Death God A'Dai Nether King's Sword pricks, only thought in an instant as if to the childhood time. Arrived that cold small town.

The dark clouds in sky are floating slowly, as if will bring wind and snow. In a Tianyuan mainland Ninou city gloomy alley, the people of several wear broken cotton-wadded jackets surround in the same place. And on a quota has scar of knife wound the middle-aged person of together, is looking angrily at a black becoming dark pupil, to only have 12 and three years old of attire frail little girls at present. Little girl's build is very thin, complexion wax yellow, half long hair curtain has blocked from the nose above spot, cannot see clearly the appearance, the whole body trembles, a bright big eye looks at the middle-aged person by the black hair frightened.

„” A middle-aged person palm of the hand the little girl knocks down, cursed angrily: „Your dead girl, was stupid you to result , such simple duty could not be accomplished, if were not A'Dai draws you, you have not accompanied to that old woman, I was really initially blind, how to give shelter to your this waste, day in day out knew to eat meal, anything will not do.”

Middle-aged person figure was taller than a point the boy to go forward the body that the little girl shivered to hold girl, careful wiped off the blood threads that the corners of the mouth flowed for her, to middle-aged person dull saying: „Uncle Li, you again forgives him first time, I, I later again pull several fish to come.”

Uncle Li snort/hum, looks at similarly black becoming dark pupil, a face dull type boy, the sound was more moderate, said: „A'Dai, each you asked favor for her, how many fish you pulled that can everybody eat meal? In here, nobody can attain without effort, the girl, I looks today in the A'Dai share, again lets off your one time, has again, ahem. We walk.” Saying, leading several other young children to walk outward, has not arrived at alley entrance, Uncle Li was also excessive, benign said to A'Dai: „Don't the words that forgets you to speak a moment ago, should pull several big fish, knows?”

A'Dai nod, departure of Uncle Li then satisfaction.

Uncle Li's form disappears in the end of alley finally, the girl jumps into the bosom of A'Dai to weep bitterly fiercely loudly. A'Dai looks in the bosom the thin and small body, has wiped nasal mucus on face, has patted girl's shoulder carefully, said: „Girl, no, do not cry. Very sore is?”

Long time, the weeping sound of girl stops, lifts the frozen red small face, looks at front boy, tearful eyes dim saying: „Brother A'Dai, living, really good pain!”

A'Dai has not understood obviously girl's meaning, pulled out half from the bosom hardly already the steamed bun like stone has handed over, say/way: „Girl, eats to you, eats to the full was not painful.”

The girls look at present this bubble-headed, and fills the sincere boy, received the steamed bun, has sobbed several, said: „Brother A'Dai, why are you good to me so?”

A'Dai draws the girl to sit to corner, took off on broken cotton-wadded jacket, throws over on two people shoulders, snuggles with the girl in the same place, gruff saying: „Do I have to be good to you? Eats the steamed bun quickly, eats the steamed bun not to be cold. I later must pull fish.” Saying, his mouth dripping with greed looks in the girl hand that half chilling steamed bun like stone.

The girls look at the A'Dai simple and honest facial features, somewhat was crazy, both hands make an effort, divides into two that half steamed bun, gives A'Dai one.

A'Dai has swallowed a spit, said: „I, I am not hungry, you eat.”

The girls fill in the steamed bun the A'Dai hand, said: „My appetite was small, cannot eat that many, we ate together.” Saying, both hands was holding has bit one that own that four points of steamed bun together was making an effort.

A'Dai, wolfing down together swallows that four points of steamed bun, because eats is too quick, cannot help but has had food stuck in the throat, „.”

The girls look at the appearance of reddening all over the face A'Dai suppresses, cannot help but chuckle , helping him pat the back in the snow that while left behind from ground last day before yesterday stressed to squeeze in the A'Dai mouth.

A'Dai diligently changes into water the snow, spent the half-day vigor to swallow the dry/does steamed bun in throat, grew the one breath, the racket own chest, said: „Thank you!”

Long time, the girl struggles finally diligently oneself steamed bun, suddenly to/clashes A'Dai saying: „A'Dai elder brother, after I grow up, marries you, is good?”


Good familiar name, girl

Suddenly, A'Dai heart of hearts fierce clutching painful, because of remembering of his clear, initial girl, finally death is pitiful. Although he takes revenge for her, the inch right-eyed flounder inch has hacked the opposite party, but, forever is actually not able to make the girl live.

In his life, besides mother, only has two women, one naturally is wife Xuan Yue. Another is the girl who the hour was bound by a common destiny afterward actually left him to go.

This name, is his heart of hearts forever pain.

A'Dai never thinks oneself have sees one day of girl again, may at this time, he actually be so.

He had not felt what is, own Divine Power also follows turning over to of memory to turn over to initially the appearance when that cold small town. Big, at this time, being quietly according to his forehead.

„Goes, Death God.” The body of A'Dai was thrown to fly.

All illusions in this flicker completely nothing left, his look some delay, he knows certainly that had anything, although he does not understand how the opposite party achieves. May in this flash, A'Dai actually suddenly realize, originally own innermost feelings along with restoring the position of Death God restore. In own heart of hearts, always has such several frailest places.

If in most flourishing condition, he regardless of how not because A Thousand Years within the White Clouds illusion and to time tracing immersion.

However, this time originally is weak, he who formerly large explosion, most was not good at defending was in three big God King is wounded final one.

Person or god, when body is frail, the spirit will be naturally frail, what he has not thought that person who Sea God Tang San first aims, unexpectedly is he.

Move of A Thousand Years within the White Clouds spatial long, has delivered that cold small town him, delivered him to this Gods' War!

The rays of light twinkle, back God Realm's Center rays of light shines. The Death God A'Dai transmission went, ended the competition.

But also at this moment, Immortal Emperor Hai Long just break free from the indefinite disturbance came out, but Mad God Lei Xiang in ground has also relieved freezing.

Two big God King both sees with one's own eyes Death God A'Dai under Tang San golden trident covers, the body has reduced, the aura becomes the entire process that stagnates, even did not have the resistance to be flung by a Tang San palm.

Tang San has not certainly injured him, but, this also means, their teammates have been short of one person.

Thunderclap three dozens!

Thousand Jin Club Law launches once more, this not many preparation movement, Immortal Emperor Hai Long goal, only then, that did not give Tang San to display a moment ago that move of opportunity again.

In the Tang San hand on golden trident pulls up, the body half revolution, inspires strength completely. This was uses initially the father to teach for his throws over the pneumatic hammer law randomly the catching up way.

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