Chapter 5 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Chapter 5

In the night, I touched the source of new drugs, and Qinchuan, who had been running around for a whole night, heard that the criminal investigation had locked the body of the corpse, and immediately rushed back to the city bureau, and then I was thrown into the place by the door. :

"But... but he is alive?"

Ma Xiang has one hand: "The work of our team is not in place..."

Yan Yan stood in the interrogation room with his arms folded, and said coldly: "Would you like to advanced him to death?"

Qin Chuan mouth twitching, the eyes are written and can not afford, can not afford. (free full novel

In the early 20s, the boy in a light gray shirt and a white coat was sitting in the interrogation room. He probably didn’t react to himself. Why did he get into the lab early in the morning, and the hind foot was taken into the public security bureau by the police, so The look is very cautious, and the hands are placed on the table. The fingers are tightly crossed, and the blue veins on the back of the hand are slightly raised.

"You are Chuci?"


“How old is it, where is it?”

"Twenty-one, Guizhou."

"What do you do?"

“Reading in Beijing, major in chemistry.”

"What do you do with Jianning?"

“I’m graduating soon, and my tutor has been involved in an internship at a chemical company here.”

The criminal police recorded them one by one and asked: "Which company? Which university in Beijing? What is the name of the tutor?"

To everyone’s surprise, the boy’s mouth immediately reported the name of a well-known chemical private enterprise in Jianning and a university name known to the people all over the country. The head, the tutor, the class, etc. all were well-organized, and they were well-organized and clear. Explain: "My student ID card is in the bag, the tutor is also very famous in the industry, although you have to verify. Sorry, I haven't had time to ask, what am I doing? I have been keeping a methanol in the lab recently. For sodium-catalyzed experiments, you should be able to take surveillance video to prove..."

Yan Yan raised his hand and pressed the Bluetooth headset, whispered: "Ask him if he knows the package."

"At two o'clock on the afternoon of April 16, you went to the financial center to buy a bag. What are you doing?"

In the interrogation room, Chu Ci apparently paused and then replied: "I don't know what package."

"Lie," Yan Yan whispered.

Qin Chuan did not understand his intentions. Yan Yan did not explain it. He told the headset: "Show him the surveillance image of the deceased to buy the bag."

The criminal police opened the folder and extracted the high-definition surveillance images from the IFC store. The deceased was facing the checkout counter. A huge box was already wrapped by sa and was on hand.

The police's question is very oppressive: "--How do you want to explain?"

"..." Chu Ci stared at the photo.

Although it was only a few seconds, his expression changed extremely subtly, and Yan and Qinchuan immediately looked at each other.

"He is my roommate." Chu Ci used two fingers to push the photo to the police on the table and said, "His name is Feng Yuguang, what? What did he do?"

"The relationship between the two roommates is awkward," Yan Yan stroked his chin.Qin Chuan glared at him with the gaze of "You can also know". Yan Yan did not answer, and told Ma Xiang: "Let the Scriptures Department call a phone number to check with their school and the internship company."

Ma Xiang went away, Qin Chuan slammed him with his elbow: "Don't sell off the hook, put the fart directly."

"You fucking is farting, even if you are fart, it’s the same kind of fragrant scent. Do you know?"

Qin Chuan: "......... OK, you are the boss, you have the final say."

Yan Yan’s flattering was photographed, and he learned the posture of Chu Ci’s returning the photo to the policeman. He pushed the edge of the paper with the tip finger part of the middle finger and the ring finger, indicating that Qin Chuan looked: “I don’t see it? The subtext of this action. Yes: 'This guy is not willing to touch the side, how far do you give me.' - And as a roommate, I didn’t see each other for two nights, the first reaction was not what happened to him, but What did he do, is this Feng Yuguang a master of frequent crimes in his eyes?"

"What kind of person is Feng Yuguang, how is your relationship with him?" The police in the interrogation room did not answer questions.

Chu Ci took a breath and slowly leaned back into the back of the chair.

——Twenty-one years old, graduated from a well-known university graduate student, it is obviously a high-skilled businessman who has jumped a lot of levels, and is the kind of person that criminal police do not like to deal with most.

"Our relationship is more general." Chu Ci leaned back in the chair and made an opening statement with this sentence: "We are totally people in two worlds."

The criminal police frowned. "How do you say this?"

"Feng Yuguang is a native of Beijing. His family is very rich. He has a wide range of exchanges in the school, but his academic major is not so." Chu Ci was silent for two seconds, implicitly: "There is a talent."

Yan Yan said in the earphone: "I will translate it for you: he is learning slag, I am a tyrant, I want to be the ultimate contempt for him, yeah!"

Interpol: "..."

"Although I have been a roommate for more than a year, I am not familiar with him. I usually spend most of my time in the laboratory and the library. I do four tutors a week, and I have less time to go back to the dormitory. Especially recently, I am trying to protect Baobo. Basically I slept in the lab."

The criminal police suspected: "But are you coming to Jianning to do an internship?"

"We are under the same instructor." Chu Ci explained, "Although the internship, I actually came to Beijing to get a few key data to do the Baobo thesis."

"That Feng Yuguang, he wants to keep Bo?"

Chu Ci’s expression has

It’s hard to say a word, "...he should be cooking soy sauce."

The criminal police leaned forward: "Sow soy sauce? You give us a detailed description of how to play, how do you play? What do you usually do, do you not study at all?"

“It’s not true,” Chu Ci said. “But the study time is basically less than eight hours, just like no school.”

The interrogation room fell into a short silence.

"...dead school," Yan Yan muttered.

After using the whole body, the criminal police did not pull out a blank eye on the spot. He turned the transcript over a page and asked: "What kind of hobbies or special living habits do you have in addition to studying? Can you tell us about it?"Chu Ci thought about it and seemed to feel a little tricky.

"Think about what to say, the more detailed the better."


Chu Ci was silent for a while, then she replied: "Feng Yuguang has participated in some club activities, many friends, often party late. Usually I love playing games, I didn't pay attention to what I played, or I didn't know what it was. I don't really like to go to the lab. All the courses are flying at low altitude. I don't know how he passed. I have a close relationship with several girls, often in the dormitory, and the phone calls are late and not hanging. Others I am not particularly clear about it."

The criminal police immediately ordered: "You give us the names of the girls."

"I don't know." Chu Ci reluctantly said: "Do you see me like a girl?"

The criminal police looked up and looked at him. Even from the perspective of men, Chu Ci is a very good-looking person, which is completely different from the traditionally rigid brain-wearing glasses.

However, Xueba is a schoolmaster. A person who studies less than eight hours a day is equal to someone who has not learned. What can you say to them?

The criminal police knocked on the table with a pen and asked a tentative question: "Do you usually take your roommate?"

Chu Ci said: "I don't know, what medicine to take?"

"Vitamin, cold medicine, anything. Have you seen him taking medicine?"


Outside the interrogation, Yan Yan and Qin Chuan eyes were fixed on his face, and seemed to want to find any unusual clues from the simple two words. But then Chu Ci repeated it with certainty: "Not at all."

Strictly hold down the headset: "When is the last time he saw the dead?"

The criminal police asked: "When was the last time you saw Feng Yuguang?"

"At noon the day before yesterday, I went back to the dormitory to get the book. Feng Yuguang asked me why I didn't go back to sleep in the dormitory these two nights. I said that the reaction went to a critical stage, and the laboratory could not leave."

"that is it?"

"It's just like this. I have a normal relationship with him. Even if I come to Jianning from Beijing, I don't have anything to say to each other. No matter what he does, I don't want to know or participate in it."

Chu Ci leaned forward on the upper body and leaned down on the table and asked: "When there is nothing else, when can I go? The sodium methoxide catalytic experiment is very important, really can't easily leave people."

"Yan Ge!" The door was pushed open, and Ma Xiang hurried in: "The text has been verified by the Wenbao Office. The identity of the deceased Feng Yuguang and the roommate Chu Ci can be confirmed!"

Strictly nodded, but only listened to Ma Xiang's arsenal: "We contacted the internship manager, the school department head, and the professional tutor of the two people, basically confirming most of the authenticity of the transcript. But is there still that bag? If the two people are really normal, then the deceased can't explain the luxury bag with cash and roommate's name, so I contacted their class counselor - guess what?"

Strictly eyebrows pick: "Is there a situation?"

Ma Xiang opened the shorthand book with confidence and brushed the ground: "Great situation."

A minute later, the door of the interrogation room was pushed away again, and Chu Ci looked up.The five-digit renminbi is not white, and the white shirt that is crumpled because of staying up late at night is still very stylish. It’s just a hand-in-hand, sitting in a chair and taking such a simple action. Out of the painting style that is completely different from the entire criminal investigation team, it seems that the domestic serial drama "The Story of the Police Station" was suddenly inserted into a scene of a crime scene of American drama.

The criminal police quickly greeted: "Yan Yan."

Yan Yan nodded, no snoring, took over the transcript and turned a few pages. No one knew what he was looking at. He saw that he was eager to rub his chin and suddenly asked his head: "You and your roommate are not Cooked."

Chu Ci said: "Yes."

"Does water not make river water?"

"You can say that."

Yan Yan asked: "Why did you make a few reports from the beginning of the year to April to apply for a dormitory?"

Chu Ci a meal.

"On April 10, the last time you applied, the counselor refused to open the post of the graduate dormitory, and gave you the experimental building access card, telling you that if you really don't want to go back to the dormitory, you can sleep in the lab at night. April 10 On the 2nd, several other graduate students will do the hydrothermal reaction experiments overnight. In order to continue to sleep in the lab, they also burned a reaction kettle for them."

Chu Ci said: "The lab is constantly powered and air-conditioned..."

"On April 15th, you and Feng Yuguang came to Jianning from Beijing. On the afternoon of the 16th, Feng Yuguang went to the International Finance Center Mall and bought a luxury backpack of 18,000 in your name."

Quiet and unusual in the interrogation room, Chu Ci did not say anything.

Yan Yan elbows on the edge of the table, faintly said: "If I use other people's names to buy things, there is only one possibility, that is, I want to give this thing to him, worried that he is like

If you don't like it, you can go back and change it at the store. ”

"--But you didn't want the bag at the end." After a stern and stern eyebrows: "Make sure your contradiction with Feng Yuguang is really big, and you don't want to see this person."

Chu Ci used his knuckles to rub his eyebrows. When he raised his hand, both criminal police noticed that his little finger and ring finger were wrapped in band-aid.

"Yes." After a few seconds, he finally let go and watched Yan Yan admit: "I have some contradictions with my roommate."

Yan Yan cold and cold: "Just some?"

Chu Ci folded her arms around her chest and stared at Yan. The average person is so awkward or anxious to be forced by the police, but the cultivation of this young high-school student is better than most people. At least on the surface, there are not many unpleasant expressions. It is only clear and repeated: "It's just some. ”

Yan Yan’s eyes flashed slightly and he could not see what emotion it was.

"--OK." After a long while, Yan Yan leaned back in the chair and shrugged indifferently: "What contradictions are there with us, and why should he send you a bag of one thousand? Forgive me. Take the liberty, luxury goods, this kind of thing I only sent when I was in love at the beginning of the year, but I don’t care whether it’s used for birds, but I only give it a ten-minute good face. It’s all the meat buns. ..."

"He is too noisy."

"Ok?""My roommate," Chu Ci's tone is very dull. "There are five days of video in the week to two o'clock, chasing the game to five o'clock, driving all night and night. There are two days outside to meet three or four. Back, when I enter the door, I turn on the lights and wash them loudly. I can wake up no matter how much I sleep. I don’t remember the last time I fell asleep until dawn."

"I am a very poor student. If you don't take the highest scholarship every year, it is the kind of crime. Usually you can bear it. Every time you go to the examination period, you can't stand it, and it is difficult to concentrate on the experiment spirit during the day. You know that some experiments in chemistry are It’s dangerous, I’ve almost accidentally happened several times...”

Yan Yan suddenly interrupted: "Are you nervous?"

Chu Ci did not answer.

"You just mentioned turning on the lights twice because you are very sensitive to light when you sleep."

"..." Chu Ci finally sighed and said with exhaustion: "When the last roommate was there, I was not nervous."

Outside the interrogation, Qin Chuan gently replied: "This kid is very motivated to commit crimes."

Yan Yan asked: "Since your contradictions are already so big, why don't he move out and buy gifts instead? Sorry, I can only think of retaining the word - he wants you to move from the laboratory after returning to Beijing. Come back to the dormitory, don't you?"

Chu Ci said: "I really don't know why, but I guess his graduation thesis should not be written."

Yan Yan looked up and looked down at Chu Ci in the shadow of the interrogation desk. His eyes were unconcealed and cold and skeptical.

"Police officer," Chu Ci seems to be a bit helpless: "Everyone has more or less roommates contradictory, but this is not the reason why I was inexplicably questioned here for half a day. Can you take the liberty to ask, what is Feng Yuguang doing? Yes, do you want to adjust my monitoring records in the lab for the past two days?"

In the interrogation, Ma Xiang’s cell phone rang. He gestured to Qin Chuan with a “sorry” gesture and hurriedly went outside to pick up the phone.

Ten seconds later, he pushed in and Qinchuan turned back and asked with his eyes.

"...Qin Ge, Yan Ge." Ma Xiang swallowed his mouth, his face was not very good: "The internship company... there was a little situation."

Yan Yan loosened his headset and looked up at Chu Ci. He said: "I am sorry."

Chu Ci: "?"

"Your internship company just came back and said that the laboratory monitoring was broken for a while, until it was repaired yesterday. That is to say, on May 2, the last time you went back to the dormitory to see Feng Yuguang, there was no monitoring record."

Chuci: "..."

"And you may not know, May 2 is also the last time you talked with Feng Yuguang. A few hours later, he carried the backpack that you refused and died in the back door of KTV in Fuyang District -" Yan Yan Press the transcript backhand on the table: "That day."

Chu Ci’s always stable expression has finally changed:

"……what did you say?"

Strict voices are not chilly, but the word contains more threatening power and echoes in the interrogation room."You better tell us honestly what Feng Yuguang said to you when he last met, classmate. The victim died of chemical poisoning, and you have sufficient motivation, ability to make drugs, and no evidence of absence. If you are now If you try to hide it, then you are the only suspect in the case until now."

Yan Yan folded his hands and leaned back on the upper body. He said: "You should know what it means."

Extremely quiet and filled with air, Chuci seems to be stuck in the shadows, even the eyes are not stunned.

"……How can it be……"

No one answered, all eyes were on his face.

I don't know how long it took, Chu Ci finally opened his mouth in a few burning sights, his voice was very light and hoarse, saying: "When I went back to get things at noon that day..."

"Feng Yuguang is reading in the dormitory and seeing me come in, suddenly I have to make a bet with me." gd1806102

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