You are virulent, do you know?

You are virulent, do you know?

He just spoke of here, Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) has actually had tears streaming down the face, jumps into him to cherish fiercely, effort grasps him, „I do not give up you, does not give up separates with you. Do not leave us to be good, do I make you return to be good? Later I no longer bullied you, you want to be how what kind, you want to rest with whom with who rested, do not leave us. We cannot do without you.”

How she at this time really will also question that own husband, she is only the innermost feelings is grieved, but does not give up own lover!

Every day is duplicating the same or similar life, even if Immortal Realm seems anything does not lack, may in their innermost feelings many somewhat be in fact void. But, when really may probably end such life, Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) actually discovered, in oneself heart has the incomparably intense fear. What she most fears will lose the husband!

The large explosion will be what kind, no one has the means to give the conclusion, has successfully possibly naturally also has the possibility of failure. But once is defeated, they forever will separate the beauty. Everybody died, but Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) most is worried was he walked, oneself were also actually living.

They know, during this collision, as core Douluo God Realm is most dangerous.

Piao Miao Immortal Venerable stands, the eye socket similarly was also red. Formerly all female family members left, who was not suppressing own mood, feared that affected Hai Long. Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) could not bear eventually, emotional outburst.

Hai Long is nipping the lower lip, the look becomes incomparably firm, „I will come back, we will never separate. I promised you. Black Hole is also what kind, even if it can swallow all, I must hold a big hole it. I will lead you to go back, have continued our free days. Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither), believes me, we will certainly not separate!”

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) raised the head, pear flower belt/bring rain visits him, „husband. These years haven't you blamed me really?”

Hai Long looks at her tears overflow the beautiful pupil, „silly thing, will I blame you? You have forgotten initially in the Only I Shall Be Immortal world, how many have you paid for me? That tip, forever lingers in my heart. So long as you side me, you want to be how what kind, I will only favor you, to be used to you, to accompany you.”

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) cries once more loudly, tight is hugging Hai Long, said that anything is not willing to drop.

Piao Miao Immortal Venerable wants to persuade, eventually has not actually said. Perhaps, at this time, had such one to hobble, he will strengthen confidence, making their this motions smoother.

Her double palm about ten before own, was praying silently, was praying.

Mad God God Realm.

Lei Xiang stands in the God Realm high point, looks into the distance. The distant place, the fog is faintly recognizable, has gloomy existence faintly.

Mad God God Realm has dual character throughout, initially entered God Realm is facing when like initially him the God Realm war.

Draws out big brother Mandis, if you also in this good. If there are you side me, did not need me to come facing all these.

Formidable god, there is an innermost feelings frail time. He is also so.

Mad God God Realm also started to think that the migration of God Realm's Center, Mo Yue is directing in that side personally. She makes Lei Xiang calm down a bit, rests, relaxes the mind. Other matters they will complete.

Therefore Lei Xiang had this time free time.

Passing all sorts 11 in the mind flash through, for him, the most precious memory before initially was not having become a God.

As the person clan, Demon Race and Beastman Race three clan people of mixed blood, he proudest matter finally made three clan peace talks by strength of the, was again warless.

But the happiest matter is he has four wife.

Remembering of his also clear, oneself, because missing of Zi Yan, but wreaks havoc to Mo Yue, that is in his life thought dirtiest matter that handles. Also is he had thought has a deficit Mo Yue. However, he did not regret. Because, if not so, perhaps he impossible with Mo Yue in the same place. After all, that time Mo Yue, but Princess Demon Race! But he is actually Beastman Race in the Human World spy.

Recalled that once tips, the Lei Xiang heart somewhat gave off heat, as if returned to the young time. If can come again, seems also good.

At this moment, a pair of icy cold small hand has covered his eye from behind.

Lei Xiang shows a faint smile, „flurry, is right?”

„Snort! Why you can guess to obtain each time, does not have the meaning really!” Zi Xue behind walked from him, sits down in his side, very natural by his shoulder.

Lei Xiang hehe smiles, „naturally can guess correctly, because only then your this silly thing such will do!”

Zi Xue purses the lips saying: „Can't you disguise unable to guess correctly? The elder sisters are directing everybody to enter God Realm's Center. I am also all right, accompanies you. Has not disturbed you.”

„How can?” Lei Xiang hugs into to cherish her, is trying to find out her fresh-faced tender face gently, „Zi Xue, but also remembered initially our first meeting time?”

Zi Xue said with a smile, „naturally remembered! At that time I thought that silly big that which came. Hee hee.”

Lei Xiang ill-humoredly said: „Giant, where my was silly.”

„Is silly. Is silly.” The Zi Xue laughter said.

Lei Xiang somewhat favorite say/way: „Silliness silly, deceived in any case finally you.”

Zi Xue stayed, „you are virulent. Do you know? I and elder sisters thought that you are virulent. Otherwise, we why incurable liking you?”

Lei Xiang lowered the head, the pain kisses her fragrant lip, Zi Xue has not struggled, closely holds in the arms his neck, somewhat immaturely was responding.

„What is poisonous is you are right.” Lei Xiang lets loose her lip good long while, the short distance visits her.

Zi Xue elegant face slightly red, „where others was poisonous?”

Lei Xiang smiles, „I was poisoned, what to do? Quickly helps me detoxify. solution Linghuan must be bell person!” At the same time was saying, he turns over/stands up, pressed Zi Xue under oneself body.

Zi Xue calls out in alarm one, „this in broad daylight . Moreover the wilderness open country, you must do.”

Lei Xiang evil smiles, „you said that I do want to do? All people went to God Realm's Center, nobody can save you, my small lamb.”

A Zi Xue pair of small hand pushes the face that he must press, „not good, is not good. Aren't you must achieve the great accomplishment immediately? How at this time can”

Lei Xiang said: „Because of this, needs to alleviate the pressure now! You do not know that this matter relieves the pressure best way?”

„You, not”

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