Cannot be few!

Cannot be few!

Tang San sighs with emotion: „Once again can feel to come from injection of in the Universe energy, said honestly, in my heart has filled move. Originally regarding us is only the normal matter, at this time actually so happy. Now we success break away, everybody's God Realm's Center was complete. Although our once God Realm have destroyed, so long as there is God Realm's Center to exist, wants to restore God Realm, is only the time issue. Therefore, now two directions, first, we respectively return to our God Realm's Center, is centered on God Realm's Center, each one restores own God Realm, then drifts apart. Second, that according to such that we reached an agreement, fuses in God Realm's Center together, forms big God Realm.”

„This breakthrough motion had ended, believes that everybody has also understood, the duty of my this leader has also been accomplished. We do not have any master-slave relationships, I also no longer am the leader and master. Therefore, all listen to everybody's decision. How I do not have the opinion.”

Yes, the situation must be better than the imagination. God Realm's Center not any breakage, in other words, so long as there is a sufficient time, seven Great God Realm can establish. They can also return respectively, seeks own world.

Everybody is partner, is equal, therefore Tang San so will say.

Tang San first looked to Light God King Zhanggong Wei.

Zhanggong Wei shows a faint smile, said: „First listens to everybody's opinion.”

In fact, what is main is the opinions of their seven big God King, Douluo God Realm, Tang San can the plenary powers proxy.

„I do not walk.” What the first opens the mouth is Death God A'Dai. This is who has not thought that always most silent he little spoke, at this time has not actually thought that unexpectedly was the first statement.

A'Dai looks to Tang San, „I am not because initially you helped me pull back God Realm's Center such to decide. But before this motion, I and Xuan Yue so has decided. In fact, you do not know, in our Kind Death God God Realm, only remaining I and Yueyue two people. We experienced too long lonely. I do not like lonely, Yueyue does not like. Therefore, I choose to stay behind. I am willing to become a new God Realm member, there is a bigger family/home. Because, I think, I also need the friend.”

Tang San smiled.

The God Realm fusion, means that the fusion centered on Douluo God Realm, A'Dai decides to remain, means, Douluo God Realm will increase a strength. This naturally is the big good deed.

„Welcome joins.” Not many sensational words, only then simple four characters.

A'Dai has selected to Tang San, he will not say that any grateful words, to existences of their this level, had at heart, compared with paying lip service to want useful many.

„I do not walk.” The Immortal Emperor Hai Long second opens the mouth, „you also know, my wife that many. Aiya, they usually tidy up me to come, I really am hide continually do not have the place to hide. Right, I fear wife, you despised me to be good freely. I also take this as in any case happily, but, is always tidied up, this is also depressed! With everybody in the same place, the good and evil was tidied up the miserable time, but can also ask the brothers to pour out. Also can find a place to hide idly, therefore, I do not walk. I thought that is good in the same place, dead fatty, right, is you, heard before you, is very fat, turning head makes me try your cruel pair of child Strength God hammer again!”

The last few words he said toward Strength God Zhou Weiqing wickedly.

Zhou Weiqing smiles, „unfaithful/stamen practices the brain, the having an affair heart is good, soaks little girl anti- sorrow, the flirting solution worry, unrequited loves the heart not to be old, the lovesickness is sleepy, often said the heroic sad beautiful woman pass/test, but the hero does not think, leaves the mediocre person the beautiful woman? The beautiful women also did not think so, the beautiful woman shouldn't match the hero? Welcome joins!”

„Well, is interesting and interesting, originally you are also a person of same belief people! Turns head our two brothers to chat well.” Listened to his these words, the eye of Hai Long to shine immediately.

The day Di Tian mark shows a faint smile, „is your this compared with not be concerned about face?”

Hai Long snort/hum one, „your this type is not a wife did not have the qualifications to say us. Quickly, is walks remains, said with a sense of urgency. However do not regret! Crossed this village to be possible not to have this shop.”

Tian Hen shrugs the arm, „I hope that can see the universe the end is anything, then, first is the end of strength. Perhaps, we in the same place, have the hope of achievement God Star. Why do I want to walk? Fuses God Realm is I raised, can I pull out my face? You should not ask me.”

Six Great God Realms, three decisions remained.

Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu sighed one lightly, „I must walk.”

Zhanggong Wei stares, „do you want to walk? Yinzhu.”

The Ye Yinzhu show face smiles, „, yes. My descendants do not have the choice to keep God Realm, but is the choice belongs to their life, crossed these many years, does not know how they multiply, therefore, I who lives must look to have a look, has a look at their present situations. Such I can feel relieved. However, I must walk am not now, when God Realm fused, all stabilized, I led the wives to go back to have a look voluntarily am.”

Zhanggong Wei ill-humoredly said: „Can do not speak gasps for breath greatly!”

Ye Yinzhu said with a smile: „Increases a pleasure to you, isn't this good? Looked that you such asked me, perhaps you have not prepared to walk.”

Zhanggong Wei toward Tang San direction pouting, „actually I was very lazy, had Tang San to support, I did not use manages anything in any case, I had a wish, was the world that went to all of you to start has a look, that certainly was a very interesting matter.”

The Tang San complexion immediately changed, „Zhanggong, you cannot like this. I said that I now am not a leader. Even if God Realm fused, that is also everybody's matter, is not my matter!”

„Capable work more and capable work more. We saw, nobody was more suitable than you. This do not decline.” At this time Zhanggong Wei smiles is very deceitful.

Tang San even suspected, this fellow before Gods' War does not have full power, is waiting intentionally here pit.

„Hey, I. Is the appearance that you leave a general situation decide good? I have not said my staying or going.” A low and deep sound had several points to resound discontentedly, attracted the attention of all people.

Speech is not just Mad God Lei Xiang.

At this time his a face depressed appearance, ill-humored is looking steadily at the people, obviously does not satisfy itself to be neglected.

„Do you want to walk? You dare to walk!” Immortal Emperor Hai Long holds in the arms his neck, he is shorter than Lei Xiang, like this looks like a little strange!

The Lei Xiang eye stares, „how? Do I walk you not to let? Detains!”

Hai Long coldly snorted, „walks anything to walk! You walked, whom do I ask to fight? Was wronged at home, whom asks to vent anger? The fatty is too deceitful, where has you to be so verve.”

Lei Xiang somewhat favorite say/way: „That is, but elder brother steel straight male!”

Hai Long said: „Couldn't you have walked?”

„Walks? Walks! You do not walk, I walked have appeared I am very mean-spirited, how the steel straight male can so! Moreover, with everybody in the same place, is very interesting. Such partner, it is estimated that did not have the place to look again. Moreover Tian Hen said right, we make God Star to play! Later manages his anything universe turbulent flow and any Black Hole, comes one resentment one!”

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