a big man: "Yes, yes, you are coming to meet..."

The young man said in a concise manner: "Get on the bus."

"Report, report, outside the main entrance of the construction bank of the Central Ring Road and Mingguang Road, someone witnessed the suspect running, the body appearance and the description are basically consistent, and immediately sent a car to the place!"

The walkie-talkie screamed, and Ma Xiang shouted: "Understand!" Then the policeman driving forward in the front nodded.

The police car slammed back and the police officers of the city bureau were loaded with guns and they were waiting.

No one noticed that in the rearview mirror, a black suv rubbed the police car and flew in the opposite direction.

Fan Si hurriedly gasped in the back seat and sipped a big saliva: "What do brothers call?"

The young man only cares about driving, as if he did not hear it at all. Until Fan Si repeatedly asked again, he spit out two words: "Ajie."

"Where are we going?"

The man who claimed to call Ajie did not answer immediately. "Have you finished your work?"

"Mom, I’m licking my hand, and I’m running a note in the middle! I don’t know if it’s true or not. I don’t think it’s too serious, it’s not like a real policeman...”

Ajie faintly said: "You have been seen, the boss said to send you to Gongzhou to avoid the limelight."

Fan Si was very angry and frustrated, and complained after ambiguity. Ajie didn't talk, the face with a well-defined face after the sunglasses didn't have any expression, just staring at the road ahead, until the viaduct was on the center of the city, and he opened the gap in Fan Si's mutter: "More For four or five hours, you will sleep first."

Fan Si was conscious and boring, and he agreed to the sound. He closed his eyes in the back seat.

He didn't really sleep, and when the car was bumping, he opened his eyelids from time to time and stole the movement on the driver's seat.

However, the young man named Ajie was silent and seemed to have little interest in other people's affairs. He only knew that he was driving attentively, and he didn't even look at him from the rearview mirror.

After the viaduct and the interprovincial high-speed, it took about an hour to drive, and suddenly the vehicle stopped at the roadside. Fan Si’s attire just woke up, his eyes stretched out, and he saw Ajie pull the key and got off the bus. He didn’t say anything back: “Let the water.”

When Fan Si got on the bus and drank a large bottle of water, he couldn't help it anymore. He followed him down in the grass and liberated himself.

"Brother," Fan Si's strong wariness slightly reduced the point, took the initiative to touch out the cigarette case to respect one, and smiled: "This time I have bad luck, lost my hand, tired, you ran so. You know Knowing the boss, she is going to let me go to Gongzhou for a long time, then the end of the paragraph is still not knotted?"

Ajie took the cigarette, but did not point, asked: "She told you who is going to kill?"

Fan Si said: "Hey, where the customer's business will be so clear, knowing that there is no business."

"How much is left in the last paragraph?"

Fan Si has a second, and he has extended five fingers.

Ajie said slowly: "It's cheap."

Fan Siyi.

"It’s too cheap to buy his life at this price and add a zero to the back."

"Ah? That..."

"But buy you," Ajie laughed. "It's too expensive."Fan Si looked at his smile, only to feel a chill from the bottom of his heart, the instinct of the perennial knife and blood stabbed the alarm, which made him go back two steps.

But it is too late.

He only felt that the flowers in front of him, the wind whistling, had been kicked back by the young people, and the whole man slammed into the rocks. The last sound that sounded in the ear was Karaoke. He didn't know that it was his own back ribs. He only felt the blood rushing out from the throat and the teeth.

" you...the ancestors..."

Ajie came over, crouched down, and looked at Fan Si fixedly. It seems that there is a little regret.

He said: "You really shouldn't pick up this private order."

- That is the last sentence that Fan Si heard in the world.

The young man, who claimed to be Ajie, grabbed Fan Si’s throat with one hand and made a slight effort in his mixed anger and horror! The throat is broken and it is crisp.

Fan Si’s head bent down at a condolence angle, and his eyes stared at the murderer.

Ajie closed his eyelids for him, his movements were soft, and then he turned into the back of the car.


"Yes, I know, continue to monitor along the way, call support immediately after finding the target, be careful that there is a gun in the other hand."

Yan Yan pressed the next step phone, and the other hand was personally squatted by the chief forensic doctor, and carefully extracted the suspect's DNA from the nail slit.

"Reporting Yan deputy," the technical investigation evidence bag contained the bullet, and the expression was a bit frustrated: "The bullet has no twist line, it is an earthen gun, it should be

The one that is very delicate and mature. We will compare it later, but there should be no more discoveries. ”

Yan Yan nodded and waved to know that he knew.

"What happened? This time," Philip said, using a cotton swab to carefully pick up his hand and ask: "Which old man is hitting the ghost, can you hit a gun robber on the road during the day?"

Yan Yan said: "When I reported to the Wei Bureau, did you not hear it? The People’s Police, the road was inconvenient, and I knew that there was a gun on the back."

"What the bad luck victim?"

"Running early."

苟利啧啧Two worlds, the Yankee hand shot, his face smashed: "Oh!" Fortunately, this nail is long enough, I haven't cut it for a few days, or I will wait for you. Going to be a manicure, satisfying the pink girl heart that you are deeply hiding in your soul?"

Yan Yan: "No, your tonnage makes me unable to squeeze into the same car with you."

Philip: "..."

At this time, the internship sent to buy lunch was reminded to come back. Yan Yan stopped the other party and couldn’t help but robbed two bags of egg-filled cakes and ham sausages, and left and right each slipped, and laughed and laughed: "Know that you lose weight, Brother has eaten for you, no thanks."

Philip took the bricks and rushed to fight with him. He was stopped by the forensic doctors, and he ran back to the car.

Yan Yan slammed the door and turned it back.In the wide leather back seat of Phaeton, Jiang stopped his hands and rested on the thighs. It was a very gentle sitting posture, and the cold air blows the lower half of his face after the sunglasses.

His side face is on the side of the opaque window, showing a delicate and blunt texture.

Yan Yan slanted him for a moment, Jiang stopped the face and did not change his color, and he gave him a bag of egg-filled cakes and said, "Eat, eat well and work."


Strictly smashed the plastic bag and smashed the fresh and crispy ham into a large mouth. It was ambiguous: "Ma Xiang just came to the news. Witnesses were at the Central Ring Road at around 12:00. At the entrance of the Construction Bank, the suspects rushed through. After five minutes, the police car arrived, but they rushed. The surveillance cameras along the way were all guarded, the traffic police and the security corps were all on, and the suspects could not be found.

Jiang stopped slowly and ate, and he couldn’t help but listen to his narrative, and there was almost no reaction.

"My short-term connection with the suspect is nearly twelve o'clock. From here to the construction bank, the shortest distance is two kilometers, which means that the suspect escapes at a speed of about 200 meters per minute. According to this figure, the construction area is one kilometer around the construction bank. The best search area, but the police blocked the entrance to Mingguang Road, Jinyuan Road and even the viaduct along Zhongzheng Street. Even the soil on the ground was three feet, but nothing was obtained."

Yan Yan paused and stared at the river to stop:

"What to do now, huh? Do you give analysis and analysis?"

Jiang stopped biting a small ham in the smoldering sight, chewing it clean, and plainly said: "I am a flat-headed person, and will not solve the case, I can analyze what."

"Hey, people come to want your life, don't you care?"

Jiang stopped: "Because you care about it, you can't analyze it indiscriminately and you have to hand it over to professionals."

Yan Yan was blocked by his flawless answer.

Jiang stopped taking a bite out of the ham and chewed it slowly. The tip of his tongue sipped the soymilk on his lips. It was only half a second of detail, and Yan Yan’s eyelids suddenly jumped a few times and looked away:

"According to your attitude, there should be quite a lot of people who want your life?"

Jiang stopped saying: "Get used to it."

Yan Yan: "..."

Jiang stopped eating as much as he usually did, gentle and elegant. Yan Yan looked at him with a small mouthful of biting the ham in the egg filling cake, his eyes turned back and back, turned back and back, panned back and forth several times, and he didn’t know what he was thinking, and he couldn’t help but ask. : "Can you not eat ham in this way?"

Jiang stopped: "?"

"Would you like to eat ham in front of the human face?"

".................." Jiang stopped asking: "What do you think should be eaten?"

Yan Yan twisted his head, stopped back to the river, and was sitting in the driver's seat. After a few minutes, he turned his face back, and his face was expressionless, as if the inexplicable conversation had never happened before:

"It's better than this. Let's talk about something else.--The plastic factory, the big explosion in the chain, the fire on the scene has reached a major level; how can a person who rushes into the fire field escape smoothly without any harm?""Since you don't want to analyze the whereabouts of the gun suspects, let's discuss this puzzle."

Jiang stopped the action with a stagnation of zero point and one second, then swallowed the last egg filling cake, put the garbage into the paper bag, carefully wiped the finger with a pair of wet wipes, the whole set of movements did not take a trace of fire, then reach out Go to the door.


Yan Yan locked the car.

The two looked at each other and smiled and asked: "You can't go, Mr. Lu?"

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