Super God of War Expert

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Introduction to the Super-God of Rebirth: Lin Jie, the dark horse character in the final battle of "The Era" game - the Emperor of the Emperor, in order to win the health cabin for the mother and sister who were seriously ill in the car accident, hand-held inheritance broken blade, dead training March on stage, but Was killed by the Great Wall, and was told that the car accident was fabricated by one hand! When he opened his eyes again, he suddenly found out that he had somehow returned to it a few years ago. The "Epoch Times", known as the Second World, had just been tested. He had nothing. There was only a huge amount of "King" knowledge in his head...
The master on the leaderboard? All my little brother!
BOSS first kill? mine!
Copy the first pass? mine!
I have lost it, I will get it back!
Give me a disaster, I will give it back!
When everything comes back, I am the king!
My name is floating, the strongest warrior in the era, no one!

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