Chapter 10 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Chapter 10

"The call you made is busy, please call again later. (Free full novel..."

On the street, Yang Mei stood at the door of the car, and the fine eyebrows were screwed up, and the number was dialed again.

After waiting for a long time, until the fast turn into the busy tone, suddenly the opposite side was picked up: "Hey."

"Jiang Ge, have you finished the work over there? I am just finished, so I will pick you up at the hospital-"

"I was followed up."

"What?!" Yang Mei slammed, and immediately lowered his voice: "Who is it? Going to the side of Gongju, or?"

Jiang stopped without answering immediately, and a chill came out from Yang Mei’s heart.

If it is from the state of Gongju, he only wants his life at most.

But if you switch to another person, it may be very horrible, even unimaginable.

“It’s hard to say,” Jiang’s voice finally rang again. Yang Mei felt that he was striding forward: “This person came to the hospital to inquire about me, leaving traces, and the way of doing things is rough, not like that. The people on the side."

"What do you do now?! I will pick you up right away!"

However, Jiang’s calm voice suppressed her anxiety: “No matter who wants to kill me, he still doesn’t know your existence, don’t come to me. You should go back to the store and find a few people to help. I will lead him outside the hospital and will call you later."

"Hey, Jiang Ge!..."

There was a busy tone in the phone, and the river stopped hanging up.

Jiang stopped putting his mobile phone back in his trouser pocket and raised his eyes forward. On the glass door at the end of the corridor, he reflected the man who suddenly appeared at the corner behind him.

- Even so tightly.

Is it too much amateur, or is it going to do it?

The passage has reached the end, there is no way to go ahead, and the river stops looking at the line and goes straight down the stairs. His footsteps were beautiful and smooth, and the wind brought the nurse's hair when he turned, but he did not stop at all and went straight to the next level.

Fourth floor.

The inpatient department floor ends here, and there are only fire exits and elevators.

The river stopped toe on the ground, and there was no abnormality in the complexion. The ward, elevator, duty station, security door and other directions were branded into the mind within half a second, and automatically analyzed to form a topographic map of the floor; not far away, several care workers are pushing their old people to slowly sway, from the visual inspection Twenty meters away.

The top of the head squeaked, and the tracker's pace slowed down, seemingly observing the situation.

At the same time, the elevator door "叮!" opened.

The nurse pushed the car out of the elevator and turned to another aisle that was connected to the end of the corridor, ready to distribute pre-dinner soup to each ward.

In the eyes of outsiders, the river that came down from the stairs stopped for a moment without any delay, as if he had planned to be so general, and turned to the end of the promenade.

The brawny wearing a baseball cap followed.

The sanatorium is more about the indoor environment, and there are large pots of green plants at the corners of each interconnected corridor. Turning over the lush green leaves, the lunch car stopped at the door of the first ward of the head. The car was neatly packed with a hot rib soup. The nurse had gone to the ward, and the door was hiding a small seam. .Jiang stopped the lunch cart and took a sip of soup. He didn't look at it. He poured it on the ground and put the empty bowl back in the car. The whole set of movements went through the clouds, and then he continued to move forward.

After a few seconds, jingle!

The baseball cap man just turned around the corner, and he couldn't help but be slid by the soup in the ground. Then the lunch car was knocked over by the smashing, and the purple blush opened the floor.

"Oh! What happened?" "Nurse, nurse!" "Quick, come and help him!"

There was a lot of noise in the hallway, and the baseball cap man licked his mouth and instantly became the center of sight of the entire floor. Several nurses snorted, and even the little round hat couldn’t help but rushed over, and he lifted him up with his hands and feet.

"I'm fine, you let go, I..."

The baseball cap man struggled while probed. After seeing the crowd, Jiang’s back flashed at the corner and disappeared.


The baseball cap man snorted and hurriedly broke away from the help. After three words and two sentences, he perfunctored the nurse and stepped forward to touch the mobile phone. He lowered his voice and said: "Hey, the situation is not good, the idea is missing!"

A moment of silence on the opposite side, a female voice was heard:

"Is it discovered?"

"Definitely found!"

The baseball cap man rushed across the promenade and disappeared from the target. At this time, the elevator door is not far away! As soon as he turned around, he saw the back of Jiang stopped into the elevator.

On the other side of the phone, the female voice said coldly: "Take him, I will send someone to pick you up."

The baseball cap man no longer hesitated, turned and rushed over!

Jiang stopped pressing the door, then pressed the top floor, looking at the baseball cap in the distance without expression, the elevator door slowly closed before he rushed up.

- But then, the elevator went straight down the stairs!

Jiang stopped and snorted.

When you take the elevator to escape, it is best to go upstairs instead of downstairs, because people in the three floors rushing down the stairs is very fast, and the hospital's double-door elevators are usually slower.

At this rate, even if he arrives in the lobby on the first floor, the arrival time with the baseball cap man will not differ by a maximum of three to four seconds.


The elevator door opened again, and several people waiting for the elevator outside did not come in. The river stop was already preemptive.

Go out and walk to the main entrance.

However, like his estimated time difference, the river stopped just a few seconds, and the fire corridor door in the corner was opened. The baseball cap man rushed out of the door and only locked in the crowd for a few seconds to lock the position of the river stop. While reaching into the pocket, he rushed over to him!

Jiang stopped taking out his mobile phone and slid it to the nearest contact page. At the same time, the pace accelerated, and the hard-working students squeezed from the payment team.

A few of the aunts who lined up were angry: "Hey what you do, what to squeeze!"

Jiang stopped without response, and the pace kept on dialing the phone number of Yang Mei.

"Hey, another jump in the queue!" The aunts behind him yelled again: "What are you pushing at a young age!" "Hurry to reincarnate, what qualities are you?"

When the river stopped looking around, the baseball cap man also pushed out from the paying team!The phone dialing interface shows that the other party has been connected, Yang Mei nervously asked: "Hey, Jiang Ge?"

"You arrive..." Jiang stopped and said that he would go back and he would suddenly hit someone on the head - hehe!

Jiang stopped half a step, raised his hand to cover his mouth and nose, and had not recovered from the sorrow and sorrow. He only listened to a familiar male voice with a smile:

"Oh, really, isn't this Mr. Lu?"

Jiang stopped looking up and saw Yan Yan holding his arms and smiling at him.

"Jiang Ge, hello?" Yang Mei’s anxious voice came from the phone: "Jiang Ge?"

Five meters away, the baseball cap male right hand was inserted in the pocket, the burly muscles were taut under the t-shirt, and the large body was hidden behind the crowd, staring down from the depressed cap, as if staring at the carrion Walking the dog.

Yang Mei sharply almost shivered: "Jiang Ge! Come back to me! Are you okay?!"

"--Hey, call it." Yan Yan’s mouth smirked and smiled: "That line, you are busy, look back."

He said that he lifted his foot and passed by and headed for the elevator.

Within a thousandth of a second, Jiang stopped making a decision.

"Nothing, I met the Yan deputy team in the hospital, and I will call you back later." Jiang stopped to hang up the phone, turned and reached out, and immediately grabbed Yan Yan's arm in a hurry:

"Strict team..."

Strictly bowed his head.

I don’t know if it’s the illusion of Jiang’s stop. This is always a slap in the face. It’s more like a poorly-opened policeman than a deputy detachment. When he is so determined to look at himself, the eyes seem to be flashing with indescribable brightness. The light of the heart.

Yan Yan asked: "What is it?"

Jiang stopped his breath, as if to gently vomit all the emotions out, and then laughed: "How is the Yan team here?"

Yan Yan said: "The relatives of the family are hospitalized here. It is just fine today. Let’s take a look. What about you?"

Jiang stopped laughing and said: "I have been discharged from the hospital for a few days, to be a re-examination."

"Oh, is that fine?"

"It's okay."

Having said that, Jiang paused and paused. Before he even had time to open his mouth, he saw that Yan Yan had almost deliberately raised his hand and looked at his watch: "No problem, I will not bother you, save you from disturbing you and the little girl." Friends are two worlds, and we are still annoyed by our people's police. Just like this, I will go first."

Strictly swaying, I just took a move, and I saw that the whole person had turned around: "Strict team -"


Strictly high net one meter eighty-seven, standing in the crowd is condescending, surrounded by hands, with the momentum of rejecting people thousands of miles away.

It is worthy of being an old criminal police officer who has been working for more than ten years. When he is so obsessed with someone, the strong and compelling atmosphere is enough to make his locked objects have nowhere to be avoided.

Jiang stopped to lean his face to the face, slightly skewed, this angle makes the eye tip slightly hooked up. He appeared to be a little weak in the face of Yan Yan. After hesitating for a while, he still said sincerely: "Yang Mei's shop has resumed business. It must have been sent by the Yan team. I haven't had a chance to thank you. It is rare to meet today. I invite the Yan team to have a meal, otherwise I will be upset."Yan Yan stared at him, his tone was not very serious: "The business is only done, what food to eat? Your little girlfriend is not waiting for you outside? Don't let her wait for an emergency." When you talk, you have to leave.

"--hey," Jiang stopped and stopped him: "Yang Mei is not here today."

This is really a slap in the face of a sentence, hard to drive out. But when I just exited the river, I stopped and I felt a bit weird.

- He looked up slightly and looked at Yan Yan. The shape of the corner of his eyebrows looked very beautiful. At this time, the posture is almost like a pleading. The two are close to each other, and Jiang stops with one hand on the other's muscular arm.

If Jiang stopped as a woman, this scene is actually very embarrassing, and even some people feel awkward.

Not far away, the baseball cap male policeman looked at the sternness and did not dare to act rashly.

"Oh," Yan Yan's smile is more obvious. It is like deliberate: "I said how suddenly you took the initiative, and Yang Mei is not here today?"

Jiang stopped: "..."

"Well," Yan Yan has not yet produced a more weird taste. He pulled his hand back to him and smiled and said: "It is better to hit the sun than to choose the day, just today."


At noon, the number of people on the street increased. At the beginning of May, the golden sunshine swayed on the asphalt road and sweated in two steps. Yan Yan put his sleeves on the upper arm and smiled and screamed at the river: "Would you wear so much?"

Jiang’s cell phone was silent in the trouser pocket, and he broke it.

Lightly said: "I am a person who is almost half-disabled, and there is a lot of heat in your body."

Yan Yan’s eyes slid on the cuffs of the wrists, and he smiled and said: “What is said, why is it so serious? Mr. Lu looks much younger than me.”

Jiang stopped helplessly shirked: "You don't make me teasing."

Yan Yan said: "This is a teasing. I am very serious. When I first met Mr. Lu, I would like to have a meal with you."

Jiang stopped: "..."

"It’s really not easy to get what you want today!"

Yan Yan’s embarrassment is not like a fake, so that Jiang’s look is subtle.

This person's brain should not be abnormal.

Yan Yan asked: "Do you think that I have to do something wrong with the case, or is my brain abnormal?"

"..." Jiang stopped saying: "How can I think about the Yan team?"

Yan Yan suddenly turned to an emergency stop, and the corner of his eyes swept behind him - ten meters away, a black baseball cap quickly hid into the bustling crowd.

However, if Yan Biao was not seen, he grabbed the wrist of Jiang’s stop and smiled and said: "Do you believe that there is a saying of "I see it as it is" in this world, Mr. Lu?"

In an instant, his fingers clearly felt the uneven skin under the sleeves of the river, which was the old wound left by the inside of the wrist.

The river stopped slightly and used a hand to pump, but Yan Hao died and did not let go. The river stopped silently and asked: "Oh?""I saw Mr. Lu for the first time, just like seeing someone who has always wanted to see but always has a side, but you are always with Yang Mei, don't know whether it is abandoning our people's police or simply not ignoring me. People. So, today I can be on the same table with you, and I can’t even think about it.” Yan Yan smiled deeper and said: “So the world’s fate is going around, really let People can't predict, haha-"

Yan Yan’s facial features were hard, but when he stared at the river and stopped laughing, his eyes were filled with male strong and cold evil.

"..." Jiang stopped a little bit and pulled out his hand. He seemed to want to say something, but he said nothing. He only smiled and briefly spit out two words: "Is it?"

His expression was as usual, but Yan Hao determined that the good cultivation of Jiang’s life in this life was condensed in this short two words.

"Isn't it?" Yan Yuyi still hasn't done it. He just wanted to chase and beat, and suddenly the phone rang.

"It's in the team." Yan Yan regrets: "I'm sorry, I will pick you up, you wait."

At this time, they were standing at a shopping mall with a very large flow of people. Yan Yan deliberately took a long walk and picked up the phone in two steps. He only listened to Ma Xiang’s voice and was full of exhaustion there: "Hey, brother, no, surname Hu The grandson didn’t want to live and die, and the brothers didn’t have a few. Where are you?”

Yan Yan looked down the steps, Jiang stopped standing on the sidewalk, while holding a mobile phone, while paying attention to it.

“The city center is a long-distance commercial building.” Yan Yan’s face slammed into the river and smiled. He said to the phone: “Follow the case a few years ago. If you are not in a hurry, I will wait for me to fight back.”

Ma Xiang’s sleepyness was swept away: “Oh my strict brother, how do you go out alone, do you want to reinforce it?”

"No, no one can say anything about what I am going out today, including Wei and Lao Qin."

"Then can you do it alone?"

At this time, Jiang’s cell phone shook and he bowed his head.

Yan Yan’s eyes were cast in the distance, and the baseball cap man was hidden behind the rubbish bin and pretended to smoke unintentionally.

螳螂 螳螂 蝉, the oriole is behind.

Yan Yan smiled silently, and his footsteps moved backwards without notice: "No problem, it has already been set."


Jiang stopped to open the phone screen, press the voice button, his voice was very low in the background of the street: "I went with Yan Yan in the direction of Jin Yansha Hotel, there is a back door called San Mao Street. You bring someone to drive a set of volts. Wear a black baseball cap. Don't be nervous, just like you used to match the police to arrest people. I will lead people to the meeting, you will get him fainted back to ktv, etc. I will go back and deal with it."

Yang Mei brought a male employee from KTV, and the voice could not be heard. He hit the word "understand" and immediately launched the positioning and sharing.

Jiang stopped by, put the phone back in his pocket, and then looked up and looked up.

Yan Yan disappeared.

In just two seconds of hard work, the strict figure disappeared.

The first reaction of Jiang stopped was to patrol around, and then the heart sank without sinking, and all kinds of possibilities passed through the brain at the same time.Has he discovered unusual?

So it happened to be in a nursing home. Was it planned to be good?

Jiang stopped to walk to the mall stairs, and dialed a strict phone call, the other party hanged after two rings.

Jiang stopped: "..."

He dialed again, and hanged after two more.

The tracker seems to have found something wrong and is slowly coming to this side.

Jiang stopped to see a variety of cases, and the perception of security is different from ordinary people. He knows that there are security-controlled places like hospitals, and the roads in the daytime, although seemingly large, are actually not safe.

Just shouting a word for "grabbing a thief" and "playing a small three", planning and organizing a high-efficiency and short-term riot, it is possible to tie a person in a matter of minutes without causing too much attention. Even if there are witnesses on the scene, it is difficult for the police to put chaotic adjectives.

Organized into effective evidence.

The baseball cap man hesitated and looked around, did not see the shadow of Yan Yan, and finally made up his mind.

"Yang Mei, there is a situation here." Jiang stopped and called and walked toward the hotel: "You immediately go to the original location and wait for the target, and ask two people to meet me. I am now crossing the main entrance of the voyage mall... ”

Yang Mei’s voice is the same as her current state, as if she has stretched the bowstring of the pole: “Understand! I am going to cover you and give me a place to share!”

"It’s too late," Jiang stopped looking back, only to see that the man had been pushed from the crowd, and he was five or six meters away: "He caught up!"

As if the silent alarm cut through the air, at the same time, Jiang stopped and the baseball cap rushed at the same time!

"Oh! Be careful!" "You can't look at the road, rush to reincarnation?!"


The horns sounded one after another, and the river stopped without stopping. Almost wiped the front of the car across the road and plunged into the alley.

To Jiancheng Ningcheng built a relatively slow blessing, these few lanes of twists and turns have not been removed to the point where the river stopped to know. His wind swept through the long wall of the back door of the school, and his knees were overwhelmed by protests, but the pace behind him was getting closer and closer, and it was gradually clear and audible.

"I am here!" The voice of the phone screamed Yang Mei's voice intermittently: "You come over!"

The man has already seen the poor, and he has been chasing after seven or eight meters. Jiang stopped to look back, did not dare to be caught up, seeing a wall in front of a collapsed half, helping a few steps with one hand and one support, beautifully crossed, steady landing.

He stood up and had no time to continue running. Suddenly his nose and mouth were taken from behind!


The man was obviously well-trained and energetic. He used only one hand to break the river’s struggle into the throat, while the whole arm hugged him, dragging him into the bushes, leaning against the wall, and then falling clean. He is showing the phone in the call state and is directly cut off.

"Are you never asking for help from the right person?" He whispered in the river and said, "This is really very troublesome." gd1806102

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