Plays to cheat?

Plays to cheat?

The Sea God Trident golden light twinkle, on the Tang San face is having the temperate smiling face, looks at front Immortal Emperor.

Some Hai Long obvious respites, his consumption is not absolutely small. If Tang San does not have the Sea God Trident auxiliary restoration of turning over, will only consume him is bigger.

But at this moment, in this case, without a doubt was the situation reverses at present.

Immortal Emperor the golden cudgel is his oneself, consumption relative big. The Tang San situation is better than him obviously.

„Do not think that you won!” Hai Long wicked said to Tang San.

Tang San dazed for a moment, „has not fired off me naturally not to think oneself won!”

The Hai Long sudden vision concentrates, looks to the Tang San side, calls out in alarm one: „Haven't you walked?”

Tang San stares, the subconscious whole body fine hair starts, in the hand golden trident transforms myriad rays of light to defend behind God Transferring Pagoda.

But when this opportunity, a Hai Long backward somersault, the foot treads somersault cloud, moves sideways toward coming the direction lasing goes.

Behind side which bright?

Tang San dumbfounded looks at escapes Immortal Emperor that does this fellow play to cheat?


Right, Immortal Emperor Hai Long ran!

When at this time does not run treats!

The original this time situation was inferior to the opposite party, if added on God Transferring Pagoda Extreme Cold Storm again, possibility that he only then waited for death.

First withdrew from this Extreme Cold Storm coverage scope to say again. Moreover, he also has the opportunity.

Tang San brow slightly pressed. The expression on face somewhat sinks to congeal. Because, he has thought of an issue suddenly.

This issue is very simple.

Before Immortal Emperor Hai Long, once several times transmitted a Six Great God Realms side the supreme headquarters to protect that to string together Buddha Relic.

Then, in this case, if go to the opposite party supreme headquarters, then, Hai Long can seize the chance to fire into itself, wrecks God Transferring Pagoda.

If one step to the opposite party supreme headquarters, Hai Long can also rely on and relations between Buddha Relic first transmits. Defends Buddha Relic.

In other words, if he left the supreme headquarters now, may give Hai Long an opportunity of turning defeat into victory very much. But if does not go, wins?

Relies on the vegetation in Ancient Gods Ruin, Tang San can feel the Hai Long general position reluctantly.

The free time of a while, Hai Long arrived at the Ancient Gods Ruin center.

Then he stopped. He obviously.

Waits for Tang San to leave here.

Although Tang San does not know that Hai Long has any method to investigate own condition, he really has not dared to leave God Transferring Pagoda now.

Because he may not have the ability of Hai Long such instantaneous transmission supreme headquarters.

Was not Tang San formerly does not want to leave behind Immortal Emperor, but was he just the long-term usage indefinite disturbance, cannot continue again. Simply has not left behind this method. Extreme Cold Storm also used.

Top God King, wants to detain is not an easy matter.

Moreover, Tang San must consider another issue, Buddha Relic, since took the symbol as supreme headquarters by the opposite party, then, in the Hai Long hand, this Buddha Relic can display what kind of ability?

It is not good, oneself by Buddha Relic so long as, even if controls, just showed to fight the striking power that the armor cannot block by Immortal Emperor including Mad God, without doubt, oneself have the made a comeback possibility!

The matter somewhat troubled!

Every so often, the aspect is more complex, instead is easier to find out the countermeasure, the thing that because can use will be more. In turn, the aspect is simpler, instead more did not have the opportunity.

Plays dice like two people, boasted is also good, show-hand, was a little always skillful may say, there is a tactic. But if meets one to with your dice compared with the size, your technology good also to look at the day again.

Now Tang San faces is such situation, Hai Long that do not think that you have won, is really very reasonable.

In the outer space, has relieved Mad God Armor Lei Xiang after God Realm's Center treats, the flesh wound restored.

At this time numerous God King is looking at following Ancient Gods Ruin, the expression somewhat is strange.

„This fool finally was intelligent one. But didn't this become the deadlock?” Lei Xiang looks to Zhanggong Wei.

Zhanggong Wei has patted the forehead, „does not have other means. How broken bureau looks at their.”

Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu looks to Zhanggong Wei, lip buzz moves, said several anything to him.

Zhanggong Wei nods slightly, agrees. Then he looks to Douluo God Realm, said to Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Rong Nianbing: „Brother Rong, how we hit to discuss, was inferior that this Gods' War evenly speaking of by. Continued as if not to have any significance.”

Everybody is the smart person, Rong Nianbing naturally understands that his meaning, nodded, said: „I do not have the opinion, so long as litigant agrees on the line.”

„We pass.” Zhanggong Wei said.

„Please!” Hand signal that Rong Nianbing makes invitation.

This Gods' War can project on this degree, by a pair of six situation, Douluo God Realm good enough to make one feel proud. Tang San also complete showed the elegant demeanor of his tactic Grandmaster, his strength and ability, Rong Nianbing believes, subdued the opposite party sufficiently.

How to be chosen by whom comes the master control following motion, obviously. Does not need to decide the victory and defeat in this competition.

This point, Rong Nianbing can look from the opposite party God King this time expression.

After all, Tang San formerly to rescue them let go the opportunity of victory in the situation that already can overcome the enemy. This point, makes opposite party numerous God King unable to say anything.

Ten big God King drop slowly, arrives at the Ancient Gods Ruin edge.

Zhanggong Wei bright sound said: „Brother Tang, the aspect is at a stalemate now, was inferior how we did discuss according to the evenness?”

Hears the Zhanggong Wei sound, the Tang San brow slightly pressed, bright sound said: „If tie, that war of significance today where? Our following motions who is leadership?”

After Zhanggong Wei silent one next, „I am dominated by you. Ability that you display today, truly above me. But regarding numerous God Realm, break away present Black Hole is the matter of primary importance, a formidable leader will make our opportunities more.”

Listened to his such saying, in the Tang San heart secretly to relax.

At this time, he will be impolite, does not pass on responsibilities, for wife, to look for son, at this time he cannot yield mutually in any event.

„Such being the case”

Tang San just spoke of here, suddenly, a distant sound passed on.

„I do not agree evenly. I have not lost.”

Without a doubt, this sound conveys, is Immortal Emperor Hai Long!

Tang San brow slightly pressed, has not said again.

Zhanggong Wei has also gawked staring.

The Hai Long sound conveys from afar, „Sea God, I truly admire you. However, I am not actually convinced, this competion. You do not win in strength, this point you must acknowledge. Can arrive at the present aspect, in fact your many being opportunistic places. If comes again one time, you will not have any opportunity. Therefore, makes me such end with your tie, I am some am not convinced, was inferior how we do make a bet?”

Tang San said maintaining composure: „How does Immortal Emperor want to bet?”

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