Putting down

Putting down

Kind Death God God Realm.

Xuan Yue sits on the A'Dai leg, the elegant face pastes in his shoulder place, gently flushes air to his ear.

„It seems like, we are idlest.” Xuan Yue said with a smile.

A'Dai turns head to look to her, „, you go Douluo God Realm with me together.”

Xuan Yue shaking the head of gently, „, I cannot go with you. Others do not lead the family, you led me. How can make other God King feel at ease? I will stay here, favors our families/home. You felt relieved.”

The A'Dai pursing the lips lip, grips her hand, „Yueyue, do you know? On that day, I remembered the girl.”

Xuan Yue stares, „before remembering?”

A'Dai nodded, „I am not always willing to recall once all, these really extremely painful. But, recalls, now probably also does not have that painfully. Perhaps is because the side has you.”

Here, after A'Dai has stopped one next, said: „Put in great inconvenience you, Yueyue. Since such long, our God Realm only then you and I, you have accompanied me not to have the complaint with the lonely colleague. Said honestly, in my heart anticipated actually very much fusion of God Realm, in that case, we no longer lonely, we have the partner who has been able to exchange daily.”

Xuan Yue somewhat surprised looks at A'Dai, in her heart, has thought A'Dai in fact likes this peacefully. This is his first time says such words.

A'Dai shows a faint smile, traces her long hair, „after us, goes back to seek for them, wants the own families/home, a formidable family/home, again easily will at least not face likely this time danger. Therefore, so long as you agreed that after waiting for God Realm to fuse, I was not about to leave again. Actually, I am not willing to make any God King, is not willing to be any ruler, I only want with you in the same place, some happy and tranquil life. Can some friends, some partners, really be the good choice. Therefore, Zhanggong that Sea God Tang San, they whose director God Realm I do not have the opinion, cannot be I in any case. Can be able to see from this Gods' War, they are the people who is worth entrusting, I also happen to can remove the responsibility.”

„The arrival of Douluo God Realm looked through Gods' War, has been able to establish is the big good deed. I only think that now make an all-out effort help/gang everybody completes the break away Black Hole magnificent feat together. Then, we had a new family/home. That Douluo God Realm I have looked, is very beautiful, the God Realm reconstruction, brand-new God Realm should take their original appearances as the main source. When the time comes we find a place, belongs to our places, will be very certainly happy.”

Xuan Yue is revealed the color of expectation by beautiful pupil that in he said that „such words, were really good. You have always shouldered too many things, now, did you prepare to put down?”

A'Dai sighed one lightly, „should also be puts down. Also has something unable to put down?”

Child of Light God Realm.

The Zhanggong Wei double back of the hand after behind, routine standing is observing front God Realm's Center before God Realm's Center as before.

Mu Zi stands side him silently, said in a soft voice: „Do you have to lose?”

Zhanggong Wei turns head to look to her, „why loses?”

Mu Zi silent say/way: „You lost eventually, moreover does not lose in the strength.”

Zhanggong Wei shows a faint smile, shakes the head, „does not have, I have not lost anything. In fact, after seeing clearly the Tang San disposition, I have not thought must win.”

„Un?” Mu Zi sees the husband silently surprisedly. In her heart, the husband is actually the person who ten points try to outdo others!

Zhanggong Wei said with a smile: „Why can win? I am different from them, actually, in my heart does not have obsession. My present life is very satisfied, the regret has, once partner was far away, but, we did not have the means to make them live again. Then, only then accepts the present life, only recalled to the past.”

„Therefore, I am very satisfied to the present all. Becoming the director will no doubt have many senses of achievement, may in fact, must bear more responsibility. I do not have to a responsibility interest. If not Yinzhu they forces somebody to do something he incapable, I have not thought must be the leader. Now, Douluo God Realm came, Sea God Tang San came. He has conquered all people with oneself performance, he is one compared with I more appropriate leader. Moreover, has his chancellor, I can also feel relieved. Isn't this very? God Realm after fusion, perhaps, can evolve to the God Star aspect. That is I wants to see. Once new God Realm becomes God Star, then, in in the Universe we are existence of most peak. Only if bumps into another God Star, otherwise, can threaten our minimal in in the Universe, even if meets Black Hole again is not anything.”

„God Star?” Mu Zi silent say/way: „Before had not listened to you to say has such wish!”

Zhanggong Wei said with a smile: „That is because before , had not seen the hope, but now, hoped to have finally. Naturally if wants are more, does is bigger.”

Mu Zi silent Qingtan, „actually, the heaven treated us to be advantageous. Compares in ordinary human, our lives were so glorious. My anything wish does not have, so long as can with you in the same place, you want to make anything, I am accompanying you.”

Zhanggong Wei has turned round, gently touches the Mu Zi silent head, „all that I make, to let you can have a calm and steady environment life, for your I am willing to deeply love the entire world.”

The melodious tweedle such as gurgling running water sleek/moist has the sound, a Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu white clothing, the long hair hangs loose after the brain, several branch out the dust very much the flavor.

zither sound reverberates in the bamboo groves, often saw that the bamboo grove ripples and smells the bamboo fragrant light biography, moving that could not say.

His zither sound is indifferent to fame or gain, but in look actually filled has not abandoned. Regarding this, completely is his creation God Realm, he somewhat does not give up.

The big collision and large explosion, here all will not exist. God Realm that he once building, will thoroughly vanish.

Purple sits in his opposite not far away, but calmly is listening respectfully to his zither sound, their brothers many years. Same level this life contract already linked them as one. He does not need to ask, can understand Ye Yinzhu this time mood. Let alone, in his heart, never gives up at present all these? Constructs God Realm, had his strength!

Ye Yinzhu wives not, room only remaining their two people, rare quietness.

„Purple, you decided really can stay here?” The sound wave that Ye Yinzhu both hands holding down string, will shake cancels.

Purple nodded.

„Do you blame me?”

Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu shook the head, „, I do not know your meaning. You to be firmer my faith. But in fact, if the family members, what meaning my live alone also didn't have? I have been used to you in my day. You are not, I am somewhat timid.”

If makes the bystander hear, one generation of Zither Emperor actually will say the timid son, certainly surprised grinning with ear to ear. But, in front of Purple Emperor, Zither Emperor will not conceal anything. They early have gone beyond the category of friend, from is acquainted at first, they are the brothers. Brothers of catarmaran life.

Purple has smiled, he usually little reveals this expression, stands up, he arrives at side Ye Yinzhu, generous powerful big hand according to his shoulder.

„You will not be timid, or has timid, you timidly will also transform for your strength, such is Ye Yinzhu that I know. You besides the zither | Jean sect, the bamboo sect, the tenacity of bamboo, are you never or lack. I believe you to be able. Even over believes me. I walked, I am waiting for you. Initially, we can build God Realm, now, we as before can lead our family members to rebuild one's homeland.”

Spoke these words, purple has patted his shoulder once more, then the standing body, striding bravely forward went out of the bamboo room.

Ye Yinzhu opened mouth, wants to stop by calling out him, actually finally cannot open the mouth. Sighed lightly shook the head, on the face actually revealed a light smile.

Yes! Has these many to hobble, although oneself timid, but actually in that trembled to burn already how long did not know not appears war intent.

When this fights intent previous appears, is his single alone zither | Jean, intrudes the enemy, to pick Sura, the anger rushes to the arena, a final person of zither | Jean, in that move pro-Taiwan , a phoenix asked the phoenix, took away the beautiful woman to turn over.

Recalled that time eventful years, side Ye Yinzhu, the gentle white halo ascension, in his look, as if had any thing therefore to burn.

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