Did you shut out me?

Did you shut out me?

Although he also knows that Tang San does not treat sees him, but he instead feels a heartfelt admiration to this father-in-law is the incomparable trust.

Tang San looked at Huo Yuhao one, said: „So, therefore, from now on, everybody prepares on full power. Our God Realm are biggest, god is largest, the overall energy is also hugest. Then, must first complete to certain compression of God Realm, in the meantime, starts from Class Three God, moves into to God Realm's Center in completely. Then is Class Two God and Class One God, finally is our family members, doesn't everybody has the issue?”

„Does not have the issue!”

This is a process of working with concerted efforts, puts others before oneself to be able firmer entire God Realm confidence.

Seven Great God Realm go into action almost at the same time, each God Realm aggressively is preparing.

Does not raise busiest Douluo God Realm, other how many are Great God Realm so?

Sky Speed Star Hen God Realm.

„Tian Hen, can you move to Douluo God Realm to go the central computer really?” Saying that Bai He somewhat worries about.

Must know, the central computer of Sky Speed Star Hen world already, not only the science and technology, integrated Divine Power, took Divine Power as energy source it, itself could be considered as on is formidable lifeform, moreover it and entire Sky Speed Star Hen God Realm God Realm's Center was close. Once the central computer had problems, God Realm's Center is not even able to control.

Tian Hen hehe smiles, said: „The present is to work with a common purpose time. In this case, must first do boosts the confidence of all people. Sea God Tang San is a big energy, he had not questioned from beginning to end my plan, gives me to trust. However, his following person is not necessarily able so. Douluo God Realm is very formidable, not only he decides, other God King. Since wants the absolute sincerity cooperation, we must first give others some confidence. I make the central computer, quite therefore mortgages there, but this time is led by Douluo God Realm, but we are the genuine captains. We must put down all defenses first, can let other God Realm also so. Relax, will not have matter.”

Bai He nodded, said: „How regardless of you decided, I listen your. I do not want to separate with you. I” spoke of here, her eye socket somewhat was red.

Six Great God Realms God Realm's Center also needs to take the center before the collision in respective God Realm, God King can carry on the long-distance control through them regarding various Great God Realm. Therefore in other words, before the collision, various Great God Realm God Realm's Center does not have the means and Douluo God Realm's Center fusion, must wait for that moment of collision, after the large explosion starts, by respective God King inspiring. Before then, is in numerous Gods in God Realm's Center naturally to with God King of one's own side separate.

Tian Hen holds in the arms Bai He, gently is stroking her long hair, in the eye pupil full is the color of resolution, „still remembered initially the situations of first meeting? You are the goddess in my heart, you are good and dedicated. Believes me, we can certainly be successful. All computations are only the data, but finally succeeds the most important essential factor is actually the confidence and determination. Actually, what I have not told other God King is, Gods' War enormously improved the successful possibility for us, because we understood mutually, is also more confident to each other strength. Meanwhile, we also saw, has obsession in each individual heart, this obsession, is everybody. Everyone. We want to go on living, wants to return to universe in originally.”

„You look at that Sea God Tang San, to go back to seek for the son, can he not put together completely all? We have our obsession. This is most important. Therefore, I believe, each of our obsession, becomes certain percentage will join to this motion during. We must first believe, the final result certainly is 100% successes, we can certainly create brand-new God Realm. Only has so, can have the biggest probability.”

Bai He embraces tightly the husband, „how, regardless of you decided, I stand you, I certainly believe that you will protect our one. Goes, how you want to do, our entire God Realm will support you. In the family/home here you do not need to be worried, I will direct everybody to complete to integrate. You need any data momentarily to contact with me with divine sense, we communicate promptly.”

After short frailty, this once has the goddess that most person of high skill looks at to start to calm down in the Sky Speed Star Hen world. Because of her very clear, when this key, she most should do, is becomes husband's good wife, helping him complete the following all.

Kissed one on the Bai He forehead, Tian Hen changed itself behind a golden cube. This cube is not big, but actually to airborne projects giant light screen, in the light screen, innumerable rune/symbol writing and figure are revolving rapidly.

Tian Hen arrives in front of that golden cube, said solemnly: „Airspeed, starts to contract, we walk.”

„Yes, master. Immediately starts to contract!” Light shadow glitter, the airborne light screen starts to change into the flowing light to integrate.

Tian Hen shows a faint smile, „star mark, we prepare to walk.”

appears that the golden illusory image is quietly together side Tian Hen, is circling regarding him, resembling is dragon Xing, is other shapes, seems transforming ever changingly unceasingly.

The star mark, is his mount, is he most important partner. However, in Gods' War, does not have appears throughout.

If must give definition of this Heavenly Emperor on Gods' War, then, he is: Balanced!

Only I Shall Be Immortal Immortal Realm.

Hai Long stands in own forehead peak, silently looks that God Officer start to walk into the Immortal Realm center, his complexion somewhat has been ugly.

The Piao Miao say/way reveres with Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) side him. Including Meng Yun, his other numerous wives entered the Immortal Realm center. Because he needs to express the determination to all Immortal Realm immortals, his family member will also keep in the Immortal Realm center, with everybody Live and Die Together.

„Does not want the pressure to be too big, we will certainly succeed.” Piao Miao Immortal Venerable grips the hand of Hai Long.

Hai Long nod of gently, „I am all right.”

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) curled the lip, said: „Perhaps he looks forward to cast off us, later the good person to be free and unrestrained.”

Hai Long brow slightly pressed, has not opened the mouth.

Piao Miao Immortal Venerable signaled with the eyes to Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither), making her leave said again.

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) likely had not actually seen that his eye is an excellent likeness, reprimanded tenderly: „Did you shut out us? Disliked us to toss about you all day? You”

„Sufficed!” Immortal Emperor Hai Long shouted angrily suddenly, „you had not to end!”

Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither) first is one dull, the willow eyebrows are but actually vertical, „you are ominous I!”

Hai Long has turned around fiercely, does not know when already double pupil flood red, „do I shut out you? If I will shut out you, meets whatever every day you organize, you said that what is what? If I shut out you, I can every day accompany side you, do you want to be how what kind of? If I shut out you, whatever will arrange all my? Because I just loved you, therefore so, in my surface all pain actually will develop to you looked that to let you are many some pleasure. In fact, I have fun, enjoy this family happiness. I”

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