Chapter 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Chapter 3

The next day. (free full novel

"Thank you for taking the time to meet, but I think..."

Yan Yan immediately: "I understand."

The high-end restaurant in the downtown area has a private atmosphere and a good atmosphere. The piano music is slowly flowing in the slight collision of the silver knife and fork. The girl across the table bit his lip and euphemistically said: "Although I respect the police profession, I admire you for a lot of sacrifices, but still..."

Yan Yan: "I understand."

"Strict police officer, you are really a good person, no matter the appearance or the conditions are very good, you will be able to..."

Yan Yan: "I know."

The two men looked at each other for a long while, and the girl stopped talking.

Yan Yan sincerely said: "Don't worry, I will talk about the introducer."

The girl immediately unloaded the weight of eight hundred pounds and waved in a heavy relief: "waiter, pay the bill!"

"Buy it," Yan Yan smeared the cloth and wiped his mouth. He got up and said with courtesy: "I am embarrassed to delay your time. Which direction does your family live in? Can you allow me to send you a ride?"

The girl was slightly moved: "That is good, you..."

The phone rang.

——Strictly speaking, the family background is superior, the standard idols are appearances, and the perennial first-line criminal police work out the clothes, the body is thin and undressed, and the style is graceful and generous. It is a perfect blind date.

However, such an older man has repeatedly lost in the blind date market for one reason -


"Boss, the Wei Bureau allows you to come back immediately. The autopsy results of the ktv freezer corpse case last night have a major discovery, and the case is now transferred to the city bureau!"


Yan Yan hangs up the phone, raises his head, and asks with a smile that apologizes: "I will send you to the subway station?"

The girl is reasonable and has repeatedly expressed her support and understanding of the criminal police work. The two people said goodbye in a friendly atmosphere. After turning around, they deleted each other's WeChat for the first time.


Yan Yan walked down the restaurant steps, and the bright sunshine came at the beginning of May. He took the sunglasses from the neckline and put it on his hair. The girl flashed through the mind and said half of it: You will be able to...

Yan Yan is invincible: "You must be able to practice the right hand of God, believe in yourself!"

The phone immediately sounded and cheered for the dream.

Yan Yan took the laziness: "Which one?? Well, I am on the way back to the city bureau... What? What do you say?"

"Oh, the boss of the trough!" The voice of the chief forensic doctor can hear the dance from the phone: "You listen to me, it can be arrogant. We have detected something very rare from the body of the deceased, the May 1 holiday of the city bureau." For the seventh consecutive year, I’m soaking up, I’m asking you if you’re not satisfied? Hahahaha!”

Yan Yan: "...two dogs, speak people."

"Who is the second dog, my name is Philip! I want to go to the forensic doctor when I passed the five-point squad. In the face of the solemn flag and the police emblem, I read two poems: the Philip has lived and died, and the blasphemy blessing……"

"Hang up, see you later."

“Hey!” said the director, “Don't hang it, I will tell you: scopolamine.”

Strictly slamming the action: "What is East?""Sponching is an alkaloid similar to atropine and is usually found in motion sickness and seasickness. However, the content of scopolamine in the deceased is 1,600 times that of motion sickness and is combined with methamphetamine. , enough to cause strong hallucinations, epilepsy and mental disorders."

Yan Yan asked: "That is to say, this kid skating slid himself to death?"

"Yes, it is not." Director Yu said with pride. "Through my rich professional experience, detailed chemical knowledge, and bold analysis and verification... I can conclude that the hallucinogen in the deceased is a brand new type of drug, pay attention, new The type is different from all the drug formulas known in the market. The direct cause of death is that the deceased has a great hallucination and temperature imbalance in the body under the action of hallucinogens. Therefore, he actively walks into the freezer to close the door and live himself. Frozen to death - the fingerprint that you let the sub-station technical detection on the inside of the freezer door last night also proved this. How old is it? Is there a sense of openness?"

Yan Yan unscrupulously sent out the laurels of Wan Zhenguo last night: "Contemporary Conan!"

The director of the hospital said that he was humble.

"Let's go to the dog, inform everyone to come back to the meeting, and call Qinchuan, who is next door to the anti-drug detachment, to me - I have already got on the bus, and the city council will see it in fifteen minutes."

"Hey, dad, my name is Philip!..."

With a loud bang, Yan Yan went to the door and stepped on the gas pedal. He left the phone freely on the co-pilot, and the Grand Cherokee smoothly inserted into the traffic.

Fifteen minutes later, the Municipal Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment Conference Room.

On the May Day holiday, all the criminal police who did not return to their hometown to visit relatives were all in the same place. The forensic doctors who were guilty of drug, technical investigation, graphic investigation, and pudgy were present at the scene. Even the deputy director Wei Wei, who was in charge of criminal investigation, moved to the first place with a big tea jar. on.

Sternly glamorous and glamorous equipment, the white illi shirt cuffs are free to roll, revealing the solid elbows, and in the quiet breathing of the full house, the surveillance video on the big screen is turned on.

At 9:30 pm on May 2nd, a back wearing a blue shirt and black trousers appeared in security surveillance and stumbled into the depths of the alley.

The room is silent, and many people subconsciously lean forward, staring at the last image left in this world ten minutes before a person dies.

The deceased danced, the pace was awkward, I don’t know what’s in the fantasy.

Who talks, sometimes both hands struggle to stretch forward, sometimes painfully grabbing his hair, suddenly his foot squats, hit the trash.


Then I bumped into it, and I could hear the sound clearly through the screen. But the deceased seems to feel no pain, just tearing his neckline desperately, along with this action, the high-definition lens shows that his neck slowly squats down the dark liquid - that is the blood flowing out of the ear hole. Then he took off his sweater, and he was naked with his upper body on the side of the trash can, ignoring the dirty.

The neurotic sudden death caused a lot of chills in the hearts of the people in the conference room. At this moment, what seemed to have caught his attention from the back door of the ktv kitchen, the dead barely climbed up and swayed. Drilled into the kitchen.The picture flashed and the last figure of the deceased disappeared into the camera.

Philip snorted and coughed.

"The autopsy report has already been obtained. Combined with the fingerprints found on the inside of the freezer, we initially suspected that the deceased put herself in the freezer under the strong magical effect of scopolamine. As you can see, no trace of injection was found in the veins of the deceased. As well as the anatomy of the esophagus, it was found that there were residues such as methamphetamine and amine, so it can be considered that the drug was orally administered into the body."

Philip put the autopsy photo on the big screen and turned it to the public with a laser pointer. He said: "The key is that we tried to restore the hallucinogenic formula and found that the drugs taken by the deceased were not on the market. Any known drug coincides."

Everyone whispered, and Deputy Director Wei leaned forward: "Is it a new type of drug?"

Criminal investigations do not talk about major secondary issues. After all, everyone is the same person, but from a serious perspective, there are also serious differences in various cases. The severity of the influx of new drugs into the jurisdiction is probably about 20 people killed in the downtown area within a day of abnormal murder, or Yan Yan suddenly fell ill in the public security system.

If it is a new drug inflow, where is the source? What is the channel?

Is there a scale? How many downlines have been developed?

The room was quiet, no one spoke, and suddenly a low voice said: "...not quite right."

Everyone looked at them, and Deputy Director Wei took a big teacup: "What is wrong, Xiaoyan?"

Yan Yan did not speak, and looked at the monitoring again. The maddening image swayed deep in his pupil until he was over, and he clicked on the corner of the screen.

"At nine o'clock last night, the witnesses saw the dead on the sidewalk not far from the back door of KTV, carrying a black shoulder bag like a schoolbag. Where is this bag now?"

"The deceased appeared in the surveillance at 9:30, the drug effect has already occurred, and soon died. Then from 9:00 to 9:30, where did the deceased go, what did it do, or who did you meet? ?"

Everyone hasn't heard anything yet, Ma Xiang slammed his hand and replied: "He went to buy drugs! In the bag... the bag is filled with cash!"

"Not necessarily cash," Yan said.

He paused and licked his chin with a gunshot finger: "We assume that the deceased and the drug dealer agreed to meet near the crime scene, get drugs, and complete the transaction. The deceased swallowed the drug by oral form. Soon, MDMA, the amine caused him hallucinations, body temperature disorders, and body heat. So he began to undress, the first to break off the shoulders."

A bulging backpack can be thrown freely on the side of the road. Even in the small alleys at night, there is a great possibility that people will go away.

Besides, the deceased is full of famous brands from head to toe. Even the underwear must be four or five hundred. The backpack must not be a bargain, and the possibility of being taken care of is even greater.Deputy Director Wei’s brow wrinkled tightly: “But the branch has not yet found the source of the corpse, and the police center has not received the report of the missing person who meets the conditions. The mobile phone positioning is temporarily impossible.”

Yan Yan pointed to the surveillance video and suddenly asked: "Where will the drug addicts take drugs?"

This question was quite a jump. Wei deputy director did not respond. Some people coughed at the poisonous side: "According to our experience of arresting people, they are roughly divided into two categories. One is when the drug addiction is attacked at home alone. The other is a close-knit drug friend who enjoys the crowd."

The person who spoke was Sven Jun, wearing a pair of Phnom Penh glasses, and the tone was not warm. It was Qinchuan who was temporarily pulled from the next-door anti-drug detachment.

The anti-drug of the Municipal Bureau is similar to that of criminal investigation. The top leaders are nearing retirement, but the second-in-command has not yet reached the age where they can go up. The helpless leader can only fight for the old man; the second-in-command of the criminal investigation detachment is Yan Yu, anti-drug. There is Qinchuan over there.

Although the two are often friends who go out to drink alcohol, but in the city bureau, Qinchuan's reputation is very reliable - after all, Qinchuan is good at wearing a big tail wolf, the elegant side is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the sly side is better hidden, this A kind of intellectual youth is more like aunts and aunts. Like Yan Yan, the whole group of criminal police will be taken out to sing k, which will challenge the fragile nerves of the leaders.

"Individual drug use generally occurs in the psychological safety zone of drug addicts, including homes, rental houses, hotel rooms, and it is not likely that drug addicts will dance on the street while high. The surveillance video of v did not find this sign. ”

"In short," Qin Chuan paused and pushed the glasses: "There is no clue. I can't think of how the deceased will go to the road."

There was a loud discussion in the conference room.

“No,” suddenly said, “There is still a third situation.”

Qin Chuan said: "What is the situation?"

Yan Yan said:

"Test the goods."

Strictly rubbed his thighs and legs, reclined in the swivel chair, and knocked the edge of the table with a laser pointer.

"'This is a new item that is not available on the market, especially strong enough, you can try it here, if you feel good, you will take it away' - we assume that the dealers and drug dealers are not far from the crime scene, walking distance In about five to ten minutes, it looks very concealed and comfortable, and it gives the addict a sense of security... but it is actually not so safe."

In the video, the back door of the ktv is connected to the deserted alley at night. It is surrounded by narrow paths, closed shops, and food stalls. Qinchuan’s line of sight patrols on the screen and suddenly realizes:


Drug addiction is coming up, and it’s common to be in the car. The deceased was connected in the drug dealer's car. I didn't expect the "fresh goods" to be too strong, so that he broke free from the backpack after "testing" and ignored the block. He is the most likely guessing close to the facts!

"Big dog, how long does it take for this hallucinogen to take from the time it takes to the attack?"

Philip said with a sigh of relief: "Five to ten minutes, within fifteen minutes to reach the peak of efficacy."Yan Yan stood up: "Ma Xiang went to the traffic police brigade to collect surveillance video of all entrances and exits around the scene from 9:00 to 10:00 last night. After 9:00, he entered the area and stayed for more than half an hour to track all license plates. Qin Chuan, with anti-drug The brothers further explored the source of new drugs flowing into the city, and I re-examined the crime scene."

Everyone got up and acted. Qin Chuan pushed the chair back and asked: "What inspiration do you have, old?"

"Bag." Yan Yan said shortly, "I found the bag, not far from the truth."

The May Day holiday effectively reduced the evening peak, Yan Yan smoked with one hand and the steering wheel in one hand. When the green light was on, the car flow slowly moved forward. The voice of Ma Xiang came from the Bluetooth headset: "The brothers of Fuyang Traffic Police Brigade have already The surveillance video was transferred out. The preliminary comparison of the maps and surveys showed that there were 12 vehicles that met the screening criteria. How do you do the strict brother now?"

Yan Yan asked: "How many cars are not filmed?"

On the opposite side, I learned about Sosuo for a moment, "Three!"

“How many of the remaining nine cars are loaded when they leave the incident?”

"Hey - it's hard to say that the film can't be seen clearly, and the two cars are fully visualized."

"The target is found in the remaining seven vehicles. When leaving the vehicle, two or fewer people in the vehicle are listed as priority investigations."

Ma Chao wondered: "Why?"

Yan Yan just wanted to answer, suddenly there was a loud noise in front of him, and then the vehicles stopped suddenly, and the horns sounded one after another.

"--Strict brother! What happened to you?"

Yan Hao probe went out, only to see the traffic lights in front of the intersection, a BMW took the US group to take out the collision, the motorcycle turned over, and the dumplings spilled over the ground.

"How do you ride a bicycle, red light, are you still going forward?"

"You don't believe this way, I have a red light!..."

Yan Yan extinguished the cigarette butt: "Nothing, I changed the road in front of the car. If there are more than two passengers in the target car, then the deceased will not be able to stop the death of the car after the episode, so the driver plus passengers, the number is The possibility of one to two is relatively large. You should go back to the city bureau first, and I will bring you later..."

Yan Yan’s voice suddenly stopped.

The traffic lights changed again and the opposite traffic started slowly. However, not far from the accident, a silhouette of the intersection stood at the center of the intersection and stared straight at the motorcycle that was knocked over.

He was like being sucked out of the soul, and he did not respond to the vehicles that were getting closer and closer, and the truck in front did not seem to find this inconspicuous pedestrian, and he directly pressed it forward.

Yan Yan Kong is shrinking – he recognizes who this person is!

All the details happen at the same moment. Yan Yan hit the steering wheel, stepped on the throttle, the sharp horn tore the air, all the way long changed lanes, rubbed on the truck, the traffic on the two roads in the bumps stopped at the same time!

"I x!" The truck driver braked and angered: "You are jealous, are you fucking?"

Yan Yan jumped out of the car and took out the police from the inside of the jacket. The driver was stupid for a moment, but he saw that Yan Yan’s head had not returned, and he rushed straight to the corner of the intersection.

That is Jiang stop.——When the horn sounded, Jiang’s consistently clear brain seemed to be a crash, and it was blank. He couldn't see, hear, or react. In the field of vision, only the scene of the car accident in front of him was infinitely magnified and distorted. The broken time and space roared and swallowed up all consciousness. He drove again in the rain three years ago. On the provincial highway.

Yes, that day.

In the distance behind the car, the sirens are shaking, and the red and blue interlaced lights are hidden in the rearview mirror. He is like a trapped beast that falls into a trap. He is rampant and has nowhere to go. His mind only echoes a word repeatedly. He must not fall into the hands of those people and can no longer fall into his hands.

The throttle accelerates to the bottom, and the next second, a truck that has changed lanes.

Collision, severe pain, dizziness, and whirl. Countless car horns come and go, reality and memory alternate, perception and illusion mix.

Immediately afterwards, Jiang stopped his body and the whole person turned around. He was picked up by the waist and a solid hand broke his magical obstacle.

Yan Yan hit the river and stopped, three steps and two steps through the street, rushed onto the sidewalk, placed on the bench on the street, grabbed the squat and forced him to look up at himself: "Hey, what's wrong with you? Wake up !"


"Look at me!"

The river stops at a focal length and the lips tremble slightly.

Then suddenly he woke up from a nightmare, and suddenly grasped the hand that Yan Yan pulled his chin.

"...I'm sorry," Jiang stopped breathing. "Sorry."

Yan Yan overlooked him from a height, so close, the face that was not seen clearly at the scene last night was clearly reflected in the eye, even the curvature of each eyelash, the tired shadow of the fundus, and the slightly white lips Nothing to do.

In an instant, Yan Yu’s heart once again vaguely revealed a certain shadow.

- But then it was interrupted.

When Jiang stopped suddenly realizing his own grievances, he let go of his strict hand. The whole person leaned back and pulled a distance and raised his eyes and asked: "Strict police officer?"

At that moment, the Jiangshu, who was sober in normal state, came back again. Except for the pale face, which showed a little bit of wolverine, all the invisible guards were re-equipped with the action of reclining.

Yan Yan stood up and coughed.

"Sit here and wait for me." He said in a succinct manner, striding to the traffic jamming on the road.

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