Starts! Marvelous time!

Starts! Marvelous time!

Sky Speed Star Hen God Realm comprised of Energy Body of three small star appearances, circling, is flying in the Douluo God Realm direction!

Zither Emperor God Realm. Ye Yinzhu both hands play, on his knee, has displayed two guqins. In him behind, the Purple Emperor form is partly visible, he and a Purple Emperor body, coordinate with each other across a great distance.

zither sound such as High Mountain Stream Water seeks the intimate friend suddenly, suddenly such as spring thunder blasting open. Fluctuates suddenly Ten Sides Ambush, is suddenly as if weeping and complaining, phoenix asked the phoenix!

This is the Zither Emperor time, his zither sound, just like a battle drum, making all God King imposing manners promote continually. His zither sound, is towing Zither Emperor God Realm of distant place, in rippling of sound wave, directly soars the Douluo God Realm direction to fly to shoot.

Six Great God Kings to work with a common purpose, Six Great God Realms also is almost at the same time flies to shoot in the Douluo God Realm direction.

In their hearts only has obsession at this time, all anxious temporarily had dropped out, because in this moment, anxiously already no longer important, important only has to complete this historical moment, historical all these nulling operations.

Tang San is Douluo God Realm Six Great God Kings of head at this time also similarly in make an all-out effort. The hauling of Six Great God Realms, and other will bring very big load to Light God King Zhanggong Wei, when the collision arrives at that moment, the maximum load came from Douluo God Realm.

That is the hits of six God Realm! It is not good, may lose 100 percent.

In that flash of collision, is most important.

Tang San concentrates on, is controlling the Douluo God Realm effective contraction, the volume of contraction is smaller, the God Realm quality is bigger, bears the impact the time, can insist on more.

The day Di Tian mark calculated a very detailed data to give him, must before the Six Great God Realms collision arrival, the Douluo God Realm control in that range, the hit be possible presents balanced, the effect of large explosion can also achieve under the biggest premise not to damage seven Great God Realm God Realm's Center.

What Six Great God Realms is most difficult was just starts to move the time, because they move, entire Locking God Array was also towed.

Six Great God Realms originally, is the Locking God Array six big props, now their appears change, was God Realm pillar/backbone appears changes. entire God Realm starts fiercely shivers, in such process of change, is not good, will cause the giant disaster.

In the eye of day Di Tian mark as if there is data stream in the unceasing twinkle, God Realm's Center of Sky Speed Star Hen world is out of the ordinary, is in itself existence of high tech, at this time, the innumerable estimated data flow in his heart unceasingly.

Six Great God Realms, the color varies, at this time actually, again accelerates in the unceasing acceleration, they start to change into meteors gradually, having Xuan imposing manner to fly to shoot in the Douluo God Realm direction. But in them behind, in rays of light of distortion, because of the change of pivot, Locking God Array started the fierce distortion piece by piece.

„Has prepared, Locking God Array must break!”

Tian Hen loudly shouts!

Hears his reminder, all God King divine sense in an instant were promoting the pinnacle, because of their very clear, when Locking God Array broke that flickered, all was irreversible, they have not come an opportunity again, did not succeed dies for a righteous cause!

Tang San deeply inspires, back, Asura Sword float, solemnly shouted: „Double palm!”

Six Great God Kings of inner loop simultaneously stretches out the own second palm, 12 hands according to above Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center, immediately, rays of light that God Realm's Center itself sends out become are more powerful, entire Douluo God Realm also starts the landslide cracks in the earth, the contraction acceleration!

This and initially God of Ruin opened God Realm to contract again differently. At that time what opened was only the guard/shield of surrounding, God Realm requires the time to increase. Therefore contraction time also contracts the guard/shield, will not affect internal God Realm.

All that but now the contraction of further onwards, quite therefore in destroying Douluo God Realm, in God Realm had been formed by Divine Power unceasing the transformation become Divine Power along with the process of contraction. Then strengthens the Douluo God Realm intensity.

„Buzz--” unprecedented buzz resounds.

In an instant, 12 God King feel respective differently, six God King of inner loop are good, but felt suddenly outside world appears huge attracting force, has come from Black Hole attracting force.

But Six Great God Kings of outer ring actually simultaneously is the whole body greatly shakes, is almost the same time spouts a blood, spurts above own Ultra Divine Tool.

Locking God Array broken, has produced backlash to them. However, at this time, Locking God Array broke open the huge energy of having became the boost of Six Great God Realms.

Black Hole has made a fresh start to swallow seven Great God Realm Divine Power, but it is unable to prevent Six Great God Realms to be ordinary just like the meteors of six acceleration, just like at top speed, directly soars Douluo God Realm to dash.

All these during the computation of day Di Tian mark, in the computation of Tian Hen, but relies on their Six Great God Kings to tow Six Great God Realms, the speed cannot achieve the demand of large explosion. Therefore, they have not separated and relation of Locking God Array before, making Locking God Array protect them to complete the collision.

Does achieves the pinnacle, this is the Tian Hen consistent style.

Therefore, he also calculated the entire Locking God Array shatter energy during the entire motion. When Locking God Array blasting open that flickers, the energy of can having is extremely huge, that may energy that God Realm that not only their Six Great God Realms energy, beforehand some fallen from the sky keeps. After his detailed computation and angular adjustment, can in the Six Great God Realms towed process, making strength that this Locking God Array explodes the back promoter, but is not the influence.

With the explosion of Locking God Array, they, although comes under the influence injured, even consumes greatly, but the fact showed, the computation of Heavenly Emperor is correct, Six Great God Realms almost flies to shoot in the Douluo God Realm direction at three times of in before speed. Without a doubt, collision unequalled fierce.

„Sea God, by you!” Heavenly Emperor promotes one once more. Six Great God Kings of outer ring can do at this time, is make an all-out effort is maintaining and in God Realm the relation of between God Realm's Center, simultaneously tows their God Realm to hit in the established direction.

Tang San has not opened the mouth, but actually deeply inspires, the Six Great God Kings look of inner loop becomes the incomparable solidification.

Before Douluo God Realm in such a short time already, compared to contract over one-third, at this moment, this only remaining two-thirds Douluo God Realm surfaces, the safety mask presented one viscous amber brown.

Come, success or failure hinges on this one action!

Six Great God Realms was getting more and more near. Before they have not collided, the Douluo God Realm surface started to ripple hollow. That is came from the Divine Power mapping influence of terrifying.

Douluo God Realm felt the huge pressure, God Realm's Center started to tremble slightly, this was sentences regarding one that the disaster arrived in advance.

But, at this time, they must bear this disaster, whether darkest before dawn, in this at one fell swoop!

In the Tang San eye divine light hold, „prepared greatly!”

The Six Great God Kings stiff wainscot, the aura of everyone becomes sinks to congeal.

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