Doesn't give up?

Doesn't give up?

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong hand in hand, float in midair, looks into the distant place immortal to say Piao Miao.

„Doesn't give up?” Huo Yuhao asked in a soft voice.

Tang Wutong laughs, „anything has not given up. God Realm is beautiful, will wait for a long time not to feel its beautiful in a place. Otherwise, initially I not because wants to play all the time to run up to Douluo Continent to go.”

Huo Yuhao laughs, „I should rejoice your wanting to play all the time!”

Tang Wutong shrugs the arm saying: „Therefore cheap you. To be honest, did you regret? If you elect is not I, perhaps will not receive that many crimes. The father really loves me, therefore does not hate me to get married, actually not in view of you, who is my husband, perhaps will not feel better in his.”

Huo Yuhao said with a smile: „Why do I want to regret? Does not have my today without urging on Lord Father-in-Law. Lord Father-in-Law is only the surface to my not false speech and countenance, may in fact, he to my good, I know. If not to my approval and concern, I possibly enter God Realm Council? He has not let I go truly faced with the danger. In fact, I more and more thought now, he started to love it and everything that comes along with it.”

Tang Wutong said with a smile: „That is also you can complete! Otherwise, the father such will quickly not approve you. Actually, he permits you marry my time, has approved you. He is firm, is too not willing to acknowledge. Most important does not give up me.”

Huo Yuhao sighed one lightly, „I was after the bitter comes the sweet. Pressure real very big that Lord Father-in-Law withstands actually. You felt relieved that in God Realm Council, help/gang Lord Father-in-Law that I spare certainly no effort handles various matters.”

Tang Wutong „pū” smiles, „does that some day he make you make highest God King?”

Huo Yuhao has a big shock, „cannot. Can't the father-in-law such pit son-in-law?”

Tang Wutong ill-humored white his eyes, „you like this are without lofty aspiration!”

Huo Yuhao said without hesitation: „My this entered God Realm Council to flatter Lord Father-in-Law, I do not make highest God King, Lord Father-in-Law was so laborious, this laborious gave others. I looked that God of Wickedness is also good!”

Tang Wutong said: „God of Wickedness this God Position cannot become highest God King, God of Kindness is not willing. The father previous time has proposed one with me. Had experienced afterward such many matters, he had not said again.”

„Dear wife, if you want to enable my many points of time to accompany you, do not make Lord Father-in-Law have this thought!” Tang San withstood many pressure Huo Yuhao to look in the eye . Moreover, he regarding controlling one may be an idea does not have.

Tang Wutong stared his one eyes ill-humoredly, „just does not know that is who said that must share for the father. Then how long, reneged on a promise.”

The Huo Yuhao forced smile said: „I do not renege on a promise, share do not have the issue, replaces does not want.”

Tang Wutong laughs, „that you look at the office.”

Huo Yuhao has hugged her, „felt relieved that I definitely with every effort help the father. For you, my anything wants.”

Tang San puts down according to behind the double palm in Xiao Wu slowly, grows the tone, when he opens the double pupil, on the face is revealing the joyful color obviously.

After a little while, Xiao Wu has also turned around, invests in the Tang San bosom on own initiative, holds in the arms his neck.

Tang San said with a smile: „Was much better, the depressed air/Qi of your within the body went, then slowly regained the body condition, had moistening of Divine Power, soon can be good.”

Wife's body improves, is he happiest matter. The mood is also is naturally excellent.

On that day after Xiao Wu read the penetration, Gods' War finished, her body condition naturally good, the medicine did not recover.

„Brother San, you were recently laborious. I not only have not added on any busy to you, but also has been towing your retreat, making you be worried. Later not, regardless of experiences any matter, I meet with you face together. We come facing all hardships together, no matter, I side you. When like initially Douluo Continent on we facing Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue the double god fights the double god, I have certainly accompanied side you. The son is very important, is, in my life, you is also the most important man!”

Tang San embracing tightly wife with emotions, said in a soft voice: „You can be good I to satisfy, so long as can see healthy lively open you, for me was enough. Other matters I will process, you do not need to be worried. This time, we can certainly clash, can certainly look for the son.”


Two people so are tight to support, for a very long time did not speak, is enjoying the rare quietness.

Long time, Xiao Wu in Tang San bosom has turned the body suddenly, said in a soft voice: „Brother San, I thought that my physical condition was OK. We did not have” to say for a long time at the same time, her palm caressed the chest of Tang San.

A Tang San heart heat, said scruple: „It is not good, waited for you to be good”

„Good.” Xiao Wu readily agrees suddenly.

Tang San expression one stiff, he good to say, actually I am only polite, after all, their husbands and wives were very long very for a long time, were not intimate, in his heart can not think? Formidable sense of being lost and lonely is filled with immediately sufficiently.

Xiao Wu „pū” smiles, „teases your.”

„Young bastard! Ahem, I will not let off you.”

„Does not want”

Also is long time.

He strokes the scorpion pigtail that she is dispersing gently, the gentle voice near her ear said: „Dear, for your I am willing to deeply love the entire world.”

Douluo God Realm, God Realm Council!

at this moment entire Douluo God Realm, is flooding a strange silence. Not only Douluo God Realm, including Child of Light God Realm, Mad God God Realm, Kind Death God God Realm and Only I Shall Be Immortal Immortal Realm and Sky Speed Star Hen God Realm as well as Zither Emperor God Realm , is silent scary, cannot feel the half a point lifeform to exist again.

Only has in God Realm Council, 12 forms regarding stand around Douluo God Realm.

They are 12 big God King, is representing seven Great God Realm life and death 12 God King.

Sea God and Asura God Tang San!

God of Emotion Huo Yuhao!

Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing!

Strength God Zhou Weiqing!

God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames)!

God of Wickedness Ji Dong!

Light God King Zhanggong Wei!

Mad God Lei Xiang!

Death God A'Dai!

Immortal Emperor Hai Long!

Day Di Tian mark!

Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu!

Ten two God King sit in a circle around Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center at this time, everyone sits cross-legged to sit there, the obturation with rapt attention, is adjusting own condition.

If carefully looked that will discover, including Douluo God Realm, complete seven Great God Realm compared with before enough small, the entire Locking God Array control area must reduce about one-third.

The Divine Power embodiment, is waiting for that forthcoming historical moment!

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