Last act

Last act

Big god circle, God Realm Council.

When the night falls, rays of light of golden Sun will become gloomy, the volume will reduce, purple moon will increase.

In the entire big god encircles a quietness.

Tang San stands in the big god encircles the God Realm's Center front, is shutting both eyes, his Divine Power integrates in front God Realm's Center.

The brand-new big god encircles God Realm's Center to cover the extremely broad range, even can stretch across the galaxy.

at this moment, as Supreme God King that the entire big god encircles, his brow is tightly pressed.

God of Emotion Huo Yuhao some time ago was reviving. He turns misfortune into a blessing truly, because has absorbed Chaos Power, the third eye on his forehead evolved unexpectedly Ultra Divine Tool, was named as „Eternal Eye” by him.

Huo Yuhao finally justifiablily became God King.

After having absorbed Chaos Power in seven Great God Realm, the Tang San eight spider lances have completed the evolution.

But, this time his point happy.

Because, he did not relate on Douluo Continent that side son.

Even if in Black Hole, when Gods' War, he can contact with on the son.

Now, his Divine Power far ultra initially, does not have the impediment of Black Hole, even does not have any limit, he did not contact with on the son unexpectedly.

The Sea God Trident aura he could not feel.

Tang San cannot feel the Sea God Trident aura also to explain, if Tang Wulin can nine test through Sea God, becomes the Sea God Trident new master, Tang San naturally cannot feel the Sea God Trident aura.

But, why did son's aura also vanish?

He cannot think that possibility, does not dare to tell Xiao Wu these. He can only rely on the memory and to galaxy the judgment, road that seeks.

„Hasn't discovered?” Tang San behind resounds a sound.

Tang San does not need to turn round to look that also knows was who came, sighed: „Yes! Does not have.”

Tian Hen arrived at his side, scruple said/tunnel: „Sea God......”

Tang San breaks him rapidly: „, My son certainly will not be living. In his body has the essence that Golden Dragon King leaves behind, is not easy dead, most was also taken away the body by that Golden Dragon King. But has my Sea God Trident protection, even if the body were taken away, he certainly is also also living, but can also retain the state of mind. I cannot induce him, perhaps is such situation.”

„, Sea God, you did not listen to me to say.” The Tian Hen sound enhanced several points suddenly.

Tang San has then turned around, the vision brilliant looks to him: „What do you want to say to me?”

Tian Hen deeply inspires, said: „I carefully had calculated for serveral days, possibly had some problems.”

„What issue?” Tang San heart one tight.

Tian Hen said: „We large explosion break away that although produces through the collision Black Hole, but, space and time also appears certain distortion. After these days computation, I think, when we likely are is away from you to come several thousand years later. In other words, when with your God Realm by sweep away compares, passed for several thousand years.”

„What?” Tang San loses one's voice to call out in alarm.

Tian Hen sighed: „Brother, you......”

The Tang San whole person as if lost the soul: „No, cannot. Are several thousand years, how possibly several thousand years?”

If several thousand years, that has meant anything, his too clear.

Several thousand years, can the appears variable really be too many, what he most is worried, even if Tang Wulin has become the god, could not find them.

Once left son's God Realm brand mark, when collided greatly vanished, the universe was boundless, if the son also sought for them in the universe, perhaps was really impossible to meet.

How can like this?

He has made that many efforts, actually......


The big god encircles in God Realm's Center to suddenly resound a crisp cry, next one flickers, the eye of Tang San has shone: „Is he! Is he! His appears, I have felt his aura. The son, is waiting for me, several thousand years are 10,000 years, the fathers certainly will find you!”

( The book ends)

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