Chapter 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Chapter 2

"This freezer? Freezer is our kitchen specializing in ice packs. (Free full novels foreman called me to bring ice, and when I opened the door, I bumped into the big brother and fell straight down. I hit me on the spot - police comrades, I really I don’t know anything. I’m scaring myself. I don’t believe you see that my pants are wet now!...”

The flashing lights of the branch inspectors are on the rise, and the technical detectives are busy collecting fingerprints, footprints and other physical evidence. Strictly wearing a shoe cover, crossing the survey board, kneeling on the side of the body, raised the chin.

The branch of the forensic doctor sternly called the stern deputy detachment.

"How to say?"

"The deceased was undressed abnormally, the corpse spot was bright red, and the corpse was naked. There was a small blisters on the joint between the exposed part and the waistband. It was preliminarily concluded that it was in line with the phenomenon of freezing and lethal. Accurate death time is not good judgment, plus the phenomenon of eye, nose, nose and nose bleeding, specifically Wait until you go back and do a detailed autopsy."

Strictly pressed the fingertips of the gloves and pressed the corpse spots, slightly rubbing his eyes. His eyebrows slanted into the hair, because the eye sockets were deep and the nose was tall, and the angle seemed a bit sullen, saying: "No."

Yan Yan, deputy captain of the criminal investigation detachment of Jianning City Public Security Bureau, and a group leader, deputy division level, three-level police superintendent, Leo - famous in the public security system, from the police for more than ten years, its various legends Can support ten people who know the paragraph, once because the wine bottle and drug dealers dried up and was selected by the city council as the top ten people of the year.

The branch doctors did not dare to neglect and asked: "What do you think?"

"Abnormal undressing usually occurs when the body temperature drops, the consciousness is blurred, and the brain-throat temperature center sends out the wrong signal, that is, the person is already freezing and dead--but our big brother is not taking off his clothes. In the refrigerator, is he already frozen before he gets into the refrigerator?"

A forensic doctor.

The forensic doctor did not answer it at the time, and Yan Yan did not care. He said: "Old Wan, block the KTV and the back door alleys, let the people in your team go to find the clothes and carry-on items of the deceased, focusing on the investigation of wallets, keys, mobile phones, etc. It is very helpful to determine the source of the corpse. The technical investigation will take control, and by the way, keep an eye on the alarm center and the disappearance record within the next 24 hours. A big living person is not good enough, and some people will definitely find it. ”

Wan Zhenguo, the head of the Criminal Investigation Team of the branch, sent his men according to his instructions. He turned and said, "I look at it. If he didn't sneak in from the back door, then this place is too much to drink and take off." It is not guaranteed who has taken the deceased's things away."

The two of them were kneeling on the side of the body bag, and they were blindfolded with the big brother who was not eye-catching. Half a mile, Wan Zhenguo said: "You said that this person is not a thief. In the middle of the sneak, I heard someone coming in and panicked into the freezer. Go, don't pay attention to killing yourself?"

Criminal police officers like this burglary accident have seen more, but Yan Yan did not answer, after a moment of inspection, said: "Not like."

"Ok?"Yan Yan pulled the waist of the deceased down, and two fingers raised the lg edge of the underwear: "This fabric is authentic, and the discount has to sell four or five hundred. The clothes worn outside wear big cards and say that underwear buys this grade. Is the problem of the concept of consumption. If such a rich man is still a 'craftsman', is it too much to pursue?"

Wan Zhenguo’s “嘿——” slammed his arms and squinted his eyes. He looked at Yan’s eighteen round-trips and slowly swallowed: “I said Yan Yan.”

"What strict deputy, called Yan deputy detachment, you are a big captain who is your deputy."

Wan Zhenguo said: "Yes, Yan deputy detachment, you are really a Conan."

Yan Yan's face does not change color: "It's good to say. I know that the comrades in the branch have always respected me and admired me..."

Wan Zhenguo said: "Where are you going to die, sing a k can hit the ice in the freezer, this person will not be you kill? Hurry and confess to let the brothers go home to sleep."

Severely gave him a slap in the back of his head and smiled and said: "Hey! - With your strict brother's means, if I kill someone, can you let me discover?" He said that he took out the smoke and swayed out.

"The monitoring of the back door of the kitchen back door is always bad. There is no one at all except the illegal parking. On the two garbage bins, I will be impatient to fix it over time... No, police comrades, you said that I am repairing Why is it waiting to shoot illegal parking? That is the traffic police!"

“Throwing things? We are all in the special wine cellar. We have something to steal from the pots and pans in the kitchen. I’ve never seen this person before. It’s definitely not a regular visitor. Our store is consciously abiding by the law. Standardized operation, even the alcoholic alcohol with more than 40 alcoholic alcohol is not sold. The police comrades tell me first, this person died in my store, do we still have to lose money?!"

Ktv has been emptied and put on the cordon. The police in the branch office are making a record for Yang Mei in the hall. Strictly smoking the smoke, the police immediately got up: "Strictly, sit."

Yan Yan snorted, just about to sit down, suddenly seeing the sights not far away, the action is a meal.

A young man was sitting in a wheelchair, facing them, and was being questioned by the police.

The dance hall in the Qing Dynasty was full of mess, the years of fat powder and smoke and alcohol have not yet dispersed, the solitary stage lighting from the other side, let the man's dark hair eyebrows, excessive pale skin, and the surrounding environment The extremely uncoordinated temperament is exceptionally abrupt.

Yan Yan used the cigarette butt to point out: "Who is that?"

The police signaled Yang Mei to answer.

"..." Yang Mei, who was still anxious to lose money, swallowed his voice, and his voice was slightly light, saying: "It’s my fiance."

The policeman’s pen slammed away.

Yan Yan looks unchanged: "How to sit on the wheel

On the chair? ”

"I used to set a dear in the county. Later, he went to Jianning to find me. There was a car accident on the road, and I was in a coma for a while. I just woke up recently, and the temporary action was not convenient..." Yang Mei unnaturally smashed it. Long hair, said: "I just took out the hospital today and temporarily settled in the upstairs dormitory."

Yan Yan looked at the river for a moment: "Which county do you have?"Yang Mei said the name of an underground county. Yan Yan said, "Your county is quite awesome."

Yang Mei felt guilty and didn't understand what he meant. He only saw Yan Yan getting up and walking.

"Do you see the deceased in the back lane?" The policeman asked while recording: "How do you see what the deceased was doing at the time? Hey, Yan deputy detachment!"

The policeman just got up and gave up, and Yan Yan pressed his shoulder back. He took half of the transcripts and held the cigarette but did not raise his instructions: "Continue."

Jiang’s line of sight took a turn from Yan Yan, and he waved back without a shock.

"...he seemed to be waiting for someone at the time."

Police: "Hey?"

"We didn't talk, we just took a photo. He wore a blue tunic with a black top and a black shoulder. It was a bit like a school bag. I just glanced at it. He immediately walked away and looked like a ring. Strong like."

The branch agent came to hold the evidence bag: "Strict deputy detachment! This is what we found in the back lane garbage bin, and the 10,000 team let us show you the first!"

Yan Yan took a look, the bag was a blue linen pullover, "No wallet, cell phone or key?"

The agent shook his head again and again.

“Have you found a black backpack?”

The agent did not: "Try back and forth several times, only this sweater."

"Let's do it." Yan Yan took the evidence bag and handed it to the river. "Are you this one?"

Jiang stopped without picking up, and looked at his hand and nodded.

Yan Yan returned the evidence bag to the agent: "Give it to the technical investigation, and by the way, do not forget to print the fingerprint on the inside of the freezer door and compare it with the deceased. If it is right, the deceased is drilling himself. The freezer; if it is not right, the freezer door is closed to someone else, then the nature of the matter has changed."

The detectives were too busy to run, and Yan Yan turned around and did not say anything. He looked down at Jiang.

The policeman who made the transcript was a bit awkward, and Jiang stopped without talking. The space around this side was suddenly extraordinarily quiet. After a long while, I used a cigarette butt to order a wheelchair: "What happened?"

"Car accident." Jiang stopped quietly and replied, "The speed has hit the truck."

"Can you stand up?"

“The doctor said that I have to regain my health for a while.”

Yan Yan nodded, and thoughtfully narrowed his eyes, suddenly asked: "Where have I seen you?"

Jiang stopped looking at his gaze and just made a stunned expression.

"What's your name?"

"Lu Chengjiang, written in the transcript."

Yan Yan repeated: "Lu, Cheng, Jiang."

The atmosphere became very weird at the moment, and the stern face was hidden behind the cigarettes. No one knew that the criminal investigation team leader of the slinger was pondering what was going on. Even the sub-office criminal police squinted and stunned.

Not far behind them, Yang Mei finished the transcript and walked over to this side.

"Stop the clouds, the rain is misty; the eight tables are faint, and the flat land is into the river." Yan Yan rubbed his chin and suddenly said: "Good name."

Yang Mei’s footsteps slammed.

The river stopped and answered the question: "Thank you for the police officer.""Let's do it, let you Lao Wan prepare to close the team." Yan Yan took the transcript back to the police, turned and walked backwards: "The body was transported back to the branch anatomy, and all the cases involve people to accept the call, pony!"

Ma Xiang, who is under his command, said this with the technical investigation of the branch office. He heard a sneak rush: "Hey! Yan Ge!"

"Come and leave, go home."

"--Police officer?" Yang Mei was very surprised. She subconsciously reached out and stopped him: "Is this going home?"

Yan Yan cold and cold: "Oh yes, I haven't paid you any money. The ps machine brought it to me." Ma Xiang reminds me that Minger will call the 315 Consumer Association..."

"Don't be handsome!" Yang Mei, who loves his life, immediately screamed: "It’s very embarrassing to have trouble in the middle of the night. How can you ask for your money? Don’t don’t stop! Take it back and take it. Go back! No! Take - back - go -!"

Yang Mei took the card to the People’s Liberation Army to give the card a hard boiled egg and pushed it back to Yan Yan. His face was full of smiles: "Oh, you see your life... I actually want to ask, when is the survey result? Out, how early can this be said?"

Yan Yan took out a few banknotes and squatted on the bar: "Ask the branch office."

"Don't you?"

"No guns are not involved in poisoning, but three can't go to the city bureau." Yan Yan waved his hand and walked straight to the gate. He didn't return his head: "Of course, if the gun is involved in poison, you can finish the black shop." Ma Xiang, leave!"


Yang Mei stayed in the same place, watching the police lifted the body away, blocked the scene, and other people were gone, only to cry and tears: "What is this? Jiang Ge, Jiang Ge?"

The river stopped crossing the fingers and said nothing. Under the light and shadow of the people who sold the golden caves, I saw the sharply cut lines of his jaws, along the side necks, all the way down and down into the shirt neckline.

For a long while he hoared: "I have seen him."

Yang Mei did not respond: "What?"


Yang Mei lived, and I saw Jiang’s eyebrows lingering, and slowly said: “Five years ago, in the case of Gongzhou Jianning’s joint venture with my commander, this person went deep into the gun and suffered a gun dealer. At the bottom of the bottle, the person was killed on the spot. At the celebration meeting, he was on the stage. I sat down on the stage and walked far away. Later, because of this, he was promoted to the deputy detachment."

Yang Mei’s heart is awkward.

"This person doesn't play cards according to common sense. I used to..."

Yang Mei asked: "What was it?"

Jiang stopped for a long time and said: "I don't agree with him because of this, but I personally appreciate it."

I don't know why the intuition of being a woman makes Yang Mei feel that Jiang stopped seems to have hidden some of his inner feelings, but what is hidden specifically, and why he did not mention it, but Jiang stopped without saying. Yang Mei waited for a long time and had to swear: "Fortunately, fortunately the case is not in his hands..."

Jiang stopped and pushed his hands in a wheelchair and turned around. As if he had foreseen something, he shook his head. "Maybe I should listen to you and stay in the hospital for a few more days."The Grand Cherokee turned off the lights and flew on the empty streets in the middle of the night. Sternly sitting on the co-pilot, turned on the rooflights and flipped through the photo of the scene, suddenly looking up and looking ahead, thoughtful.

Ma Xiang glanced at him with the steering wheel: "How come Yange, go to the bowl to wake up?"

Yan Yan did not answer, and suddenly asked: "Did you see the wheelchair?"

"Strict brother, I know you have to say this. I am worried that the sick beauty lamp is not the type that is now popular. You will always be the first policeman of the Jianning City Bureau in our hearts..."

"You don't think he is familiar?"

Ma Xiang squatted, "No wow."

"But I always feel where I have seen this person."

Yan Yan closed his eyes and opened it again after a while. He tried his best to search in his mind, but there was no gain. In the chaotic memory, a trace of indescribable heart spread with the strange taste from the root of the tongue. It seems that there was a looming back that was close at hand but difficult to reach. A flash of thought, then sink into the abyss of memory.

For a long while, he took a deep breath and murmured: "But I can't remember it for a while."


At the same time, the suburbs.

At the end of the wilderness is the city lights, the night winds over the top of the mountain, the distant stars, the gauze-like Milky Way across the top of the sky.

"Tianshu, Kaiyang, Shake the Light, Big Dipper. Going down the handle is the big star, the first bright star of the husband's seat, and then look down, the white starlight is a corner."

The girl turned her head and looked at her lover. The beautiful eyes were full of envy: "It's so bright!"

"Yes, the corner is the brightest star of Virgo, two hundred and sixty light years from Earth."

Her lover paused a little, not knowing what she was thinking, and her lips were awkward and a smile appeared:

"The ancient name star is the first of the twenty-eight stars. It is brave and decisive. It can be used for good warfare. But do you know? Whenever you observe it, the corners are all pure white, just like the maid, a little flawless." Pure white."

His voice was low, mellow and gentle, like a fascinating night wind. The girl’s heart was tempted by a hint of courage, and she stepped forward and raised her head and trembled: “You...”

Just then, the car satellite phone rang in the distance.

The man smiled and told her to wait, turned to the off-road vehicle and picked up the phone: "Hey?"

The girl hesitated for a moment and followed. Her lover's half body was hidden in the shadows, and she couldn't see what the expression was on her face. She only heard the opposite words from the microphone: "...53 eight beds, then..."

After a moment, he said: "I know."

He hung up and stood at the door for a while.

In the distance, long and short insects rang in the grass, and the fragrant air in the spring and early summer passed over the plains and rivers, and picked up the soft hair of the girl.

I don't know how long it took, the man turned to look at her and said: "It's time to go back."

"But clearly said tonight..."

Her lover is still very gentle: "Get on the bus."

The girl licked her lips, but she could not refuse it. She had to go forward sullenly.Under the night sky, a modified h2 passed through the high and low undulating wasteland and headed for the vast sea of ​​light at the end of the horizon. Gd1806102

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