Do not think that you won

Do not think that you won

Before being exploded to fly the instance, seeing of Hai Long clear, Tang San helps Tian Hen keep off the explosive force, the day Di Tian mark passed on instantaneously, at this time recalls, in his heart also raises a respect. Initially that situation, even if they had a mind to rescue the companion not to have that ability, but Tang San actually achieved. Although both sides are the matches.

Respects a person, must go with the strong strength facing him. Hai Long tightened the golden cudgel in hand, a formidable thought of combat nature bursts out from him once more.

He is Hai Long, Only I Shall Be Immortal, Immortal Emperor Hai Long!

But at this time, a vigorous vitality never on another mountain top of distant place burst out, a pair of heavy sword supported the tread, although that slightly thin form the whole body covered entirely the scar, but he actually as before proudly stood there, the chest front was hanging although Nether King's Sword the aura was gloomier, can actually be soul-stirring existence?

He is A'Dai, Kind Death God, Death God A'Dai!

He also in?

Hai Long somewhat surprisedly looked at A'Dai, A'Dai is also looking in his direction, nods to him slightly, hints itself also to fight.

Has a look at the Douluo God Realm direction again, in entire Douluo God Realm, alone, only remaining Tang San people.

Two pairs one, in hand including Ultra Divine Tool no Tang San, already not any opportunity.

But this has not calculated,

At this moment, above another side summit, a crazy aura bursts out, his form is most noticeable, because he has the wing, what is more important, his wing has 12 fully, 12 wings flap gently, the terrifying bloodthirsty aura has been full of the crazy flavor, his hair and his eye pupil, even is his all, is as for the armor of whole body, is the profound blood red.

Mad God fights the armor to have many breakages at this time, but this actually does not affect his haughty aura.

He is Lei Xiang, Mad God, Mad God Lei Xiang!

Three big God King, distinguish to be built on above the three mountains summit arrogantly. But they need to face, only then lost Ultra Divine Tool Sea God Tang San.

Arrived this time, without any teammate, even including Ultra Divine Tool no, they have won.

They saw Tang San, Tang San naturally also saw them. both sides remote look, vision slightest does not let.

At this moment, suddenly, the Tang San whole body shakes, in the eye reveals to wipe the color of difference suddenly, on his forehead, shone the golden trace, the trident shape golden trace. His war intent looked like by this golden trace is lit generally, suddenly became exuberant. „Admits defeat. Although in our hearts, you have won. But the final result is actually not able to change.” The Hai Long sinking sound said. He some have not wanted to hit, aspect that in this case, they must win. Even in their hearts, acknowledged this Sea God.

Tang San shows a faint smile, „you believe, you did win? Immortal Emperor.”

Immortal Emperor Hai Long brow slightly pressed, „to our levels, had the accident/surprise?”

Tang San gives a calm smile, „did not have, but, my son came, perhaps had. Therefore, I also want to try. The son, favored, the father makes you feel, Sea God Trident true strength.”

Here, the Tang San right hand lifted, suddenly was void a move, in the sky, giant crack appears, the golden light dropped from the clouds suddenly together, is having the unequalled radiant brilliance, crashed suddenly, falls into during the control of Tang San.

Yes, when that golden trace shines, he felt son's aura.

Sea God Trident, as formidable incomparable Ultra Divine Tool, wants to control easier said than done. Tang San initially long-distance gave Sea God Trident has placed in remote Douluo Continent son Tang Wulin, but Tang Wulin wants to use this Sea God Trident strength actually to require very long time to obtain the approval of this Ultra Divine Tool truly.

Sea God Trident belonged to Tang San, initially after he also passed through Sea God nine have tested, by this Ultra Divine Tool true approval.

But as his son, Tang Wulin wants to obtain this Ultra Divine Tool also naturally to undergo the similar process. But each time he when was inspected by Sea God, as the Sea God Trident original master, Tang San also happen to can the feeling of clear this aura.

Heaven never seals off all exits, Tang San already , in the innermost feelings the acknowledgment is unable to defeat the match.

Tang Wulin of distant place, just started his Sea God Trident three examinations, at this time, making Tang San feel his existence.

Douluo Continent and God Realm time speed of flow is entirely different, therefore, is unable to judge the son to be big including Tang San now, feeling of aura clear but he can pass on through Sea God Trident, son's strength was very strong in Mortal World. At this time, places in Sea God Trident unique space Tang Wulin, just grasps Sea God Trident, but at this time, is Tang San can borrow the Sea God Trident time only.

In this Gods' War, his appears accident/surprise, has caused at present nearly in Bibai the aspect successively twice. Finally, when the third appears accident/surprise, presents, is good one.

The hand grasps Sea God Trident, oneself most familiar Ultra Divine Tool, is feeling the son in the aura of distant place, in this moment, Sea God, burnt!

He is Tang San, Douluo Continent, Sea God Tang San!

In the hand Sea God Trident holds up high, „son, this is, Gods' War. In any event, I will not lose. Because only then defeats them, the father can go back to look for you. Is waiting for me, my son, in any event, the father must achieve the final success!”

The back blue long hair is calm, suddenly/violently to launch of unequalled golden rays of light from Tang San, a golden mail-armor and helmet separates to cover the whole body from Sea God Trident suddenly, formidable Ultra Divine Tool has completed instantaneously to returning nurturing to parents of Sea God

In Mad God, Death God and in the Immortal Emperor eye, previous quarter weak incomparably Sea God Tang San, in this moment, has also given full play to the vitality, once again is flooding unequalled war intent.

Death God A'Dai visits him, before recollection at first all sorts.

When he facing two big Divine Technique casting a spell to bang, Nether King's Sword before body similarly in protecting lord, is only, the Nether King's Sword main might in the attack, fought the armor as well as the golden cudgel in defense and Mad God compares must miss.

In this case, he felt at that time oneself must collapse. Therefore, he instead is last is exploded flies.

How he saw with one's own eyes Tang San to rescue Tian Hen and Zhanggong Wei.

At that time, the Tang San vision also once looked to oneself.

Also in that is, what in the A'Dai mind appears is wife's appearance, appears, is parental appearance that thinks through a matter.

He cannot be defeated, cannot fall from the sky in light of this. In that time that quarter, in his innermost feelings burst out the unequalled formidable thought. He must go on living, he must defeat the match!

The secret art was urged to send to the pinnacle by him, finally coordinates the Nether King's Sword might own to shoot to fly with a pair of heavy sword, has not perished in that large explosion.

He at this time, feels from Tang San, initially he when erupting similar thought that even must be much more formidable.

This is what kind of thought! After this thought appears, Death God A'Dai knows, aspect that they cannot win!

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