Gods! Eight spider lances!

Gods! Eight spider lances!

God King while feeling the God Realm's Center slightly stability, in the heart is also startled.

Before day Di Tian mark, matter that has not calculated, obviously Tang San is very impossible to calculate to obtain enlightenment. But, he leaves leeway subsequent hand as before, at this time, strove to turn the tide in Jidao, simply was the strange its technique.

The light smile appears on the face, Tang San is also secret relaxing.

The God King connection, most starts to be insufficient to be separated in the break away Black Hole process for everybody actually, but actually played the unexpected effect at this time, is Tang San has not thought.


In this time, a fierce shake is resounding. This is......

12 God King, seven big God Realm's Center all fiercely shook. God Realm's Center that formerly with great difficulty stabilized, in this flickered unexpectedly once again appears the shock. Moreover three God Realm's Center became less crowded obviously, drills half upwardly, outside them this God King grommet is unable its fastening.

Not good......

This thought is almost simultaneously appears in the numerous God King heart.

At this time the day Di Tian mark cried out in the heart, soon arrived to export, this was the situation that two space critical point unstable energies created.

So long as insists again, they can defend cloud open/start to see moon/month clear(ly)!

Living that but, they can also insist? More soon will arrive in the gap, the strength of space and time is stronger, once break away their protection scopes, God Realm's Center likely will break then up.

Not! Already to this time, if several God Realm's Center perish, is absolutely huge regarding the attack of numerous God King!

Also at this moment, other 11 God King felt an unusual aura suddenly.

Assumes the central Sea God Tang San body to flash, is relying on the hauling of Blue Silver Emperor, he unexpectedly to seven big God Realm's Center above.

Then the feeling of their clear, the back of Tang San as if split, sturdy strange exist from him drills, they present are the segmental appendage shapes, the forefront is quite sharp. Altogether eight open behind Tang San in a flash, makes an effort to puncture again.

„Pū, pū, pū, pū, pū, pū and pū!” In seven dull thumping sounds, seven God Realm's Center were pricked unexpectedly all, then the body of Tang San vibrated fiercely, relies on these that back is growing to exist unexpectedly, forcefully seven big God Realm's Center another imprisonments in one!

This is......

Some of his actually how many cards in a hand?

In this flickers, almost all God King felt behind Tang San these eight multisection lances general existed to contain formidable Divine Power.

Even but if, in Gods' War, he has not used this ability.

Actually this is what kind of Divine Power!

External Soul Bone eight spider lances!

Then true is Tang San presses the bottom the method!

Since becoming God King, he has almost not used this set of External Soul Bone. This is his first Soul Bone, had performed the distinguished service for him in the fight, is his battle efficiency very important part.

External Soul Bone has existed, eight spider lances continuously by Tang San warm and nourish. Although he also has other Soul Bone, may in his mind, these eight spider lances be different from other Soul Bone.

This is his initial formidable strength, has followed his growth to grow, is the important component in his strength.

After become a God, Tang San has had also a wish.

His Sea God Trident inherits from Sea God, Asura Sword, inherits in Asura God. Two Ultra Divine Tool no doubt made his strength increase, but, this was not he refines to come.

Therefore, in the Tang San heart, has had an idea, must refine own Ultra Divine Tool. But he finally chooses, is eight spider lances!

After these many years cultivation and warm and nourish, does not know that unified many day of material treasures. The present eight spider lances arrived at the Pseudo Ultra Divine Tool level. At this time, this card in a hand, even can be said as the Tang San last card in a hand, finally opened!

Even if also has God King that is not convinced in Gods' War, at this moment to the incisiveness that he also admires.

This is the true control! All possibly forecasts, and carries on the pointed arrangement. When regardless of leaves behind making a comeback qualification. This is Sea God Tang San!

Even, at this moment, numerous God King are willing to call him, God of Wisdom!


The shock approaches once more, when this shock appears. All God King in being terror-stricken next one flickers, actually fiercely feels a feeling beyond description.

In Space-Time Turbulent Flow, they struggle to seek livehood, in Black Hole, they must with swallowing to contend.

They do not know how long has not felt injection of outside world energy.

But, in that shock next one flickers, they regarding surrounding sensation suddenly appears change.

Was imprisoned divine sense in minimum range to gush out just like the blowout suddenly generally, sensation to the world of length and breadth. Meanwhile, the huge energy member beyond description, from racing wells up comes, to emerge their bodies suddenly in all directions.

Perhaps, energy not that many that this emerges, but, before compared with has been swallowed and suppressed, this simply is a space and one underground!

Tang San spouts a blood. The body of whole person also fiercely vibrated. Some look delay, are somewhat vacant.

He can see clearly finally. Back eight spider lance even appears some fissures. But, he also clear feeling, came from returning nurturing to parents of seven big God Realm's Center, strange strength are flowing from seven big God Realm's Center, emerges to eight spider lances.

What is this?

He saw the star light, saw everywhere star light.

What did he feel?

Felt that thick energy to exist, in the Universe pure energy.

Feels all these naturally God Realm's Center first, seven big God Realm's Center became in this moment incomparably glistens, does not need God King to control, they started to absorb the in the Universe energy crazily.

Yes, they came back. They returned to the universe finally.

In this moment, 12 God King, are moved to tears all!

Underwent like this tribulation, they returned finally, returned to the great universe. Finally break away!

But at this time, suddenly, attractive power transmitted from the back!

Subconscious, God King all look in that direction.

Just filled excited them, once more with amazement. Because their clear saw the exit|to speak of channel. Yes, they came out, but the exit|to speak of that channel also.

Although this exit|to speak is reducing slowly, but to their pulls gravity actually as before to exist.

They were attracted to pull by channel end the strength of universe, when they returned to the universe, came from Black Hole attractive power on once more appears. In other words, they were likely being attracted to pull.

But at this moment, even if were Sea God Tang San the strength has used up.

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