To fight?

To fight?

When Tang San restores in peak condition, other God King were also basic restored.

The breakage or was major Divine Tool of consumption also regains the optimum condition under their respective warm and nourish.

Under the invitation of Tang San, Six Great God Realms God King first time visits Douluo God Realm!

Light God King Zhanggong Wei and Mad God Lei Xiang and Death God A'Dai and Immortal Emperor Hai Long and day Di Tian mark as well as Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu. Six Great God Kings simultaneous/uniform arrive.

Douluo God Realm, participated in Gods' War Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing and God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames) and God of Wickedness Ji Dong as well as Strength God Zhou Weiqing and God of Emotion Huo Yuhao welcomes before the God Realm Council gate on that day under the leadership of Sea God Tang San.

Under the influence of Tang San, numerous God King enters God Realm Council at the same time, Immortal Emperor Hai Long has a look, to curl the lip, said: „What doesn't have to be different? It seems similar.”

Mad God Lei Xiang stared his one eyes, „did not speak nobody to work as the mute you!”

Immortal Emperor is angry: „To fight is?”

„Idiot.” Mad God showed the whites of the eyes.

Since Gods' War after of that day finished, Mad God to Immortal Emperor disaffection.

„Good.” Zhanggong Wei brow slightly pressed.

Tang San shows a faint smile, said: „First is simple is numerous briefs our Douluo God Realm situation. Asylum many stars of our Douluo God Realm originally in region, in God Realm, takes God Realm Council as to revere. God Realm Council is governed by Five Great God Kings together. Separately is God of Kindness, God of Wickedness, God of Ruin, God of Life and Asura God. Initially, I because of inheriting Asura God and Sea God God Position entered God Realm Council.”

„When Space-Time Turbulent Flow arrival, God of Life and God of Ruin to protect God Realm sacrificed. Therefore on only remaining me and Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong. In order to maintains the normal work of God Realm Council, invited Nianbing, Yuhao and Wei clear same place, joint administration God Realm Council business. Maintains at the survival of Space-Time Turbulent Flow reluctantly. Who knows that afterward found the opportunity with great difficulty, was actually inhaled in this Black Hole.”

Is listening to narration of Tang San, Zhanggong Wei say/way looking pensive: „God Realm Council? This seems a quite good pattern. Has the main lost/carrying division?”

Tang San said: „Does not have basically, God Realm Council originally also according to voting to vote. At the major event, achieves the democracy as far as possible. But the present situation is quite special, therefore my responsible matter will be more.”

Zhanggong Wei said: „This way I think good, later our seven Great God Realm fuse in together, but also comes master control God Realm by God Realm Council, seems the good choice.”

Tang San nodded, said: „I am also having this intent, therefore asks numerous to come to discuss today in advance. According to situation that we fought on that day, everybody was also each other understands. Therefore, after God Realm completes the fusion, God Realm Council has enough energy support sufficiently to expand, our 12 people of joint administration God Realm Council. The voting votes. My only hope is, if can break away Black Hole, whether unable to separate God Realm first temporarily, because the God Realm energy is stronger, the speed and divine sense are also stronger, I want to return to Original World to seek for my separate son. So long as can make me find the son, even if makes our one leave God Realm not to relate.”

Mad God Lei Xiang said: „12 person common senior official God Realm? The even number is not quite as if good. If six tickets to six tickets what to do? I thought that should be the odd number is quite reasonable. Might as well remove one person.”

„Removes one person?” Douluo God Realm, the numerous God King expression concentrates.

Do one's own side remove one? Plan that also truly, Tang San proposed seemed fair, but Douluo God Realm was a body, if one occupied half, this truly will let some Six Great God Realms worries.

Tang San does not have the direct reaction, similarly is ponders, was pondering Mad God this saying is any meaning.

But who knows, the Mad God Lei Xiang vision has not actually looked to Douluo God Realm, but some meaningful looked very much to Immortal Emperor Hai Long.

„Why do you look at me?” The Hai Long climate upward hits.

Say/Way that Mad God Lei Xiang coldly: „Some two goods do not participate in God Realm managing, otherwise, has not known that will turn into any appearance, goes back to accompany the wife.”

„Do you want dead are?” Hai Long could not endure, moved sideways to arrive in front of Mad God Lei Xiang.

When Mad God has instigated, immediately has stood, is relying on the big figure, despises looks at Immortal Emperor.

„Good, good.” Ye Yinzhu hurries to hold on Lei Xiang, another side Zhanggong Wei has shoved open Immortal Emperor.

Tang San is also somewhat helpless, these two also are really pair of that agrees with very much......

Zhanggong Wei said: „I agreed that opinion of Sea God, in beforehand Gods' War, everybody can also be able to see, our each other goals are consistent. As for establishing God Realm, how to have governed new God Realm in the future, after that is exits the matter, when the time comes we can discuss again. I took a stand first, I supported Sea God to go back to seek for the son first. After you found the son, we complete the wishes of other people again. God Realm resolution other, waited till that time to say again. Therefore, now ten two God King are good temporarily first.”

Tang San nodded, has the support of Zhanggong Wei, he knows, oneself idea can put into practice basically.

Other people are also peaceful, Zhanggong Wei said right, what now is most important how to leave Black Hole, before has not left Black Hole, said that anything does not have the significance.

Zhanggong Wei looks to Tian Hen, said: „Heavenly Emperor, said the situation at present calculating.”

Tian Hen nodded, said: „After our detailed computations, joining of Douluo God Realm, enormous degree increases our break away Black Hole probability. Before me has said that wants break away Black Hole, we must simulate a universe large explosion -type collision, through energy that the explosion has, temporarily blasts out a gap from Black Hole. The universe large explosion is the big destruction, is big Life Creation. Therefore, we most important finds that critical point. Before then, we need many preparatory work, for example, integrates in all existences of god as well as various Great God Realm most cores God Realm's Center, collision time, what collision is only God Realm, but God Realm's Center wait/etc. the things of most core waited for that large explosion approaches each other fuses instant, with the aid of the explosive force, runs out of Black Hole.”

numerous God King expression became dignified, regardless of the probability had many, destruction and creation almost in instant.

The success, naturally can break away Black Hole, but once is defeated, that loses 100 percent, all God King rapidly will fall from the sky in this Black Hole.

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