Center return

Center return

Two big God Realm's Center fitting, Tang San felt itself immediately and between Zhanggong Wei appears a strange conjunction feeling. Turns head to give the thumbs-up to Zhanggong Wei.

Zhanggong Wei actually spouts a big blood, the whole person became the dispirited several points.

Seven Great God Realm also break when the collision, each God King must withstand itself, in God Realm was shattered backlash that brings, because they control the God Realm's Center person.

But Douluo God Realm, although by collision side, but they are six God King share after all, the situation is much better relatively. But other Six Great God Realms God King alone withstand, in addition must divert attention to tow own God Realm's Center, naturally is damaged seriously.

Tang San sees this, does not dare to neglect, Blue Silver Emperor the surrounding all God King once more tight windings around own body. Then anxious looks to other five God King of surrounding.

At this time their situation varies, actually all actuates Divine Power in full power.

And is worst by the situation of day Di Tian mark, his Demon God Armor almost damaged half, face whiten like paper, in stimulating to movement the Divine Power process, the body of whole person in fierce is shivering.

Tang San just wants to attempt to help him in the past, actually listens to Tian Hen to loudly shout, „do not come, your inner loop prepares, gathers the strength. Clash/To also need huge Divine Power, depended on you.”

Tang San knows what he said is fact, now at this time, could not allow to think, in plan originally, everybody also understands, might have God Realm to fall from the sky very much. But can break away several, be several.

Why Tang San wants full power to compete for dominant position , the reason is he is worried about this aspect. Because Douluo God Realm is too strong, therefore, may be pushed aside by other God Realm very much, because they might rob others' right to subsistence.

But after afterward Gods' War had finished, listened to the detail planning of day of Di Tian mark, he knows oneself considered thoroughly.

Now at this time, is who was really stronger, who might survive.

The azure light flashes, azure rays of light drops from the clouds together, giant azure bright rhombus crystal direct fitting in Douluo God Realm another side. The azure light winds around, the fairyism is remote, is Immortal Realm God Realm's Center.

Even if Immortal Emperor Hai Long at this time, the surface such as he of spirit money could not bear show a self-satisfied expression. Lifts up high the golden cudgel, comes one in divine sense, „space underground, Only I Shall Be Immortal!”

The second God Realm's Center fitting came.

What is more surprising, the Hai Long situation obviously be better than Light God King Zhanggong Wei, he looked at surrounding numerous God King, swung the body in a flash to the day of Di Tian mark behind, both hands according to carried on the back in Tian Hen, injection of Divine Power to hold nothing back in the past.

Tian Hen is the whole body shakes first, on the face appears the excited color. Both hands grip tightly Demon God Sword, slowly paddles before the body, together silver fissure, difficult gradually presents before him.

Two big God King situations appear some are not good, the body non-stop is shivering, but Tian Hen grips both hands of Demon God Sword actually appears exceptionally stable. This relates to his family member, relates to the entire Sky Speed Star Hen God Realm life and death!

Finally, silver light flashes, silver rays of light of one group of square shapes flushed from the fissure, flies to shoot to go, flies by Douluo God Realm's Center to stabilize.

The day Di Tian mark and Immortal Emperor Hai Long is almost is also weak, leans on pulling of Blue Silver Emperor to be able compared with fluttering. They exhaust full power.

Tian Hen turns around, grasped Hai Long, but cannot bear is also a blood spouts, has spurted a Hai Long face.

Hai Long cannot bear ridicule saying: „You such repay my.”

But this time Heavenly Emperor, is really cannot speak, wants to say anything, opens mouth has the blood to gush out, can only be the specific use has bumped three on the Hai Long shoulder, thanks, then closes both eyes, hurries to adjust own condition.

Also rescues is at the same time, is together the rays of light sparkle, the heavenly music buzz the cry, came from the God Realm's Center arrival of Zither Emperor. In God Realm's Center, the purple light passes. Ye Yinzhu in weak instant, the corners of the mouth place reveals to wipe the smiling face. Same level this life!

Although he does not have Ultra Divine Tool, but Purple Emperor in God Realm's Center and he related is really too close, was relying on the purple coordination, he depended upon oneself strength eventually, has guided God Realm's Center.

At this time at this time, remaining Mad God God Realm and Kind Death God God Realm's Center has not arrived.

Two God King situations are actually relatively stable. After all they have existence of Ultra Divine Tool.

appears God Realm's Center voluntarily was starting to absorb surrounding Chaos Power. At speed that Douluo God Realm swallows quickest, absorption are also most.

At this moment, Tang San felt suddenly outside world, along with the restoration of divine sense, he had discovered that they at this time in Black Hole. However, Black Hole really has no way to invade Chaos Power.

Chaos Power is Creation's Power, is in the Universe most source, purest strength. In Chaos Power, they do not need to worry that was swallowed by Black Hole.

However, there is an issue. Because in Black Hole except for Chaos Power, does not have other energies again, but Chaos Power needs to transform various energies with the aid of other materials, therefore, they must leave here to be good.

Actually may how do, Tang San now also clear, their all God King are also not first time faced with such aspect!

The red light flashes, dark-red Mad God God Realm's Center finally but air-splitting. Lei Xiang grows the tone, the back blood red 12 wings faded instantaneously, turned into the black, the whole person was also weary.

Six Great God Realms God Realm's Center arrived at five, this is worth absolutely gratified and pleasantly surprised.

At this time, Tian Hen trades tone to come finally, after Hai Long expression of gratitude, approaches Tang San saying: „We have succeeded, has the Chaos Power protection, we basic have succeeded. Really was good. Now we must do, in Chaos Power, opens a channel, the channel to outside world, transmits us and God Realm's Center.”

Tang San curious asking: „How does this channel open?”

Tian Hen said: „Chaos Power, is in the universe most source energy, its level is also highest. Black Hole is unable to swallow it. Moreover it has the characteristics of other energies, but in Black Hole does not have other energies. So long as we make an explosion in Chaos Power, making it outside the energy with Black Hole have resonating. Naturally can form the channel, receives the attraction of outside world energy, meets us.”

Hears to explode these two characters, numerous God King look changes, Tang San cannot bear lose the sound said all: „Also can come an explosion again?”

Tian Hen said: „Do not be anxious, does not need beforehand to be so strong. So long as we display the ability respectively, toward a point attack, the intensity of resonating should suffice. But the matter is not suitable late, we must start as soon as possible.”

Tang San curious asking: „You did not say in Chaos Power, won't we receive swallowing of Black Hole?”

The Tian Hen forced smile said: „But you have a look at our these God Realm's Center. Meets Chaos Power, even if we do not stimulate to movement, they voluntarily greedily will also absorb. But Chaos Power is limited, once were absorbed, became God Realm's Center existence. May not have Chaos Power outside, we do not have the means to form resonating with the energy of outside world. Therefore, must before they Chaos Power absorbs completes resonating to be good. You had not discovered, the surrounding white did start becomes thin?”

After the reminder of day Di Tian mark, Tang San discovered that, outside darkness already somewhat partly visible, like before was not the pure white world.

„When do we start?” Tang San asked.

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