Chapter 8 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Chapter 8

Wei Wei’s “fighting” rushed out of the deputy director’s office, and stepped down the stairs in three steps and pushed the door of the deputy detachment leader: “Strictly!”

Strictly sitting behind the computer. (Free full novel.

"You use my password on the intranet! Is this a violation of discipline? Do you know?!"

Yan Yan did not move, slowly raised his head. Wei Wei looked at him like that and he got angry from his heart: "You Zhu was only hospitalized for a few days, and you will be stunned by the scorpion! A few days ago, the whole detachment was pulled out to drink and sing k. Are you really I don't know? When you call, when you are full of backgrounds, love each day as the end of the day! You guys love each other!"

Strictly swearing, Wei Wei hated the iron and broke the steel: "Your boy probably never wants to correct it, look at your dress! Table! Shoes! Hair! You come to work or come to the catwalk, audit How many times has the group notice been criticized, so it’s a long time to remember it!"

Yan Yan said: "Wei Bureau..."

"Login to me to quit! No one found out, hurry!"

Wei Wei was sullenly inserted in his waist, and he still wanted to take advantage of Yu Xing to casually pick something. Suddenly he only listened to Yan Yan and slowly asked:

"How did Jiang stop die?"

Wei Weiyi: "What?"

"The second detachment of the Gongzhou Anti-Drug Corps stopped the police three years ago. How did he die?"

Wei Wei stayed for a long time before he reacted to what he was asking. He was a little annoyed and cried and laughed at the moment: "How, for a few years, can't you put down the same thing as Gongzhou City Public Security Bureau? - Yes, Gongzhou almost replaced your credit in the past, but in the end it didn’t do that? You still..."

"Is the river stop really dead?"

"Hey, you are not finished yet!" Wei Wei asked: "Does this have anything to do with the 502 frozen corpse you are investigating now?"

Yan Yan said: "Yes."

"There is a fart! If you have nothing, take my password and hang out on the Internet!"

“Yes.” Yan Yan repeated, raising his hand to push the file on the desktop to Wei Wei: “Hu Weisheng, Gongzhou, who was imprisoned for a large number of purchasing and fraudulent foreign prescription drugs, has used fake Adelaide to induce minors. A major suspicion of drug addiction. A few years ago, he was in Gongzhou, because he was sentenced to a high school girl, and he was sentenced to be strong. I suspect that the case is otherwise hidden. The medicine he is taking should not be a fan. It is an addictive hallucinogen similar to the ingredients of Adla."

"--The organizer of this case was Jiang Su." Yan Yan fixedly looked at Wei Wei: "Three years ago, the smuggling case of the general commander of Jiang Suu exploded on the scene. More than a dozen smugglers were killed, Jiang stopped himself. There is no bones in the explosion, what is going on?"

With his steady and powerful tone, Wei Wei’s annoyance was crushed and he gradually fell into thinking. After a long time, he finally came over, opened the chair and sat across the desk.

"That anti-drug action," Wei Wei said with a sigh of relief: "The final collection of all kinds of drugs combined, there are more than 80 kilograms."

Yan Yan Kong shrinks - so big!

Immediately after Wei Wei’s second sentence, ice water poured into his heart: "They later said that it was the purchase of more than a dozen poison police.""...What do you mean?"

"In that case, because of the large number of drugs and the large amount of transactions, the drug dealers used a separate transaction method of people, money and goods. The police determined two major trading locations according to the undercover report, one is a suburban plastic factory, and the other is an ecological park. After analysis, it was determined that buyers and sellers were hiding in plastic factories, and a large number of drugs and illegal armed forces were hidden in a breeding base in the ecological park."

"According to the original plan, Jiang Shu should have ample firepower and a large number of elite special police to break into the breeding base, while another group is set up in the plastic factory to prepare for arrest. However, before the action, the river stop as the master plan suddenly took the place. Most of the elites who went to the ecological park were secretly transferred to the plastics factory, and they rushed into the situation with insufficient preparation. In just over half an hour, the unexpected explosion occurred in the entire factory."

"The drug dealers and buyers ran before the police arrived. The bombs were pre-installed." Wei Wei said: "Jiang stopped for no reason, and it was equal to one hand to send his comrades to hell. ""

Yan Yan said: "Why the drug dealers ran away, is there any leak in the action message?"

"A lot of people doubt this afterwards. Some people even think that Jiang stopped bringing a large number of criminal police to the plastics factory to cooperate with drug dealers. But this suspicion is hard to prove, because Jiang stopped himself and died, and the fire burned very quickly. Finally Even the corpse can't find it."

Wei Wei said that he stopped here and screamed: "--how, do you suspect that he is not dead?"

Yan Yan slowly leaned back and his eyes were a little free. After a few seconds, he coughed and cleared his throat: "Oh, this is not."

Wei Wei seems to want to say something and hold back, just look up and down with the eyes of inquiry: "Why did you just ask me if he really died?"

"...I was curious as to why he did not postpone the martyrs. I just watched the second detachment of Gongzhou Anti-drugs. All the sacrificial criminals were posthumous. If it was a command mistake, although serious, he was sacrificed because of public sacrifice. The name of a martyr is not given."

This question is actually a temporary slap in the face, but Wei Wei’s expression suddenly became a bit difficult to say. After considering it for a long while, he said, “Because that undercover.”

Yan Yan: "Well?"

“After the explosion, the Gongzhou Public Security Department set up a project inspection team. After a thorough investigation of all the deployments and details, I found one thing – do you remember that I just said that the undercover reported two trading locations?”

Yan Yanmei

The head wrinkled unconsciously.

"The undercover code 'rivet' has been lurking inside the drug trafficking group for several years. Although it did not penetrate the head of the group's top code, 'big k', it was once very close to the number two in the group. It has delivered a lot of valuable clues and is a very valuable source of intelligence in the Gongzhou anti-drug system."

“After the explosion of the plastics factory, the police’s internal information was suspected to have leaked, and the 'rivet' also encountered a great exposure crisis. Therefore, the task force set up a rescue team for him. However, it was too late to find the place to be rushed. The rivets, the burning of the dead, the rescue operation fell short."Wei Wei sighed long and his stern look was solemn.

“After the rivet was dead, the task force got the computer he had used and found that he had forwarded the encrypted mail inside the drug trafficking group to the police. After the mail was decrypted, it was part of the transaction deployment map, and the drugs hidden in the ecological park cultivation base and The illegal armed forces are very clear. That is to say, as the general planner of the action, it is impossible for Jiangzhan to have not seen the e-mail. Then he suddenly transferred the elite firepower from the ecological park to the plastic factory before the start of the operation, so that it was more than a dozen. The original intention of the smuggling police was extremely suspicious."

Yan Yan’s tone sank slightly: “He is likely to be deliberate.”

"Yes," Wei Wei looked very serious: "What's more, the traitor who revealed the police action may be him."

Yan Yan did not say anything, the air suddenly became very rough, as if the knife had been smashed, and the skin on his face was scratched.

The two sat on each other for a long time, and they were stern and sullen: "When the case was co-organized with Gongzhou, when someone closed the case and made a report, someone came to talk to me and let me take the initiative to give the Gongzhou a 'relationship'. At that time, when I was young and prosperous, I refused. As a result, I was taught by the people of the roads for half a month. I only felt that the whole world was sorry for me. Every day, I was resentful and reluctant, and I wanted to copy the bricks and smash the whole city."

Deputy Director Wei coughed and coughed.

"I lick my face every day and make trouble. I have been tossing two days before the celebration. There is a sudden news from Gongzhou. I said that the report of the final signing of the commander still gave me credit and gave me a comment. Under the personal second-class merit." Yan Yan gently sighed and said: "At that time, the chief commander of the operation was Jiang."

Wei Wei is a young man, and the problem is more pertinent: "People are all multi-faceted. It is good that you are grateful to him, but the next thing is to be divided into two."

"- No, not grateful." Yan Yan said bluntly: "No gratitude."

Wei Wei did not understand.

Yan Yan did not explain his state of mind to outsiders, but he only said: "I just want to stop thinking about this person."

Wei Wei patted his shoulder: "People are already dead. Although there is no final conclusion, it is useless to ponder. Today, I told you to remember not to go out and say, after all, it is a suspense case on Gongju, and very Sensitive, careful to pass out is not good for you."

Yan Yan did not speak.

The phone on the desk rang and the bell rang. "Hey, Yan deputy! We caught Hu Weisheng’s grandson, and now it’s almost to the city!"

"You are busy first." Wei Wei stood up: "Any drug-related case is not a small case. You must find out the source, the next home, and the entire network. Be sure to kill all the accomplices of the suspect. If you can find out Christine The state of the state that is strong and treacherous, must not give up the opportunity, understand?"

Yan Yan said: "I understand."Yan Yan personally sent Deputy Director Wei out of the office, standing on the stairs, and watching Wei Wei enter the elevator. Not long after, the building gradually swelled up. The sound of the car, the footsteps and the voices were far and near. In the morning, the criminals who took the suspect out of the bed were returned.

"Yan Ge!" Ma Xiang poked a head from the end of the corridor and snorted at the interrogation room: "--a piece of walking?"

Yan Yan raised his hand.

Ma Xiang did not know why he ran over, only to listen to Yan Yan bowed in his ear, whispered: "You are with the old Song, Lao Zhao, called the next vice team Qin, went to Hu Weisheng to judge. I went out, Don't talk to anyone."

"You are going to..."

Yan Yan took a picture of his back: "I have a phone call at any time." As he walked up the stairs, he stepped down a few steps and suddenly remembered what he was standing on.

He turned back to the office, grabbed the car key in the drawer for a long time, and when he got up, he saw the computer and the action stopped there.

On the screen, Jiang stopped the calm and indifferent eyes and looked at the void, and the pale lips fell slightly, like a sculpture wrapped in a police uniform without temperature.

Yan Yan and his eyes for a long time, slowly take out the gun from the drawer, don't put it on the back, then put on the coat to cover it, turned and closed the door and went out. Gd1806102

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