Brother San, come on--

Brother San, come on--

? „Come!” In a Mad God Lei Xiang pair of blood pupil the blood light jumps shoots, has not hesitated, the back 12 wing flutters, he soars from the summit, just like a blood-color meteor, plunged below Sea God Tang San.

Immortal Emperor Hai Long second launch, respects a match, must defeat him! Space underground, Only I Shall Be Immortal!

The golden cudgel, the thunderclap three dozens the Deity ghost six chain blows, transform the overlapping remnant shadow in the midair, directly soars Sea God Tang San to go.

A'Dai last grazes, regardless of the victory and defeat, were unimportant in his heart, because in just that large explosion, he fully looked to understand, at present this has insisted the goodness of this last minute man. With the same goodness.

In outer space, all person clear saw the final collisions of four big God King.

Xiao Wu has put in the Tang Wutong bosom, has tears streaming down the face. She knows certainly, all that Tang San makes for her, for her and son.

She is clearer, oneself husband since the God Realm big disaster bore the how huge pressure.

In this flickers, her innermost feelings are very suddenly ashamed, formerly all sorrowful changed into unprecedented strength, she knows that she has made a mistake, as the wife, she should not be so spiritless, particularly as the God King wife.

When she hears Tang San called son these two characters, she suddenly clearly becomes aware, in husband heart, missed the son? Also hopes that can return to side the son?

His pain, are not always less than her. But oneself have actually made his implication.

No, I this way, I do not want to be good. Must accompany well side him, accompanies him to retrieve the son together.

Xiao Wu raised the head fiercely, even if clearly knows the husband unable to hear, she is sudden the hysteria to cry out in the Ancient Gods Ruin direction generally: „Brother San, come on--”

In this sound has been full of the intense faith, has emotion beyond description to fluctuate, seven Great God Realm numerous Gods look askance.

Tang Wutong embraces tightly mother, is she has tears streaming down the face?

The father is not really easy. For this family/home, for God Realm, he has been bearing the maximum pressure, has been exhausting own to go facing all. Behind his all calmness and wisdom, can not have frail side? He frailly has not actually displayed this, to fear them is worried!

In Ancient Gods Ruin, grasps Sea God Trident Tang San, as if turned into another person.

Formerly he can only use Asura Sword, may in fact, in two big God Position, he agree with Sea God God Position without doubt.

Experiences him who Sea God nine have tested, is more harmonious with God Position, Sea God Trident is also so. He is relying on oneself powerful strength and faith, step by step was approved by this Ultra Divine Tool in the incomparably difficult situation.

But after Asura God God Position is his become a God, antiquity Asura God in order to left God Realm, added on also settles on him, therefore, gave him the God Position inheritance, was actually short of the process that has worn in gradually.

Therefore, similarly when is Ultra Divine Tool, Tang San in using Sea God Trident with using Asura Sword is different.

Without a doubt, Asura Sword is sharper, has the aggressivity, but Sea God Trident is more comprehensive, balanced, conforms to the Tang San disposition.

at this moment, grasps Sea God Trident, is feeling and perfect integration between Ultra Divine Tool, under the support of innermost feelings formidable faith, he came back, strongest Sea God, came back.

Facing simultaneously plunges own three big God King, Tang San has not rushed spells hardly, he instead retroceded one step, this step withdrawal, happen to made him return to the supreme headquarters deep place.

Mad God Lei Xiang that first to/clashes, is relying on flapping of 12 wings, just like the blood-color meteor common form arrived at the near shortly.

But at this moment, Tang San behind, on God Transferring Pagoda, a glare shines suddenly under.

Different with the Death Ray Tower gray-black death ray, this rays of light is especially bright, what is more fearful, when its appears, the air as if instantaneously was coagulating, the ray is very slender, but when it shines on Mad God instant, Lei Xiang only thought own whole body one cold, bloodlines that seething with excitement in instantaneous stiff. His that imposing manner Xuan figure drops from the clouds immediately, crash ground.

Those who make Lei Xiang with amazement is, he was at Blood Red Angel changes under the body condition, after was hit by that beam, the body was unexpectedly stiff, then unexpectedly during that is extremely cold because of returning to normal of bloodlines, but returned to the Fallen Angel condition from the Blood Red Angel condition, suddenly, the aura plummeted.

What ghost is this?

Sees this, happiest was God of Emotion Huo Yuhao in outer space.

Before did not have become a God, he has a title on Douluo Continent. Soul Master on Douluo Continent, the maximum level is called Titled Douluo. Title of Huo Yuhao named: Spirit ice.

The spirit is Spirit Eyes, is his lord Martial Soul. But ices is his second Martial Soul.

His six big Soul Spirit almost is existence of Ice Attribute, Daydream Ice Silkworm and Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion Ice Emperor, Snow Lady Snow Emperor or Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Ice Bear King, which isn't the extremely cold attribute?

In the extremely cold this aspect, he has the strong cognition.

The God Realm cold nature and Mortal World have distinguished, Huo Yuhao when manufactures this God Transferring Pagoda, the understanding to the ice and ice deep meaning completely integrates in.

Although God Transferring Pagoda has been blown up part by formerly explosion complementary waves now, but the majority of might still, this strike Extreme Cold Storm to get down, immediately makes Mad God suffer a loss.

Even in some sense, Ice Spirit Douluo Huo Yuhao this Extreme Cold Storm most restrains is Mad God.

Mad God Blood Red Angel changes the body establishes, in Fallen Angel changes and in the bloodthirsty crazy war disassimilation two big change body foundations. But the bloodthirsty crazy war disassimilation itself lets the blood ebullition, stimulates completely own potential.

But, in the extremely cold condition, the blood seethes with excitement? Especially under Mad God Lei Xiang any preparation, one from airborne had not asked the price with no intention of buying, the aura plummets.

Tang San Sea God Trident almost flickered below arrived, „bang”, the Mad God frozen body looked like the baseball pulls out generally strikes flew.

Sees Mad God to crash, Immortal Emperor also had a scare, the subconscious attention has shifted, but at this moment, sees only in the Sea God Tang San hand golden trident from the sky to outline halo, one after another, seems is very at will free and easy, may actually follow the highest good.

Immortal Emperor Hai Long has not responded completely, had been wrapped by that halo, immediately is unable the move slightest.

The disturbance is two forks, indefinite disturbance! Tang San most controls Divine Skill.

Only has hand-held golden trident time, he can the incisiveness of this Divine Skill use. It can be said that this is in entire Douluo God Realm is the strongest control. Does not know that many people eat under this indefinite disturbance owe oversized.

Initially, reason that Sea God can dominate above numerous Class One God, treated as an equal with numerous God King, the biggest reason in fact was this type indefinite disturbance.

In Immortal Emperor by circle had a big shock, how whatever he struggles, is unable break free this fetter, only to have the golden cudgel to protect the lord unexpectedly to keep off before the body voluntarily.

Tang San one step steps forward, figure phonograph, has not attacked Hai Long, in the hand golden trident launches once more, the surrounding all become surge faintly recognizable, as if some innumerable time circulations.

Looks at Vicissitudes spatially, A Thousand Years within the White Clouds long!

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