Chapter 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Chapter 1


The smoldering waves slammed into Mars, and the gravel burned and splattered in the explosion. Free full-text novels (bearing walls can not hold, the new round collapsed from far and near, the flames in the broken wall fell like a rainstorm from the top of the head, the distant flashing lights and the vocal vocals are isolated:

"The command center requested reinforcements to request reinforcements!"

"Jiang team, what about the Jiang team?!"

"It’s not good for the Jiang team to rush in! Fast!!..."


Purgatory turned into a mottled and distorted color block, which nourished as fast as the tide; the palm of the wall was burnt, and the blood that flowed from the five fingers was quickly evaporated by the flame. But he was all without pain, and he couldn't hear anything. No matter how many times the same scene was repeated in a dream, the whole world only sounded his own hoarse breath, and then he raised the gun in the shadow of the devil who gradually came out of the sea of ​​fire. ——


The figure is getting closer and closer.



The bullet plunged into the illusory shadow, as if passing through the air, silently into the fire.

His hand was loose, and the 92nd fell in front of him, making a negligible scream in the fire.

"I am here," he heard the snake-like voice behind him, gently squatting in his ear with a cold smile, then stroking his cheek with one hand and said, "Jiang stopped, I am here."

In the first thousand and ten times, he turned back from his dreams. However, no matter how hard he tried his best, he could not see the shadow of the nightmare.

"Go to hell, come with me." The figure smiled and said: "Your everything is over... it will end forever."

He closed his eyes, and the last sense of consciousness heard the fire whistling close, and the siren was far away. But the raging fire devours everything, the earth trembles and burns, and countless claws stick out, dragging him into the abyss of the sky...


Three years later, Jianning City.

Jiang stopped his eyes.

The sun was thrown into the ward from the tulle curtains, and the white and clean walls reflected the halo. A bunch of white roses in front of the bed still had dew, giving off a faint fragrance, and the nurse's soft voice floated in from the hidden door:

"53 eight beds are going to be discharged from the hospital today. You tell the director that you are going to make a list for your family..."

"It has been coma for several years, and I can still wake up and be discharged! It is obvious that people are..."

“Hey!” the head nurse whispered: “Do your work!”

The footsteps gradually went away, and the river stopped responding.

He stayed in a waking posture, leaning against the recliner in front of the window, deep in the pupil with the indifference to the nightmare, reflecting the lush trees and the blue sky farther.

After a while, the ward door was gently pushed open and someone approached carefully. Jiang stopped without looking back, and came to the side until he came to the side, whispering: "Jiang Ge."

Yang Mei's delicately dyed curly hair, black dress, red nails, carrying a platinum bag, and a large envelope just brought out in the doctor's office under the arm, seeing his eyes cast, Yingying smiled: "I see you. I didn't wake you up when I fell asleep. The procedures are all done, the car is downstairs, let's go."

Jiang stopped silently and nodded after a moment.This is a well-equipped private sanatorium in Jianning. Even if it is just an instrument to sustain life, it costs a lot of money. Moreover, when he wakes up, he is in good physical condition. He wants to take care of it in the past few years.

But in any case, after three years of coma, it is still difficult to recover as usual.

"Have you heard that the 53-bed that was unconscious for three years was her fiance!"

"A good end is a white Fumei is so infatuated..."

"It’s also a rumor at a young age. Wouldn’t it be impossible to stand up in the future?”


Yang Mei personally pushed the wheelchair into the elevator, and the door slowly closed, and the words smuggled in the air were isolated.

The elevator began to fall, and the metal door reflected the face with no expression on the river. However, Yang Mei behind him was a bit awkward and coughed: "When the transfer was here, the nurse asked me to fill in the form, and there was a family relationship. It’s also a moment of confusion...”

Jiang stopped: "If it wasn't for you, I was already dead."

"How can I say this? If it is not Jiang Ge, I still don't know where to hang on, I am you today."

"But those people didn't give up on me." Jiang stopped interrupting her. "I am inconvenient to move, and I have the fate of life. Be careful not to be dragged down by me."

Yang Mei still wants to say something, but she saw the reflection on the elevator door. Jiang stopped closing her eyes and had to hold back.


The Chinese lantern has not yet fallen, and the neon lights of the KTV nouvelles have already lighted up early. A big rush brushed and stopped at the back door. Yang Mei got off the car and stepped on the door of the back seat. He just had to go with the driver to help, and Jiang stopped raising his hand to stop her.

Jiang stopped to grab the door, and made a force, and made an inconspicuous suffocation. After a while, he stood up slowly.

"Hey brother, you slow down!" The driver was subconsciously reaching out, but he saw Yang Mei take a step faster than him. He grabbed the person and gave him a heavy hand to go to the entrance of the KTV back door.

Jiang stopped from awakening until now for less than a month. The daily walk is still unfavorable. Yang Mei is wearing high heels, and the two people swayed on the sidewalk. Jiang stopped and said, "It’s still open."

He refers to this ktv, Yang Mei said: "Well, this contract dispute was still solved by you. Open this store, the news of the three religions can be known, but it is safer - you

looking at what? ”

She looked down the river and looked away. Not far from the back door of KTV, there was a young boy carrying a schoolbag standing on the road and seemed to be waiting for someone. When the two sides contacted, the boys quickly bowed their heads and walked away in a hurry.

"Nothing." Jiang stopped to look back. "Go in."

"The first and second floors are all private rooms, the third floor office and dormitory. I usually live here. The conditions are general, you will be there first. Xiao Zhang! What are you doing, pour water to Jiang Ge!"

The waiter was busy walking outside, but was stopped by the river: "Buy you."

The soundproofing of the dormitory is quite good, and I can hardly hear the noise of the KTV downstairs. Yang Mei has been arranged in advance, the window is facing the back alley, the table and chair bed is fully furnished, just like a small hotel suite."There are many people in the store who are not convenient. In a few days, I went to buy a house and settled down. There is also a place to hide. The people in Gongju can't find me here. It has been a few years. They must have thought of you. Already dead, wait two more years, if it hasn’t moved yet, I will close the store, let’s go high...”

Yang Mei sneaked around, squatting around to pick up the things and put on the curtains.

Jiang stopped his eyes on the dressing mirror, the dim light reflected his face, the eyelashes, the nose beam cast a very three-dimensional shadow, the cold eye sockets and lips are hidden in the darkness.

Yang Mei said: "China is so big. Going to Guangxi and Yunnan, you can't find a ghost. You can't find it... You Jiang, I will give you this for washing things."

As soon as she turned back, she saw Jiang sitting under the lamp, and the light and shadow outlined the straight lines of the body, slender and ten fingers crossed, and the fingertips showed a subtle light.

The beauty given by God is no more beautiful, and the tragic car accident and three years of coma are enough to make a beautiful skin change. But at that moment, Yang Mei looked at the river under the lamp, but felt that he did not change too much. Some of the inspiring things that emerged from the bones were the same as when they first saw it a few years ago. .

Yang Mei did not dare to bother him. Until a long time, the river stopped sinking: "I have been able to move in a convenient period of time, and I will go back to Gongzhou. You can pack things back to your hometown and avoid the limelight."

"-What?" Yang Mei was very unexpected: "No, Jiang Ge, the gangs are doing things in vain. If they find that you are not dead, they will definitely want your life! Moreover, not only them, but also that person, that More terrible -"

Yang Mei’s voice stopped like a shackled.

There is a more terrible existence, and even the name does not have to be mentioned, which makes her fear that it is difficult to speak.

"I know," Jiang said. "But when the plastic factory exploded, the people in my team were inside, and the lead was filled with more than a dozen lives. I have to explain to them."

Yang Mei lived, and Jiang stopped her from waving her hand, which meant that she didn't have to say much.

"Give me a set of ID cards, mobile phones and computers, buy a few more non-real-name mobile phone cards. Go."

Yang Meizhen for a moment, long sighed and turned and went out.


At this time, ktv has already started to operate, and the lights of the corridor decoration are changing. The music with strong rhythm is heard in the hall, and the young people dressed in fashion are passing by. When Yang Mei stopped the river, he gave instructions to the assistant, and immediately explained it carefully, and then went to the underground building to go around.

She came out of the crystal elevator and turned a corner. Suddenly, a box of doors opened in front of him. A tall man wrapped up behind him and screamed and screamed, "Death must love" striding out and went straight to the bar at the wine bar. The trend is to look at the glass in front of the bartender:

"What is your home selling?!"

Yang Mei couldn't help but stay in the footsteps, only to see the bartenders look at the moment: "Long Island Iced Tea."

"You taste it yourself, does this iced tea have a bit of alcohol?"

"Without the taste of wine, our family sells iced tea pro."

"No, then you are not consumer fraud?"The bartender immediately put his face on the board and said with conviction: "You don't like to listen to the handsome guy. You call it Long Island Iced Tea, which is made with fresh black tea and lemon. It is clearly a good quality iced tea. How can I call fraud?"

"..." The man's three views were obviously subverted, and half awkwardly said: "Then I will order a bloody Mary. You are now cutting your wrist and throwing a black dog blood for me to try?"

Yang Mei: "..."

This man is about thirty years old, his face is really ok, even the ktv dye-like variegated light can not overwhelm his profound and straightforward facial features. The shirts are thin and thin, and when they turn their heads, they show a clear outline of the muscles on the side neck.

Bartender: "Oh, you are laughing, handsome, bloody Mary, don't worry, I will cut you a tomato!"


The bartender glimpsed, only to see the handsome guy pull out the Swiss army knife from the back of the waist and take the bar, cold and cold: "Do you come by yourself, or can I help you?"

Yang Meimei’s heart beats. She had been mixing on the road for a long time, and she saw a few sighs from the handsome man's eyebrows at a glance.

"You, you," the bartender snorted and stalked back and forth: "You said what you said?"

"This handsome guy is embarrassed." Yang Mei strode forward and laughed loudly: "I am the boss here, the store is for safety considerations. I don't sell alcohol with more than forty degrees of alcohol, so I will make Long Island Iced Tea." It became iced tea. If you want a cocktail, would you like to re-send it to you? Xiao Liu!"

The bartender on the chest name in Chinese and English - Agatha Don Francisco Tony - immediately screamed at the singer.

“Take a handsome guy a beach sunset,” Yang Meichong said with a smile: “I’ll ask for it.”

The man looked at her up and down, and then slowly closed the folding knife and snorted: "Standard management is quite conscious."

Yang Mei laughed and said: "It’s a good idea to say that our waiters didn’t make it clear. You see, Long Island Iced Tea is written on the list of ‘Alcohol Free Drinks’. It’s embarrassing to misunderstand you.”

However, she did not explain it. After an explanation, she again subverted the man's three views: "-- misunderstanding?" He pointed at the wine glass and said incrediblely: "On this Kang|Master ice black tea, you sell two hundred and eight, but also good to say I have a misunderstanding, when I am still stupid?"

Yang Mei: "..."

The handsome guy turned around and returned to the box. It was obvious that the friend would come out to judge. Yang Mei was trying to catch up. Suddenly, the kitchen stumbled and ran to a chef. It was like a straw and she pulled her: "Yang, Yang is not good! Kitchen, kitchen freezer..."

Yang Meiyi bowed his head, and the chef’s white face was blue in the lower half of the light, and the whole body was shaking like a wind:

"There was a thief who went into the freezer, frozen and frozen, as if it was frozen!"


Yang Mei stood in front of the open large freezer, and a syllable could not be sent out.

The hustle and bustle of the nightclub seemed to be far apart, and the big kitchen was dead. The back door of the kitchen connecting the garbage bins in the alley is half-opened, and the wind blows through the hall, just like the breath of the dead passes through the ears of the living.The little helpers, waiters, and bartenders hide behind them, and they can't even hear the sound of their legs tremble. The half-boiled bartender is crying out and usually whispered, "Did, die... is it dead?"

A 20-year-old boy fell to the ground, his face was blue and purple, his eyes were round and round, his nose and mouth were bleeding, and his bare upper body was covered with frost. He also kept his arms slightly open before his death.

"..." Yang Mei's chest continued to undulate, and he slowly squatted down, shaking his hand to explore the breath.

Suddenly her hand was held down by someone.

“Ah!” Yang Mei’s whole person jumped up and turned around and saw that it was Jiang’s stop: “Jiangjiang Jiangge!”

Jiang stopped talking and told her to go behind. Yang Meiqi stepped back half a step, only to see him half-squatting down, pulled out the kitchen latex gloves to wear, first explored the neck of the boy, then turned over the eyelids, indulged for a moment, shook his head.

The waiter was on the ground.

Yang Mei also almost had a soft knee, but she had seen a big shackle, so she calmed down: "This is how this fucking is going on? Which thief who is not long-eyed is chased by the refrigerator. Or who killed him and smothered it in our freezer? Is the kitchen back door not closed yet, manager?! Give me Zhao Zhao--"

Jiang stopped her, "Alarm."

Yang Mei was immediately caught in the neck: "Jiang Ge, this ... this is not appropriate."

During the three years of Jiang Su’s coma, she tried to reduce her dealings with the police. She did not even dare to speed the car, and even dared not leave any records in the public security system. But Jiang stopped at the wall and stood up, took a breath, and raised his chin to the body:

"The head, the front and back hearts have no traces of hitting, no alcohol, no trauma. Upper body milk|head contraction, obvious erythema and purple swelling, is a frostbite formed during the life, and forms a clear dividing line with the waistband. He is not killed after being killed. Throw it here, it is frozen in the freezer."

The little waitress and the bartender Tony clung tightly together, and Yang Mei’s eyes were straightforward, and her mind was straight.

Jiang stopped sighing: "Alarm."

The metropolis of more than 10 million people is full of traffic. The towering skyscrapers and the huge advertising screens are intertwined with each other, and the bustling city nights are sung and danced.

At the end of the street, at the main entrance of the Fuyang District Public Security Bureau of Jianning City, several cars flashing red and blue police lights rushed onto the main road, and instantly merged into the traffic of the late return.

"Strict brother, you talked to them nonsense, and went straight to the Trade and Industry Bureau to say hello. This is what Kang | Master ice black tea, the death will also be a stand up, brothers have not drunk a thousand or eight hundred bottles from childhood to large Can you still recognize it..."

The light in the box was dim and trembled. Seven or eight young people squirted a slap in the back of the room. Ma Xiang was squatting in the ear and screaming at the ear, suddenly interrupted by the phone bell.

Yan Yanyi seems to have shown that he immediately stopped him and picked it up: "Hey, Wei Bureau?"

The word Wei was like a curse. If you didn't hear it, Ma Xiang was stunned when the whole person was on the side. He only saw Yan Yan sticking to the mobile phone "Hmm", and he did not expect the expression to sink:"The Fuyang branch is already on the road? Well, OK, OK... I know, I will take a look."

"Love is to die - not to be so happy -"

Hey! Hey -!

The music accompanied the faint stagnation, and the young people who were like a demon-like dance suddenly heard the sound, and looked at the past with a big eye.

Yan Yan opened the light and lost the beer bottle that was just used to knock on the table. Shen Sheng said: "The news came from the command center. The people reported that the people near Fuyang Road had died. The police station and the branch office in the area were already on the road. The Wei Bureau asked us to go to the scene to see."

Everyone immediately succumbed to death: "Is not a strict deputy team!" "Well, let's put the case and give us a half-day vacation?" "Where is the scene? The car is still parked in the city bureau..."

“There is no need for a car,” Yan said slowly. “On the back of this ktv kitchen, the informant is the boss here.”

Everyone: "..............."

Yan Yan turned and opened the door, he was very embarrassed: "Go.

Let's you - this is the fastest scene ever seen by the City Council.哎 Waiter! Come over, where do you go after the kitchen? ”

After the kitchen door was closed, the chef and waiter were locked in the door of the diploma, and then forced to evacuate. Yan Yanran disregarded the surrounding arguments and strode forward to shoot the door: "Open the door! Police!"

The door opened, and Yang Mei looked up. When her eyes touched Yan’s face, she petrified and shivered and said, "You, you..."

"What are you? Ice black tea sells two hundred and eight, and the black shop hits the ghost." Yan Yan pulled out the certificate from the inside pocket of the jacket, and the policeman almost flashed the 24k titanium alloy dog ​​eyes. : "The Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment Yan Yan, let the opening do not block the scene, give me two shoe covers, where is the body?" gd1806102

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