Chapter 9 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Chapter 9

At 9 o'clock in the morning, on the tree-lined road downstairs of the private sanatorium, a silver rushed and stopped. (free full novel

"There is still half an hour." Yang Mei turned and asked: "I will wait with you?"

"No, I have a re-examination appointment, and I am not disabled." Jiang stopped to unfasten the seat belt and drilled the door: "Buy you."

Yang Mei hurriedly rolled down the window: "Then you will be finished, wait for me to pick up!"

Jiang stopped into the gate of the sanatorium and did not look back. He waved his hand.

Yang Mei’s peach blossom makeup, which was deliberately drawn for today, was pulled down, and she sighed with a sigh, and had to drive forward along the road.

- What she didn't see was that in the rearview mirror, a black Phaeton quietly stopped at her position.

In the driver's seat, Yan Yan extinguished the cigarette butt, and watched her disappear into the traffic flow, then turned her eyes to the sanatorium building across the road.

"Come - your porridge!"

There were not many people in the breakfast shop downstairs in the inpatient department. Jiang stopped sitting in the corner, looked at the watch and opened the disposable wooden chopsticks.

He had a case in the early days of the night, and it was common to have a full meal of hunger. Later, he broke his stomach. When people reach a certain age, they will double back in the early years, and after being smashed several times by low blood sugar, they will not dare to deal with three meals at will, forcing themselves to develop something to go to the stomach in the morning. habit.

The mobile phone shook on the desktop. It was Yang Mei’s WeChat: “Is it eaten for breakfast?”

Jiang stopped knocking a word back to the past.

When I clicked on it, suddenly his sight seemed to catch something, and he looked up.

Not far from the other end of the breakfast shop, there was a gaze that was too late to recover, and he suddenly slammed into him.

It was a man wearing a white short-sleeved t-shirt and a baseball cap. He was about forty years old, his body was burly, his shoulders were stretched with muscles, and his hat was so low that he could not see his face across the distance. The two men’s eyes were only staggered for a short while, and then the man lowered his head and continued to eat if he had nothing to do. Turning the newspaper over the page seemed to be just an illusion.

Jiang’s eyes flashed slightly, and then the line of sight patrolled the entire store, but his face was not visible.

A few minutes later, he put down half of the porridge and almost no moving vegetables, and got up and left.


"The physical condition of your body before coma is quite good. Even if you have been in bed for three years, it is not completely degraded. The blood pressure is quite normal. Is there any dizziness, low back pain or pain in the limbs after discharge?"

Checking the room, Jiang stopped leaning on the white couch, and the fingers crossed naturally placed on the abdomen. "When you go long, you will occasionally cramp."

The doctor nodded: "Normally, we must continue to do rehabilitation training according to our original plan. We must not be too hasty."

This expensive private sanatorium does not have many patients, and there are fewer people during this time before lunch. The examination was done very quickly. The doctor opened some medicines and ate it on time. He also booked the time for the next re-examination. Suddenly, he only listened to Jiang and asked casually: "I have seen me after I have been discharged from hospital for a few days?""Oh, really." The doctor was reminded by his reminder: "Your relatives have gone through a trip, want to come see you, just happened to be discharged the day before, he also asked your girlfriend's contact information. And."

The river paused for a few seconds, and it seemed like a little accident: "Family? What is the name?"

The doctor is also thinking about how this is a relative who can't be beaten by the gossip. If he hasn't seen it for three years, he laughs: "Forty-something male, very strong - you will go to the front desk and check with the nurse. There should be a name, he said that you are a cousin in the distance. Why, do you have an impression?"

"Is there more than one meter and eight, wearing a baseball cap?"

"Oh, right! Really your cousin?"

Jiang stopped thinking about the gaze in the breakfast shop, but his face was dull, but he did not admit it or refute: "Is the nurse giving him the number of Yang Mei?"

The doctor said, "Where can I? Who knows who he is? Our nurse asked him if he wanted to leave a contact, he didn't give it, he turned and left."

Jiang stopped from the inspection bed, bent down to tie the laces, buttoned the shirt buttons to the top, and casually finished the whole clothes.

The doctor signed the word and just turned back. In the morning, Zhongjiang stopped standing in front of the window, his hair was black and his cheeks were white, and his straight lines ran smoothly to the narrow waist and slender legs, like a straight bowstring.

The doctor is a little surprised.

Originally, they thought that the 53-bed patient was a poor boy in the countryside who had eaten soft rice. I didn’t expect to see it again after the recovery. Jiang’s words and demeanor and posture were obviously different from the rumors in the hospital.

"The next time someone comes to me," Jiang said. "Don't take care of it, don't ask for a name."

The doctor finally did not overwhelm his strong curiosity: "That... is he really your cousin?"

"No." Jiang stopped buttoning his sleeves and said: "It is a creditor."


Jiang stopped the inspection, and the doctor who had a strange expression told the result of the re-examination.

Most of the sanitariums that can come to this sanatorium are vegetative people who hang in the scorpion, rely on instruments to sustain their lives, or elderly patients who are difficult to move around. They are pushed out by the caregiver to turn around in the corridor. Jiang stopped patiently waiting for the wheelchairs of several old people to pass, only to see that the elevator door in front was closed, and then did not wait, from the handrail stairs in the middle of the corridor to the first floor lobby.

The building was noisy, the nurses shuttled through the hall, and the family members were admitted to the hospital and discharged. The river stopped moving over the stairs

At the corner, I was about to go down the last flight of stairs and suddenly stopped.

Through the entire hall, there is an advanced personal display window near the wall of the gate.

A man with a tall, sturdy body and a black baseball cap is facing him, staring at the glass on the window.

——In the reflection of the glass, I saw that the river on the far side of the stairs stopped the body shape, and then stepped back half a step.

The man turned his face and was the one in the previous breakfast shop.

The two men’s eyes crossed again and again through the crowd, and it seemed that they understood everything at the same time. In the next second, Jiang stopped and went straight upstairs, and the man chased him up!

·At the same time, the top floor office of the hospital building.

The door was tightly closed, and there were only two people in the large suite. In addition to turning the slight sound of the medical records, they breathed each other clearly.

"..." The dean easily stretched his neck and noticed the □ □ on the coffee table in front of him. He was also on the opposite sofa. It was not so much the city police officer, but rather the handsome rich family, the inner guilt. It’s awkward.

This year, when the police are too full of oil and water, is this line really good at the agency?

Still said that he was defamed, this is not a criminal police, but a small TV station to shoot a reality show?

"Cough!" Yan Yan cleared the throat.

The dean immediately retracted his neck, revealing a courteous smile.

Yan Yan pointed to the medical record and asked: "Where is the cause of the head injury caused by the severe impact of the patient, why is it determined that it is a car accident, not an explosion?"

The dean smiled at the face of "Don't tease me": "Why do you say that the car accident is the same as the explosion? Our doctor will never admit it."

"What is the burn?"

“Well,” said the dean, Shen Yu, for a moment, saying: “Mr. Lu was transferred to our home by his girlfriend. When he came over, he was already in a state of minimum consciousness, and he was only a step away from the true botanicals. Although we have accepted Mr. Lu, his condition is really very bad. In addition to the serious head injuries caused by the car accident, there are many other injuries. In contrast, the burns on his limbs have already been transferred to our hospital. After careful treatment, it has been restored."

Yan Yan asked: "Other injuries?"

The dean said: "There are quite a lot of infections, malnutrition, misalignment caused by dislocation of the left elbow, skin ulceration of the right wrist and damage to the tendon nerves, large area abrasions around the body, etc. These are car accidents. What happened before, after about half a year of care, slowly improved."

Strictly contemplative and sorrowful, there was no anger between the eyes, and suddenly said: "The wrist tendon nerve is damaged, basically it is cut."

"Yes, that's what I said. But Mr. Lu, he..."


The dean continued to speak and finally answered: "Looking like it is a bite from a human tooth."

Yan Yan’s hand holding the medical record was slightly trembled.

The dean smirked: "So we all guessed that this patient was afraid to just escape from the MLM organization, and the road was fast, otherwise how could it hit so badly?"

"Then why don't you call the police?"

"Hey! You said this, we are private sanatoriums, playing cards that highly protect patients, respect the will of family members, and take the high-end market route." The dean smashed his hand and lowered his voice to laugh: "No. I actively cooperated with the work of your police, but at that time, Miss Yang did not let her go, saying that she was unwilling to call the police to let people know, so she transferred to our hospital. The competition for private treatment is particularly fierce. We are also thinking about word of mouth. ......"

Yan Yan interrupted him: "What is the relationship between Yang Mei and Jiang... Lu Chengjiang?"The dean said: "It is the relationship between men and women. To be honest, we all think that it is true love. After all, Miss Yang is so good, and it is the person on the scene. Generally, we are not allowed to chew employees. Tongue, but after Mr. Lu wakes up, it looks a bit strange."

Yan Yan "Oh" said: "Strange?"

The dean was hesitated for a few seconds and smiled. "It’s just watching... it’s like Miss Yang is making more of her boyfriend."

Yan Yan did not answer, and almost sneered at the nose.

Yang Mei is obviously not an honest "scene person". She may not have committed a crime, but it is certain to swim in the gray area. Her case in Gongzhou and Jianning must be stopped by Jiang, and the river stopped before the death of the commander, regardless of qualifications or merits, it was the next anti-drug captain of the Gongzhou Public Security Bureau. Strongly competitive candidates.

At that time, Yang Mei could hold the thigh of the river and could be called a miracle.

The dean couldn’t touch the meaning of the stern, and carefully looked at him: "That... the captain of the army, do you see anything else? We must cooperate fully, know everything, and say nothing..."

Yan Yan waved his hand and returned the medical record to him and stood up.

The dean immediately got up and wanted to send it. He just wanted to take a few words and suddenly he only listened to Yan Yan: "There is one last question."

"Hey, you said you said."

However, the next sentence made the dean stunned. He only listened to him slowly and asked: "When the Mr. Lu was just sent, you gave him a blood test. Did you find out that he had taken poison?"

The author has something to say:

Yan Yan took the gun and walked out of the office building of the criminal police detachment. He saw a handsome man with a handsome appearance and a good instrument. He only had a tail on his cigarette but he seemed to wait for a long time. When he saw himself, he immediately greeted him and said: "Brother and slow. !! Listen to seniors first

A word! ! ”

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