Either contemporaneous, either altogether dies

Either contemporaneous, either altogether dies

Before Heavenly Emperor had said that if barely managing to maintain a feeble existence, they can also here the survival some time. May along with Black Hole regarding Locking God Array unceasing swallowing, their overall energies be getting more and more weak, to behind, the opportunity of even continually at risk of life wrestling did not have. Therefore, to, must while the present, seven Great God Realm Divine Power also sufficient times.

Tang San nodded, „believes that everybody has set firm resolve. Then, asked Heavenly Emperor saying that how we should do.”

After Tian Hen has hesitated one next, said: „My idea is, chooses a core point, making all God Realm dash toward the same position at the approximate speed at the same time, initiates this large explosion. But Gods' War after of that day, I had a new idea, after analogue computation, finally compares anticipated is better, over over 60% probabilities can be successful.”

Listened to his such saying, the people spirit greatly inspired.

Must know, before Douluo God Realm arrives, this probability is also only 30%. But along with the arrival of Douluo God Realm, unexpectedly enhanced one time now, and has exceeded half, this means, the successful probability has accounted for the majority, this naturally was greatly meddlesome.

Heavenly Emperor continues saying: „My this new method is, takes God Realm as the target point, other six God Realm dash to this God Realm at the same time, in having the situation of goal, God Realm is in itself the spheroid shape, the opportunity of collision as well as collides the speed of that flash contact, can be stablest. Also is most likely to hit at the same time. The success ratio dramatically will naturally increase.”

Listened to his these words, the Douluo God Realm numerous God King complexion changes.

If as the target point, without a doubt is strongest that God Realm is most appropriate, naturally was Douluo God Realm!

Tang San lifts the hand to prevent Rong Nianbing that wants to speak, said solemnly: „Heavenly Emperor, I want to know the concrete collision way.”

Tian Hen high looked at one to Tang San, after the normal person listened to a moment ago these words, perhaps first thinks is, the collided that target will select God Realm definitely first to destroy, all can god in that this God Realm also be buried along with the dead? Naturally must be able to think of this point by the Tang San intelligence and ability, but he has not actually pestered in this, but is the inquiry concrete collision method makes the judgment again, this calmness, sufficiently made numerous God King admire.

Hai Long and Lei Xiang look at each other one, if has changed them, perhaps will immediately initiate the question.

Tian Hen said: „All God Realm complete after the fusion of God Realm's Center, we also come here, takes the general headquarters by your God Realm Council, as we of respective God Realm captain, here inspires various Great God Realm to come to collide. Then we about ten two God King as well as entire Douluo God Realm's Power, complete the collision with the Six Great God Realms main body. When the collision produces the large explosion, we strip again forcefully from the explosion respective God Realm's Center, inhales God Realm Council, fuses with Douluo God Realm God Realm's Center, thus completes Life Creation, runs out of Black Hole.”

Listened to his such saying, Douluo God Realm numerous God King immediately to relax. Without a doubt, presents other Six Great God Realms God King is their respective God Realm only cores. They assume personal command to direct Douluo God Realm, naturally is safest. They always have no alternative but to give a thought to oneself life!

Tian Hen said resolutely: „After my detailed computation, we simultaneously uses Ultra Divine Tool, in addition our respective strength as well as Douluo God Realm's Center and Douluo God Realm prestige energy, should just be able to form a balance point with Six Great God Realms. When the explosion approaches, we complete to receive and instruct.”

Tang San said: „Theoretically, this should be feasible. However, at that time I can only use Ultra Divine Tool, Sea God Trident am unable to use. This also troubles you to calculate in computation.”

Tian Hen said: „This does not have the issue, originally in that time each of us also only then uses a Divine Tool ability. I wait a minute to give everybody detailed data, then must trouble numerous to complete respective God Realm god as soon as possible to the matter that God Realm's Center integrates. More early completes the preparatory work, we can more early start. Also there are more energies to complete this break away.”

numerous God King nods in abundance. This is the most reasonable way.

Tian Hen starts to illustrate the angle that in detail his analytical data, as well as various aspects collide, how inspires, as well as after the destructive power that the collision can have, as well as how numerous God King should do at that time. All affairs big or small illustrated to numerous Gods.

In individual battle efficiency, he in 12 God King is the rank, but must say the science and technology, once Sky Speed Star Hen world absolutely was in seven Great God Realm is strongest.

A series of complex data calculate unceasingly, how including through to inspire Six Great God Realms to the hauling of God Realm's Center, each detail Tian Hen said very light ripe. Other numerous God King have any issue is also 11 asks.

The opportunity only has one time, without any fault-tolerant possibility. In this case, an issue cannot have. Must achieve all preparatory work perfectly, can start the final motion.

Has not known how long, the process of foundation has determined, Six Great God Realms God King said goodbye, went back to prepare respectively. But before truly the motion, they also had determined must at least exchange three times, simultaneously determines the respective God Realm situation.

Departs to Six Great God Realms God King, Rong Nianbing said to Tang San: „Can this plan have issue? According to the computation of Heavenly Emperor, our Douluo God Realm must fly center the position first to Six Great God Realms. Then they start the super revolving from six directions, again explosive. But if did we to the core point, what to do their Six Great God Realms initiate to us really directly collide? But does not observe the agreement to arrive at us to direct together.”

Rong Nianbing asked that is also Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong and Zhou Weiqing they want to ask. This relates to the entire Douluo God Realm life and death.

Tang San shook the head, shows a faint smile, said: „At this time, we cannot suspect to the ally again. First, by me to their observations, Six Great God Realms numerous God King sets up the body is very positive. Naturally, this is only my subjective cognition, cannot be the judgment standard. But after our levels, the judgment of divine sense actually often is most correct. Next. They do not dare to take risk, does not have any necessity to take risk. I had said that after God Realm fusion, I will not limit their anything, waited to leave here, wanted to withdraw does not have the issue. They do not have the significance to destroy us not to be possible.”

Here, Tang San has stopped, the pupil light changed cold, „the most important point, believes that they also understand, perhaps, we are unable to prevent their motions, if they must do, we did not hesitate all jade entirely burn abilities to have. Either contemporaneous, either altogether dies. They will not take risk.”

Rong Nianbing nod of looking pensive, „you said is reasonable, so long as does not have other tricks, how believes them unable.”

Huo Yuhao shows a faint smile, said: „I agreed that father-in-law's viewpoint, at this time, all people needed to work with a common purpose. They also need our strength. If we do not discover right, wants to destroy their motions, is not a too difficult matter. In Gods' War, they have also understood our strength. Not only that Gods' War strives for leading power, is the process of mutual understanding, believes that they will not be silly, handle the matter that brings harm to oneself and to others.”

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