Elder Brother, you won!

Elder Brother, you won!

? Hai Long said: „I place the string of Buddha Relic of supreme headquarters, so long as you can take, and puts down again, even if you win. Otherwise, even if I win.”

Tang San dazed for a moment, narrows the eyes along with it both eyes, „does not bet!”

„Did you fear?” In the Hai Long sound has been full of the provocative flavor obviously.

Tang San shakes the head, „did not fear, but is I do not like gambling.”

Hai Long hehe smiles, „not gambling that likes not grasping. You are worried that can lose to me.”

„You said right!” Tang San indifferent say/way.

Say/Way that Immortal Emperor Hai Long disdains: „Coward.”

Tang San said indifferently: „Weak.”

„You said that who is weak?” Hai Long is angry!

In the outer space, Mad God Lei Xiang showed the whites of the eyes, „is this fellow an idiot?”

Say/Way that Death God A'Dai coldly: „It is not quite sober.”

The Tian Hen corners of the mouth twitched, „I went back first , to continue to calculate. When prepares to move to tell me.” Then, the moving quickly that this Heavenly Emperor does not return to goes.

The Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu racket the forehead, „knows why I did not agree made Immortal Emperor this fellow be the head. The idea of this fellow is not quite same as other people.”

„Disgraced Hai Long, you also lose insufficient? Quickly, do not waste the time!” Drinks to suddenly resound tenderly. When the people turn round to look, Hai Long wife who between opens the mouth, Tian Qin(Heavenly Zither).

„......, The wife, how you can say. My this not also for......”

„Do not lose the time, husband, everybody to work with a common purpose quickly leaves Black Hole is most important.” Piao Miao Immortal Venerable is also speechless, the problem that oneself husband this tries to outdo others cannot change.

Hai Long some not indignation say/way: „Is good and good, listens your. Sea God, looks in my wife's face, evenness tie. However, this competition is even, even if, you make the command of new God Realm to be also good. However, I want to bet this with you, otherwise I am unwilling. The gambling stake was also simple, loses you to say one to me, the elder brother I lost, on line.”

Tang San thought really, the brain of this fellow possibly is a little issue, this is really somewhat weak!

„Good. Then on gambling. You come. Our middle place sees.” Tang San sighed, person who somewhat did not have the brain, was really......

At the same time was saying, he flew in the direction of middle place, another side, Hai Long grasps Buddha Relic, flies similarly to the middle place.

both sides meet in the central location again, the Hai Long appearance seems obviously be more distressed than Tang San.

„You lost.” This is Tang San sees the first few words that Hai Long spoke.

Hai Long stares, „what we did lose?”

Tang San said: „Gods' War, you lost.”

Hai Long doubfully said: „How did we lose?”

Tang San has referred to his hand, „according to the beforehand agreement, we puts a thing in the supreme headquarters, the thing is taken away the supreme headquarters or is destroyed calculates to lose, right?”

Hai Long then understands, is angry saying: „Had reached an agreement a moment ago evenly.”

Tang San said: „That is you complies, when did I comply?”

„You must comply with......” Hai Long to speak of here, suddenly stopped.

Yes! Tang San formerly must comply, but had actually been broken by him, therefore, Tang San has not said the words that complies with.

God King no doubt effective and influential word, but others truly have not complied! Has a look at Buddha Relic in oneself hand, the Hai Long almost one breath not to come up again.

Mad God Lei Xiang has from the sky shown the whites of the eyes, „really did not fear that the god same match, fears the pig same teammate. How before hadn't I looked?”

„Receiving let.” Tang San shows a faint smile, in the hand golden trident a golden light flashes, takes back. Nods the head to the airborne various gods slightly expresses best wishes.

No one has thought, this Gods' War met to so a dramatic ending finish.

Sea God also stands there at this time, on face azure red.

Tang San somewhat helpless shaking the head, arrives in front of Sea God gradually, lifted the hand to receive Buddha Relic in his hand.

The Hai Long look then returns to normal, vision brilliant looks at front Tang San.

Tang San grasps Buddha Relic, both eyes closed, time one minute one second of passing. Airborne numerous Gods vision also centralized on him.

Hai Long with total concentration looks in front his heart, although admired very much, fellow but who on the mouth in any event is actually not convinced.

After long time.

Tang San opens both eyes, hands over to give back to Hai Long Buddha Relic in hand.

„You said a moment ago, if I can take up put down again, calculates me to win, right? Should you be what kind of?”

Hai Long stared in a big way the eye, in the eye pupil has filled has not dared to believe the color.

Must know, although this Buddha Relic only then 18, but actually represents the Buddha to arrive! That is the memory of Buddha samsara is at innumerable. Is under this impact, person who if was not approved by it, even there is a possibility spirit to perish.

Hai Long has prepared for and other days retrieving Tang San again. But around others is only time of food, break free from the Buddha Relic illusion came out unexpectedly. This was really too inconceivable. Is hard to imagine simply.

This and this are how possible!

„Elder Brother, you won!”

Tang San has patted his shoulder, has not said anything again, jumps. Departed the Ancient Gods Ruin range directly.

Day Di Tian mark that in outer space, except for returned, other God King.

Zhanggong Wei observes the situation numerous God King, „how did everybody say?”

With the Hai Long actually first opens the mouth that Tang San takes off, „is willing the gambling to concede, since lost must recognize. Douluo for the lord, I do not have opinion.”

Mad God Lei Xiang stared her one eyes ruthlessly, „I do not have the opinion.”

The Death God A'Dai look is somewhat complex, but said: „Wish the gambling to concede.”

Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu and Light God King Zhanggong Wei looks at each other one, Zhanggong Wei said: „Brother Tang, then, then must trouble you. We make the recuperation first, together how then discussed to depart, how did you look?”

„Good. Many thanks trust, lets our to work with a common purpose, recovers our homelands together. I also to commitment. After break away Black Hole, does not have any limit to everybody, everybody is willing to depart, separates God Realm part, I meet the full power help. We have our homeland, everyone also has a mind obsession. obsession does not need to put down, but must retrieve. Has the need I to help, in one's power, does not refuse under any circumstances!”

„Thanks.” Death God A'Dai to Tang San numerous has selected under.

Gods' War finished in light of this.

Until this time, observing seven Great God Realm numerous Gods are relaxed.

Douluo God Realm here naturally dances with joy, shoulders six by a strength strength, and finally won, they are not excited so are at this time simple.

Douluo God Realm can take the following leadership, possibility that so long as can break away here, God Realm have. What ratio this also has to let their excited matters?

Meanwhile, prestige of Tang San in Douluo God Realm has also reached the unprecedented altitude. It can be said that this victory, is his director, without his control audience, simply is impossible to have this final magnificence.

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