Large explosion

Large explosion

Collision that flickers, will be they will bear the maximum pressure the time, first they must guarantee, Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center will be insufficient to be blown up during that big collision. Then draws support from strength of break away Black Hole large explosion.

But this process, incomparable danger.

Came! More and more near. Entire Douluo God Realm because of coming from the Six Great God Realms oppression strength, but slight shivers.

Perhaps this shivers fears, but similarly is also excited, whether because to give the new life, looked that this hits.

The collision arrived finally, the terrifying hit almost flickers to arrive below!

Six Great God Realms, six meteors, at the same time, from the different directions, simultaneously dashed above Douluo God Realm.


A sound beyond description was erupting in an instant!

In Black Hole, the ray or the sound, are unable to spread outward.

But, in the flash that collision arrives , the inner loop or the outer ring, complete 12 God King only thought oneself lost the sense of hearing and visual ability instantaneously, at present a blank.

That terrifying big collision, was unable to describe with rending. That was an explosion arrived at the feeling of pinnacle.

12 God King, can do now, subconscious exhausts full power outputs own Divine Power outward, does not dare to have retention of half a point.

God Realm's Center of any side was shattered, means a destruction of God Realm!

The terrifying large explosion as if continued a century to be so long, was similar to is only so is instantaneously short.

When Tang San finally restores for several points consciousness, he sees, is a front blank.

The surrounding all, as if have destroyed in formerly collision. Whole body fierce ache, Divine Power just like is not asking for money to pass general crazily.

Tang San bites the tip of tongue fiercely, came by oneself suddenly soberly, at the same time, he uses divine sense to shake the surroundings, was summoning other God King.

Fixes the eyes on to look, Tang San discovered with amazement, the surroundings as before is a blank, only has white rays of light to exist, but his both hands have the touch, felt that presses above God Realm's Center.

He cannot see other God King, but actually reluctantly can feel existences of other God King, divine sense felt their echoing.

„Wakes!” Tang San explodes in divine sense drinks, simultaneously ignition of to hold nothing back own Divine Power.

In this flickers, he anything could not attend, once because the failure is the thorough destruction!

„Buzz--” is divine sense becomes clear, together golden form appears in him slanting rear area, Tang San feels his existence immediately. Then is a strong light attribute aura is echoing his Asura Sword.

Light God King Zhanggong Wei! Yes, he still, him sobered.

Two big God King divine sense echo mutually, immediately on command around clear a piece of space. Tang San without the slightest hesitation, Blue Silver Emperor flings together, twines in the Zhanggong Wei waist, makes two people Divine Power connected.

Side Tang San, is divine sense is together clear, moreover initiative and they two divine sense complete the connection, after his divine sense becomes is clear, the surrounding all also become clear.

Tang San can see finally own front God Realm's Center, but this third sobers, is his good son-in-law, God of Emotion Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao is closing the double pupil, only has vertical eye on forehead to open, the divine sense crazy output, is relying on his divine sense sharing, can make the surrounding all clear.

Tang San can look at clear at this time, the surroundings are one huge white world, after this without doubt is the collision , the terrorist explosion energy. Even if by the Black Hole ability, facing seven God Realm large explosions, impossible to swallow these energies at once completely.

Surrounding numerous God King, majority are also in the Mongolian circle condition. But what made Tang San joyful was, 12 God King, have not all fallen from the sky in the large explosion. The situation that just, everybody looks like is not quite good.

The numerous God King aura somewhat is weak, the spiritual majority are not sober. Under is they who regains consciousness first is affecting luckily, numerous God King divine sense starts 11 to revive.

„Tows your God Realm's Center to come!” Tang San divine sense inspires greatly, transmits thought.

at this moment, 12 God King, all are the seven orifices hemorrhages, saw the function of Ultra Divine Tool at this time, has numerous God King that Ultra Divine Tool had, the situation obviously is much better, without Ultra Divine Tool God King, the situation must miss on.

The God Realm entity completely vanished, surplus only has Tang San in front of their inner loop Six Great God Kings rays of light gloomy Douluo God Realm's Center.

But other Six Great God Realms God Realm's Center all cannot see temporarily!

„God King bestows my bright sword, the rays of light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) photo vault of heaven!” The divine sense shake of Zhanggong Wei, Light Saint Sword rays of light reappears finally.

But at this moment, reviving outer ring Six Great God Kings looks anxious look all.

The first difficulty they crossed finally, at least under formerly big collision and large explosion, their 12 God King also. Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center takes the core also. May whether then to guide their respective God Realm's Center, was too important regarding Six Great God Realms, because is not good, likely is the result of thorough destruction! Their family members and friends, in respective God Realm's Center.

Six Great God Kings cannot attend to examining own situation, almost simultaneously respectively releases Divine Power, guiding own God Realm's Center to arrive.

But the middle Tang San six people have not been idling, hurries surviving Divine Power pours into to God Realm's Center, maintains the Douluo God Realm's Center core position.

The Tang San pleasantly surprised discovery, in the white world of surroundings big piece, is drifting away the huge energy, but this energy purely, has no way directly to absorb at the God Realm's Center level. May actually be able to store up.

When the world first took shape! This is Chaos Power!

Formerly after Tang San listened the day Di Tian mark has narrated the collision, to be possible the appears situation, most important has spoken Chaos Power.

When Chaos Power is big Life Creation meets appears one purest energy. Even if bit by bit, can let an ordinary god promotion equivalent. Also is the energy that only Black Hole is unable to swallow.

Therefore Tian Hen has urged Tang San specially, if there is Chaos Power appears, must not hesitate the collection of price, this they will reconstruct God Realm to have the huge advantage to later.

At this time discovered that has Chaos Power to exist, Tang San naturally is without the slightest hesitation immediately and God King with joint forces, introduce in these Chaos Power God Realm's Center. Meanwhile, is seeking is leaving the Black Hole possibility.

At this time everybody's condition is not good, does not have means complete ascertainment clear to outside world, anything did not do. Must adapt to the situation to be at present good first.

At this moment, the golden light drops from the clouds together, golden light beam rays of light is gloomy, but when his appears, even if with the calm of Light God King Zhanggong Wei, cheers one. In the hand Light Saint Sword wields, golden light wind around, change into the ray, twines forcefully it, sticks to with the God Realm's Center winding of Douluo God Realm in the same place.


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