Opening, the channel of rebirth

Opening, the channel of rebirth

at this moment, although that gap increased to having enough attractive power, is towing seven big God Realm's Center slowly flies in the direction of gap, is the God Realm's Center volume is too big, if such pure was attracted to pull, certainly is unable to pass.

Success or failure hinges on this one action!

„Generation after generations!” A lyrical sound resounds, burns the golden brilliance, on the forehead vertical eye is sparkling brilliantly, the Huo Yuhao void fist rumbles, he is God of Emotion, at this moment, his all emotions in this flicker are transferred completely.

Appears in his mind, is Tang Wutong after tribulation. Regardless of the dangers and difficulties, the line, finally become a God, obtains the approval of father-in-law, becomes God Realm Council, finally can with the wife justifiable in the same place.

Once all, changed into mood completely strength, integrated during this fist generation after generations.

Shakes and thunders, the explosion and fusion, in this moment, mood strength promoted the pinnacle.

He does not have Ultra Divine Tool, but he has in numerous God King most formidable divine sense. In this flash, divine sense strength and Chaos Power closely coincide, Chaos Power was swallowed and digested by him in Huo Yuhao divine sense unexpectedly. Also melted a loop space forcefully.

But vertical eye on Huo Yuhao forehead has actually covered a brilliance of misty white, he only thought that strength beyond description breaks in Divine Consciousness Sea, next one flickers, his anything does not know. He only thought, oneself Divine Consciousness Sea seemed unable to withstand the load to explode, all fell into the blank.

However, obtained his influence, the space of channel is expanded obviously, finally had the space that can adopt reluctantly.

However, but also is insufficient, because, not only there are existences of seven big God Realm's Center, the king of numerous Gods, 12 God King!

Each of them's volume is not huge, but, do not forget, they have formidable Divine Power, is in itself a carrier, looks like small God Realm's Center is the same.

The opportunity of leaving only has one, now is insufficient.

„Also insufficient! Quick!” Tang San anxious loudly shouting.

As master control of entire breakthrough, he also needs many strength to control the audience, tows these to be losing the battle efficiency God King, is unable to branch out strength again.

At this time, God Realm's Center has been away from that channel to be getting more and more near, but the awkward position that at this time they must face is, if according to the present channel size, when the time comes were very then possible is God Realm's Center all flies, their 12 big God King were remained.

Is sobering God King realize this point all.

But at this moment, one group of black and white bi-color rays of light ascend in this time!

„18 abyss, center of the earth deep place, we meet by chance.”

„Heavenly God patrols hunting to arrest, our beauties are separated by.”

„Rebirth meets actually cannot inform.”

„Ten years follow, for only I love you......”

„Lifetime gambling makes, we finally won. We can walk finally justifiablily in the same place. strength that we use to love is the God King approval. My achievement is good, your achievement is evil. Good and evil interweaving, actually can never change our once promises.”

Lie Yan (raging flames) nearly in twittering was saying that once all, until at this moment, Ji Dong and she with one voice, they were with smile on the face, each other gaze, only for that final one, „Live and Die Together!”


Black and white, blends instantaneously.

The super fusion that regardless of formerly many attempts cannot succeed, in the time of this life and death oppression, succeeded finally!

The huge black and white bi-color light beam, is centered on God of Kindness and God of Wickedness suddenly suddenly/violently to launch, almost shone in an instant in that channel.

Perhaps feels that most sincere aura, strength containing that felt loving.

The surroundings remained many Chaos Power in this to flicker unexpectedly blast out completely, integrates unexpectedly completely that black and white between.


Channel exit|to speak, outrageously exploded increased nearly one time. But suddenly/violently to increase attracting force, is almost swallows to enter with 12 God King seven big God Realm's Center suddenly instantaneously.

Surrounding is twisting fiercely, fluctuation of space made all people have a pain beyond description.

Besides stupor God King, other God King only thought that oneself body as if must be torn into shreds generally.

This is the change of space, is spatial variation that universe Power of Creation brings about. The strength of that formidable distortion, made the overwhelming majority lifeform disappear sufficiently.

Luckily, they are God King, their bodies are tenacious enough. May so, in the turbulent flow of this time spatial transformation, they unable to make anything.

The terrifying aura, fills the air in the heart. All will shortly erupt.

But at this time, making the matter that all God King have not thought of occur!

Agglutinates in together seven big God Realm's Center, comes under the influence of space and time shuttle to shake fiercely. Each shake, their each other agglutinations will change a point.

But at this time the spatial shuttle as if did not have end, seven Great God Realm relations started to break up.

„It is not good!”

Is sobering in the numerous God King heart greatly is all anxious. If broke up in this time seven big God Realm's Center, that means all that they formerly made wasted all previous efforts completely. Perhaps their 12 God King can have a new lease of life, but, not having God Realm's Center God King only to be is similar to the solitary person wild ghost is ordinary!

How can like this? How to turn into so the situation suddenly.

Even if the day Di Tian mark, was formerly impossible to calculate to pass through the space and time to meet the appears situation. The accident/surprise, happened eventually.

Stupor past Huo Yuhao could not feel outside world these, but other God King, even if completely lost the battle efficiency, the state of mind is also sober.

At this time, they could not hear anything, cannot see anything, divine sense is unable to disseminate here, does not have the means exchange.

They can only be the sensation to God Realm's Center the process that separates gradually. Judging from the present situation, perhaps seven big God Realm's Center finally disintegration dispersion, but has not agglutinated in together strength, perhaps cannot leave the channel they thoroughly to disappear.

What to do?

Almost all God King when formerly opened the channel has consumed the pinnacle, they simply did not have unnecessary strength to control oneself God Realm's Center. Let alone also has the oppression strength of channel to exist. At this time, formerly consumed biggest several God King even continually to want a finger is very difficult.

At this moment, suddenly, pulls strength suddenly appears, 12 God King almost also pulled closer, from the surrounding, pressed above seven big God Realm's Center.

Blue Silver Emperor, winding!

Formerly all God King during the Blue Silver Emperor winding of Tang San, but at this moment, he has tightened the winding, with the bodies of their ten two God King, through pulling of Blue Silver Emperor, fastened internal seven big God Realm's Center from outside.

Is this also good?

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