Chapter 7 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Chapter 7

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Yan Yan came down from the police car, slowly picked up his arms and looked at the signs in front of him.

Ma Xiang greeted him: "Yan Ge, the policeman is over there, we just..."

Yan Yan waved his hand and Ma Xiang stopped at the time.

“Notify the teams, you don’t have to touch the second-hand market,” he said slowly. “The target shoulders were found.”

Several police officers blocked the store door, and the sturdy shopkeeper was excited about what the criminal police was telling. The technical investigation evidence bag pad was under the conspicuous black and yellow shoulder bag, and the fingerprints were initially extracted for comparison.

On the sidewalk outside the store, the policeman who recorded the transcript stood, and Jiang stopped sitting in the bench, leaning comfortably against the back of the chair, slightly looking up, and the slender legs were slightly separated. This posture is as stretched as sitting on a leather sofa in the home, and even when he walks over, he does not have any expression to get up.

"Friends want to take out her idle bag, I will accompany her to come and stroll, just to see the shoulders in the counter. I think it has something to do with the two days ago..."

"Just the owner said that you have turned over the bag before the alarm. What happened?"

"I just want to see what's in the bag." Jiang paused and said: "In the bottom corner of the small pocket on the front of the shoulder, there are a few small pieces of tin foil, which look like chocolate. You can make technology. Look at the staff."

The police have seen too many people who have made up their minds in the process of handling the case. They are not serious. The words are only a few words, and the shoulders are suddenly shot by people: "Hey, Yan team!"

Yan Yan waved his hand, "Give it to me."

The police "snapped" and handed him the transcript, and went to the side to help.

However, Yan Yan took over the transcript, but he did not have the meaning to look at it. He only stood in front of Jiang Shu with his arms and did not stare at him.

Jiang stopped greetings politely: "Hello, strict police officer."

"The police have not approved the bonus. You gave the clue so early, and it was a bit of a loss."

"What are you talking about?" Jiang stopped laughing: "I just went out to work with Yang Mei, and I saw this bag occasionally. After all, I was an eyewitness, providing clues to the police is a duty, isn't it?"

The two stood one by one, the atmosphere was very calm, but the air seemed to be brewing something that was unspeakable and indescribable.

"you do this delibrately."

Jiang stopped saying: "Oh?"

"You want to know why I re-examine the scene and want to see what I found on the road. There are two second-hand luxury collection points closer to the center, but you found this one." Yan Yan slightly picked up Eyes, looking at him without any disguise: "You have an unusual attention and participation in this case, why?"

"You want more, police officer." Jiang stopped laughing and said, "This offer is relatively high."A technical investigation hurried forward: "The result came out with strict deputy! Initially comparing the fingerprint on the backpack with the deceased, we will bring the evidence back to the city bureau for detailed analysis. In addition, according to the owner, this package is three At about 8 o'clock in the morning, a man came over at a low price. The man was holding a Toyota car key. We are contacting the traffic police brigade to collect the monitoring license plate records for this section..."

“Is the store monitoring adjusted?”

The technical investigation confirmed: "It is being adjusted, and it will come out soon."

Yan Yan did not speak.

"There is only one thing, Yan deputy." The technical investigation is a bit embarrassing: "The 8:00 in the morning is the peak of traffic. There are so many vehicles passing through this road. It is very difficult to lock up. I don't know when to arrange them one by one. What should I do? What?"

When Yan Yan listened to the report, his eyes kept staring at the river from the top, and even when he spoke to people, he did not move.

Jiang stopped his hands and folded them in front of him, looking back quietly.

"- Ma Xiang," Yan Yan raised the volume.

Ma Xiang ran off the smoke and ran forward: "Hey!"

"I asked you to pick up the intersection of the incident and the Toyota in the seven cars after the screening?"

Ma Xiang squatted and immediately: "Yes! There is one!" Then the license plate number was reported.

Yan Yan’s eyes did not move, and his face turned slightly biased toward the technical investigation: “Compared with the monitoring of this road, if you are on the car, immediately go to the Traffic Management Bureau to check the owner.”

Technical investigation is like a big man: "Yes!"

Both the technical investigation and Ma Xiang were in a hurry, leaving only Jiang and Zheng Yan on the bench.

More than ten meters away, Yang Mei took time out of the gap in the interrogation by the police, but then she was stopped, leaving only the worried eyes that could not be concealed.

Yan Yan said: "Your girlfriend, I seem to be particularly afraid of your order, are you worried that I have eaten you?"

Jiang stopped the answer very ingeniously: "If the police officer also has a semi-disabled girlfriend who has no longevity, it is estimated that she can understand her feelings."

"You have no longevity?" Yan Yan immediately asked: "Anyone with no longevity can find a clue more than the police?"

Jiang stopped helplessly: "There is no way to do things."

Jiang’s attitude and response to the police have not only been matched, but can even be described as soft. However, Yan Yan’s face with a clear outline has no indication, and even a kind of faint sternness.

The two men looked at each other but did not say anything. They silenced for more than ten seconds and suddenly opened their mouths:

"Feng Yuguang is a postgraduate student at a prestigious university. He is an intern at Jianning. He is preparing for Cobb. The cause of death is the combined effects of various addictive drugs such as scopolamine and methylenedioxymethylbenzene | propylamine."

Jiang stopped: "It turns out that no wonder he has to run into the refrigerator."

"So what inspiration do you have, Mr. Lu?"

“Hey?” Jiang stopped back with just the right look: “No, you asked this question...”

"So what did you say?"

"..."Yan Yan coldly said: "I only said addiction drugs, but you immediately heard the meaning of hallucinations. Most people hear that scopolamine and da do not know what it is, or that your university is a drug profession?"

The attitude of the river to calm down is finally a little changed.

- But that's just a gap that is less than a hundredth of a second. Then he showed a more subtle, a bit like a crying and laughing look, said: "Hey... strict police officer, although I have not been to college. But people who often eat motion sickness medicine know that scopolamine, you have to know that this world is not only Halo Haining."

Yan Yan opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something, but at this time Jiang stopped interrupting him.

"I don't know where I offended you, so that you are so suspicious. But since you are very close to the murderer, there is no need to take advantage of me. This law-abiding citizen will not let go, are you saying?"

Yan Yan: "Have you said that you want to break up with your girlfriend and return to the county?"

Jiang stopped: "..."

Yan Yan said: "You wait."

Yan Yan turned and walked away, and the figure was coming out from the second-hand shop, and he waved at him far away: "Found a strict vice! White Toyota Camry, the day of the 50th case passed the scene, leaving the article at 8:30 every other morning. Road section, this is in-store monitoring!"

Jiang stopped his inexplicable gaze and stared at Yan Yan. The latter could clearly feel his sight, but he ignored it and took a look at the color prints he had detected.

In the in-store surveillance camera, a medium-sized, slightly fat man, about 40 years old, carrying a fendi shoulder, standing in front of the counter, discussing with the second-hand shop owner.

"The news of the Traffic Management Bureau is back, what is the name of this grandson?"

"Oh, I can't find it..."

Yan Brow wrinkled.

Figure Detective carefully said: "The one he opened is... set | brand car."

The truth is close at hand, but the clues are broken and broken.

Yan Yan did not snoring, his cheeks muscles tightened, and the shoulder lines were stretched under the white shirt, like a tight bowstring.

After a long while, no one spoke, until the footsteps came from far away, standing behind Yan Yan. Immediately after the river stopped, the sound of the air was very loud: "Strict police officer, if there is nothing else, can I leave?"

Yan Yan suddenly reached out and hooked Jiang’s shoulders in the gaze of the stunned figure. He couldn’t help but directly enter his own arms and shake the color of his hand: “Do you know?”

In those few seconds, even the scorching gaze could even feel the heat of the skin. Jiang stopped looking down and only stayed on the man’s image for a short while, and the expression of “raising me” appeared. .

"How can I recognize this? The police on the TV are not all the first to check the vehicles with the case, and then check the personnel with the record? I can't even witness the witnesses."

Yan Yan finally let go of him, patted him on the shoulder and smiled: "No return."

Jiang stopped: "...?"

"You count the people involved in the case and must stay in Jianning before restricting the case before closing the case."Jiang stopped his face slightly stiff, but Yan Yan turned and turned, as if he was beautifully pulled back to the general of a city, while striding to the police car, he took the color paper on his hand: "Return the work, return to the city bureau! Go back and collect the target fingerprints, and investigate the accident vehicles and front-line personnel in the city. Ma Xiang! Drive!"

The police car whistling and whistling away, Yan Yan was like a raging wind, and all the clues disappeared.

The river stopped standing in the same place, and the surface sank like water.

"Jiang Ge, how?" Yang Mei hurried forward, and the panic could not be concealed: "Is there a strict surname..."

"He is suspicious."

Yang Meiyi’s heart jumped: “What should I do?!”

Jiang stopped his mind and slowly emerged from the man who had just monitored the image. He had only raised his hand for a long time, because the clothes that had just been forcibly forcibly dragged, and said with no expression: "Cool."


"Yan Ge," Ma Xiang could not help but drive: "Do you think that the kid named Jiang is suspicious?"

Yan Yan put the seat back to the end, and the two strong long legs stretched under the co-pilot. It seemed to be closing his eyes: "Not like."

"How to say?"

"It's really suspect that we won't deliberately pass us a clue, but this person is a bit strange."

Ma Xiang is not clear, so Yan Yan did not explain: "- You have also dealt with him twice, how do you feel?"

"..." Ma Xiang is not: "Yan brother, you don't know me, I don't feel like a man..."

Severe eyes.

Ma Xiang smiled and shouted for mercy: "I don't really feel it! It wasn't me who remembered his transcript on the night of the incident. Just now I just took a photo. But this person, it is quite positive, really positive, except There is not much sense of existence outside of this. Anyway, if he goes to the street with his girlfriend, I must first pay attention to his girlfriend, not to pay attention to what he is doing."

"You don't think there is a sense of disharmony in him?"

"I didn't feel it," Ma Xiang was inexplicable. "Where is it uncoordinated? I think he is very harmonious, that is weak.

A little bit. ”

Strictly pondering for a long time, suddenly said: "No, it is too natural."


"The background of the county, the birth of a worker, and the illness in bed for so long, even without any ignorance caused by the fear of the outside world, the posture of a bunch of guns in front of the guns stretched." Yan Yan thought for a long while, muttered: "Why What?..."

As soon as I arrived at the city bureau, Ma Xiang turned to the right and turned into the door. He smiled and said: "I don't think about it, I don't think about Yange. I think you are brains stuck in the case and drilled the horns. I will doubt you if you think about it. Not the boss, but her boyfriend, hahaha-"

Yan Yan scorned: "What do you say, Lao Tzu will be interested in men?"

Having said that, when Yan Yan re-slid back into the seat, he was subconsciously thinking of Jiang’s sitting in front of him, raising his head, his hands softly and elegantly overlapping his thighs, and his lips were slightly smiling.

"It’s just a coincidence."

“There are a few small pieces of tin foil stuck in the corner of the bottom of the bag, like a chocolate package.”...... Also add a qualifier chocolate, the sluts of the sluts, it is obvious that they are eating snacks all day long.

Yan Yan kept thinking about it, and he did not fake it. He got up and got the evidence box from the back seat, put on his gloves, and took the male shoulder from the evidence bag. The front end of the backpack does have a small zipper bag. This zipper head is gone, and the hand is stretched in and turned over. It really touches a few small pieces of tin foil each with a large nail cover.

He looked suspiciously for a moment and felt a bit wrong.

These pieces of tin foil are obviously harder and harder than the ones usually used for confectionery chocolate. It seems to be...

Aluminum foil board!

From the morning to the present, the looming inspiration has finally become a line, and the speculation has surfaced, revealing clues.

Yan Yan grabbed the phone and hurriedly called: "Hey, two dogs? I am old Yan!"

"My name is……"

"You listen to me, is there a medicine that is given to the students before the test, which can make people quickly improve their IQ, the test is 100%, and then similar to the ingredients of motion sickness and shaking heads|pills, so that they mislead the autopsy report. Let the forensic doctor think that the victim is overdose and died?"

苟利阴森森 said: "Do you think our forensic doctors are so stupid, you might as well call me two dogs."

Yan Yan: "..."

"But the kind of medicine you said is really true. It is a prescription drug that has recently been sent from abroad. It is commonly known as 'brain Viagra'. The main ingredient is benzene|propylamine. It is less than ice. It is a kind of central nervous system. The agent can speed up the brain reaction time and improve the execution ability. It is said that many foreign Ivy high-quality students have eaten. However, excessive consumption will cause a hallucinogenic effect, which is quite similar to the symptoms of the deceased." 苟利问: "What is it, you doubt The real cause of death is excessive use of benzene | propylamine? Impossible, we have indeed detected scopolamine and da, 1600 times the normal dose."

"If that," Yan Yan said slowly. "If the deceased does not know what he is eating, he just wants to buy benzene|propylamine to review Cobb. Didn't he think that the seller is going to seduce him to take drugs?"

Sullivan stunned.

"-What is the name of the "Big Viagra" you just said?"

"Adderall," Philip is a bit stuttering, "Z is called... call it, Adla!"


“The students who are rich in the family, have good schools, and have been recorded on the case because of excessive drug use; in the past two years in the city, the province has been in the past four years!”

"The former staff who had left the case for illegally purchasing foreign prescription drugs, had the opportunity to contact with ADHD patients and obtained a large number of drug Adler personnel. The list was all pulled out and cross-referenced with drug abuse records, one by one!"

Under the strict command, the large office of the criminal investigation detachment suddenly became the ocean of the case file.

In reality, the case-solving is different from the mystery novel. It is not enough to rely on the live clues. More time is spent on a large number of visits and tracking. The four or eight hours after the murder occurred was the golden detection period. No key breakthroughs were found within two days and two nights. The subsequent investigation process would be very difficult.The big clock hands on the white wall rotate in a circle, the sky is gradually darkening, and the golden period is detected. The hot air of instant noodles is mixed with cigarettes and white mist is transpiration under the light.

When the first sky was broken, the office door was pushed open, and Qin Chuan rushed in with a file. "Hey!"

Yan Yan kept a posture of sitting in a dangerous position after a pile of files. He woke up and hurriedly caught the case: "How? How? Found?"

"Hu Weisheng," Qin Chuan took the case back and smashed it, pointing to the suspect's head: "Smuggling and fraudulent Adelaide, Ritalin and Moda | Fini and other prescription drugs, profiting over 50,000 yuan, half a year The former prisoner was released. The anti-drug detachment arrested a 19-year-old boy who was ill on the street last month and was the son of this guy’s landlord!"

Yan Yan took out the surveillance image of the famous autumn rain product yesterday, and compared it with the case file, "Almost. Ma Xiang? Go to the Traffic Management Bureau to check the registration of the vehicle under Hu Weisheng's name!"

Ma Xiang’s powerful network of friends from all over the world has once again contributed strength. At 4:30 in the morning, the Traffic Management Bureau reported that it was confirmed that there was a second-hand white Toyota Camry under the name of Hu Weisheng. The model fits perfectly with the Toyota car that appeared at the crime scene.

"This is the grandson." Yan Yan knuckles on the table, with a finger on the criminal investigation of a group of dragons and fierce young man: "Prepare to implement the control, get Hu Weisheng back to me!"

Two days in a row, day and night, overtime, everyone is sighing, especially like Yan

The backbone of the detachment, such as Yan and Qin Chuan, did not go home to sleep for two nights. Therefore, the arrest of the people, the entire detachment is boiling out, the field team is half empty.

Yan Yan patted Qin Chuan's shoulder: "Working hard, the poisonous brothers are also..." The words were not finished, but I saw the Qinchuan face awake ten seconds ago, and the glasses were on the bridge of the nose. It is in a very pure and unpretentious posture, giving a comfortable buzz.

"..." Yan Yan walked back to the office with a light hand.

It was already five o'clock in the morning, and the dark gray sky was slightly bright. Yan Yan simply did not sleep, holding Hu Weisheng's case file to study word by word.

This Hu Weisheng is a typical example of stealing a needle and growing up in gold. Since the age of sixteen, he has been repeatedly arrested for thieves. When he is an adult, he steals his wallet, steals his mobile phone, and steals electric cars several times into the palace. A few years ago, he was even more serious in Gongju, and he was sentenced to three years because of his strong attempt.

Yan Yanmo screamed at the chin of the scum, and snorted softly.

Hu Weisheng is a "street steal". The target is generally a carry-on item, and there is no record of burglary. From this point of view, his courage is not very big, and the nature of the crime is quite different from that of strong rape. It is very suspicious to suddenly "cross the border".

Yan Yan stared at the Gongzhou word on the file, and suddenly there was a place in the heart.

"Yan Ge," suddenly Ma Xiang sneaked into a head: "The internal chemical high school students are still in the bureau, almost twenty-four hours, let go?"

Yan Yan looked up: "What, still closed?""The laboratory monitoring of the technical investigation can't be recovered. For a moment, no one will let him go. This is not. I slept in the interrogation room last night. I have a cold here, holding the paper box there. Coughing."

"Hurry and let go, don't wait for the Wei Bureau to complain to us. - Yes, tell him not to leave Jianning, keep in touch with the police and pay attention to discipline."

Ma Xiang was farther than a k gesture: "No problem, Xueba said no complaints, and quickly sent him back to the laboratory."

Yan Yan waved his hand and motioned for Ma Xiang to go out and bring his office door.

With a soft bang, the office at 5 o'clock in the morning was quiet, only the opening key in the lower right corner of the computer screen, quietly flashing a star yellow.

Yan Zhong’s middle finger absently hit the table and walked for a long time, and the strange feeling in his heart was always lingering.

Too smooth, he thought.

From tracing the license plate to finding the deceased backpack, and then launching the current suspect with a very weak logical chain, although it has been two days and three nights in the middle, the detection process is still too smooth, and it seems that some details are difficult to say.

A drug dealer has long mixed prescription drugs and hallucinogens. Why is it that people who died this time?

How could it not happen before?

Is this recipe really a problem, or that the previous "accidents" were suppressed by various reasons, only this time the victim just died in front of his own eyes, so that some facts can no longer be Being covered up?

Yan Yan opened the computer, logged into the public security network, after thinking for a long while, the ghost made a string of database passwords, opened the electronic backup of the previous year, and then knocked the file number that Hu Weisheng left in Gongzhou.

The screen changed and the old and the unsettled case, which had already settled in the dust, slowly unfolded in the early morning of the bleak light, and it was presented in front of Yan.

Liu Xue, 18 years old, a well-known high school student in Gongzhou.

At noon before the arrival of the second model, the high school girl sneaked out of the school dormitory during the lunch break, and there was no trace in the afternoon. On the evening of the school, the school searched and could not. The parents reported the case on the following day. The disappearance of the 24-hour period caused the attention of the police station and was immediately pushed to the jurisdictional bureau.

The branch detachment took over the case.

On the evening of the next day, the criminal police found a comatose Liu Xue in a black clinic based on a large number of touches.

According to the investigation, the suspect Hu Weisheng encountered Liu Xue, who was sneaking out because of the pressure of the exam, and stunned her, and lured her into the car and became fascinated. Unexpectedly, Liu Xue was allergic to the drug and immediately developed dizziness, vomiting, and coma. Hu Weisheng was afraid of the heart and worried about making a life to imprison himself. So she threw her into the black clinic.

This case was characterized as strong and treacherous, Liu Xue was discharged after treatment, and Hu Weisheng was sentenced to three years.

Yan Yan looked at the file for a long time and did not respond - just sentenced?

What is the victim's allergen? What medicine? The male medicine for the woman is definitely strong? If it is really an intention to be confused, how can the victim be comatose, strong? The traitor is scared to send her to the clinic?From the filing of the case to the transfer of the case for less than half a month, such a case with obvious internal feelings has even been so hurriedly closed. Is there no one who has doubts about all the criminal police officers?

Yan Yan has been running a criminal case for more than ten years, and he has a very keen sense of doubts about various details. This file has made his suspicion bigger and bigger, and finally he couldn’t help but turn to the final list of eye-catchers and main leaders. Signature - his gaze stagnate.

The host of the year was named Jiang Stop.

Memory emerged from the abyss a huge black shadow, and at that moment, the figure that repeatedly appeared in the dream finally quietly looked back to Yan Yan.

Only this time, he didn't focus on the phone, and he stopped paying attention to his own attention. The skylight enters through the window, outlines his handsome and elegant outline, and is naturally thin and tight, thus showing some indifferent lips.

He looked down from the void and cast a quiet and clear look.


Severe throat

The throat seemed to be caught by the invisible hand, breathing in the chest, and even shaking hands. When he realized what he was doing, he had already entered the intranet database and found out the list of the main leaders of the Gongzhou Public Security Bureau.

——The second detachment of the Gongzhou Anti-Drug Corps, Jiang, stopped, with a conspicuous black frame on his name, and confirmed his sacrifice three years ago.

Yan Yan’s brain banged.

The man who smiled at him on the bench in the street yesterday was wearing a dark blue uniform and shoulders with three four-pointed star flowers. The eyebrows were clear and vivid, and they appeared on the computer screen coldly. Gd1806102

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