Does not dare to recall

Does not dare to recall

„Aiya, do not disturb, has not completed. Later again eats.” Rong Nianbing very somewhat helpless was saying to Mao Mao.

But Mao Mao no matter these, the fresh fish of grinning taking up half-finished product puts in the mouth together.

„Delicious. You did not say, fresh most delicious?” Mao Mao grinning say/way.

Rong Nianbing somewhat helpless say/way: „I said today must do to you boils together slowly. This is the cooking that I study newly. Stews for over eight hours with about 40 degrees warm hot water, maintains food's tastiness, does not make the pulp age, special delicacy. This time has not arrived.”

Mao Mao laughs, „good, good, I wait again. Right, the elder sisters said that they already hungry is not good, lets you a bit faster.”

Say/Way that Rong Nianbing does not know whether to laugh or cry: „But this quickly! If can be quick, I already wasn't quick?”

Before Mao Mao gathers up, stood on tiptoes tip of the toe to kiss one on his face, „I exited first.”

Looks departure that she jumps, in Rong Nianbing look gentle gradually turned into an anxiety. Looks at Seven Kitchen Knifes on hand, he muttered thought aloud, „this is not the last food. Cannot!”

His wish, has been able to roam through the universe, seeks other to have the lifeform place, seeks various types of good food.

He has not regarded himself is a magician, he is willing to be a chef. The chefs can biggest satisfies itself, satisfies other people.

Initially, with teacher investigates extreme studied the kitchen time, he liked this occupation. Until now.

The finger beats, dexterous knife appears in his fingertip, just like wipes the quiet blue rays of light high and low beat.

Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing always does not have Seven Kitchen Knifes, he also has the eighth blade, Demonic Engraving Divine Knife.

The ghost fan lunar halo ice gorge is broken, carves the blue wu phoenix to return, the god happy voiceless sound chirps, the blade called cloud Dong the startled bird to fly.

This concealed poem is the portrayal of Demonic Engraving Divine Knife. Even if Sea God Tang San, clear, this Magic Chef of Ice and Fire does not have such blade.

The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire eighth blade.

The eighth blade that even if in Gods' War, he has not used.

Because he is not willing in comparing notes to use Demonic Engraving Divine Knife. Who said that Magic Chef of Ice and Fire doesn't have Ultra Divine Tool? It is!

Gods' War does not use, is he does not want to kill people, does not want completely to expose own card in a hand. When he saw Tang San rescues the next day Di Tian mark and Light God King Zhanggong Wei, he is clear the general situation to decide, the victory and loss was unimportant. Therefore, when completing the incantation on Demonic Engraving Divine Knife of buckle in hand was quietly by him received.

However, perhaps this time, really must use it to be good.

The words that does not use perhaps, forever did not have the opportunity.

Dazzling flame ascension, True Yang Divine Fire and Nether Yin True Fire each other blend, with inspires black white/in vain gradually, changes into dragon Juanzhuang to lift off.

„Was not good, could not find initially felt.” Ji Dong somewhat helpless saying.

He and Lie Yan (raging flames) are in all God King are on the other hand most relaxed, because they do not need to face with leaving of family member. They only then each other, will face all these hand in hand.

But to face all well, they continuously before that type good and evil interweaving that seeking displays, the Live and Die Together deep meaning are.

They can also certainly feel the Live and Die Together might to be formidable, if they can control that strength, will play the excellent defense role for the following large explosion without a doubt.

Douluo God Realm is the core, Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center is most important.

The large explosion most important place lies , the explosions of seven Great God Realm, have the huge energy, Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center must be completed to own defense, in the meantime, but must pull other Six Great God Realms God Realm's Center, with melt together.

Only has so, finally can succeed thoroughly, seizes the chance break away Black Hole. Returns to in the Universe to go, looks for the opportunity, creates brand-new God Realm.

Therefore, defends strength of large explosion to be most important, this all needs to depend upon their strength to be good.

According to deciding, Douluo God Realm, is led by Tang San, is mainly responsible for the defense of God Realm's Center, but hauling respective God Realm God Realm's Center, is the matter that Six Great God Realms six God King must handle. Everybody to work with a common purpose and coordination with each other.

On that day Gods' War, Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong, because was initiated Live and Die Together that type, behind instead became implicates, otherwise, implemented according to the plan of Tang San, finally will not be passive.

Although Tang San and other person of anything had not said that but Ji Dong and in the Lie Yan (raging flames) heart has ashamed intent throughout. After two people come back, in cultivation diligently, has hoped that can grasp the deep meaning of that type.

Lie Yan (raging flames) said: „Do not be anxious. We take your time. Perhaps then state of mind is unable to release that type of two meters to be really hot. This is not the matter of getting it done in one action.”

The Ji Dong forced smile said: „Yes! Really is because our some do not dare to recall, is not willing to recall. Again how reluctantly oneself, because of protecting oneself, but is unable to enter to that condition in truly. Really hateful.”

Lie Yan (raging flames) said: „At least we have traced two meter really hot edges, simplifies the version to use. Moreover, has waited till the true motion time, we will enter perhaps to that condition. At that time, naturally can use.”

Ji Dong nod of gently, on the face remains to reveal wipes the light smile, „good, we take your time.”

Two people of flame ascend once more, their each other congealing reality, Lie Yan (raging flames) swings the body in a flash, turned into another appearance, although is beautiful, but actually and she originally differs from, was the initial eastern wooden empire princess Chen Sixuan appearance.

Visits front her, Ji Dong starts to enter the recollection

Zhou Weiqing is intertwined break free to come out from the body with great difficulty, getting out of bed of being quietly.

Arrives in the courtyard, both hands support, this long air vent.

Today, various family members must enter God Realm's Center. Others family/home does not know that is what, but his three wife actually chose pressing out ruthlessly to do him

By his Strength God body and spirit, somewhat could not endure. But has saying that this is the best reduced pressure way, at least for him is this. After solving short backbreaking, he only thought that is refreshing.

Initially, in the world that the day bead changed, he had to hate the day not to have, hates the ringless title. at this moment, as if returned to once eventful years.

The extension of effort a body, muttered thought aloud: „After we succeed, fights with them again 300 rounds, making them know my fierce. Hehehe.”

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