Creates the world

Creates the world

Yes, returned nurturing to parents by God Realm, each of them influencing subtly is promoting, that is Divine Power promotion, is the promotion of level.

Through brand-new God Realm's Center, they can a clearer sensation to in the Universe all.

Formerly Black Hole vanished thoroughly, where did not know, but until now, did not have anybody to dare saying that has enough to the universe understood, particularly to the time and space was so.

Actually space one day and underground one year, this itself said is the change in time.

Finally, has not known how long, has been glittering light golden-light halo white God Realm's Center appears. That be continuous does not know that tens of thousands li (0.5 km) rays of light unexpectedly in that flash that it takes shape, the speed of light collects generally completely. Next flickers, all brilliance vanish completely, only remaining resplendent golden, all over the body are similar to elliptical shape God Realm's Center float in the midair.

How this God Realm's Center volume is not huge, highly about three meters, the thickest place diameter is also more than one meter point.

Around golden God Realm's Center, regarding a light white halo.

Tang San has smiled, on 11 God King faces as if by prior agreement revealed the smiling face.

Even if takes their cultivating as, can the clear feeling contain immeasurably deep terrifying Divine Power in this not big God Realm's Center.

„It looks like, the help of Chaos Power imagines me must be bigger. Moreover, fuses the variation Divine Power ability. Without Chaos Power, our God Realm's Center impossible fusions so round melts. This is also the misdemeanor getting better matter.” Tian Hen was sighing said.

Present God Realm's Center compared with it formerly seven big God Realm's Center does not know that the level wanted high many, had its existence, rays of light of surroundings all stars almost completely became gloomy. What is more fearful, numerous God King thinking feeling through it, even can induce to this time huge the space beyond the galaxy range. But this God Realm's Center is swallowing the universe energies within all perception areas to come to replenish itself.

Without a doubt, God Realm's Center of so inside story as the core that the big god encircles, the future big god circle, surely will be limitless existence!

Most important has been completed, the following matter was simple.

Zhanggong Wei to the hand signal that Tang San makes invitation. Tang San shows a faint smile to him, makes the similar movement.

Zhanggong Wei actually shook the head, Tang San is looking to other God King, other God King similarly have also made such hand signal to him.

Without Tang San master control, does not have this time of God Realm rebirth, therefore, in their hearts has been full of the gratitude to Tang San, is flooding an absolute trust.

at this moment, nobody has the qualifications to found this brand-new God Realm compared with him.

The Tang San sips tight lip, the real man does not pass on responsibilities, he does not have again polite anything, step by step void trend brand-new God Realm's Center, first palm according to above that God Realm's Center.

„Buzz!” In an instant Tang San whole body shock.

When he touches this God Realm's Center, the first feeling is the pure, unequalled purity.

Immeasurably deep Divine Power does not have the half a point impurity, is similar to the white paper is ordinary. Formerly their all God King brand marks became in this God Realm's Center very thin, when his palm pressed that flickered, Tang San only thought that own all divine sense in instantaneously were inhaled resembled, the divine sense instant millenniums seemed to be ordinary, walked randomly for one week in entire God Realm's Center.

Tang San saw Xiao Wu, saw Tang Wulin, saw other God King families, saw raises the head numerous Gods that to hope.

Assembling that seven big God Realm's Center inner spaces added might as well at present this brand-new God Realm's Center extremely one.

Darkest before dawn and turning misfortune into a blessing!

The big god encircles in the center, at this time only then a broad be continuous limitless huge platform, seven Great God Realm all god, stand above this platform at this time.

They are waiting for anxiously.

Formerly the change in entire God Realm's Center made them realize anything, let alone several also felt existence of God King.

They are waiting for anxiously, is waiting for the return of pillar.

Xiao Wu is gripping tightly Tang Wutong, sits on the ground, Huo Yuhao at this time as before the stupor, leans in the Tang Wutong leg.

Mu Zi holds their palms together silently, was praying unceasingly.

numerous God King families, seven Great God Realm god, all for following all prayed.

They just experienced were earth-shaking and gloomy. Does not know that many time they think here all will soon collapse, the trend destruction. Luckily, all stabilize finally.

The fusion of God Realm has as if succeeded, because they saw each other. But, why haven't God King returned?

At this moment, face clear appears in infinite high sky. His look so kind, when his appears that flash, almost all people have exuded the cheers, does not divide God Realm and sharing everything.



Xiao Wu and Tang Wutong almost simultaneously cheer make noise.

In the midair, the Tang San empty shadow shows a faint smile to them, „everybody be please relieved, we are all right. Please wait a bit the moment, making us reconstruct God Realm! Also, we left Black Hole, was safe, all, will make a fresh start!”

„Long live......”

The cheers are similar to the mountainous cry tsunami resound through instantaneously generally, in the entire big god encircles in the center, suddenly, all people cheer, are jumping for joy, are jumping.

Has been worth, all was worth. They lived, numerous God King also lived, what ratio this but also there is able to let their excited matters?

Xuan Yue squats on the ground chokes with sobs. Before God Realm fuses, she has cannot feel existence of A'Dai a long time, at that time she is the heart like the dying embers, innermost feelings desperate even made her have the thought of suicide, she is not willing to wait again.

Luckily, the suffering time passed by, they lived eventually. A'Dai is also living, oneself are also living. Side were many these many god, at this moment, she including the ability of ponder did not even have besides the sob.

Zi Yan and Zi Xue support to sob, Mo Yue jumps in side.

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) already was cried the tears person, held the faintly recognizable arm body to be weak.

Has succeeded, they succeeded.

They are great ten two God King!

Quick, second face also appears in the midair, is Light God King Zhanggong Wei!

Then is third and fourth and fifth......

When complete 11 God King appears besides Huo Yuhao changes into the light shadow in the midair completely, the entire big god encircled in the center to burst with joy once more.

„The God King return, the God King return and God King return--”

Once seven Great God Realm god, in the mouth crazily were shouting at this time.

Tang San looks to Zhanggong Wei, his first encircles the center to iron the brand mark in the big god, will be without a doubt most formidable regarding the God Realm's Center control effort, this formerly God King had promised him, must first retrieve once Douluo Continent first.

But at this time, reconstructed God Realm, Tang San cannot first come again.

Zhanggong Wei laughs, the clear and resonant voice said: „God said that must have the light, therefore there is a light!”

Radiant rays of light shines together, in the big god encircles in the center, changes into a bright incomparable light group, just like Sun is ordinary. This light group presents for radiant golden, is not dazzling, the flood light is bright, the bright aura just like is daybreak common, spreads in God Realm's Center.

But outside God Realm's Center, a round same sunlight also appears in the universe.

The Death God A'Dai second opens the mouth said: „Daytime and dark night transformation, Mortal World and God Realm interactive. The curtain of night will follow to arrive.”

The golden light is gloomy, one round purple moon/month raises, brings to be light and lively and lonesome and quiet, is smoothing the people excited mood.

„Creates the world, God King is creating the world! They are creating brand-new God Realm!”

Mad God Lei Xiang said solemnly: „The earth carrying/sustaining we, breed myriad things!”

In the ground rumble resounds, the plains and mountains start appears, various types of different landforms are irregular, made all vital.

Immortal Emperor Hai Long laughs, „space underground, Only I Shall Be Immortal! It is not. God Realm must have the vitality, looked that my immortal clouds Piao Miao and full of vitality.”

In the sky appears the cloud, lightly the fine rain drifted about, is moist the space, the vitality as if momentarily is being going to change.

The day Di Tian mark said with a smile: „Except for human, but should also have other lifeform, the wisdom grants them, accompanies us to grow.”

Heard other biological several characters, the Tang San look has stagnated slightly, wanted to say anything, actually eventually bore. By the great strength of present God Realm, the Divine Beast tragedy was once impossible again appears.

Rong Nianbing said with a smile: „God should also have the chef, for example I. Good, said the proper business. In the big god encircles, the mood changes, I for my silly apprentice, grant the mood change, the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures.”

Belongs to Douluo God Realm Seven Great Original Sin Gods goes out slowly, to airborne salutes.

Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu sits cross-legged to sit down, a guqin on the knee, the melodious melody resounds horizontally, „myriad things grow, needs the sound. The immortal sound curls, arrives.”

The entire world becomes fresh/live, as if there is insect warbler to call , seems the summon of mountains rivers.

Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) hand in hand, walked, „is based on is good, cleaning is evil. The source stands, body god is clear.”

Black and white two color rays of light blend and spreads, proliferates entire God Realm.

God of Kindness disseminates nicely, the God of Wickedness inspector general is evil! This is their responsibility originally.

Strength God Zhou Weiqing rare serious, „strength is all source, in we will shelter the big god to encircle all, does not make the disaster arrive.”

„Buzz--” entire God Realm's Center shook fiercely, confidence appears beyond description in each god heart.

Tang San last walks, „myriad things growth and myriad things recovery. The life and destruction common origin, the desperate end is a new student. Creation, brand-new big god circle, brand-new all. Let us together, the common growth, together, the common creation belongs to our homelands!”


The big god encircles in the center suddenly becomes a vast whiteness, all could not see. But each god in some at this moment Vicissitudes' feelings, as if in an instant was actually undergoing thousand tribulations and all kinds changes.

When their present lines of sight are clear, they were conscientious, they see, is a brand-new world.

In the sky, is the golden Sun, the distant place, is purple moon. The two complement each other fresh splendor.

The earth, the myriad things grow, innumerable vegetation in green and luxuriant appears.

The fog is faintly recognizable, as if made them return to once Mortal World.

Permeating each within the body that rich nearly viscous Divine Power been quietly, is making up for their weak.

Cannot look at the world of boundary as if not to have the end. This looks like a brand-new star.

The mountains rivers, Vicissitudes, are all real.

In the sky, 11 God King forms also become concentrate to be solid, in them central, the brilliance bright big god encircles the center float there.

With rumble the loud sound, a palatial mountain rises straight from the ground, to their.

11 God King fall on the ground, a strange 12 side light/only mark naturally appears, the big god encircles the center on that float in the midpoint, is echoing each aura.

„Brand-new God Realm names as the big god circle, is governed by our 12 God King together.”

„Big god circle!” This name has not shocked, but at this moment, in each god innermost feelings has actually filled excitedly.

They also had the family/home, newborn, finally approached!

In the universe, pure white light ball appears, his interior had gold/metal purple rays of light to wind around faintly, its volume endures compared with the star. It seems like slow is fluttering, but the place visited, all star light are gloomy.

This is the big god circle, brand-new God Realm, is managed by 12 God King, becomes by seven Great God Realm fusions brand-new God Realm that.

It was just born, but it similarly under the fusion of Chaos Power, every time is also growing in the speed of by how much multiple.

The big god encircled appears, was God Star remote?

„Do you most want to do now?”

„I must go back to look for the wife!”

„Seconds the motion!”

„Seconds the motion!”

„Seconds the motion!”

„Seconds the motion!”

„Seconds the motion!”

„Seconds the motion!”

„Seconds the motion!”

„Seconds the motion!”

„Seconds the motion!”

„I want to go back to be punched...... Hai Long by the wife”.

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