The son grew up

The son grew up

? „Brother San!” The soft tender body jumps into the Tang San bosom fiercely, tight is hugging him.

Tang San hurries to grasp own wife, gently is stroking her long scorpion pigtail, „does not cry and not cry. Didn't our win? Moreover, numerous God King is very good operation target. We leave here, should the opportunity be very big.”

Xiao Wu raised the head, pear flower belt/bring rain looks at Tang San, in the big eyes of her double action person full is the ashamed look, „Brother San, sorry, is I am not good. Your one person withstand were too many, I also always put to trouble to you. I will be certainly good, I will certainly help you retrieve the son together. Brother San, I, forever and forever will accompany well side you.”

Listened to Xiao Wu these words, the Tang San whole body to shake, lowered the head earnestly looks to her, saw only this time Xiao Wu, on the elegant face had two to wipe flushed red, what was more important, he can feel firmness in this time tone clearly.

Meanwhile, along with this firmness, formerly the spiritless wife, at this time as if had glowed vitality, the vigor of whole person becomes is different.

„Xiao Wu......” Tang San at present somewhat blurs.

Regardless of he is strong, needs a taking shelter from wind harbor. Not anything compared with family member more important. Many is painstakingly tired he not to fear, what he most is worried is wife's sickness!

Saw that Xiao Wu has the trend of good , this time excited even must surpass formerly defeated the Six Great God Realms time.

Has won, this really won.

Xiao Wu stands on tiptoes the tip of the toe, kissing gently on his lip, resolute saying: „If the bright war, I must side you, face the powerful enemy in the future again together. A our husband and wife body, did not make your one person alone face. Promises me, what matter regardless, we in the same place, is good?”

„Good!” Tang San one embraces tightly her, his sound already sobbed.

Gods' War has come to the end finally, but regarding seven Great God Realm, the most important time has not approached.

Whether break free from this Black Hole to exit, re-enters the universe is most important.

numerous Gods returns to own God Realm respectively, regarding numerous God King, after experiencing a war, needs the recuperation.

„Brother San, did golden trident come back? Did you relate Wulin?” Returns to the dwelling, Xiao Wu somewhat impatient asking.

Tang San nodded, „! Also contacted with the son. Although very short flickers, but deferred to then situation, he should accept the Sea God three examinations. Moreover, I can feel, his cultivating for at least is the Titled Douluo level. It looks like, our here time speeds of flow and his sides differ much. If not, I am so impossible to feel his consciousness. I feed in golden trident immediately to him. That side Douluo Continent, before initially we left, I also very important arrangements. Now looks like, likely fell on our sons.”

„Titled Douluo? Has the son grown up?” The Xiao Wu look is somewhat blurred.

Remembering of her also clear, initially Tang San cultivated the Titled Douluo level time, is twenty years old, afterward was 25 years old become a God, has created the record of unprecedented.

Has not thought, now their son unexpectedly is also Titled Douluo. In her memory, can be Titled Douluo such level, very much had the ability of self-preservation on Douluo Continent.

„What did son have to say?” Xiao Wu asked again.

Tang San is smiling bitterly shaking the head, „at that time I felt very short time. Our son all are good, relax. Has the father and mother is looking in that side, he will not have the matter.”

Xiao Wu grows the tone, the look gradually becomes gentle, by in the Tang San bosom, „Brother San, sorry, I too. I am thinking my sadness, has actually neglected you. Later, I will not be good, certain meeting.”

Tang San shows a faint smile, „compared with the victory of former Gods' War, you can be interlinked I to be happier. We will certainly retrieve the son, relax. Now the urgent matter, runs out of Black Hole.”

Xiao Wu nodded, „Brother San, you quickly rest, formerly exhausted that in a big way, as soon as possible the reply strength, then we can prepare with other God Realm together.”

„Un.” Tang San nodded, „before then, I return to Sea God Trident to our sons side first.”

Here, his double pupil has shone, on the forehead, golden trident rune/symbol writing sparkled suddenly, Tang San grasped void, Sea God Trident already during he grasped.

Deep looked at this most precious Ultra Divine Tool, Tang San deeply has inspired, „Wulin, waited for the father to go back. Regardless of facing how difficult, you can certainly insist!”

Spoke these words, in the Tang San hand golden trident changes into together the flowing light suddenly, drills into his forehead to vanish fiercely does not see.

The Tang San whole body shakes, double pupil closed, as if immerses in this sensation.

After long time, he opens the double pupil, shows a faint smile, „sent back.”

Xiao Wu embraces tightly the husband once more, anything had not said that because they can feel each other that profound remembrance of son clearly.

„Brother San, is taking that Buddha Relic today time, what did you feel? All right?”

„Buddha Relic?” In the Tang San eye reveals several points of train of thought that „in Buddha Relic is containing, is the samsara.”

„Samsara? Before returning to us?” Xiao Wu curious asking.

„Continues, earlier time.”

Thinks of these, the Tang San mind ripples, because, in the Buddha Relic world, he sees, is not Douluo Continent, but earlier time, is he before passing through to Douluo Continent all.

At that time, he still in the place of Earth, at that time, he was also in that world Tang Sect.

It can be said that he in all that on Douluo Continent has, because of initial foundation, because has Tang Sect secret art that had initially learned, he can bring to arrive at Douluo World these, fuses with the Soul Master system mutually, finally has created the miracle.

The samsara moves back and forth, reason that Tang San very clear, oneself can relaxed break away come out, because of him, has no qualms his entire life! Has no qualms in the heart, has no qualms, has no qualms in family member in the partner, has no qualms in God Realm!

Therefore, to finally, him had been approved by Buddha Relic, this can break away come out, even his divine sense after the Buddha Relic baptism, slight qualitative change.

Must know, to this grade of God King level, Spiritual Power wanted to have the qualitative change is a difficult matter! But he actually achieved.

Seven Great God Realm fell into the short peace, compares in Black Hole silent with swallowing, here also has a vitality.

Because Locking God Array had joining of Douluo God Realm became even more consolidates.

Passed through profound of Gods' War „exchange”, everybody was mutually has also understood. Douluo God Realm also starts to open own God Realm's Center, releases Divine Power, auxiliary entire Locking God Array carries on stably.

In Black Hole does not have the time.

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