Also insufficient! Also insufficient!

Also insufficient! Also insufficient!

„Buzz--” Chaos Power fluctuates, a blood red luminous spot also along with it appears there, immediately, surrounding Chaos Power starts the fierce fluctuation, changes into ripples to shake. May in addition, not again other appears changes.

Strength God Zhou Weiqing, Overlord Bow starts, explodes drinks one, the bow opens the full moon, a glare bursts out, pricks in that luminous spot instantaneously, explodes the arrow!

„Bang--” in fierce bellow, explodes the arrow to blast out, makes the surrounding Chaos Power shake was fiercer.

Meanwhile, incantation sounds also along with it resounding.

Mad God Lei Xiang: „Dark condensation soul, degenerates can be free, awakens, endless Demon Power of deep sleep in my blood!”

Light God King Zhanggong Wei:

„God King bestows my War God Armor, extremely evil does not invade the anti- monster to be evil.” Along with recitation of incantation, blue rays of light separates from Light Saint Sword, shines on Zhanggong Wei, changes into the sky-blue God of War mail-armor and helmet to cover his whole body, the fire of that blazing life also along with combustion was more violent. Along with the protection of War God Armor, the energy of that crazy combustion has restrained immediately, the Light God King Zhanggong Wei expression also becomes tranquiler.

„God King bestows my Heavenly God Horn, bugle call passes Heaven.” The white light flashes, the Heavenly God bugle separates from Light Saint Sword similarly, floats left side of the Zhanggong Wei body, he deeply inspires, returns to normal the energy in a lower part having surged , to continue to recite:

„God King bestows my Strength God Hammer, shakes the day to move protects the correct path. God King bestows my Thunder God Shield, may keep off ten thousand Ren not to urge. God King bestows my Wind God Bow, flashes the invisible arrow rapidly crazily.” The the hammer, Thunder God shield and Wind God bow of Strength God cause at urging of incantation, one after another appears around the Zhanggong Wei body.

„God King bestows my bright sword, the rays of light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) photo vault of heaven.”

„I represent God of War, Heavenly God, Strength God, Thunder God, Wind God and God of Light, great All Gods King, please grant me your endless Divine Power, making me strength of fusion various god be one, the justice of management world, eliminates all evilly, takes to the earth the peace, bans various God awakens the music movement that sings.” Six spirits illusory image appears behind Zhanggong Wei, they folds one by one gradually puts together, the unceasing entanglement fusion, the six spirits illusory image congeals greatly blue, white, yellow and red, azure, the gold/metal six color light beams shoot up to the sky.

The giant light beam next quarter arrives above that point, entire Chaos Power issues the intermittent fierce shake in energy bombing of this terrifying, indistinct , the people as if can seeing of clear, in that explosion core region, as if some strange rays of light start appears.

Center more and more thin Chaos Power, flake black space appears, that is not the Black Hole endless darkness, but has a light, vitality universe world.

The computation of Tian Hen is correct, Chaos Power resonating, really can cause echoing of outside world! The opportunity came, their opportunities came.

After completing various God has awakened the music movement that sings, Zhanggong Wei all Divine Power have exhausted completely, the double pupil shuts tightly, even including controlling strength of oneself body vanished, completely depends upon Blue Silver Emperor to entrain to be insufficient to flutter in this Black Hole.

Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing, no longer several hundred he, at this moment, recited the incantation only then he.

„Staggered! The eagerly anticipating of light mark and moon of Sun, in the jet black journey, shines the say/way of bright gold.”

„Flowing restless spring water flatter! That be continuous white silk incessantly, please respond to my summon, gathers the dream the rivers.”

„After the deathly stillness mountain range, leans the real sea, the seed that lets that hope takes root in the promised land!”

„Grows into the tree of permanent green world, has the light yellow fruit, scatters the pure white wing, hovers in the broken earth.”

„And lights the flame of that eternal not extinguishing, transforms the endless red lotus, knitting each other wish, the pledge that will burn sprinkles, to awaken deep sleep earth.”

In that melodious intonation, the speed that he recited is getting quicker and quicker, airborne, Seven Divine Knifes appeared respectively, each divine blade changed into together the form, that was the blade souls of seven big divine blades is, they stood erect in seven, was just the Magic Array seven most important positions.

„Union! From the strength of antique inheritance until now seven luminaries!”

„Ices the Snow Lady god, you are the blue gentle moon/month.”

„The god of flame, you were the date of red Zhaohui.”

„The god of wind, you are the moon/month of azure flowing anxious relax.”

„The earth goddess, you were the date of yellow breeding myriad things life.”

„The god of space, you are the silver mysterious moon/month.”

„God of Light, you were the golden magnificent date.”

„The god of darkness! You are representative who that endless swallows, purple silent date.”

„Resonance on the dark earth, breaks that seal with the wheel of long destiny, shivers that to lose the self- fantasy space and time, sends out you most beautiful brilliance, extinguishes Seven Luminaries Awaken.”

appears seven color light balls raised from the Rong Nianbing top of the head, Seven Divine Knifes fused mutually, changes into most source the strength of element. Once with singing the music movement collided mutually, nearly in a big way ended Gods' War two to gather strength Divine Skill, finally in this moment complete explosion.

Fierce thundering, made appears of seven big God Realm's Center swallowing temporarily to Chaos Power stop, when that seven color light ball bang entered to the channel of outside world, the entire channel expanded in that bellow, those who made the people pleasantly surprised inexplicable was, in that channel, attractive power transmitted, started to them has attracted the strength of pulling.

If formerly can see, then, this time, is actually clearly discernible.

„Bang--” blood-color form at this moment hit ruthlessly in channel edge, giant opening appears.

The ash-grey light blade falls together instantaneously, Death God A'Dai vanished, has, is only a handsome and indifferent form, Nether King arrives! This A'Dai has put together the strongest attack that completely full power can use at present.

The tweedle buzz the cry, changes into intermittent sound wave, forcefully two giant gap shakes is unable to close, and further onwards expansion.

Demon God Sword rushes, finally has cut open the third opening.

attractive power starts suddenly/violently to increase, even started unable to control own body including numerous God King, but that gap also starts becomes more and more greatly. Under the bombardment of their to work with a common purpose. Is starting to increase.

But also but, insufficient, is insufficient!

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