Helps him!

Helps him!

Tian Hen said solemnly: „The quicker the better. Because we do not have the means to affirm, an attack can make the channel open.”

„But” Tang San looked that to is relating God Realm's Center Death God A'Dai as before diligently!

Other God King vision also fell on this time on A'Dai.

Once the channel completes, Kind Death God God Realm's Center has not actually arrived, means, A'Dai can live, his God Realm's Center did not exist. His wife

„Do not manage me, you start!” A'Dai this time complexion is very pale, but he as before is actually exhausting full power to tow God Realm.

On cultivating is, he be stronger than Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu and day Di Tian mark. Kind Death God God Realm itself actually by no means specially formidable existence that but, he is.

The God Realm essence that temporarily forms is frail, moreover in God Realm also only then he and Xuan Yue, Xuan Yue, although is also god, but cultivates to compare actually the difference with A'Dai was too far. Only then she tows with A'Dai in God Realm's Center, after the large explosion ended, becomes is beset with difficulties. Even A'Dai somewhat could not feel the God Realm exact location now.

at this moment, his brain blank.

Leaves Black Hole? Without Xuan Yue, leaves Black Hole also to have what using?

Seeks for the parents? If did not have the wife, he does not have the mental effort to seek for them really again.

Not long, he is only a thief family background of cold small town, inborn mental handicap, but Xuan Yue is granddaughter of one generation of Popes, the status is noble. But she never has actually shut out him, with him one group all day long wicked commission army corps wanderer world.

A'Dai once felt inferior because of own family background, although he is the god child, after may fall into the world of mortals, already lost remembers, but thinks oneself are lowborn. Is Xuan Yue unceasing draws him in own side, does not make him leave, finally, they can arrive at the same place, gets married.

It can be said that he can have today, can live today, can after having been through repeatedly the tribulation has as before warm, more is because has her. If did not have her, his world will thoroughly turn into the grey like Nether King's Sword, but for him, that will not have any significance.

Therefore, he cannot do without her. If she walked, then, he cannot the live alone. Rather stays here to accompany Xuan Yue to bury, he will not depart with other God King together, creates the new world.

But at this moment, regarding A'Dai, hopes that was very uncertain, he can only feel that own God Realm God Realm's Center still, may relate actually vague.

The Nether King's Sword lord slaughters, protects the aspect to be well below that Mad God fights the armor, Light Saint Sword and golden cudgel these Ultra Divine Tool, therefore his injury is serious, even if this time already in the combustion vitality, is unable to become by own divine sense and Divine Power as before stronger anything.

The intense depression and sense of fear are spreading in the heart unceasingly, desperate, every little bit start is corroding his mind.

„Helps him!”

At this moment, A'Dai heard a firm incomparable sound suddenly.

He felt that the Blue Silver Emperor vine of own waist one tight, Divine Power pours into to his within the body.

That alcohol and in Divine Power gentle and mild, complemented one another with his secret art. This clearly is similar Divine Power.

His subconscious raising the head looks, what sees is Tang San hands over the firm vision that.

Tang San has Xiao Wu once serious illness pain, most understood mood that the wife has an accident, he is almost without the slightest hesitation has made the decision.

But while he pours into Divine Power through Blue Silver Emperor to A'Dai, is almost simultaneously, several gangs of Divine Power racing wells up come, the powerful Divine Power fluctuation emerges to A'Dai within the body instantaneously.

These Divine Power have the alcohol, has exuberantly, there are full of the domineering. But each Divine Power as far as possible own original attribute peeling, but pours into purest Divine Power to him, lets function that he can the feeling of clear Divine Power bring.

„You” the eye socket of A'Dai was instantaneously moist.

Improves on perfection easily, giving opportune help is difficult. In him nearly desperate time, the choices of all God King without the slightest hesitation have helped him unexpectedly, this friendship, is hard to describe in the spoken language.

clear that very Tian Hen formerly said that delayed every time for one second, they succeed break away here opportunity the first point. These God King also the result that may unable to depart helps him with oneself!

God King Divine Power emerges to A'Dai within the body, they naturally also felt each other Divine Power to exist.

Zhanggong Wei looks to Tang San, his Divine Power is second enters to the Death God A'Dai body, two people look at each other one, all perform in do not call the turn.

But other God King expressions also appear very relaxed, does not have one unexpectedly reluctantly.

God of Wickedness Ji Dong eye including affection looks at Lie Yan (raging flames), wants initially, he already to commit suicide together in the name of love for own wife. Therefore, he incomparably understood to Death God A'Dai this time mood. He does not need to discuss with Lie Yan (raging flames), Divine Power of couple already tacit transmission past.

On the Strength God Zhou Weiqing face the smiling face is rich, although he has not experienced God of Kindness and being in love of God of Wickedness that oppressive heart, but he thought at this time, the god was also invited, trades is he? Can be what kind of pain?

All God King, in this moment, unity is strength, in their hearts one thought that that is, must walk walks together!

Therefore, when 11 God King Divine Power pour into to A'Dai within the body together, when they feel each other to exist. In this flash, hearts of 12 God King, finally fusion in one.

Each other heart pulled closer.

In them, there are temperately, has the domineering, has proud, has indifferently, has the enthusiasm such as the fire, has such as the fox cunningly. But they have a common ground, their sincere feeling truehearted nature, they have nicely.

In this flickers, they make no distinctions, they finally became a body.

Powerful divine sense also emerges in this moment to Death God A'Dai Divine Consciousness Sea, A'Dai only thought that the spirit inspires, the sensation of whole person also follows the sudden promotion of Divine Power to be strengthened. He looked position that finally clear God Realm's Center is. Enhancement Divine Power, covers entire Kind Death God God Realm's Center just like a big net suddenly.

At present is a fuzziness, by the vision of tears refraction, can only look completely blurredly that rays of light was towed by oneself from the distant place together.

In this moment, already the language inadequate sound that the A'Dai sound sobbed, „thanked and thanks everybody”

„Bang!” Kind Death God God Realm's Center, is bringing gray-black air current, falls loudly, agglutinates!

Hence, six big God Realm's Center have completed finally the docking with Douluo God Realm.

„Starts to attack!” Tang San loudly shouts, at the same time was saying, his back Asura Sword flies to shoot suddenly, sword blade blood collapse present, the powerful blood-color halo almost in an instant has only completed the process of entire condensation, the blood line from the sky has delimited together, finally condenses above a Chaos Power point.

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