Chapter 6 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Chapter 6

"Do you believe him?" Qin Chuan asked with less trust. (Free full novel.

Yan Yan ten fingers regularly interact with each other, and he slowly said: "Technical investigation is recovering surveillance video. If you can find the absence record, I believe him."

The deputy office was filled with the smell of overnight instant noodles and cigarettes. There were rumors coming out of the door, and the police who didn't have night shifts came to work one after another.

"But it's too much, Lao Yan. Feng Yuguang's department head and mentor said that he had enough results. He was grateful to finish the graduation thesis. Then Chu Ci said that he was bet on his own bet and he wanted to do a test. Feng Yuguang chasing the game every day, is not a drunken academic person. And you listen to Chu Ci's confession, I don't believe you can't hear him without telling the truth, this kid has absolutely concealed a lot of things!"

Yan Yan erected an index finger and reached the front of Qin Chuan nose and shook it:

"I reserve my opinion in the first half of the sentence, only the latter half agrees very much."

"--He did hide some things."

Half an hour ago, the interrogation room.

"He bet on Cobb."


"He bet he will be able to test," Chu Ci said helplessly: "I don't know what gave him this confidence, maybe it is the final result that miraculously flies at low altitude every time."

Yan Yan and the criminal police responsible for the record looked at each other and were very surprised. Then he turned to Chu Ci: "-How did you talk about this topic well?"

"When I entered the door, he was reading a book. If there was an experiment that I didn't understand, I asked if I could explain it. The relationship between me and him was not so bad that I couldn't even speak, so I told about twenty. Minutes, there are still a few more points that he can't understand. I said that I will come here today. Anyway, those extracurricular extensions will not affect him.

"Then he was in a hurry, let me not look down on people, saying that I am no worse than anyone else. If you want to test the poems, you will definitely be able to pass the exam." Chu Ci explained: "In fact, I did not look down on him."

Yan Yanxin said that we all understand that the natural discrimination of Xueba on the school slag is often not even aware of itself, but our slag can be sensitive. However, he was not convinced on the surface. He only asked, "So you are betting? What is the bet?"

"Question. If he really got it, I will take him to do the project."

"So if he can't get it?"

Chu Ci suddenly silenced and passed for a few seconds before answering: " Lose me a dollar."

Inside and outside the interrogation, everyone was stunned.

"..." Yan Yan confirmed: "A dollar?"

"I don't believe he can get it, and he doesn't bother to get any benefit from it. But at that time he was very excited and had to pull my theory. I can only send him back to the lab." Chu Ci sighed for a long time. This time, Xu Xuan said: "If I know that it is the last time I saw him, maybe I will stay longer... at least help him explain the last few points of knowledge."

There was no sound in the interrogation room, everyone was musing, and they only listened to their breathing."Can you ask? Feng Yuguang is... How did he die?"

Yan Yan returned from his thoughts and screamed, and said casually: "drugs are illusory."

Chu Ci has some accidents: "Impossible, he is taking drugs?"

"Because the case is uncertain, we need us to investigate. In the investigation stage, the specific details are inconvenient to disclose. The relevant regulations are not for us to be a high student."


Strictly close the shorthand book, stand up and loosen the shoulders, as if suddenly think of something like: "Right, the last question. When my colleague asked you about the luxury package, why did you answer that you don't know? ”

Chu Ci had already stood up and heard a little hesitation.

"...I don't want to get in trouble."

As soon as he stopped, he staggered his stern line of sight and said: "Inexplicably send a bag. This is really incomprehensible... When you encounter a weird thing, the normal person's reaction is far away, isn't the police officer?"


"It's really weird, but it is impossible to conclude that Chu Ci is suspected of committing crimes."

Severely open the window, the fresh air in the morning rushed in, and the various smells of the mixed fermentation in the office swept away. After Qin Chuan stood at the desk, he still had a bit puzzled: "How do you say?"

"If I want to kill my roommate, I will choose a familiar place, not a thousand miles away from life. In fact, 90% of the student injury cases are happening on campus, really want to kill. It is much more convenient to manufacture laboratory accidents than to take scopolamine and dimethoxymethylbenzene | propylamine."

Qin Chuan thoughtfully.

"However," Yan Yan said: "The confession of Chu Ci really gave me some inspiration."


"At present, it is still vague. I don't know clearly. I only vaguely feel that Feng Yuguang's death may be related to his vow to test Bo, and the sudden monitoring of chemical companies is also coincidental."

"But now I only want to sleep." Yan Yan turned and stretched out a long stretch: "The handsome and charming Yan Ge, in order to enrich and entertain the amateur life of single women in this city, in the blind date On the long journey, there have been repeated defeats and repeated defeats, so that they are exhausted and exhausted. It takes two hours of sleep like a baby to ease the heart of torture..."

Qin Chuan sneered: "Hey, I’ve put a gold on my face, and I’m going to die. You want to be beautiful.”

Yan Yan: "I haven't tried it."

Qin Chuan: ".................."

"Right," suddenly and sternly remembered something, and stopped Qinchuan who wanted to go out: "You help me to talk to the field team, let people take the case as the center, and immediately control the second-hand luxury goods in the city. shop."

Qin Chuan asked: "Second-hand shop?"

“Looking for the target shoulders that lacked a zipper wedge.” Yan Yan said, “The brand with such a high degree of recognition is very high. I don’t believe that I was taken home to buy a vegetable bag.”

Even in the city council, Yan Yan is a rare existence - he does not need to rest.He is a monster who can fight for three days and two nights in a row. He is a demon rushing to chase a drug dealer who runs for ten kilometers without a break. He is more awkward than a thief, and he is more active than a serial killer. He is still more prosperous than a bank robber. With him, the captain of the squadron can finally take the air out and do a heart catheterization that has not been done for many years. .

Yan Yan pulled the curtains, squatted on the table, and closed his eyes to ponder the confession. An unpredictable guess rises from the bottom of my heart, but with a little concentration, the inspiration is like a naughty little fish, and the tail is quickly slipped away.

"Impossible, he is taking drugs?"

“Frequent parties come back late, usually love to play games,”

"Maybe it's a miraculous low-flying result that gives him confidence..."


What makes a rich second generation with a very limited learning time fly through at low altitude every time, and what makes him confident that he will succeed in the exam?

In exchange for other universities, it is likely to be tricky, but Chuci’s university can basically rule out the possibility of money.

- So, is this related to Feng Yuguang's death?

Yan Yan took a deep breath and knew that he had to take a moment to sleep, so he ruled out those distractions and buried his head in the dark space of the solid wood desk and arm frame.

The vocals outside the door gradually drifted away, and the car under the criminal investigation detachment came to the car to become silent; in a flash, he sank into the deep sea where the half dreams and half awakened, and the space and time quietly reorganized, turning the already forgotten subconsciousness to the surface.

He left the office and stepped into a bustling hall.

The laughter in the ear is constantly, and it seems to be a very festive celebration. He stood squatting between the tables and chairs, and suddenly someone smiled behind him: "You have nothing to do with the flies, people are there, don't you go thank you?"

Thank you, Yan Yan thought, what thank you?

Everything Laozi’s today is all his own life. Who should I thank?

But in the dream, he couldn't help but wobbled and walked in the crowd. I don't know how many people who laughed and looked confused, and suddenly there was a bright future. I saw a slender figure standing against him, leaning against the window, whispering something to the phone.

"I still don't have a drink with people, Yan Yan? Toss for so long, if it is not the Jiang team, then the second class can finally get you?"

"Go up, what are you doing?"

"You can't even talk about it, you don't usually be able to say it? How stupid?"


No, my credit is earned by myself and has nothing to do with anyone.

Why do you want to toast? Who am I relying on? In addition to me, there are other people who are dying to forget the drug dealers at the crucial moment?

There are countless voices in the heart, but the reality is that Yan Yan has taken a step forward. He couldn't control his hands and feet, and the heavy resentment couldn't stop the invisible thrust; as if he had repeated the facts of a certain period, he raised his glass and immediately heard his younger, slightly awkward voice saying:

"That, the Jiang team..."

Then he saw the scene again.In all dreams that are both true and false, only this scene is real, even clear and vivid as if it happened yesterday.

The figure was on the phone, and the head did not return, only one raised his hand. The five fingers are thin and palms outward, and they are a gentle and decisive gesture of rejection.

"I know," said the man. "Go."

There is no illusion and no snake, and there is no need to be flattering. All the anger and unwillingness were lost, and the psychological walls that were piled up in layers were instantly taken away by the light.

The weightlessness made Yan Yan feel a little overwhelmed.

"Go," he heard the man slightly aggravated.

Yan Yan can't remember how he turned and walked away. His whole body of blood gas rushed overhead, but it may also be due to alcohol. When he came, the boiling anger that was forcibly suppressed suddenly disappeared. The release of pressure caused his feet to float, and the roots of his tongue filled with indescribable bitterness and numbness.

But he clearly should be happy.

He "proves" himself, although the enemy does not care too much, and does not even need him to make any resistance.

Yan Yan walked through the hall of vocality and passed through the winding corridor. He put the blood of tears in his criminal career for more than a decade, and left behind the hard work and frustration of the five-year deputy.

He walked to this familiar office, put his head on his arm, and fell into a short, rushing deep sleep.

Ringing bells -

Yan Yan a spirit, suddenly awakened, only to see the phone on the table mad, the subconscious mind picked up: "Hey?"

His mind is still not very clear, but then Ma Xiang’s big voice rang: “Yan Ge! The case center received an alarm call, and the logistics went directly to your side!”

"What alarm," Yan Yan

There is still a bit of guilt, "Who is the police?"

In the next second, Ma Xiang expelled his last trace of sleepiness.

“Lu Chengjiang,” Ma Xiang said. “It’s the sinwen in the 0.02 dead corpse scene, in a wheelchair. Remember? He reported the police. The logistics found it was urgent, let us hurry and pass immediately.”

The author has something to say:

Chu Gong accepted the thunder that you voted. Considering that Han Yue was beaten very badly, he decided to take the initiative to invite Han Yue to go to the restaurant to eat dinner.

Han Yue said that the chef’s braised lamb leg is not as good as his own authentic photo.

The beggar and the deputy and others were black.

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