Chapter 4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Chapter 4

This street is only four or five hundred meters away from the night palace KTV. Strictly looking for a place, he severely stopped him, and then greeted the traffic police brigade and returned to the original place. minute. (Free full novel.

"What happened to you?" Yan Yan stood in front of Jiang Shu and raised his chin. "That girl, is it all right for you to run out?"

Jiang stopped his face still not very good, but it was because of the lack of blood in bed for a long time. He smiled and said: "The doctor told me that I have nothing to go, Yang Mei went out, I went out on my own."

Yan Yan reached out and tried to help, but was stopped by the river to stop using it, so he took back the cigarette. "Don't you mind?"

Jiang stopped asking: "Can you give me one?"

Yan Yan is a bit surprised. There are very few men who are not smoking, but somehow, the subconsciously feels that Jiang is one of them, probably deceived by the appearance of the other side of the Russian language.

"Thank you," Jiang stopped picking up the cigarette and lit it. He said with a long sigh of relief: "Thanks to the strict police officer, I am really embarrassed. The cost of repairing the car..."

Yan Yan said: "Oh, I am a bus! Go back and report the damage."

Jiang stopped to glance at him from the white mist of cigarettes. That is probably because he did not expect Jianning Public Security to be so upscale. Yan Yan was laughed at by him, and he did not explain it. He said: "There is some doubt in the case. I am going to re-examine the scene and send you back. Just what happened, standing in the middle of the road, I was scared. Not?"

Jiang stopped hesitating for a moment: "Just... I saw a car accident. I may have some post-traumatic stress response."

"Oh, then you dare to come out alone."

Jiang stopped saying: "Always learn to walk alone, or will it not be a waste?"

He walked very slowly, and Yan Yan did not remind him. The two walked down the sidewalk slowly, and the neon lights of the night palace kyv sparkled in front. Yan Yan pointed to the cigarette butts that had to be burned out. He said: "You have such a crazy and rich girlfriend, but we are much better than our dead wages. I am afraid that what will become a waste."

Jiang stopped shaking his head helplessly. He listened to Yan Yan without answering it and then asked naturally: "How do you know?"

Strict deputy team is not covered, and dare to wait here.

"We also came out to work in the county town in the early years. I spent a few years in Gongzhou. I made some money and went back to my hometown. She came to Jianning from Gongzhou to open this ktv. She said that she is more than me, in the store. The business is getting better and better. When she asked me to help Jianning three years ago, I was in a car accident on the road."

"How come out?"

"It’s raining and speeding, I’m almost dead.” Jiang stopped sighing: “It’s a girlfriend, but I’m not so good, but I’m not tired, is it?”

Yan Yan immediately agreed: "That is. What do you do in the future, drag on?"

"It’s time to divide it," Jiang said with a smile. "I can’t help you if I stay here. I’ll go back to the county town."Ktv was suspended for reasons of murder scene, and the door was cold and clear. The two entered the door while talking, and looked up and saw Yang Mei looking forward at the bar: "Jiang Ge!"

Jiang stopped: "Oh, I..."

Yang Mei’s eyes are almost full of joy: “Oh, you can scare me, Jiang Ge, where are you going? Why don’t you say hello? How can you go alone with so many cars outside?”

Jiang stopped: "..."

"I have waited for you for a long time, how can I not call the mobile phone? Xiao Zhang, how can Xiao Zhang not go out with you? What can I do if I have something? Quickly, sit down, have you eaten so late? Eat What? The foreman came over and went to the kitchen and said that I had just let the steamed eggs come over!"

Jiang stopped: "........."

Yan Yan raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Yang Mei was just around him. The river stopped and had to rush to deal with the past, and said that he had encountered serious things on the road. Yang Mei immediately felt grateful to the strict police officer, while pushing the river to stop him from going upstairs to eat, while having to do it himself, please go out to eat.

"No, I will come to see the scene, and I will return to the city bureau later." Yan Yan smiled and said: "You are busy, ask a waiter to take me to the kitchen."

Yang Mei immediately put down the bag and shoes: "How can I have anything to do? Come here, I will take you there. After I was on the cordon yesterday, I was able to block the kitchen, not to cooperate with the police. I still have three or five orders to let the waiters not be allowed to talk outside, and I am afraid to reveal the secrets of your police."

Strictly wear a shoe cover and gloves: "No, you don't know what secrets anyway."

Yang Mei stood at the back of the kitchen and smiled.

Heavy makeup makes people not see her age, but the five-fashion clothing is beautiful, and the delicate curls even spray a little perfume - Yan Yan has never seen a woman in such a downstairs can be so well dressed, the only The explanation is that she knows that Jiang will come back.

Yan Yan feels very interesting.

This woman is very flexible, can talk, and handles the sleekness of long-term mixed teaching. And her fiancé, who is said to have been born in a small county, not only has to work, is physically weak, but also stays in bed for several years, and has little labor.

No matter from that aspect, the two people are very different, but when Yang Mei faces him, he naturally looks up.

Yan Yan’s eyes fell on the freezer, and in a moment he remembered the fragment of the cigarette that had just been stopped for Jiang. The latter came over and lowered his head slightly. The neck silhouette turned into an elegant arc, and the lighter in his hand ignited the smoke. Gently spit out a breath.

That seems to be a very accustomed to being

The action of smoking the smoke.

Yan Yan opened the freezer door and asked casually: "Do you have a good relationship with your boyfriend?"

Yang Mei smiled at the default.

"How do you know?"

"We came out of the county town to work in the early years. After mixing in Gongzhou for a few years, he went back to his hometown. Later I went to Jianning to open this store. The bigger the business, the more I wanted him to help. I didn't expect halfway. There was a car accident." Yang Mei sighed with excitement: "Speaking, he is also my responsibility now!"Yan Yan also shook his head and closed the freezer door and walked through the kitchen to the back door.

"You are this..."

"Ah, I went to the road to see, don't have to come over." Yan Yan did not return and waved his hand: "You are busy with your go."

There is no one in the dirty and narrow back lane. KTV is not open today, it seems even more deserted. Yesterday, the technical investigation came back and forth to dig back and forth, and even the rubbish bins turned over to the sky. Basically, there was no resurrection value.

Yan Yan took the phone number and walked along the road of the deceased in the surveillance video: "Hey, Ma Xiang, are you back to the team? Don't check the net for me."

On the other side of the phone, it should be that the technical investigation is working overtime. Ma Xiang asked the big door and asked: "Well, who is it?"

"Lu Chengjiang." Yan Yan said, "I was in a wheelchair last night, check his native place, graduate school, work experience, and open the house record if you have it."

"What, this person is suspect?"

"I can't see it for a while, check it first."

The biggest advantage of Ma Xiang is Ma Li. Yan Yan walked out of the back alley, stalking the empty road back and forth, and searching along the road to go down. After a while, he only listened to the phone and said: "With - Lu Chengjiang, birthplace information Consistent with last night's transcript, college degree, stayed in Gongju for a few years, and watched the scene in the nightclub with the one named Yang Mei."

Strictly speaking, it was very unexpected. "Is it the same person?"

"OK, the household registration online is written."

"...What happened then?" Yan Yan asked.

"Later, Yang Mei blended into a few cases of gambling and fighting in the nightclub. The details were to check the case file on Gongzhou. But she was lucky, a deliberate injury was withdrawn, and a gambling gambling was insured. Waiting for the trial, let me see... Hey, yes, it is estimated that the money is not spent, it is not easy to wait for the court in Gongzhou."

Yan Yan asked: "What about Lu Chengjiang?"

"When she was first suspected of intentional injury, she returned to her hometown. It seems that the two are not as affectionate."

Yan Yan ordered another cigarette, following the footsteps of the deceased last night, thoughtfully staring at the pattern of the sidewalk tiles.

"Luo Chengjiang had to go to his hometown to check his hometown, but the car accident three years ago was the same as his own. v, because the industrial contract also had a lawsuit with the original landlord, and soon won again. I went to Yan Brother, this woman is not on the top of the mountain, but on the life, with the word Hong Kong, every time can save the risk?"

The sky gradually darkened, and the street lights lit up one after another. Yan Yan retracted his sight from a distance. Suddenly a few steps away from the sewer ditch, something flashed a slight light.

I didn’t pay attention to it. After a few seconds, some kind of intuition formed by the frontline criminal investigation work for more than a decade suddenly screamed in my mind.

"Yan brother?"

"……and many more."

Yan Yan stepped forward and crouched down, only to see the side of the sidewalk and the single lane, and there was a small little thing lying in the dust.

Zipper wedge.

Yan Yan picked it up with two fingers and looked at the small piece of semi-wrapped metal against the light and raised his eyes."How strict is the squad, on-site re-exploration found?"

"To check Yang Mei's case file in Jianning, let the technical investigation go in the office." Yan Yan stood up and put the zipper head into the evidence bag, saying: "I returned to the city bureau after half an hour, the scene was significant. Found that if the verification will become a breakthrough clue."


Yan Yan hangs up the phone, turns around, and all the action stops.

Not far from the back lane, the river stopped quietly standing under the street lamp, carrying a large plastic bag for take-out.

The two men looked at each other for a long while, and the car on the street in the distance was near and far. The moth hit the streetlight and made a slight humming sound.

Jiang stopped to go forward and handed the still hot plastic bag to Yan Yan’s hand, softly:

"Strict police officer, don't eat too late."

His gaze slid through the zipper wedge in the transparent evidence pocket, and the fingertips and the stern hand touched.

The two stood face to face, less than half a foot apart. Yan Yan saw his reflection from the light-colored pupils of the river, and immediately realized that his jaw muscles were so tight that he instinctively showed the sin of the enemy.

But this is actually very strange.

The man in front of him couldn’t conceal his illness, and it’s too far from the threat.

"...I know." Yan Yan stepped back halfway, covering his face like a sinking face, nodded: "Thank you."

Jiang stopped his sleeves and stood in the same place. He smiled and bowed his head. He turned his eyes and turned away. He gradually walked away under the street lights.

The sound of high-heeled shoes hitting the ground came from the alley. Yang Mei stopped at the end of the river and looked at Yan Yan and disappeared at the end of the road. He worriedly looked at the river and stopped: "Do you want to help him check this case?"

The river’s eyebrows have the same stream of warm water, and the tone is flat: “The case is not broken, the police’s attention will not be withdrawn, you want to be stared by the police.

How many months? ”

"...that," Yang Mei said and stopped, and asked: "What do you want to check?"

Jiang stopped to look down, did not answer immediately, seems to be thinking about something.

Yang Mei wraps a thin shawl and looks up at the dim light of the street lamp. It is spread on the hair and cheeks of the river, like a layer of delicate light gold tulle.

No matter how many years in the past, the river stop in Yang Mei’s eyes is no different from the first sight. The vicissitudes of the years and the hardships of the dead and the dead have not taken away enough of him to face any situation, overwhelmingly careful.

"Zipper," Jiang murmurs.

Yang Mei looked at him with a wrong eye.

Suddenly Jiang stopped and looked up: "Do you have something to sell to a second-hand shop?"

Yang Mei: "Second-hand shop?"


"Fendi?" Ma Xiang took the zipper in the evidence bag and looked at the light.

Strictly snoring and eating takeaway squid rice: "Uh huh."

The upper part of the zipper head is black sheepskin, the edge is covered with a yellow oil edge, and the lower part of the metal is hot fendi's text lg. The whole is still very new, the small buckle interface connected to the tail and the sliding wedge is loose, and it should be pulled hard after pulling or hanging.

Ma Xiang is a bit confused: "What can this prove?"Yan Yan squeezed the greasy chopsticks in one hand and pushed the computer screen on the desk to an angle, indicating that he was watching the official website of fendi.

Ma Xiang: "Hey?"

"Black sheepskin bag butter side of this color zipper, basically only used in their new men's shoulders this season. See no, this is this." Yan Yan used chopsticks to point out one of the pictures, click Zoom in and say: "In view of the fact that the seasonal models have just been released soon, the sales volume is limited, and the luxury stores are all recording customer information. I have already let a group of people go to the international financial center store to collect surveillance videos."

Ma Xiang said: "Where, this is OK?!"

"If you can't do it, you can run it. If you make a mistake, you won't lose anything. I want you to check Yang Mei's case file?"

Ma Xiang was stunned and only responded for a while, and quickly put the kraft paper bags on his hands.

Yan Yan leaned back in the back of the chair, opened the case file and began to read it. Ma Xiang immediately sneaked a piece of squid into his mouth, and he was so full of tears.

Yang Mei's case is not complicated. In essence, the original shop owner suddenly increased the price and destroyed the contract before signing. Yang Mei angered the other party to the court. However, because the contract itself is flawed and the procedures are not perfect, she is very likely to lose the lawsuit, and will be dragged into the long and complicated complaint procedure; in the eyes of the half-perspective, Yang Mei is best in the court. Withdrawal of the lawsuit, it is likely to both delay the business and lose a lot of money.

However she won.

It doesn't matter to the lawyer. At least after reading the trial record, I don't think that the lawyer is the top bird. The only thing that can be explained is that the judge fell in love with Yang Mei's peerless beauty.

Or, just as this woman escaped from prison in Gongli twice miraculously, someone who was high above the fog and hidden behind the fog again helped her.

Ma Xiang sneaked to the squid for the third time, and then he was knocked on the back of his hand by a sharp, lightning-like chopstick: "Hey!"

"Two packs of instant noodles are not enough for you to eat? Carefully repeat the tragedy of the director next door, his body is the addition of his mother every day!"

Ma Xiang felt very wronged: "Our people in the masses work overtime and instant noodles every day. It is best to have a hot pot. If you are a leader who is not a leader, you can still open a capitalist small stove?"

Yan Yan said: "The small stove that Lao Tzu exchanged for the beauty color has the ability to lie to one."

Ma Xiang: "What? The ktv boss mother really looks at your handsome face?!"

Yan Yan: "..."

"I said that she didn't look at your eyes yesterday! I was stunned by your strong chest muscles and biceps! Her weak white face boyfriend is comparable to your male hormone, Yan Genu, If you can sing free k in the future, you will see you!..."

Yan Yan angered: "Fast, don't push my biceps, do you want to be told that the trick is a pair?!"

Ma Xiang immediately tenderly like water: "Give me a squid meal, I can give it ten minutes..."Yan Yanran slammed him off the table, and the latter said that his pink glass had broken his heart. When the phone was ringing, the phone rang, and Yan Yan grabbed the squid rice in one hand and answered the phone: "Hey? I am strict, I have something to say."

"Yan Ge, we found the monitoring in the international financial center! In mid-April, the deceased went to the fendi store to buy the men's backpack you said, the price is 18,000, cash, HD images and sales records are Tune it out!"

Ma Xiang, this straight man who has never seen the world, his eyes are round on the spot, his face is full of hats, one thousand eight? !

Yan Yan boasted a sentence: "Lesso. Did the identity information left by the deceased come out?"

"There is something," the phone said at the end of the meeting. It was probably looking for an identity registration card. After a while, the voice rang again: "This is the name - the name is Chuci, compassionate kindness."

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