Your this two goods!

Your this two goods!

Manpower or Divine Power, different levels, but many skills are common.

„Rumbling!” Tang San backs up accordingly, Hai Long was also shot to fly.

A Mad God Lei Xiang fist rumbles, crazy war world!

Energy suddenly greatly hold of eruption, but, he was unable to restore Blood Red Angel at this time changes the body. The striking power naturally wanted weakly.

Tang San foot treads the ghost movie fan trace, body, although is retroceding, but is not chaotic, right hand because of withstanding the attack of Thousand Jin Club Law, but somewhat shivers, but the left hand actually flung Clear Sky Hammer, thousand honored barriers reappeared, has put together the attack of Mad God hardly.

Mad God and Immortal Emperor must manage do not let, immediately launched to him has attacked crazily.

At this time, Tang San appeared the strength that he has been a cut above other people, was relying on Divine Tool of Sea God Trident this brand-new arrival, his defensive power did not know formidable many compared with before. More balanced Sea God Trident cultivates his one for the incisiveness of display. About the standard keeps off, two stood firm by an enemy unexpectedly.

Must know, Mad God Lei Xiang and Immortal Emperor Hai Long is famous for the striking power, even if at this time is not the optimum condition, the striking power that they erupt is fierce.

Spelling of three big God King fight, even if in the outer space can also clear hears that „sonorously”.

Tang San foot treads the ghost movie fan trace step, an institute studies the incisiveness that displays, at this moment, he only then carefree dripping feeling. He does not know that many years have not come across such pressure.

Asura Sword can attack cannot guard, Sea God Trident was inferior in the striking power, but is actually an attack and defense body, suddenly, three forms vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered open and close, unceasing collision. One by one heavy, is one by one frigid.

„You constrain him, I have destroyed that tower.” Mad God loudly shouts to Immortal Emperor.

Formerly Extreme Cold Storm has made the extremely profound impression on him. This Gods' War final victory crosses the hands behind the back the key lies in whether to solve the opposite party supreme headquarters. Moreover, so long as routs the supreme headquarters, a Tang San person is fierce uselessly. The victory and defeat decided.

Hai Long naturally understands that Mad God Lei Xiang must do, Tang San also very clear.

He now biggest problem by an enemy two.

In the Immortal Emperor hand the golden cudgel blooms myriad brilliance, from draws to the center in all directions, thousand honored clear palaces of the immortals.

Tang San Sea God Trident also similarly vibrates, transforms the innumerable light shadow to move forward to meet somebody, this move of he initially once left the son, was taught by own a wisp of Dividing Spirit to the son crosses. Has the reaching the same goal or conclusion from different approaches flavor with thousand honored clear palaces of the immortals.

But at this moment, all stick shades receive suddenly upwardly, Immortal Emperor Hai Long explodes drinks one, as if there is bolt from the blue to resound general.

In this flash, before Tang San body, his all attacks fell on the vacancy suddenly, in this moment, he had enough time to prevent Mad God Lei Xiang.

But, rises into the midair, the body presented for Immortal Emperor Hai Long of arch, both hands grip the golden cudgel to hold up high, world look changes!

If without a doubt, Tang San prevents Mad God at this time, then, he will come with the body facing Immortal Emperor Hai Long most strikes.

How to choose, is difficult!

God Transferring Pagoda was destroyed, Douluo God Realm lost. Mad God Lei Xiang this called to attack the enemy to rescue. But Immortal Emperor Hai Long full power strikes the what kind of terrifying.

Even if in formerly fight he has used never, this move of named, the universe throws! Is Thousand Jin Club Law most kills to incur.

Takes cultivating of Hai Long as to gather the attack that the strength can erupt, its might, is hard to imagine.

However, those who made Mad God and Immortal Emperor accident/surprise was, Sea God Tang San almost including considering not to have, the figure flashed, arrived at side Mad God.

In the hand Sea God Trident transforms myriad rays of light, changed into light halos to cover to Mad God. Formerly had displayed a time indefinite disturbance.

Is this is courting death inadequately? In the Immortal Emperor heart has doubts, but somewhat is also angry. His looks down upon my striking power?

Although the attack of Mad God is strong, but actually obviously aims in God Transferring Pagoda, facing the indefinite disturbance cannot break free, be belayed by halo eventually. The body stagnates immediately. But he does not fear, has Mad God to fight the armor protection, in addition the attack of Immortal Emperor immediately must fall on Tang San, the victory and defeat has decided.

But, at this time, he suddenly saw front Tang San smiling face.

This fellow

Sees this smiling face, not wonderful on appears in the Lei Xiang heart.

But also at this time, the God Transferring Pagoda peak, light beam electricity shot, fell on Immortal Emperor instantaneously.

Extreme Cold Storm!

Also is Extreme Cold Storm!

Might what kind of terrifying that the universe throws, but was hit by Extreme Cold Storm, Hai Long only thought that whole body one cold, Divine Power has the sluggish feeling, at present is snow white.


Regardless of anything, is unable to prevent me!

He as if arrived at initial Immortal Realm, by a golden cudgel, he combat nature, fights the group immortal the time.

Fights intent intensely, making this Immortal Emperor arrive at the Only I Shall Be Immortal age.

That ice-cold Extreme Cold Storm made him slow the flash, the universe threw actually as before to fall.



Hai Long is overjoyed!

The competition ended!

He does not believe that also after who can withstand directly oneself universe throws strikes, has the strength of again war.

That is simply is impossible!

Did the competition, eventually end?

When but, he fixes the eyes on to look, is actually surprised.

In the imagination was rumbled to fly, is not Tang San, the metal fragment from the sky flies upwards, the half shoulder of Mad God Lei Xiang caved.

The indefinite disturbance matches the universe to throw!

Mad God cannot bear!

Yes, Tang San has never thought Extreme Cold Storm can injure to these powerhouses of God King level, can limit Mad God a moment ago, is the accident/surprise is happy.

Therefore, what he wants is only the sluggishness of that moment, gives him the instantaneous opportunity.

Because, by the Extreme Cold Storm hit flickers, the Hai Long universe throws, although had not been broken, but, he locked in Tang San divine sense is actually broken.

Although this process was too short, but, enough makes Tang San come one to move to shape changing positions with by oneself indefinite disturbance hit Mad God.

Therefore, the Immortal Emperor incomparably wild universe throws, has not fallen on Tang San, but was Tang San has completed a perfect coordination, will defend strongest God King Lei Xiang, a stick struck to fly.

Such that just like he expects, Lei Xiang lost the battle efficiency!

„Your this two goods!” Mad God face despondent blowout divine blood, back God Realm's Center shines, the light shadow flashes, break away battlefield.

Hai Long dumbfounded looks at this, this has stemmed from his anticipation completely.

He looks like with Mad God very much explained, is not I two! Was Tang San this fellow is too sly.

But, Lei Xiang simply has not given the opportunity that he explained that others the break away battlefield.

This died really undeserved.

Feeling that this time Mad God, somewhat wants to cry but have no tears very much. This called any matter!

But, should face must always face.

at this moment, both sides from start to present, complete 12 God King, remaining Immortal Emperor Hai Long and Sea God Tang San!


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