The ghost fan lunar halo ice gorge is broken

The ghost fan lunar halo ice gorge is broken

Although the energy member in air is supplementing the energies of their body, but, this is not the matter of getting it done in one action, is not among the moment can complete!

With closed of exit|to speak, they are impossible to be swallowed, but, so long as there are 1-2 God King suction, is the situation that they are not willing to see.

At this moment, wipes quiet blue rays of light to flash past, all attracting force cut off instantaneously. But lost attractive power God Realm's Center almost to spurt the thin energy in an instant, bringing numerous God King to fly to shoot to go just like the rocket generally.

That wipes quiet blue rays of light from the sky to outline an elegant arc, returned in God Realm's Center, in formerly Tang San in position that God King hand.

„That is......”

Other God King dumbfounded looks at this!

Then they saw this smiling face.

divine sense opens, in each God King Divine Consciousness Sea, appears his sound.

„Clever fan lunar halo ice gorge is broken, carves the blue wu phoenix to return, the god happy voiceless sound chirps, the blade called cloud Dong the startled bird to fly. This is my eighth kitchen knife, ghost vulture!”

Yes, is Demonic Engraving Divine Knife!

One generation of Ultra Divine Tool! The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire final deep meaning, until at this moment, finally uses.

The distant place, channel exit|to speak sealed up finally. They could not notice again they of that suffering unceasingly for Black Hole that to survive to struggle.

In this moment, 12 God King are almost is simultaneously weak in the outer space.

In the outer space is respirable, but each chest front fiercely is fluctuating.

The intense weary transmission spreads the whole body, but on their faces actually also reveals the smiling face of not being able to be concealing.

The divine blade ghost vulture, a blade ends!

Other God King even link to ponder the reason strength that before this Demonic Engraving Divine Knife why, Magic Chef of Ice and Fire had not used did not have.

They only want like this weak here, anything does not do, anything does not go to think., Was then enough.

Really is, past these days, for them, extremely major rises. Even if as God King, they are unable to withstand.

The Tang San whole person lies on God Realm's Center, is closing both eyes, motionless, looked like passed deadly.

Too difficult, was really too difficult! But, they succeeded eventually.

Under the unity is strength, in millions of people are all of one mind, they succeeded eventually!

Breath reverberate in the chest, do not have the air, the Divine Power natural turnover.

The outer space is silent, but, this colored halo comprised of seven big God Realm's Center 12 God King actually so pretty.

After the tribulation, they have completed break away finally, has completed so the magnificent feat.

Comes from drills into their within the body in the Universe various energies unceasingly, unceasing integration to their bodies, is nourishing the body and divine sense of God King.

But seven big God Realm's Center occurrence in being quietly some changes, are also absorbing Chaos Power in Black Hole, came under the influence of in the Universe energy, every little bit start is integrating in these God Realm.

But as respective God Realm's Center control, the bodies of 12 God King is also accepting returning nurturing to parents, in this frailest time, started the reorganization and restoration of body.

They not only success break away Black Hole, but also has not dropped out any partner.

What has not improved relationship compared with Live and Die Together. at this moment, connects their already, not only Blue Silver Emperor, is their hearts.

Has not known how long, restored, is Light God King Zhanggong Wei.

in the Universe has light/only, has light/only place, is the Light God King domain. This is the bright deep meaning.

In the Zhanggong Wei eye reveals the smile that cannot be concealing, he has flown by Child of Light God Realm's Center first, gently has patted the racket on God Realm's Center of that light beam shape, transmits to a wives safe information, then flutters, arrived at most peak, the Sea God Tang San side.

The gentle bright strength sways from this Light God King hand, pours into to Tang San within the body.

Only the attribute regarding the Tang San restoration effect is best, his source Martial Soul is Blue Silver Emperor, Blue Silver Emperor is the plant, the plant most needs is the light energy has the photosynthesis.

Tang San also restored, because exhausted of spirit does not want, but also wants again rest a while. At this time, with the help of Light God King Zhanggong Wei, his body condition starts quickly to restore, in the eye also had the appearance.

After the moment, he also float, grows the tone, „thanks.”

Zhanggong Wei said with a smile: „Should say what thanks is we are right. If not you, perhaps now can live has not known that has several, God Realm's Center cannot preserve. Too thanks words I did not say that I can only say, chooses you to be wise as master control of this motion.”

Tang San hehe smiles, „can clash is everybody to work with a common purpose result, is not the merit of any person.”

Two people smile, all perform in do not call the turn.

The gentle halo spreads from Zhanggong Wei, falls on other God King.

Comes from after these days moistening of in the Universe energy, everybody's body condition originally restored was similar. Besides God of Emotion Huo Yuhao, other God King successively revive, regarding around seven big God Realm's Center, float there.

Tang San arrives at side Huo Yuhao, hugs him, is feeling his body change silently. After a while, on his face reveals the surprised color.

Zhanggong Wei arrives at side Tang San, „what kind of? Needs me to treat for him?”

Tang San shakes the head, said with a smile: „This boy was also turns misfortune into a blessing. He formerly attacked time, was entered the third eye by Chaos Power, his this third eye was transformed, perhaps will have not the small evolution. Needs to digest some time. Temporarily could not count on him. I deliver him to return to God Realm's Center first.”

At the same time was saying, Tang San delivers to by Huo Yuhao Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center, spreads to which him through Divine Power.

Completes these, he has turned round, looks to numerous God King.

At this time, the people no one has opened the mouth, each other is looking at each other, but on the face of everyone, is brimming with the smile.

Even if usually most silent Death God A'Dai, at this time on the face was full of the smiling face, both hands has grasped tight.

Everybody's vision centralized on Sea God Tang San, can say, can smooth break away, although everyone gave very big strength, but as master control of this motion, Tang San claims credit to great. Is he can make the entire motion finally complete.

at this moment, even if haughty like Mad God, like Immortal Emperor, feels a heartfelt admiration to this Sea God proud.

Tang San said with a smile: „We succeeded!”

Such remarks, numerous God King has smiled. Immortal Emperor Hai Long exaggerates, laughs.

divine sense covers, forms one piece to belong to the God King region, in this region, they can definitely speak freely.

„Yes, we succeeded.” Zhanggong Wei has repeated the Tang San words.

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